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This is innitially a continuation from a previous RP that was started in a different thread. It went well, so we decided to make a new thread just for it, beginning in what we call "Season 2."

Anyone is welcome to join.

The story is set in the cities of Identity and the theme seems to have a bit of a Gotham feel to it. Crime, justice, and a dash of twisted insanity. A world where there are no battle wizards astride dragons, or fairies weaving flower garlands for elves. There are, however, sinister science experiments, genetic mutations, dark rituals and cryptic things that you thought only existed in nightmares.

The world is what you make it, and dark minds, I find, tend to be a bit more fun. So welcome all, to Dark City.



1. PLEASE try to type as clearly as possible. Relax, take your time, it will yield less typos. Avoid shorthand and proofread your post before submitting.

2. No god-moding. You can not control other people's characters (unless previously arranged), and you are not immune to damage.

3. We all have lives. As such, you will be given 3 days to post a reaction. After that, you will be skipped. The show must go on.

4. NO BULLYING. We simply will not have it. If you're being a dick, you will be killed off in the story and blocked from the thread.

If we think of more necessary rules, we will update this accordingly.


Participants of Season 1:

Because this is its own thread and new people may be joining, please post a brief recap of your character's events in the previous chapter.


Thank you and enjoy!

*fires a gun in the air*


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*Marco dressed in a leather hoodie comes out the bar talking on the phone*

The fuck you mean he's dead... a cliff... yeah we can keep the cut

*he walks back to the Black SL500, now with new chrome rims, and drives home*

*Jack is still at the bar doing shots with Tuscan*

So Tuscan what you gonna buy?

A boat, probably, something we can take on the lake and go fishing

Okay I'm gonna get my car tuned up and customized


*Tuscan glances at his watch and jumps up*

Shit I got to be at work tomorrow

See ya man

*Tuscan rushes out the door to his bike and speeds off*

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Previously, on Dark City:

A chemical plant blew the fuck up. Amanda Shepard, aged 28 had been in the building at the time because her father owned it and was trying to push a floor job on her. When it blew up, she was coated in flames and subsequently extinguished by plunging into a vat of chemicals. Firemen managed to get her out of the burning building and into an ambulance nefore rushing back in to their deaths. Amanda arrived at the hospital suffering severe chemical burns over 100% of her body. Essentially a bandaged mummy in a coma, no one expects her to live. Her rich family isn't so torn up about it, given the news that she will be blind and horribly disfigured for the rest of her life if she wakes up. As they talk amongst themselves at her bedside, they assume she can't hear them in the coma. It is quietly revealed that Amanda is in fact, adopted. The heart monitor begins beeping faster and a medical alarm goes off, before everything returns to silence.

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[Darkness. . . A slow, steady beeping sound. . . Clear voices. . . ]

Woman 1: "And when I came in to change her bandages. . . "

Woman 2: ". . . . . . What. . . The. . . "

Woman 1: "I have no idea. It doesn't make any sense. It's like she was never-"

Woman 2: "Hold on." *papers shuffling* "This is definitely the right patient. . . Amanda Shepard, female, aged 28, severe chemical burns. I don't understand. Is this some sort of joke?

Woman 1: "No, I've been tending to her for the past three weeks, I swear to god. It's the same girl."

Woman 2: "I'm sorry, this is just-" *more papers shuffling* "'Severe fire and chemical burns over 100 percent of the body.' I've been reading this thing for a month, thinking there's no way anyone could possibly survive, and if they did, they'd be horribly disfigured for the rest of their lives. And now you show me this? Something has to be wrong. I'm calling the doctor." *footsteps*

Woman 1: "I'm telling you, it's the same girl!" *more footsteps*

[Silence . . . ]

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Simms and a couple of his DEA aget buddies walk into the same bar that heist guys were at. Of course the would not know it was them since they were wearing mask, and the 3 of the DEA agents are just wearing normal wear, like they are off duty or something. Simms and his two DEA buddies belly up to the bar ordering a couple cold ones. Simms looks at his fellow DEA agents.

"Man what a crazy couple of months huh guys?" Simms says taking a swig from his beer.

"yeah boss the city is finally getting back together" Johnson says raising his beer up to the guys and he knocks his beers with the others.

"Well even though we didn't catch the bank heist guys atleast the crazy son of bitch man in the white mask is gone." Simms says leaning back against the bar. he other DEA agents nod taking a swig.

"I wonder who he was I mean Agent Anderson isn't talking she been in the hospital since what 2 months now? Man did he mess up her head." Agent Cole says. taking another swig from his beer he look around the bar.

