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    Us the Mafia, we have big plans in identity, good or bad, we are vigilantes with out own law. No one will step up to us, when or if they do, we intend to blast them down. As long as police don't interrupt in our business, we wont bring harm to civilians. After all we are 100% passive to civilians, unless we have problems with the police or other powerful groups. Civilians of identity!! If a member of our group brings harm to you, you sure know who to blame, the police!! Money and weaponry is all we want, if we do not have 2k by the pigs starting weeks then we will smuggle it our selves!! Good luck, -Zivbones Recruiting: 1st rank- Porky pie- the least intimidating name for the least intimidating rank! must bring 500 in cash to rank up! 2nd rank- Private Oinking supplied with a pistol and motorbike, and is subject to bank heists. to level up bring 1000 in cash to rank up! 3rd rank- Commandant of the Beast- Plans bank heists for a small group who will complete the bounty set!. To rank up complete 15 different bank heists! 4th rank- Mafia Invader classified information. Rank up by 'I said its classified'.
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    So, as a role playing game- the thing I've hated most out of everything is a need for food, but with a game like this I feel it's logical since illness is in it too. I understand realisticallity and all, but the food need has always been a ugly game trait, however I feel with proper tuning, like (eat a sandwich when you log on) (and hunger is only in effect while playing) or something like that would be good and enhance the game experience slightly and it would add the culinary career to the game, and it would make a lot of unique foods.... or just a bunch of sandwiches and soups with different names. Just a wandering thought of logic.
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    Hello everyone and happy new year. Looking forward to continual updates on the project with high potential.
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    Hi Im Daniel from Blackpool, England (which is in the United Kingdom). I hope to join Identity as a police officer, im hoping to save up to get a gaming laptop to play this game and Police 1013 (another game that focuses on being a police officer). Law enforcement is my passion, however due to medical difficulties I can't be one in real life and im Realy looking forward to Identity.
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    So as a life simulation, I personally, want to make my character nearly as identical to me as possible, will I be able to smoke a cigarette, leaning against a wall or car while chatting with other players, say as a disguise to robbing a bank?
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    I want to be able to have my character addicted to cigarettes, sadly, because I am. And with that kind of design, I feel it would be hard, mainly because of the many different ways I could smoke, whether im standing or sitting. I feel like the developers might have bit off a big idea, because of the multiple things a character can do while doing nothing, and having a realisticallity to it brings it to another ball park as that brings in multiple movements for one simple event. If the game doesn't flow smoothly and realistically, I have a hard time staying interested in it.
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    Lucky for you, you can do that too in Identity "Read real books or write your own: A small library is filled with real classic stories and novels for you to enjoy. For a nice place to read you might find others in the coffee shop, listening to real-world radio stations. If you want to share your own adventures, not only can you write your own books but you can even submit them to the library for thousands of other players to read."