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    I’m so I want to join
  4. Idenity looks Dope!

    Im not a doofus...
  5. Idenity looks Dope!

    Hello, my name is FFSakes, no really. that's my real life name. I've been waiting for a game like this to come out and i'm about to be all over it when it does. I just found out about it and am totally hyped. Even better than i imagined, because i am in fact from North Carolina which is a state that the game is based off of! I'm going to be following this but probably not too closely (i'll keep it in the back of my mind cuz if i look at the development everyday, time is just going to go by super slow), probably once a week. It's nice to meet all of you and I hope to see you in-game. Btw my real name is Josh. If you really thought it was FFSakes you're a straight up doofus. jk
  6. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

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  8. Its going down hill

    In scenario c its not just a little bit of control you are giving up, its a lot of control that you are giving up. And sadly some of these investors will change the whole game so they can profit from it, this can result in a grindy gta experience, and i think we can all say we dont want that.
  9. Its going down hill

    Giving up any sort of control must never happen simply because once you start allowing other people to take control a little here and a little there you start losing the overall intention of the game. Let's not pretend that giving a publisher any control would make it better because it wouldn't, half of the things the devs have in mind for this game and the direction it would go in would never make it into the game and the publisher or investors wouldn't have to guarantee they wouldn't try and implement things the devs have said they would never put into the game. This is the first dev team I've come across that have a solid dream that is well intended and giving any of that to publishers would only sabotage that dream. I don't care if this game takes another decade to fully release I would rather it be done by these guys who all have honest intentions than any of it be given to investors or publishers who aren't interested in dreams and ambitions but only making profits and as much of it as possible.
  10. Its going down hill

    This is admirable but the only problem is that in most cases there has to be a give and take, if the studio/team isn't able to completely handle the workflow or financial obligation in a timely manner, then an offer like this is most likely their best bet. Yes you have to give up creative control but without an offer like this you either A) Fulfill all your obligations as promised in the promised amount of time and condition using your team alone B) work at your current slow pace and risk being out shined and forgotten or C) Take the offer ( loosing creative control ) and grow your team and more efficiently handle the project/finances, grow your experience and knowledge in PR as well as game development, and earn the respect of your patrons for doing what needs to be done even if it means giving up a little bit of control.
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  12. Its going down hill

    They said there were some investors, but a lot of them wanted to take creative control like every publisher does. (In my opinion which they then ruin the games.) The devs wanted to keep 100% creative control on the project and that is what they have done. They did also say they had other investors ready at a point, but not sure on it now. 2 years is maximum with kickstarter goals, you cannot put longer if you wanted to. However they did feel it was a good estimate and they admitted that they were wrong. They also re-made Town Square module 3 times over. These were big set backs also. The first year after kickstarter was funded, they also only had 3 developers and one of the set backs was that the whole first year of work was basically scrapped due to design problems e.g. town square was too small and their standards were low on models. so they stepped up. I see you say Almost 5 years but it actually has only been 4 years and a quarter, and so it's not "Almost".... They have delivered the first module and they are still delivering updates.
  13. Its going down hill

    Well, you are just showing how misinformed you are. Quoted from the Kickstarter terms of use : Creators are supposed to fulfill all points in this list in case of failure, otherwise any scammer would come by and pick honest peoples pockets with no legal consequences, and that my friend would be really dumb. You also made alot of wrong asumptions : - Nobody is expecting it to be "amazing on release", whatever that means. People are just expecting something. - "You cannot expect a small, recently established company to deliver triple A quality for the first time and you can't expect them to get everything done instantly". Again, nobody asked for AAA. And nobody asked for instant delivery. You are just putting words in my mouth at this point. When running their kickstarter, they intended to use the campaign as an argument to convince investors. I don't know where they are at with that, I don't think they communicated any results on that side but I might be wrong. So let's say they did not get other investors. They had an estimated delivery for December 2016, which was 2 years past the kickstarter. That was a reasonable goal and they should have released something for every backer at that point, no matter how complete or good. Because at this point I don't believe they will release a finished product, I know too well how it goes. It is now almost 5 years after backing and nothing substantial was provided. It's always better to deliver something than nothing, even if it is bad. Do you know how much it costs to run a studio for that long ? They are exhausting their resources and not providing results. You cannot use their "recent start" as an excuse for them, its not reasonable. They told people they could do a job and asked money for it. It's a business. It's a living. They have to own it. If everybody just took money from others for their business but never delivered any results, how could society even work ? You don't expect a cop to receive his salary and just go sit on a couch drink a beer, right? Even if he is a recruit. And don't get me wrong, I know they very much might be working very hard to get this project somewhere, but like the saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In conclusion, they already got it wrong on many points. They need to make the situation right for their customers or however you want to name us. I just want to address one last point, that is you saying "This project will one day be great and to the expectations that we all hoped for" . Although I applaud your faith in them and it must be nice to them to see encouragements, it still seems a bit delusional. I don't think they can ever release the project as they envisioned and shared with us during the kickstarter campaign. As they said themselves, they would need much more funds to get there and it seems rather difficult for them to get there in the current state of affairs. The game already suffers quite a bad reputation and it will be very hard to lead a lasting business off of it, they would need to invest alot more money to get a proper player base. With the costs for maintaining development and servers, its just the ruin of the company. If they ever release this as a completed project, which I wish them to do, I don't think it will sustain itself in time and will probably close fairly fast. I hope I am all wrong in that last bit but based on experience that is most likely what is going to happen.
  14. Tough choice Police thread