"yeah something like that." Simms takes another swig from his beer.

"Hey a table just open up lets go take a seat" Cole says as the 3 DEA agents make there way to the empty table by the door. they all sit down and start to talk to one another.

(season 2!! Woohoo!! I talked to @UnknownX he said that we are taking place 3 months after the season 1 so I hope I did it right :) )


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A mud covered, lifted, 1984 Ford Bronco drives into a large garage with a sign outside identifying it as the Underground Performance Builds garage. A eerie silence falls under the mostly empty shop as the throbbing V8 is shut off. Kevin McMillan hops out of the offroader, stretches out after several hours of driving,  and walks towards the reception area, patting the hood as he walks past. After checking for any mail left in the reception area, as well as his office, Kevin heads back into the main shop area, and goes to one corner of the shop that has some couches, a tv, and a mini-fridge. Kevin flops down on the couch and turns on the tv as he gets settled in. Kevin hears a knock at the door.

*Sighs* "Fuck me"

Kevin gets up, shutting off the tv, and heads towards the door, searching for his pack of smokes figuring that if he is up, he might as well have a quick smoke. Unable to find the pack by the time he gets to the door, Kevin gives up, and opens the door while speaking.

"Look buddy, we are closed right now, come by next monday and we will be up and running again"

Kevin looks the person up and down now that the door is opened.


((Tried to leave it nice and open ended if anyone wants hop in)) 


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"Alright ladies and Gentleman that was everyone favorite band Goblin Shit. I am Mark Metal and you are listen to the islands most metal station on the radio METAL X! right here on channel 94.34WXLA."

Music starts in the background nice and low as Mark Metal keeps talking.

"Well we all know you metals heads have been waiting for this and yes it is true Goblin Shit is coming to the island for one night only in an unknown location that only a few people will know by following the clues. So here is your 1st and only clue that I MARK METAL! will give so you can find the rest of the clues and where the location of the Band GOBLIN SHIT will play! The clue is..the biggest fire on the island in history!...that's right metal heads if you know the answer go to the spot to get your clue and follow the clues to the location where GOBLIN SHIT will be playing for one night only....Now lets get back to the action with a little Lord Dark Exiles! Right here on METAL X!"

The music starts to plays he Mark Metal turns up the volume from his end.

*Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeeeep*

"This message is brought you by the Mayor's office"

A lady voice is heard " People of the island please do not panic no more, Our streets our safe, Our homes and children are safe, We have been rebuilding and we have rebuild our community back to what it was. Yes it did take a few months to clean up the mess that a man destroyed for us. Now that we have rebuilt our community there is nothing that will stop us to grow and become the best city in the world! So please come out and go see a baseball game or go to the movies and tell your friends that we are no longer scared and say 'We the People' and if you see us on the streets at night say hello and we will say hello with a smile back. Thank you for your time."

Lord Dark Exiles starts back up on your radio, and of course it ends since the public announcement over the radio

"Welcome back that was LORD DARK EXILES! what a bad ass band am I right? wait...whats this...Goblin Shit and Lord Dark Exiles will both be on the island!? at the same time? You know what that means folks it looks like we will have two bands at the unknown location! Now I gave you clue about 8 minutes ago so if you missed it then you better call your friend because I can only say it one time. SO FINE THE CLUE and follow them to the unknown have until Friday night..that's right folks its on Friday Night and it could go on ALL NIGHT LONG! SO FIND THE DAMN CLUE..and if you figure it out call your boy Mark Metal so I can come too!" He Laughs over the radio " Alright lets get back to the music no interruptions for 2 hours only METAL...on METAL X!


(  Ok if your band or know a band that is called Goblin shit? please send me their music I just made it up on the fly same goes for Dark Lord Exiles just made it up lol if anyone wants to play along where this is going let me know. and also we have a new person here make him feel welcome to the RP world..thx @NyanRadscorpion He might be a good get away driver hint hint hint)

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Not yet your not

Jack says wearing a fake nose and contacts to a very pissed Kevin

I have an offer I suggest you consider, we need a designated getaway driver, you'll get 5% of our cut. Meet me in the alley behind the 7Eleven if you say yes.

Jack walks to his 94 Toyota Supra and drives away blasting Johnathan

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Kevin closes and locks the door after watching the man drive away. He heads over to the mini fridge and grabs a beer bottle out, popping the lid off on the edge of the fridge. He heads over to the only other vehicle in the garage aside from his Bronco. Kevin pulls the cover off the top revealing his Lsx swapped 1997 Nissan S14. After firing the engine up, Kevin sits in the drivers seat for a minute or two thinking. His mind made up, he gets out and heads over to his truck, grabbing his Zippo out, opening the bay door in front of his car and heads back to the car. Kevin quickly slams the rest of his beer down, tossing the bottle out the window as he heads out.

