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The Moretti Mafia

Our Aims


Our main goal is to enable every member of the family to make as much money as they desire. We feel strongly that we can guarantee this as long as you work hard and remain loyal to the family. Crime really does pay! 


In addition to this, we aim on being able to supply ALL family members with weapons, vehicles, clothing, and more, purely out of the family's funds. If you are for any reason unable to produce an income, the family will look after you for that time being.


Furthermore, anything that has any connection to money will be of interest to us. More importantly though, we want all of our members to have fun through role-play!





Our Activities

As of this moment, our family currently has prospects for the following fields of crime:


 Drug Trafficking


 Selling Stolen Goods

 Arms Dealing


 Labor Unions


 Armed Robbery







As of right now, here our are rules. There aren't many, but they must be respected! Similar to the 10 commandment, we have 10 rules that all members must follow in order to be apart of the family. They are as followed:


I. Members of the family are not allowed to talk about family business to non-members.


II. Never been seen with the police.


III. Always being available for the Moretti Mafia is a duty, even if it means your life.


IV. Appointments must absolutely be respected. You must be a man of your word!


V. When asked for information, your answer must always be truthful.


VI. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or other families. Every week, members must pay 'tribute' to the Godfather to sustain the family's wealth. The Godfather also receives a cut on all side deals made. 


VII. Always follow the Omerta oath. (Code of Silence)


VIII. If a fellow family member is murdered by another member, given the circumstances, no one is allowed to murder in vengeance unless given permission from the Godfather.


IX. There will be no fighting among members, in-game or arguing.


X. Always follow the family's standard operating procedures!




Mafia Hierarchy

Our ranking system is somewhat similar to other crime families, however in order to work at the highest efficiency, we have modified it to adapt our needs. ALL ranks within the family are highly valued, and we plan on having over one hundred members! Even the Associates are respected members of the family! As a result, here is the following chart:





The Godfather

The Godfather is the leader and the head of the family. Whatever he says, goes. The Godfather coordinates the family, whether that be financially or physically. Anybody that questions The Godfather's final executive decisions will be seriously reevaluated as to whether their position in the family is beneficial. The Godfather contributes a great deal of his wealth to the Mafia's funds to make sure that the family operates smoothly.





The Don

The Don is second in command to the family, and is a highly respected asset. He is the Godfather's right hand man, and is a very trusted member. The Don reports anything that the Lieutenants have to say to the Godfather. The Don is a crucial part to the family and controls the family if the Godfather is for whatever reason absent. He is also a vital person when it comes to helping with crucial decisions.






The Lieutenant role is a highly respected rank within the family, and his main job is the coordination of the family. In addition to being the backbone of all operations, the Lieutenant is in charge of the treasury. He will have to distribute all the money to the members accordingly. Finally, the Lieutenant is in charge of two Underbosses, which are very important when it comes to the dirty work!





The Underboss is fourth in command, and is a respected member. His loyalty to the family is rewarded with his level of power and credibility. He is responsible for the Caporegimes underneath him. The Underboss reports any crucial information to which he receives from his Caporegimes or Soldiers to the Lieutenant.






The Caporegime is in charge of a large amount of soldiers and he is an absolutely vital piece to the family. Without him, there would be sure chaos and no order. The Caporegime takes commands from their respected leaders, and helps conduct the Mafia's operations. Each Caporegime will prove extremely crucial when it comes to conducting warfare and everyday tasks. 






The Soldier's main role in the family is to provide man power. They are the main threat on the field! The force and threat of the family solely depends on the amount of soldiers we have. Because of being towards the bottom of the hierarchy, most of the dirty work falls upon this role. Providing your worth to the family will not only reward you with riches, but with respect as well!






The Associate is at the bottom of the hierarchy pile, which means that in order to become a made-man within the family, you must prove your worth. To do this, the Associates will perform the dirtiest tasks, however, they will be rewarded with a lot of respect. Respect being the main way you rank up within the mafia. In order to set yourself apart from all the other Associates in the family, you must show your membership in the family will be lasting and impactful!







As a crime family that has high expectations, we do have some requirements that members must meet to become apart of the family. The following requirements are shown below:


I. Must be at least the age of 15,

II. Must have a working microphone,

III. Need to be active within the family,

IV. Must be mature,

V. Must be willing to follow the rules,

VI. If accepted, must abide by all oaths.





Want to join?

Interested about joining after reading? Have any questions about the family? Feel free to join our discord server by clicking this link:


If you'd rather take an application approach, fill this forum out and we'll get back to you as soon as  possible!



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Due to an influx of this question, I will post it here in the comments: We have people all over the world currently! From America to Germany! However, we do speak English primarily! 

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On 3/24/2018 at 4:34 AM, Jarhead said:

I'm still watching you!!!


Haha alright, you'll see me on the regular ;)

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The Moretti Mafia forum post has been updated with some new media from some of our talented members!

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We've received multiple new members. If you are interested in joining the family, join the discord! Don't be shy ;)

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Thanks man we appreciate it. We still have a lot of things under development that can really push this to be the best Mafia out there... Stay tuned! :D

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We've received multiple new additions to the family. Still working on something big in the background!

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