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    I know why theres no air vehicles they want the world to seem big but if there was just a normal helicopter that cost a bunch of money and a police one that is the same but with police paint that would be great
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    I was maybe thinking about like a construction career because i thought maybe if some people want to build an extension to their house which the guys who are part of the construction empire and could pay them for doing so and you could maybe talk about like a progression system for this like working up through the ranks but you could enter it at different types of construction like maybe electrician or technician sort of area; maybe even project managers and directors and stuff which would be higher up. I hope some people would like this idea, and I would love if some people could give me their feedback on this. Samiboi
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    I actually have been thinking about it, in fact, I'll take it into consideration.
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    i got rekt thinking it was legit for 23 seconds ;c
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    *Gets put on FBI watch list*