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    Hey everyone! I'm so excited to play identity ( hopefully this month) during the beta tests. What is everyone gunna do the first time they log into the game? I just want to explore the city and all the features. I'm so pumped to see that first round of people on the game, and hopefully explore an complex and intriguing atmosphere. See ya in the Town Square!!!!!! 
  2. Hi I have a question about the Karaoke you've talked about, and about the future possibility of an "entertainment industry" in the game.  I am a performer, and have my own stream, which I don't know if you'll be incorporating into this environment, but I can also play directly and sing into VOIP.  I'm very interested in the Karaoke part of the game, and probably would spend a lot of time there singing.  However it would be nice to see some sort of Entertainment Industry in the game as well.  Possibly a venue built with scheduled artists, possibly ticket sales, or some form of way to earn game money in the industry?? 
  3. This thread was created to cast a poll of the general idea of what members believe will be the release era. I understand there have been few threads released like this, but I would just like to take another poll after the recent release of "Dev Blog #007" (not officially listed under Dev Blogs, to view see HERE). In the blog, it states that they have very few things to finish before Town Square release, leading me to change my beliefs upon the release. I personally believe that sometime within the next month we will see the debut of this game (hopefully). What's you're opinion? Fill out the poll above!   ~ SummitsEdge // Mob-Mechanix Founder && President
  4. Feeding the town

    With the economy being player based would food need to come from an external source. Say you had to get certain products such as lamb, chicken, pork and beef from farms/ranchers. I was also wondering if we'd actually be able to set up a ranch, one with fences for paddocks to have grass fed cattle or other animals in them. Slap a barn on the land with a cool room in it to keep the meat fresh. Load the meat up into a truck sell it to a food store or cafe of sorts. Not sure how you would actually go about cutting up a killed animal in a video game and then loading and unloading it from a truck. But it would be an awesome RP job and frankly I don't see another way for someone to live in out in the country and thrive. You don't need more than one beef breeding brand, the most popular being Brahman. You could also allow hunters onto your land to of course hunt. 
  5. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that Motown has shared some screenshots of the town square with the discord server, so I thought i'd share them with you guys. If you haven't joined the discord yet, here is the link: If you have any questions, ask me, I'm a mod and my discord name is badger. There are exclusive pictures shared on there frequently, so I suggest you join. Anyway, enough rambling, here are the photos: There you go! - Lewis/Badger   [EDIT] I HAVE ADDED THE NEW PHOTO THAT MOTOWN RELEASED ON THE OFFICIAL IDENTITY DISCORD! LINK IS IN MY SIGNATURE!
  6. Still on 89%

    For the past month or so, I've noticed that the progress meter on the page for the town square is still on 89%.  I don't know if it just isn't being updated or it's actually just taking especially long. I just want to have a basic idea of what's happening.
  7. Hello everyone!

    Hi guys! My name is Azka, I'm new to the community. For a long time I've been looking for a realistic/real-life game. The closest thing to it is Bethesda's Fallout series, the social interaction in that game is spectacular. I wish the best of luck to the developers. Can't wait to see you all in town square 

    I have just purchased the $15 package and im aware this DOES NOT give me beta access, however I noticed that the shop will close as soon as Town Square Module is released. I get paid Monday 15th May, is it safe to say I have enough time to get the Beta upgrade?
  9. Identity's development has been moving at a pace we've never experienced in the past. With added full-time programming and art talent, we've been able to produce more content in a shorter time than expected. With all of the base features of Town Square in place, we've now been building up the supporting systems; the menu interfaces, server selection systems, character creation and more are well underway now. You'll get a good preview of the character customization soon! Ridable bicycle; work in progress Some exciting progress is also being seen beyond the Town Square! Our vehicle systems are starting to get fleshed out. We found the integrated Unreal Engine vehicle subsystems to be inadequate for the realism and fidelity we seek, so Identity will run on an entirely rebuilt vehicle physics engine. With this you can expect extremely realistic handling of bicycles, cars, vans, motorcycles, semi-trucks and more. We've got the Twitch Game development is an exciting career that many gamers aspire for. Just a couple of weeks ago we had test run streaming our development live on Twitch. In our first stream, our character artist Miroslav added different eyebrow varieties to Identity character head models. These are some of the eyebrow options you'll be able to choose when creating your characters; get an inside look at the work which goes into even a small detail as this. While the task Miroslav had at the time might not have been the most exciting, we're in the process of setting up a schedule for very regular streams from a variety of development departments. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for stream time announcements. Click the preview below to watch the recorded stream. It runs at just under an hour in duration. Identity's first Dev Stream: Miroslav's Eyebrows You can find our Twitch channel at Follow us there to get notified when an Identity developer starts streaming! Path to the Town Square Town Square early revision; work in progress A lot of Town Square work has been accomplished since the last dev blog! From interface to animations and more feature polish, the Town Square is shaping up into a genuinely interesting social environment. We've been making everything we can in the environment interactive. If it looks like it would have some sort of purpose in reality, we're making it useful (or at least entertaining) in Identity, too! Grab a newspaper for the latest happenings, toss a coin into the fountain or grab a can of soda from the machine. Visual dynamics have been added as well. Simple things bring immersion to the environment. The clocks on buildings and towers show the real in-game time, the cinema marquee sign shows the movies playing with real times (which can be adjusted by owners of community servers in retail Identity) and more. We're making the Identity environment, and thus that in Town Square, feel alive and interactive. A hotel lobby at night -- John VanderZwet
  10. Housing in Town Square Module?

