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Who Are We?

Two guys looking to make money on Identity and we are hiring you (at a good price) to help all of us achieve wealth beyond our wildest dreams by selling "candy."


What We Do?

Sell "candy" to local buyers, we make the "candy" at our local factory (AKA CandyLand AKA RV's)


Why Apply?

We know that setting up a "candy shack" can have expensive up front costs so we take care of that for you. Not only that but you get a high base salary of $100 dollars a day (subject to change, higher or lower) and bodyguards get paid a starting rate of 120 dollars per day. Raises will be offered often and frequently for all.


Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for kind, hard working folks driven to make money and helping the community by making and selling "candy."  So we are seeking out "candy" cookers, "candy" dealers, and people to guard the Wonks's.



  • Willing to be shot and hunted by police (figuratively speaking of course)
  • Know how to use a gun
  • Have a basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Athletic
  • Stealthy
  • Sociable
  • "Convincing"
  • Know what to do in a sticky situation


How to Apply

Apply on our Identity discord server :

Just place your in game name and what you would like to do. 

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OMG, I'm fascinated...

The game isn't even out yet, and you guys already set up the greatest project xD

I'll love to see how u guys taking over the 'candy' business.

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