Stopping at the 7-eleven, Kevin buys a pack of smokes before driving around to the back of the store, into the alley. Kevin steps out of the car, lighting a cigarette as he does so. Seeing a man standing there that he assumes to be the same guy from before judging by the Supra, Kevin speaks up as he leans against the hood of his car.

"Look, I don't know who you are, but if you know of me well enough to seek me out despite me being out of the game for the last year, you should know that 5% is just a straight up insult"

Kevin pauses to take another drag from his smoke before continuing.

"Besides my time has recently become quite valuable, I'm going to need a minimum of 15%"

Kevin leans back and waiting for a reply.


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Jack stands leaning on a dumpster (wearing his signature all white suit) as Marco seemingly appears from the shadows (wearing his signature all black suit)

I see... 10% and I'll raise it if you prove to me that you are a valuable asset

Marco says

Jack freaks out at the sight of Kevin's car

Daaaaaaamn son that S14 is the shit

This guy is the kid who came down to your shop. JACK!


Quit looking at the car and get over here. I am Marco Love by the way.

Marco waits for a response

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[Darkness. . . The slow, steady beeping sound. . . Clear voices. . . ]

Woman 1: "Why is her skin so pale? It's like, white."

Woman 2: "Nevermind why it's so pale, where are all the burns?"

Woman 1: "How long's it been like this?"

Woman 2: "About a week from what I hear. But she still won't wake up and it's been a month."

Woman 1: "That's really weird. . . "

Woman 2: "Ugh, I can't find a vein. But I guess you have to practice on the difficult ones too, so aim here, and give it your best."

Woman 1: "Okay. . ." *deep breath*

A sharp pain in my left inner elbow. . . And there's nothing I can do about it.

Woman 2: "Now slowwwly pull back. . ."

Woman 1: ". . . . . . Oh wow, I think I got a vein, I can feel it."

Woman 2: "First try, Good job." *chuckling* "Now just keep-"

Woman 1: *gasps* "Wha-?!"

Woman 2: "What the hell is that?!"

Woman 1: "Should I keep going?!"

Woman 2: "No! It shouldn't be green!"

A second pain in the same place. . . Bitches.

Woman 1: "I- I've never- S- Seen. . ."

Woman 2: "I'll go get the doctor!" *footsteps, then a clatter, loud crash and thud*

Woman 1: *gasps* "Are you okay?!" *coughs*

Woman 2: *groans* "Doctor. . . Get the. . ."

Woman 1: *hard coughing* "Hang- Ugh, hang on!" *more footsteps and another thud*

[Distant coughing and muffled voices. . . . . . Silence.]

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"Is this thing on?" *bang bang bang* "Dude look its on calm down.." Another voice is heard. "Ok ok "the camera turns on and spins around as a young teenager is seen in a car with another teen.

"Hello once again..its your favorite FaceTuber Mad Mark along side with his side kick.."

"Dude im not your side kick I will drive this car into a tree if you call me your side kick." The other teenager said.

Mad Mark laughs and mouths "Sidekick." and smiles "My Partner in crime Tweek! and we are live so give us a thumbin so I know your out there!"

Mad Mark was that Teen you know the one black hair in his face, black t-shirt that says 'Goblin Shit' and the tight jeans that looks like he can't breath in them. And Tweek.. well blonde spiked hair, a silver rod in his nose wearing a dark blue shirt and baggy jeans. Yeah them the crazy metal Teens! Mad Mark sets the camera on the dash of the car looking at the two of them.

"ok check this out me and Tweek are headed to the location where we we know where the first clue is for..."

Both of them say at the same time and throw up the horns


Mad Mark starts to talk again. "Ok we are almost to the chemical warehouse you know where that crazy fuckin dude the man in the white mask totally set on fire!"

"God!" Tweek says. as Mad Mark Smiles and throws up the horns sticking out his tongue.

"Now it also said this place is haunted but whatever we are all about the clues......... dude stop the car we are here." 

Mad Mark says as Tweek stops the car. Tweek grabs the camera as they both get out. Tweek focus on Mad Mark.

"Alright FaceTubers we are here the chemical warehouse still smells like fire and has the do not enter tape everywhere but we don't give a Shit we need to look for the clue come on Tweek." Mad Mark ducks under the do not enter tape and so does Tweek following and taping Mad Marks moves. The two slip inside the burnt warehouse as Tweek turns on the camera light.

