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Mark right hooks this one guy right in the back of the head Tweek watches his back kicking a few people back, to protect Mark.

"Wheeew! this is the best mosh pit ever!" Mark says as he kicks some guy square in the balls.

"HELL YEA!" Tweek Says and then gets punched in the face but comes back swinging toward the one who hit him.

The Band keeps playing White mask throws up the devil horns and head bangs. Two of the white mask's guards come up to him telling him it time to go. White mask turns around lowers his head disappointed.. The door from the top floor balcony swings open as a few members from the crowd thought it was smart to take on the white mask to stop this madness. White Mask doesn't skip a beat as he reaches down to his thigh holster where his glock is pulls it out and pops the Ring leader of the bunch. White Mask's guards known as the 'Watchers' now draw their weapons and aim at the rest of the people shooting them where they stand.  Then move over to the door and close it placing the dead bodies in front of the door so it was a little bit harder to open. 

Meanwhile back into the gladiators pit Mark and Tweek fight their way to the gun with the one bullet. Mark cocks the glock back and starts to point at people. 

"Move or I will kill you!" Mark says as Tweek watches his back swinging at people to keep them back. White Mask notices that someone has the gun, and starts to clap  he then points to his guards and then to the crowd. 

"Can you guys take out a few..so they know I mean business."

The two Watchers draw their rifles and pulling the triggers just mowing down a few people from the crowd. Funny thing is that the band sees whats going on and are done with this shit so they get off stage quickly.The man in the White Mask taps them on the shoulder to make them stop, since time was ticking down and he wanted to see them fight of course. Mark see the guy with the machete just going to town on the crowd. blood, spit and ass going everywhere around him as that clown was just hacking away. Mark points his gun right at the guy with the machete and pulls the trigger.


The guy drops Tweek run from behind Mark and grabs the machete. Mark turns the gun around and starts using it as a hammer just beating the crap out of people with the pistol grip and then Tweek would come by and stab, hack, cut whoever he knocked out that wasn't dead.

Time clicked down to one minute left. Tweek and Mark stood alone, their bodies covered in blood. Mark starts to laugh and then so does Tweek they both look up at White Mask giving him the horns.

"FUCK YEA WHITE MASK!" Mark says. White Mask nods to them and then points to the clock on the bomb, As he steps back from the balcony so they can't see him. Mark looks to the clock and then to his pistol hammer now then back to  Tweek. Tweek wasn't paying attention he was just breathing heavily covered in blood. Mark looked back at the clock then to week again.

"Sorry Bro Only one will live!" Mark swing his gun towards Tweek's head knocking him down. He smirks and kicks Tweek to make sure he is dead..Mark makes his way over to the locked door. Well he is dragging ass since he just fought off an army of concert goers. Mark places his hand on the door handle..

"Hey Mark!?" Mark slowly turns around seeing Tweek with the camera. 

"I an't know side kick"! Tweek raises the camera up and just knocks Mark across the face with camera and the starts to beat the shit out of him with the camera. "Here is your close up Bitch!" Tweek says bashing his camera into Marks face.


Tweek stops standing over Mark and looks up at the bomb..as it strikes zero...Tweek sighs "Fuck" He lowers his head as a small explosion is heard coming from the old school looking bomb. Tweeks eyes flutter as confetti rains down on the concert full of dead people and Tweek.

*Clap Clap Clap Clap* 

The man in the white mask comes back into view from the balcony.

"Congratulation you win! You live, and you did what your told..and for that I give you this."

He points to the bomb again as it falls to the ground shattering on the bodies and the floor. Tweek looks towards the bomb and raises an eyebrow. He the wipes the blood from his face and smiles. Tweek bends down grabbing the machete and then walks over to the bomb. He leans down once again grabbing the rope that is attached to a pallet full of money..I would say like maybe a Million million and half..something like that on the small pallet. Tweek nods turns around and swings the rope around his should to starts to drag the money pallet towards the door. Tweek kicks the door open as it seems it was unlocked. White Mask eyes narrow wondering if his Watchers locked the door like they were told too. This made white mask a little upset. He turns around grabs the glock from one of the two Watchers holsters and with a quick draw point blank shot he pulls the trigger on to the Watcher.

