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  1. Hello all, welcome to the Social Reformative Democrat's campaign page! About us We are a left-wing party whose policies revolve around raising the living standards of the lower class, reducing inequality, and creating a fairer and more just world for all. Our current party leader and founder is "The Orgazoid", who came up with the revolutionary idea of combining left wing policies with a strong fiscal backbone to conduct our government spending upon. We realise that many left-wing parties are perceived as dreaming up a "fantasy" world which would never be achievable under real life budget constraints, and we recognise that and aim to work within our limits while still delivering consistent results. Our Policies: - Corporation tax rates of 28% - Income tax rates starting off at 10% for those within the $10,000 - $20,000 bracket. - Investment in public services in line with inflation and % change in GDP - A minimum working wage of $10/hour - A MINIMUM public services wage of $30,000 per annum - Free healthcare and education to ALL   Our Manifesto: Wages: A minimum working wage of $10 per hour, which all 18+ are entitled to   Public Services: We promise to raise investment in our public services to rates in line with GDP growth, meaning they will never be over-capacity   Security: We promise to work with local communities and install a personalised police service to better the relationship between government and people and increase the security within our suburbs.   Health: Patients suffering from drug addiction will be treated like that, PATIENTS! No longer will drug addicts be criminalised and thrown to rot in jail without any help offered. Healthcare will be free to everyone at the point of use, regardless of your financial situation.   Workers rights: We pledge to bring back strong trade unions and end the capitalist regime which has seen those at the top grow richer and those at the bottom stay poor   Drugs: One of our goals is to DECRIMINALISE ALL DRUGS so as to pave the way for research into their effects and more a more effective prohibition stance rather than the so called "war on drugs" which up to this day has been a FAILURE! Put your faith in us to deliver for EVERYONE, no coalition of chaos, no deals, just a strong and stable leadership under which everyone can prosper and flourish. A vote for us, is a vote for you!   FAQ's: You plan to set a corporation tax rate of 28%, won't this drive out businesses and raise unemployment? A good question, but no, this will not happen. A business rate of 28% is still well below many other countries, and given the economic growth that will increase due to increased spending from larger tax revenues, we feel that business would much rather stay and prosper while putting a little more in to benefit everyone Drugs are bad! How will decriminalising them make the situation any better? For far too long now we have treated addicts like criminals rather than patients. Out-dated drug laws are wasting police time, while not allowing valuable medical research to be done into the real effects and treatments available for addicts. Decriminalising enables addicts to get the help they need without being treated as law-breakers, and will result in a more prosperous society where everyone's needs are treated rather than brushed off. I would like to ask a question to you about your party, how can I do this? Please post any questions you may have below and The Orgazoid will aim to reply as soon as possible.
  2. Hi I have a question about the Karaoke you've talked about, and about the future possibility of an "entertainment industry" in the game.  I am a performer, and have my own stream, which I don't know if you'll be incorporating into this environment, but I can also play directly and sing into VOIP.  I'm very interested in the Karaoke part of the game, and probably would spend a lot of time there singing.  However it would be nice to see some sort of Entertainment Industry in the game as well.  Possibly a venue built with scheduled artists, possibly ticket sales, or some form of way to earn game money in the industry?? 