"Well if I was a goblin where would I stash my gold..hmm..."Mad Mark says.

"Dude it smells like shit in here.." Tweek says. Mad Mark looks at the camera.."GOLBIN SHIT am I right?!? Wooo! come on pussy keep looking.."

They both start walking around stepping over burnt wood, little puddles of god knows what and also jumping a few times seeing their own shadow. 

"Well" Mad Mark says as he turns and looks at the camera. "Looks like we were wrong Tweek...nothing here but shit and more shit and big ass rats..lets go Sorry FaceTubers we thought we figured out the clue but I guess we were wrong.." Mad Mark lowers his head and  shakes his head walking past Tweek. Headed back towards the door they came from. "Just cut Tweek" He the camera moves towards Mad Mark leaving..

"DUDE Mark Stop......Dude! "Tweek keeps the camera on Mark but just past him is the Goblin Shit logo spray painted on the wall next to the door but then it goes away.."What the hell?" He walks over to Mark and shines the light from the camera where he thought he saw the logo..moving the camera back n forth he see that it is starting to glow. "Ahhh shit smart glow in the dark spray paint bro check it out" Mark looks up and run towards the wall "YESSSSSSSS!! GOLBIN SHIT!!!" Tweek runs after him as they get closer and closer to reactivate the glow in the dark spray paint.

"Ok ok kill the light get this on camera." Mark says as Tweek kills the light and films.

"We found it! there is the Goblin Shit logo...and under it says...'Follow the White Goblin to 2 location to find the Goblin Kingdom' Uhh What? da hell does that mean?" Tweek points on look there is more toward the bottom. Mark moves some crap out of the way as it was a spray paint of a small white goblin logo that reads around the logo 'Boat yard' " Sweet Tweek to the boat yard my spiky hair friend!" he points up like he was some kind of super hero and takes off. Tweek turns the camera around and shakes his head..."See you guy at the boat yard Next!"

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After a moment of consideration Kevin replies.

"That is something I can work with. You still have me at a bit of a disadvantage though, so before I agree to anything I need to know about the types of jobs you all run, and just where I fit in"

Kevin finishes his smoke tossing it in a nearby puddle.


((Sorry for the short post, I'm at work and wanted to get something up))

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There we go. here take this

Marco hands Kevin a balaclava and a gun

We'll go in there and hold it up JACK GET OUT OF HERE

Jack speeds off

Wait for me outside

Marco puts on his mask and runs into the 7Eleven to hold it up



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( I dont know whats going on but it seems to be a slow start to season 2..someone let me know whats going on!)

"Dude come on it just a little razor wire use the towel and climb over the fence before someone see you."

Tweek climbs over the fence and lands next to Mad Mark. He looks down at the camera and presses Record.

"Welcome ladies its your boy Mad Mark once again with my partner in crime Tweeker!"

Tweek is heard with a sigh behind the camera. it seems from the camera that they have reached the boat yard. They are hiding behind a boat that looks like it is being repaired or it is just junk who knows.

"Alright FaceTubers we are at the final clue that will lead us to location of where Goblin shit, Who will be playing Tonight!!!" Mark throws up the horns and sticks his tongue out.  Tweeks hand is seen coming in from of the camera with the horns up.

"wait shhh dude is that a guard?" Tweek raises the camera up and clicks on the night vision on his camera seeing the guard and then back to Mark

"Yeah thats a guard broski." Mark says. "Hey who the hell is that crawling under the fence right there?" Mark points to his left seeing another two more kids that have entered the boat yard. Tweek moves the camera back to Mark. "You think they got the same clue we did?" Tweek says, as he looks back to the other kids, then back to Mark.

"Shit dude..we only have like 2 or 3 hours left before the show..and now these kids might get it and get he clue before us....we can not have some punk kids beat us Tweek this is for GS son you never know we may be the last people to get in and it could be sold we have to find it and find it fast."

Tweek moves the camera to the kids as it seem that they spotted Mark and Tweek and are now moving boat to boat to come over where they are hiding. The two kids wave at them as they move to where they are and hide behind the same boat as them. 

"You dude looking for the clue too huh?" Punk kid one says. Mark nods "Hell yeah...any idea what it might be?" punk kid two nods and points to the right."There is a boat called the Goblin Fish near the guard shack. We think it may be in there." Tweek moves the camera up and looks over the goblin fish boat. 

