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Found 8 results

  1. title
  2. question

    Hi, My questions about the SWAT in-game: 01. Will they be given Riot Shields and Bulletproof Vest? 02. Will there be a indoor gun range in the SWAT/Police headquarters? 03. Will there be an armory for hey SWAT/Police, so they can choose what weapon they want Like between a Desert Eagle or a Beretta M9? 04. Will there be different Headquarters for SWAT/Police, if not will there be different armories or clearance levels in the armory for different weapons. @Motown, @LuckyDuck, @JamesLuck01, @HairyGrenade any answers?
  3. So someone asked me what the SWAT would be doing in the game then if there were no police raids on houses. I couldn't really find a good answer so does anyone know more about this? If you can give me a list of some things the SWAT could do in game then that would be great! Thanks!
  4. Will there be shield for swats?
  5. I'm putting this here just to see if anyone has any ideas on game modes for the swat module. An idea I have would be a 100 v 100 cops and robbers you have one life on the entire map and the robbers have all kinds of illegal objectives and the cops are trying to stop them. Try to say any ideas becaue people are pvp thirsty and they need some pvp action.
  6. police car

    So.. In some pictures there was a Crown Victoria Seen & a dodge charger. So.. I think there should be more like: Ford Taurus 2013 Police (Marked/unmarked) Chevy Impala Police Ford Explorer Police (maybe) Ford Mustang Police + Mabye for like Ranger of Forrest Cops a Ford F150 Raptor SVT For SWAT: Stanislaus SWAT Van FBI: Dodge Charger (undercover). Chevy Suburan (undercover) Bomb squad CSI: Camaro SS (Undercover(
  7. I want to be a SWAT member, however I don't want this to be like GMod where people go SWAT, and run into a combat situation untrained and end up getting shot. I was wondering, will there be a training academy with player instructors for members of SWAT? This would be incredibly immersive, realistic, and just flat out helpful. I'm also wondering the same for regular cops, but SWAT is mostly my focus.
  8. I have heard a lot about how indepth the police will be, but I would love to know, and I am sure many other would like to know; how do we become things like SWAT, or Detectives? I myself already have the goal of becoming a Detective, yet still I have no idea how it would be possible. Another thing... What will sperate the SWAT and Detectives from the normal patrol officers? Maybe weapons? Maybe the Detectives can wear normal clothes, but have a badge and a gun (that would be amazing), and the SWAT have tactical gear? Also would the different branches have different training? One final question: How will the detective system work when it comes to finding evidence and crime scene investigation? Kind Regards - TOMA