*BAM* quickly turns to the other guard. *BAM*  in a swift quick motion the man in the white mask drops both of his Watchers men. He shakes his head and heads towards the roof. "Can't get any good help these days I swear.." He laughs walking out. Tweek pulls the money out from the warehouse dragging it leaving a blood line from the warehouse to his car. Where he would pack the money up and leave.

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The rest of the DEA agents after a few drinks peace out on Barrett at the bar. Barrett walks up to the bar and orders another drink as he belly ups on to the bar. He nods to the bar tender tossing a few bucks on the bar as he takes his beer bottle and takes a swig of his beer. He looks around the bar and then up to the tv watching the news which was on behind the bar. His cell phone rings. He sets the beer down on the bar top and then reaches into his pocket pulling out his cell phone and answers it. He then walks out of the bar In to his SUV as he takes off down the road.



( sorry for the short post. Been working a lot but I'm still here )

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As Kevin drives he notices the black car following him. Kevin begins to take extra turns, watching the car continuing to follow him. After a while, Kevin eventually looses the car in the city streets. Kevin breathes a sigh of relief and sits back as he continues to drive. Suddenly as Kevin drives through a intersection he is blinded by a bright light from the side. Kevin's car is t-boned and is sent rolling, eventually coming to a stop on its roof, Kevin slowly drifts in and out of conciseness.


*Three Years earlier*

"And why should I loan you 100 thousand dollars"

The man leans back in his chair, smoking a cigar, staring at Kevin.

"Because I know when I win, I will pay you back with half my winnings from this race, more than three times your money"


*One month later*

Kevin sits behind the wheel of his heavily modified Golf GTI, looking at the flashing red and blue lights starting to close on his car. 

"Fuck me"

Kevin sees the police gaining and plants his foot to the floor on the accelerator pedal. Seeing that Kevin is starting to pull away, the nearest cop rams the rear end of his car, causing Kevin to spin out of control and hit the center barrier, flipping the car. As Kevin tries to climb out of the wreck, saved by the roll cage, and dumb luck, a gunshot is heard, and a searing pain felt in his shoulder, jerking Kevin awake.

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Fuck shit fuck...

Suarez the fuck? What happened.

That guy you brought here. he was fucking right.

Marco starts getting nervous

Someone followed him?


oh fuck. fucking fuckcunt. start in the moving processes. 



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(sorry for the delay I know you all were itching to see what the great white mask will do next. I had a Hurricane hit down here so we are trying to get back to normal..but that is no excuse I know...So let the fun begin!!)

Quickly wakes up in a sweat looking around not knowing where he is. He notices that he is sitting in a car, and grips the steering wheel. He then goes to his neck and feels a collar around his neck. "What the hell?" 

The passenger side car door opens and the man in the white mask looks down inside the car at the driver. "Well hello there Mr. Kevin...can I call you Kev? or is Kevin better?" The man in the white mask starts to sit down passenger side seat holding, a 6 pack of energy drink, a pack of M&M's, a box of cookies, and a big bowl of Popcorn. He plops down but his popcorn goes every where spilling inside and outside of the car " Damn small cars..I really wanted to have popcorn and M&M's together...oh man so GOOD! " The man in the white mask flicks a couple popcorn's off his lap and then drops the rest of the food and drinks by his feet.

"Alrighty then Kev my man.." Closes the passenger side door. "I know you are like what the hell is going on, whats this thing on my neck, why is this dude voice is getting higher as he speaks." He laughs and shoulder slaps Kevin. "So we are going to play a little game slash how well you listen.." He claps his hands together and rubs them " Ok so as you can see we are in a car yes? that is correct my young padawan. This is a Mustang I think..a red Mustang GT..I know nothing about cars I just see the logo on the steering wheel so....if I was a betting man I would bet that this a Mustang GT. Now I did have someone boost the power up on this thing make it not street legal as you racers like it call it. " His voice changes into a good old southern Boy "So that means this son a bitch has power BOY" He laughs reaching down between his legs and pops one of the Energy drinks off its rings. and pops it open placing into the cup holder between them.