"yeah its like right by the guard shack." Tweek lowers his camera and back to the other three. "well since we are trespassing this can't be good for anyone here." Tweek says as Mark starts to move  slowly and sneaking to boat to boat trying not to let the guard see them. The two punk kids follow Mark as Tweek follows behind. They stop as they are one boat away from getting the club on the Boat known as goblin fish. Tweek still films as he looks at Mark doing a military crawl up to the boat. He gets up to his knees and then makes a leaping jump to the front of the boat grabbing the railing and pulls himself up. The guard hears something by the Goblin Fish boat and grabs his shotgun moving towards it. "Shit Marks going to get spotted." Tweek says and looks moving the camera back n forth between where Mark is and the guard. Mark keeps low and moves to the living quarters of the boat, but the guard is getting closer and closer. Tweek freaks out and does the only thing he could think of, and that was to kick the punk kid in the back knocking him into other kid so they would make noise. So that is what he did. The kids fell on each other making the noise, Tweek quickly moved behind the boat as the kids hit the ground making a noise. The flash light shined on them as the slowly got to their feet.

"HEY FREEZE!" The guard says as the two kids dust off and then take off toward where they came from to escape. Mark stands up and quickly looks around Tweek comes from behind the boat and over to where Mark is and hops into the boat as well.."Come on come on" Tweek Says as Mark looks for the clue. "GOT IT!" he waves it in the air and reads it "Follow the Goblin footsteps the towards a Dock, and a warehouse with the devils number" Mark tosses it on the ground of the boat as he smiles.

"Lets go to the Docks baby!" Tweek and Mark hop out of the boat, but as soon as they land they hear a sound that everyone knows from a shotgun that is being pumped. They both freeze for a second. Tweek turns the camera behind them seeing the guard walking towards them. "RUN!" Mark Says and the both take off.

"BOOM BOOM BOOM* the shotgun blast rings out in the boat yard hitting everything near them but not them. Boat pieces flying everywhere as they run towards the fence they climbed over. Mark runs up on a boat and climbs to the top of the boat so he can get a clear jump across the fence. Tweek of course the great camera man he is shoots his every move. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* Tweek ducks and tosses the camera over the fence for Mark to catch "CATCH!" Tweek runs up the same boat and Mark catches the camera filming Tweek doing the samething "WHeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww Go TWEEK!" Mark says filing the action. Tweek jumps and clears the fence landing next to Mark. "Wheeew!"  Tweek says as the guard reaches the fence."You Bastards I will find you!" Tweek grabs the camera back from Mark as Mark flicks the guard off and they turn around to head to their next and final Adventure Goblin Shit is only 1 Hour away! will they make it in time? or will the be sitting outside listening to a sold out show?

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((Sorry for delays, guys. Been doing a lot of packing and costume preparation for NDK. But I'm still around!))


A doctor enters the hospital room of Amanda Shepard. "Their decision has been made." He says to the on-duty nurse. "Turn off the machines and call it."

The nurse looks stunned. "You can't be serious. Right when she's doing better, you're just going to kill her?"

The doctor shoots her a stern look.  "She's brain-dead. And it isn't my decision, it's that of the family and they said pull the plug. I'm not about to have a lawsuit on my hands. And do you think I want this entire room quarantined again? Do it now." And he turns to leave.

The nurse stands from her chair and points at the comatose Amanda. "But LOOK at her!"

Spinning around, the doctor glares at her. "Do you value your job here? I won't tell you again. We need this room for other patients, now do your job. And for God's sake, be careful. I don't need you hospitalized like the last two nurses." And with that, he all but storms out of the room.

The nurse glares incredulously after him, then turns to the heart monitor, grumbling bitterly under her breath. "I can't fucking believe this place sometimes. . . If I didn't need this goddamned job, I'd have quit ages ago." She mutters as she sets to work shutting down the monitor. "Stupid, horrible people. Don't even care about saving lives. It's aaallllll about the money." She flips a few switches and turns to remove sensors from Amanda.

A weak voice then comes from beneath the bandages.

"Hey. . . Before I die. . . Can I get a glass of water?"

The nurse shrieks, spins around to run, but promptly faints to the floor with a thud.

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Is that a no?"

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((Bonus double post to make up for my tardiness.))


"This is just unheard of" The hospital administrator shakes her head incredulously.

"Scared the hell out of me." The nurse gives a nervous chuckle, while carefully peeling back Amanda's bandages.

"Vitals are all strong as any healthy, fully functioning person. We're very sorry about the loss of your eyes, but you're incredibly lucky to be alive, Miss Shepard. Your family had given up hope."