    Good things: You get a gun. You get to arrest anyone you really want. You get to run over people in your cop car and say they were evading arrest. Bad Things: You get spit on. A lot. you get called names. You get yelled at. No ones likes and that includes you... You hate yourself. You get therapy. You still hate yourself. You pick up the bottle. Drink till you forget. Go to work a little tipsy. Get yelled. Too drunk to understand. Punch boss. Get fired. Get a lawsuit. They take everything no more kids no more wife. You Cry. Then go back to the beginning. But ya that's sums up the good and bad. Pick wisely my friend see you there. -
  15. Analysis about the age of users

    gotta love the community wanting to know my age for no weird reason
  16. Analysis about the age of users

    Already two years ago that I opened this. Wow ... came back to report bugs Glad too see we have a lot of people who voted. That gives a statistical value to this. Thanks to all.
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    yes it was, but they did say that... "The location for our video a while back has been polished with new trees and new volumetric lighting." they didn't make it seem like they worked on a new part of the map, what they said was that they polished an already existing part and that they are going to showcase the gunplay, which they are working on, in this location.
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    ROFL, That barn has been in the game since day one. It was on the other map that you could access using the Console. Trying to make it seem like they're actually working on something.
  22. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hey from Poland, Cracow. Glad this game is still getting new players. You're new here so I'm gonna say it from the start: prepare yourself for alot of waiting with this game. But it might just turn out to be good in like.. 2021 or so.. Welcome
  23. Sounds good mate; so the specific activities may need some hashing out, what's your take on the general concept?
  24. buses comes under transportation (not government job) No snow will be settling on the ground. There will be snow in only certain areas.
  25. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi future friends! I hope you are well. Here's a friendly greeting from Ontario, Canada! As your typical Canuck, I have a maple syrup addiction, live in an igloo, say "eh" far too often for my own health and drive a dogsled to and from work. Riggght? Yeah not so much. Jokes aside, I've been gaming since I was knee high to a grasshopper, with extensive experience in large multi-game communities and experience working for a large game developer (Ubisoft) - I'm super passionate about helping people and coaching folks. I'm a big fan of quality community and great games that give you the flexibility to do what you want the way you want naturally when I discovered Identity today I decided to create an account and say hello! So...hello! Other games I play actively are Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen. Good times. Looking forward to getting more involved with the development of Identity and seeing where this wonderful journey shall take us! Thanks and have a great day! Anvil
  26. Hi there, I would like to suggest a new class of corporation: Municipal Services Municipal Service Corporations are the organizations that keep the heart of our towns and cities beating. From waste collection to landscaping to snow removal to road maintenance to graffiti removal to operating public transit buses, there's a wide range of activities (government-generated jobs) that could be created for players to participate in to help upkeep the space, particularly in towns and cities. Areas that are better maintained or operated will present better and get higher ratings (meaning renewal of contracts and performance bonus payouts) while areas that are less maintained, neglected, or poorly operated (ie bus is always late, etc) will result in disincentives levied against the corp and reflect a less up-kept neighborhood. This could even be tied into careers (policing) and gangs, where areas that are less well maintained may have higher crime rates, need more police presence, etc while areas that are better maintained are the inverse. It can also be that depending on the performance of the corps at providing municipal services, neighborhoods that are slummy can be made nice and neighbourhoods that are nice, if neglected, can fall into a state of disrepair. This could affect property values in the area. Lots of spinoff's coming from this. The corp would specifically focus on providing a variety of municipal services and subcontract jobs to players or hire players in careers to run the corp and conduct the work (think; job to remove graffiti vs career as a transit professional) - given enough development, you could even involve municipal service companies in constructing infrastructure expansions (new bridges, roads, power plants, water treatment, dams, wind turbines etc) that help make a city or town more sustainable, which could in turn allow for further expansion. Perhaps they have to clear the land and lay municipal hookups (gas, hydro, electricity, etc) in order to open a new block of homes. In this ways, players involved with municipal service corps would quite literally help to develop the game (within the design direction and limits chosen by you the developer of course )
  27. Power

    I want freedom fighter Any think fair war and love and I start war I am ready i want power
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