"Alright so you know your in a bad ass car...now I bet you want to know whats around your neck? Have you ever seen the movie Speed? You know the one with the bus that can't drop under what 50, 60 miles an hour or KABLEWIE!?" He makes a blowing up motion with his hands. "Think of that but not that..you see the faster you go the PH balance that will inject into you will keep you calm so you can perform your job. BUT! if you slow down you will get shot with a chemical that will make you speed up to the point that it will make your heart explodes." He points to the dash where there is a LED screen. "Here it will show you if your getting a little to hyper so what does that mean Kev? that's right go faster to knock out the bad chemical. I know what your going to say..." He changes his voice and trys to talk like Kevin " Bruh if I go fast my adrenaline will go up that makes no sense bruh." He tilts his head at Kevin "Duh Bruh stay calm and drive, thats the whole point..I swear your listening skill are not very good..."

White Mask shakes his head "oh and if you think you can pull a Back fist Batman punch on me and just walk out and leave..as soon as you hop out of the car the collar will release a all of its adrenaline chemical into your body and you will die..so lets not do that. Just play my game and you will live. So rules are go fast, don't punch me, don't stop for red lights or Cops and especially do not and I repeat do not stop for old ladies crossing the street." 

White Mask laughs and reaches into his jacket pocket pulling out a straw. He places the straw into the energy drink and lifts it up to his mouth area...well where it would be if he didn't have a mask on. he lowers the can places the straw under his mask taking a sip. "WOOO ok I want you to get me to the other side of the Island...but first...you must answer this...." He places the energy drink back down in the cup holder. "Get this right and I won't turn on the collar for 5 minutes...get it wrong and I add twice the amount of adrenaline juice...Deal? Deal" 

"What is harder to catch...the faster you run?"

He looks at him then down at his watch "you have five minute to answer Sir Kevin....and in that five minutes you better hit the gas and go no matter if you get it wrong or right.."


(( @Dekan your up. @ChimeraSix where you at? @Norway174 where are you at we are on season 2? and if anyone wants to join please jump in PM anyone that you want to RP with or start a new RP and see who shows up. PLEASE we need more people 

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With a pipe in his mouth reading business papers the calm seductive nature of The Chairman envelopes him in comfort. But that unfortunately wasn't to last. A local businessman rushed into the booth and sits across from Gene.

"Hello Martin, what can I do for you?"

"I need you to hear me out Gene. This could make you millions of dollars."

"I'm in the business of making money. I've told you this before."

Gene takes another puff of his pipe before looking up at Martin.

"You shouldn't barge into my lounge like this."

"Listen to me Gene!"

Martin quickly pulls out a pistol and aims it at Gene. Looking unamused Gene chuckles before going back to reading.

"The safeties still on. And do you plan to shoot me?"

"I was thinking about it."

"That's the problem with you Martin. A businessman doesn't think about what he's going to do. In this line of work we take risks, it's what we do."

Don't fuck with me Gene!"

Gene grabs the gun and smashes Martins face against the table.

"Don't you ever come into my club with that kind of attitude!"

Gene's hair became unkempt, a strand hanging in front of his face and veins buldge from his neck.

"Get him out of my club... NOW!"

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((There aren't enough English words to describe the amount of bull$#!t going on in my life right now. I'm really sorry I'm dragging such ass. Pray for the safe return of my mental status.))

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( Ok I know you all read the rules that if you don't post in the next 3 days you will be skipped. But if you contacted the person you are rping with and let them know what's going on, then that's ok. That why i have not posted since i am waiting on @Dekan and he did email me telling me whats going on. So on that note Other people can still post. So please do, also welcome back @Norway174 And @ChimeraSix. )

Edited by UnknownX

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