    Will we be able to customize a house in the Town Square Module if we've payed the $30 to play? Or do we have to buy one of the packages that includes a house?
  11. Hey, I was wandering : Will the upcoming module be there on time ? Because a lot of stuff in Identity were delayed (Especially the full game that was supposed to come out in early 2017), and, since the Town Square module is supposed to be released in a few days, it'll be nice if we could get more information on whether or not the module will arrive on time.
  12. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.
  13. Does anyone know when the module is going to get released? I just bought it and I have barely kept up so I am trying to figure it out. Is it gonna be around this month? 
  14. These are the messages off of discord Arky-Today at 5:38 AM   The module has been delayed     DRAGONFLY TODD/AUSTV-Today at 5:38 AM   I know     Arky-Today at 5:39 AM   So that's months off. Don't worry about it for now man     DRAGONFLY TODD/AUSTV-Today at 5:39 AM   M O N T H S ?     Arky-Today at 5:39 AM   That's what I heard     Motown-Today at 5:39 AM   Send me some questions Dragonfly and I'll respond!     Arky-Today at 5:39 AM   They're putting a video in its place while they finish it up     Motown- rea
  15. Town Square stuck at 76%

    Quick Q. why has the town square been at 76% complete for past months seems like it will never move up.
  16. Hey there developpers, I recently consulted many sources and they all aren't saying the same: is the BETA stage(the one you receive access for when you pledge more than 30$) going to be available the pledgers AFTER the Town Square module is released or at the END OF THE YEAR(2 weeks or so before the expected release date of IdentityRPG)? Thank you for clearing these for me and have a nice day! Cheers
  18. Town Square Module

    Can you play the Town Sqare module already?
  19. So say the town square module was released, say i then played the module for a bit and then decided to increase my pledge to the one with the apartment. Would it then show up in game for me right away during the module? @HairyGrenade if you could enlighten me on this that would be great. Thanks!  
  20. Founder's Pack/First Module

    Simple question. Will you still be able to buy founder's pack after the first module is released? I want to buy Founder's pack but i don't have the money until the 20th of march.
  21. VOTE FOR Mr.X

    Hi Friends! Im Mr.X and im running for Governor of this fine town. Iv worked several years for my cousin GOLDIE WILSON's campaign for Hill Valley from 1985-2016. I also helped finance a small Paranormal investigation company called GHOSTBUSTERS with Dr. Ray Stantz, and private funding for time travel/exploration science with Dr. Emett Brown. I want low taxes for all, a city free of crime and homelessness, and a fair city that is big on jobs for women and minorities. Progress Is my middle name, that is my promise to you   So vote for me!  the peoples choice we are always accepting sponsors and those who would like to participate in our campaign
  22. Hello Everyone, greetings from South Africa! I am really excited for this game to start. Does anyone know when more or less we can expect the game to be released?
  23. 76%?

    Is there anyway that the 76% of the town square module is bugged? I have noticed recently that a lot of people have gotten the game within the past few months (I know from the citizen count) and it has stayed at 76% for the longest time. Is it just that no one has bought the beta access or is it that it is bugged? Sorry if this is a repost, I did some looking around and didn't seem to find this question asked anywhere else. Thanks for any replies, I appreciate it.
  24. Q1. Will it be possible to Customize shops or is that exclusively just for houses?     Q2. Will we be able to buy a property in a town (separate from house properties) and setup a business there? Thanks for your time, I can't wait to see the Town Square!