  3. The Gentleman's Club

    The Gentleman's Club  Est.1863 The Gentleman's Club is a social club for upper-class citizens of Identity. We aim to have a subsided club for the rich citizens of the island for us to get together and engage in activities as one. PLEASE NOTE: This is in no way a gang and will never involve illegal activities. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranks The rank structure of the club is simple and easy.   The Chairman is the highest rank of the club and is the leader of the club. The role of the chairman is to arrange meetings and to make sure that all costs for the clubhouse and other private properties are met.   The Vice Chairman is the second highest rank within the club. The role of the vice chairman is much like the role of the chairman. They will have control over the club whilst the chairman is not present and will also suggest new club rules and updates as well as help arranging evens for the club.   The Chairmans Secretary helps the Chairman in making sure that all bills are paid on time and arranges meetings for the Chairman and Vice Chairman. They work very closely with the Chairman and Vice Chairman.   The Baron is in charge of anything money. They are in charge of the cashflow into the club and ensure that the money is handled well before being distributed between assets that need to be paid such as the club house and our Knights.   The Duke is last staff rank of the club. The role of the duke is to observe and help run club events. They will be present at every club event to see that they running smoothly and that everyone is following the rules. They are also in charge of land and property ownership and maintains our private land for a personal use.   A Man of Honor is a Gentleman who has shown their worth to the club by being in for a certain amount of time and by helping to fund the club. These members should be given the utmost respect for their contribution to the club.   An Esteemed Gentleman is a slight rank up from Gentleman. They have shown their worth to the club and can now gain access to the club house without invitation from a superior.   The Gentleman of the club is the standard rank for those that have paid their way into the club. From this rank you can get involved in club events as well as pass time at our private clubhouse. You must be provided with an invitation to the clubhouse before entering.   Crusaders are a rank up from Knights. They are a senior Knight who has taken the role of leading the Knights and ensuring they are doing their job correctly and receive the proper training.   Within our newly founded Crusaders Division you can find the Knights. These are the specially trained guards of The Gentleman's Club club house and vault. No one gets past these brave men without the proper authority and they assure that no one gets to places they arent supposed to be. They are put through rigorous training and are generally sought out from military and special forces backgrounds due to their discipline and trust.   The Club Mechanic maintains all club members vehicles in a private garage on site and ensures they are in tip top shape before their next use.   An Associate of the club is someone who is a friend of the club. Someone who holds this rank gives them limited access to the clubhouse although they will not be allowed to join in on club events or meetings. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Events/Activites The club will get involved in various activities, all of which are private events for the club. Some of these events are: - Hunting - Pool - Socialising - Darts - Smoking Pipes - Etc. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shared Vault An idea that i would like to implement into The Gentleman's Club is a shared vault. This vault will allow players to deposit and withdraw money from a shared account that we can all put money into. We can add a new rank known as The Accountant and have him set up the account and record how much is deposited and withdrawn by each member. Of course there will be rules on this as we dont want people taking out everything but it means that people can access money if they need a little extra to buy a better suit or if we need to use some to pay for the rent.  Gentlemen, let me know what you think of this before we make it official. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Admission To become a Gentleman first you must have over a certain amount of money in your bank account (TBD). After, you must pay an admission fee (TBD). From there, you will become a Gentleman and will have access to our clubhouse and events. PLEASE NOTE: This is a mens only club, however, if enough female characters would like to request to join, a new female-only wing will be added. