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I originally pledged $15, cause I was unsure if the game would release anytime soon, now that I see the town square module is near, I attempted to upgrade my pledge to $30 in the shop today, but my payment will not go through. I am using a visa debit card using the standard PayPal debit card payment function (not loging in and trying to send balance funds).


I don't yet believe I clicked on my "claim pledge" button yet in my profile, although I don't know if this is required to do before upgrading, or if it just doesn't matter. My original $15 pledge was made on this website... I never have used kickstarter for anything.


I am going to attempt using a different card from a family member although it has entirely different billing information, so unsure if that would be an issue given that my first pledge was made with my billing info. 

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Hey Sticknmove! Thanks for bringing this up. There have been a few users having issues making pledges through paypal recently and we've been trying to find a solution. In the meantime, trying to make the purchase while logged in to paypal has helped some users get around this.

Our new website will also include the option of using credit cards without going through paypal's systems, so hopefully this will help!

You don't need to worry about hitting a claim pledge button or anything like that right now.

When you were using your debit, did it ask you for a shipping address? If so, was the field clickable?

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