"They aren't my family." Amanda says in an emotionless, monotone voice.

The two women glance uneasily at each other.

"What. . . Makes you say that, honey?" The administrator tilts her head with concern.

The nurse continues peeling back bandages, staring in awe at the paper white skin being revealed. No burns at all.

"I heard them. I heard every word." Her voice takes on an icy edge. "I'm adopted."

The administrator widens her eyes slightly. "I see. . . We weren't sure if you could hear anything in your coma, but-"

"Everything makes sense now." Amanda cuts her off. "I never belonged. I was always different. They always hated me."

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm sure it's not-"

"They're not my family." Amanda repeats, firmly and coldy.

"We're about to reveal your face. . ." The nurse interjects quietly, pulling bandages off from around Amanda's head.

Darkness slowly lightens to grey, then beige as light begins to show through the thinning bandages.

"They didn't care about me. My father wanted a cash cow for his company, and my mother wanted a pretty womb for her grandchildren. And my brother. . ." She slowly clenches a fist.

"Hun, I'm sure they all love you very much. Pulling the plug must have been very difficult for them, I promise." The administrator says reassuringly.

The sympathetic looking nurse finally pulls back the last bandage over Amanda's eyes and lifts a brow slightly. "Oh, wow. Your skin is so pale, but there are no burns at all. If I didn't know any better, I could almost believe you even had ey-" She suddenly gasps loudly and lunges back as Amanda opens her eyelids.

Bright, acid green irises stare back at the two women, who's jaws are on the floor.

"I'm going home." Amanda says with a hardened heart. "I need to say hello to my loving family."

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Kevin watches as Marco runs inside.

"What the fuck is going on"

He looks over the alleyway quickly, and satisfied he sees no cameras, Kevin quickly checks the handgun given to him. Satisfied, he stuffs it in his jeans waistband, pulling the back of his plaid jacket over it. Kevin then tosses the balaclava and heads around to the front of the store, pulling his hat down low, and his coat collar high. Kevin spots a man step out of a Mustang, and heads over towards him. Just as the two men are about to pass, Kevin pretends to trip and fall into the other man.

"What the hell man, watch where you're going"

"Shit, sorry man"

The two men head their own ways, and once Kevin is certain he is a good distance away, he pulls the man's keys out of his pocket and heads over to the Mustang. Kevin gets in the car, starts it, and heads in front of the 7-Eleven, where he waits for Marco.

"Who the fuck does this guy think he is, dressing like that and hitting a fucking convenience store. What the hell am I getting myself into"

While sitting, Kevin sends a text to a close friend to come and tow his car from the alleyway. 

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Current time: 11:50pm
Location: Dock 6

“Well we are at Dock 6 and now we are looking for either the devils number…or we need to follow the white goblin feet. Sooooooooo since we are standing on Docks 6 I see two things. I see a warehouse by the dock 6 that says Warehouse 66. And white goblin feet prints heading towards that direction. So! If our little clue is to tell us anything, that Dock 6 and Warehouse 66 comes out to be the devils number 666 so we know we are in the right place and the little goblin foot print lead to the warehouse thus! The location of the concert must be in Warehouse 66.” Mad Mark Says as he rubs his chin.
“Wow good call Sherlock I mean it’s not like there is a line by the warehouse with people wearing GS shirts or anything?” Tweek says behind the camera as he zooms in on the crowd of people.
“Fuck off Tweek lets go” Says Mark as the two make their way to the crowd. A chant starts to form “Let US IN LET US IN!” Tweek and Mark chant along and the doors open. Two men wearing black military vest, and black BDUs along with a black mask step out holding the door open. The crowd swarms the door trying to get the best spot to see GS and LDE. Tweek records everything. The Warehouse starts to fill up with Metal heads.The time is coming and the time is now...the time strikes 12:00AM. A drum is head beating and then a guitar rift. Music starts to play as the first band hits the stage. it was Lord Dark Exiles. The stage was high maybe chest level to some  but a guard barrier with the guys dressed in all black holding bats. just incase someone wants to hop that barrier the guys in black will beat the living crap out of them if they do. There is also the guys in black on the second floor looking down at everyone..what kind of concert is this? who cares we are here to see LDE and GS. And yes Tweek has already scouted the warehouse with the camera.

(Last chance if someone wants to jump into the concert before the door closes you have til friday and the doors will be close for the concert. So Post if you want in)

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Marco runs to the Mustang and gets in

I heard you're a good driver... prove it now.

Sirens are heard and Kevin speeds away.

(Once we get to a safe location Marco will give Kevin a slip of paper with the address 212 Loui Ln.)