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Members [ Member Count = 27 ]   The Gentleman's Club The Gentleman's Club Constitution [@Herzog] - Chairman [@AndrewDonaldson] - Vice Chairman [@GeneSmith] - [Baron]    [@Fakeout] - Man of Honor [@Berq] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Rem] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Josearaujo] - Esteemed Gentleman [@DanTheMan007] - Esteemed Gentleman [@dragon_12dk] - Esteemed Gentleman [@SonsofAsgard] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Joel_is_online] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Dream] - Esteemed Gentleman [@JoelKeys] - Esteemed Gentleman [@KingBen1223] - Esteemed Gentleman [@BioHaze] - Esteemed Gentleman [@White_Death] - Esteemed Gentleman [@dolore] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Capped] - Esteemed Gentleman [@Shadow765] - Esteemed Gentleman [@ForestCayden] - Esteemed Gentleman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crusaders Division (Security) Security SOP [@Indoorseeker] - Head of Security [@slovaceck] - Internal Affairs [@Hanshi-Toshiro] - Drill Instructor [@Scottv10] - Crusader [@Alpha] - Knight [@QuannTann] - Knight [@DROSE] - Knight _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Winstons Tailors All members of the club receive a discount on all purchases at the newly opened tailors, Winstons.   Click here to visit our page. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (This post is a WIP and changes are bound to happen)
  4. Car Meets

    I'm not sure exactly how many of you would be interested in this sort of thing, but once the full game releases, i would love to set up car meets and meet a ton of you all. I am huge into cars and cant wait to see how the devs have in store for us customization wise and i cant wait to see what you all do with your cars in game. I dont really care what kind of car you drive, muscle, import, truck, offroad, beater, bike, i just want a large social gathering of like minded people where we can all just sort of hang out and check out each others cars and get to know each other. I do plan on playing this with a good friend of mine but he isnt into cars like i am. Age doesnt really matter to me either as long as we're all respectful of each others cars and mature about everything. Sure the RP scenarios will be there for rivalries and races, but in all, i want for there to be a group of people who get to know each other and develop a true friendship all because we decided to go hang out with our cars.   I guess, i kind of want to know you guy's thoughts on this. Would it be something that many of you would be interested in? Would anyone care to join me in opening a shop? Let me know your thoughts and hopefully we can continue to develop friendships starting here.     See ya guys around! Jack Leyhe     *EDIT* Devonor makes a good point. If we have enough people, would you guys be interested in me creating a steam group for the meets so everyone is notified of when and where? Seems like a good idea. I would also love to set up an actual car group in game with a name and logo for those interested to put on their cars (If thats something that we can do) Let me know, glad to see some interest in this.     *EDIT 2* Discord Link here------>
  5. A Book Club

    At times when Identity crosses my mind while I'm thinking one of the things I brainstorm in my head is, "What if I started a book club?" To some people this may sound absolutely ridiculous. "Oh my gosh, Fanature that's such a dumb and child thing to do!" It's just a thought that crossed my mind. Of course as mentioned in many videos, forums, posts, etc, there are going to be libraries in Identity. That means player written books, maybe even pre-made. As players within a huge expansive world I thought it would be really cute if someone/a player would make a book club, where a group of friends would meet together in the library or a player home and just read and discuss.  I just thought I would present this cute roleplay idea  Does anyone have any ideas they'd like to discuss that are roleplay related? 
  6. Hey guys, I would be interested if someone knows if there will be any card or board games that you can play with other players like skat or chess or some other classic games. Otherwise this would be a very cool feature to add to the game and I think it would be an enrichment for the first module, the social module (:
  7. Hello Ladies! You may have seen a adjacent club on the forum boards aptly titled the Gentlemen's Club where the proprietor has weakly offered any woman to query her place in his world a slim stake in his establishment.   Well I don't know about you girls! But I want something of our own, so please feel at home here, sprawl out on a chaise lounge, order a cocktail or two and embrace what it means to be a woman in this modern world.   All I ask is that you keep it strictly role-play. My Name is Ryver Lemonelle; auburn of hair, green of eye and soft of features. But call me Lemonz for short, naturally I am the proprietor of this establishment but you are all more than welcome here anytime.   Speak soon Sugars. Toodle pip  
  8. I have two question about the world of identity how we can socialize with other people?  we can give kiss and have physical conctat with oher payers?