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After dropping Marco off, Kevin slips the piece of paper into the back pocket of his jeans before heading out again, still in the Mustang. After a short drive, Kevin arrives as a building covered in graffiti. Kevin gets out and walks over to the large garage door and bangs on it. Once it opens he tosses the Mustang keys to the man.

"I come bearing gifts. 7th gen Mustang out here, and it's hot. You know what to do"

Kevin walks in the building, looking at the cars in various states of disassembly

"Hey boss, I thought you were getting away from this kind of shit"

"I did, but you know shit happens" 

"Right then. Just a heads up, Rob dropped your Silvia off 'round back"

"Thanks Jack, have a good one"

Kevin heads to the back of the building as Jack gets in and drives the Mustang into the chop shop. Kevin takes off in the S14, heading towards the docks. Looking at the time, Kevin notices that it's starting to get late. By the time he gets to the docks it's after eleven thirty. Kevin flips the underglow lighting on and begins to drift around the docks. After drifting around for a while, Kevin notices loud music coming from one of the warehouses. He drives closer, parks his car, and checks the time seeing that it's quarter past midnight. Kevin gets out and lights a cigarette as he walks towards the warehouse.

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As soon as Kevin walks through the door the guard walks out and then a lock is heard. Lord Dark Exiles just finished their set, and the crowd was going wild. They all knew who was coming out next. a chant started to form. "Goblin Shit! Goblin Shit! Goblin Shit!" Mad Mark and Tweek are recording the whole thing. Tweek looks up seeing the guards on the balcony of the warehouse. Tweek looks to the stage as it lowers alittle, but then a steel cage is seen to come from the warehouse top down to cover the stage area. the lights go out and a single spot light hits the stage. All the other guards around the stage area leave the area. a guitar rift is heard..the crowd goes ape shit Smoke shoots out from the top of the stage, Another guitar rift. Something is seen coming from the bottom of the stage through the smoke. It looks to be a throne coming through the stage and someone sitting in it. Tweek tries to get closer to see who is sitting in the throne, but can't get close enough due to the amount of people. The man on the throne stands up and walks through the smoke to the front of the cage. Wearing a black hooded coat, black pants and white gloves. He grabs the mic.

"Did you miss me?" Tweek zooms in he starts to shake, trying to get the attention of Mark.

"Dude....Dude..." Tweek says as he grabs Mark by the shirt pulling him towards the exit.

"What the hell man?" Mark says..just in time Tweek points to the stage as they reach the door.

The man in the black hooded coat pulls his hood back as it is the man in the white mask. He holds his arms up as he laughs. The crowd starts to panic but then the lights go out. In a blink of an eye all the lights turn back on as he is standing on the balcony with the rest of the Military guards dressed in all in black with a black mask.

"Ladies and Gentleman welcome to my new game, welcome to my first game of my return. Welcome to the game that will change the world! Boys! lower the special surprise for these lovely people please!" 

The warehouse roof opens up as a giant old school looking bomb lowers into the warehouse. It stops and the roof closes. The bomb hangs above the warehouse.

"Oh I hope you like this game because it will be the BOMB" He laughs and starts to walk around the balcony looking down at everyone. His hands behind his back as walks.

"So Here is the game Metal Heads...There is about what 500 more or less of you here now..I want to see the biggest gladiator fight in the world."

He stops and leans over the railing of the balcony, looking down at them all..his head twitches. "That's right folks 500 men and women..and there can only be one winner..." 

The crowd starts to freak alittle and looking around some are confused some are scared. Tweek records everything but trys to the door as it is locked he looks back at the man in the white mask.

"Now If you don't fight you all die anyways..." He points to the bomb. "And if you are the last one to survive the doors will open. buuuuuuuuutttttt you have to get out before the bomb goes off....of course?! But there is a catch to this battle royal....there is only one yes one im not that evil I really want to see a good fight...So I will give you two weapons!"

The man in the white mask turns around and then back tossing a machete toward the crowd. People moved as it hit the ground, but no one goes for it. The man in the white mask turns around again grabbing a pistol from the one of the guards. He would dangle the pistol over them but then he pops the mag out and flicks the bullets out into the crowd. He stops leaving one bullet in the mag and pops the mag back into place. He does not cock it he just tosses it into the crowd, hearing it hit the ground.

"So that you all know im not a bad guy and you all did come here to see the best band in the world...I will have them play one maybe two and if it a good fight three song so dont push it kiddies! Sooo just to recap..only one person will either live or they you all die before the bomb strikes zero. since there is 500 of you I will give you 30 mins before the bomb goes BOOM! " He laughs "Now behold Goblin Shit!"


The Band appears on stage wearing the goblin mask, the cage surrounds them as they start to play. 

-Click the music now-


The timer starts to count down. The crowd stands there really not know what to do. some people rush to the door trying to open it, but of course the door is locked and there are bars on the windows. The man in the white mask starts to head bang listening to the band and his small military army guys are seen exiting towards the roof. Tweek looks at Mark as he sets the camera down on the merch table with all the Goblin shit shirts. Tweek nods to Mark as they start to punch their way and kick their way to the gun. Once they started others started to do the same as the massive brawl starts!

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A man in a black suit and Chinese dragon mask walks to the warehouse and sees the warehouse

What the fuck is going on here

he hears the speaking from the warehouse

he recognizes it

Wait is that "W"

he gets closer and sees the gaurds

he pulls out his USP and puts a silencer on it

the man sneaks to a door on the side of the warehouse

Smells like B.O. in there

he picks the doors lock and proceeds to enter

he finds Kevin

it's me "M" follow

they both walk to the door and exits

they get into Kevin's car and the man takes off his mask

Marco takes off his mask

what are you doing here

I could ask you the same

I was coming for you. now it's your turn.

I came to that address

Kevin shows the slip of paper and Marco

Oh fuck wrong address here this one is right

He checks it quickly and they drive over there

(Back at the safehouse)

Kevin and Marco pull in

Welcome to the safehouse, over there is the kitchen, through that door is the basement where we have a weed op and the armory we also have an underground server farming bitcoins and a laptop with access to the dark web, there is vehicle storage and free nitro tanks, a cupboard full of ramen but just ignore that, above we have a planning room and surveillance for the entire neighborhood. any questions?

(sorry for the misunderstanding guys. the door is still unlocked but i doubt anyone will notice. @BarrettSimms where r u m8?)

Edited by NyanRadscorpion

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Kevin stands in the room taking it all in. After a few moments he turns to Marco

"Look, there is a reason I turned legit. I used to jack cars, and was a driver for hire, but no more. I got sick of being paranoid that every car that took the same turn as me was a Fed. I gave up street racing because of that shit. And you know what, on the way over here I could have sworn I saw someone following me. So far today you have asked me to prove to you that I'm a good driver, but all you've shown me is that you are just some guy with money who can rob a gas station. That kind of shit just ain't worth jail time, I could have made more working in my shop for one hour than you probably pulled from that station, so if you ever think of a better reason than just a fucking paycheck, get in contact"

Kevin pulls the handgun out from his waistband and tosses it on the table. As Kevin turns towards the door, he pulls out a smoke and lights it as he walks out into the night. As Kevin walks up to his car, he flicks the cigarette butt, opens the door, and gets in. Kevin floors the gas pedal, the v8 and tires screaming as he pulls out. As Kevin angrily drives away, a blacked out car pulls out several blocks back and starts to tail him.   

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((Holy shit am I late. Gotta get my brain in gear and figure out where I'm at. Eeeehhhh okay here.))


Amanda Shepard stares cold-eyed into her own bathroom mirror.

Long black hair. . . It used to be brown. . . That doesn't even make sense. If my skin was bleached white, Why in hell is my hair now black? Don't get me started on my previously grey eyes now being bright fucking green. Bunch of bullshit.

She sighs as the racing thoughts begin to result in a headache. Lifting a hand, she uses the back of a wrist to wipe a smear of blood from her cheek. Who's blood? Hard to say. Mother. . . Father. . . Brother. . . That jerk gardener who happened to walk in at the wrong time?

She looks back down at the sink. One hand gripping the ledge as blood runs down into the drain. The other hand gripping a crumpled file. The adoption papers. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Hissing, acid tears drip down her cheeks, burning holes in the paper folder. 

What to do. . . What to do now. . . Oh, what to do. . .

She taps her floody fingers on the porcelain in thought.




Striking a match, she glares at the tiny flame before boredly flicking it into a pool of gasoline in the front driveway of her high class manor home. A fire begins with a flare and rips its way toward the house, up the large porch steps and in through the open double doors. At first, silence. . . Then, from within the house is an explosion. Then a second. Then a third, which blows out windows and sends flames billowing into the air. She smirks slightly and sets the adoption papers down in the flaming pool that received the match. And in movie explosion fashion, she walks calmly away from the inferno raging behind her.

Amanda Shepard burns to death in that house. . . . . . I've learned my real name. Learned the story of my real family. And destroyed the evidence.

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