  9. DEV BLOG #001 Greetings Citizens, It has been just over a year since you helped successfully kick start Identity into existence! We want to thank you all for your continued support by providing you all with regular updates following the development process for Identity. Engaging with our community is one of the best ways we can show our thanks, and a development blog is a perfect opportunity for us to bring you along for the ride. As you’ve seen throughout the past year, there is no game out there that is quite like Identity, and through your support, you have proven to us that Identity is a vision worth turning into a reality! Feedback has shown us that you all really appreciate our attempts to respond to virtually every question we receive on social media. Twitter and Facebook have been a huge boost in exposure for Identity, and so it is time we begin to explore other avenues of exposure to help our community understand a bit more about the game. In the coming months, our fans will see their first glimpse of gameplay for Identity! We are all extremely excited to show off our first gameplay video, which will fully explore the mechanics of apartment and housing customization. With this video, you will see that we have stayed true to our original art direction from the original Kickstarter trailer, while maintaining high standards in realistic lighting and graphics. We can safely say that we have improved many of the areas of our design that needed attention since February last year. Apartment & Housing Customization Apartments and houses within Identity will have a fully customizable interior. You will be able to change the wall paper on every wall in every room, place furniture anywhere there is space on the ground, swap out doors, windows, baseboards, crown moulding, and even wainscoting! We have made no compromise to the level of detail in which you can customize your apartments or homes, in order to truly express your sense of home decor. With this level of control, there is virtually no chance that the interior of two homes will ever look alike. There will be hundreds of furniture items available to purchase in-game in every style and design, from traditional to contemporary. Furniture in Identity can even be crafted, sold, or traded to other players, and those who wish to try their hand at crafting hand-made furniture from a variety of materials can place a crafting table anywhere they wish inside their homes! And if you wish to share your space with a partner, friend, or even a group of friends, homes and apartments will be available for sale throughout the world that support multiple roommates depending the size of the space and how many bedrooms are available. The home-owner may even grant build permissions to any number of roommates, even visitors, to help them decorate their living space. When you are finished, invite your friends over to compliment you on your interior decorating skills! If you’re anything like us, we know you will spend more time cleaning up this virtual home than you do your real one! Radio This week, our team has also placed a lot of our development efforts into building a functioning radio system that will allow you to listen to your favorite real-world radio stations through placed radio objects inside your virtual home, or car! Yes, you can flip through the channels in your car radio, which will also broadcast to the immediate area outside your car. Imagine driving down the street and having everyone you pass know you listen to NSYNC! One other major part of this feature that we are excited to tell you about is player operated talk-shows which you can personally host, or tune-in and listen to, from your car radio or home. The way we currently have this planned out for hosts, is to have actual physical broadcast stations on the map that you can enter as a player and begin hosting your own radio talk-show. Player’s listening from their car or home can browse a list of channels currently being hosted at that very moment, and listen to you live, talking about government conspiracies and UFO’s! We are really hoping that this feature will have a major social impact for Identity. Like you, we see a lot of potential in something like this for budding stars within the community. We would absolutely love to see many of you sprout a career that started in a game we developed, and ended with us listening to your lovely voice on our actual car radio!  The Town Square (Social Module) Many of you already know of, and are eagerly anticipating the release of the planned “Town Square” module that is currently still in production. While we can’t give you an exact date on when that will be ready, progress is steady, and we are as excited as you are to meet you all for the first time in a virtual environment. You may already be aware that Identity is largely influenced by a landmass in the south-eastern portion of the United States. The Town Square itself is only a small portion of a larger city built into the final version of Identity called Ash Hill, a reference to Asheville, North Carolina where we had originally planned to move Asylum’s office. We picked this area of the world particularly because it offered a wide range of geographical variance. The transition between Identity’s mix of biomes needed to feel natural, and this area offered most of what we had been looking for. As for the other cities in Identity, their influences may become more clear to you now. Myrtle Beach is obviously Turtle Beach in Identity, and Roseport is less subtle, but a mix between Atlanta and New York City. When we first started, we kept everything, including the structures and world props level to the ground, a mistake we have since corrected. We quickly realized that cities are rarely ever flat, and knew that setting that precedent now would benefit Identity in the future. The next time you see The Town Square module, we are confident that you will notice the difference compared to earlier screenshots, what such a small transformation makes for immersion in a game environment. Moving Forward We want to thank our community for being so patient with us. Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen many work-in-progress screenshots of assets destined for Identity, and while we believe they serve as a sample of the work we have already put into the game, we know that many of you are still anxious to see video. Our current priority is to get things ready to show off, or more specifically, the housing/apartment customization first. We are convinced that many of you will appreciate the time and effort we have put into this feature, so that you will be able to fully express yourself through your character and virtual home. We know we’ve been pretty quiet this past year, and the criticism we’ve heard from our fans on that through social media and the forums have not fallen on deaf ears! We will start to release regular updates through development blogs and continue to find new ways to interact with our community, to show you our gratitude for your support. You yourself can become more involved by contributing to the discussion with your ideas at We’ll see you there, and thank you again!  Always remember that we are gamers too and we are as excited as you are to play Identity at launch!