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  1.   WRBT The Outlaw WRBT The Outlaw is a radio station that is taking over the air on the west coast of Identity. West Coast Reluctant Broadcasting & Telecommunication. We're an old soul here at The Outlaw, so we'll be playing the hits from all of the golden era's. Bands like The Clash, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash and other hits from the 60's, 70's 80's and even the 50's! We strive to bring the best music for all, so music suggestions from callers will most likely be put on air! We also do not stick to one genre, we like punk, classic rock, ska, old-school country, indie and heavy metal! Music Like many people on earth, our passion is music. Which is why at The Outlaw, you'll be hearing the flip-side of the albums. Songs people might not know about, but are played by most likely a popular band. We truly believe don't judge a book by it's cover. Rip off the plastic and listen to the album, you might just find a killer track! Talk In the studio of 44.3, we will frequently have guests on the show. So tune in to listen to political figures, journalists, musicians and general famous people! Also, turn the switch to 44.3 and listen to us talk about aliens, conspiracies and widespread mysterious news; as we'll have guests on to converse about their experiences or knowledge in this field. More to come, like Jason and Hanshi in the morning and other wacky and funny segments. Hosts: [email protected] Jason [email protected]     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44.3 WRBT "Flip the album over"
  2. Radio Stations

    I happen to be a DJ for a music stream. They are ambitious and are looking for more DJs. If interested hit me up in my box. We play all kinds of music.   But that's not the question. The question is, now that we know we can create and stream radio stations through Identity, what kind of radio stations would you all create?
  3. Radios? Handcuffs?

    So I have 2 questions (Hope it's ok I didn't post 2 separate ones); 1. Will we be able to buy radios to use to communicate with other players? Radios as in walkie-talkies, just to be clear. 2. Will people other than the police be able to utilize handcuffs/plasticuffs/other forms of restraint to detain people? This would be useful for PMCs if we were raiding a building and then found some people to turn over to the police.
  4. Custom Radio Stations

    Could it be possible to have a custom radio station that we could upload songs to and listen to privately? Something like the Self Radio in GTA V
  5. Radio Talk Host

    Hello reader, I was wondering if there was any mention of a radio talk host. If people could buy a frequency and then play music and talk over it would be awesome. People in their cars would be able to tune into the radio and listen as they drive wherever they drive. Also, a youtube player could be added to the game or some form of music playing. If anyone has any questions on any concerns or question on how this would work, feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly answer you. ~Dickbutt
  6. musician/singer Manager

    I had an idea to be a manager for musicians, singers, and rappers.  I hope the idea of being able to put your music on CDs and even get your music on the radio would be awesome!  I think it would be cool if musicians or singers could also get gigs at like bars or what not.  And my job would be to help get there name out there.  I would get all there gigs set up, get their CDs produced, and even get them radio time, the stuff managers do in real life.  So if your planning on being a musician, singer, or rapper hmu and I can be your manager!
  7. So I searched through the forums but didn't find any posts about the topic. My question is, "will we be able to play music while hosting our own radio stations?" If so, it would be nice to be able to play the music by pasting Youtube or Soundcloud links, which could then be easily accessed by the player listening (If we would want to promote our own or someone else's music). By being able to play music, we would also be able to take requests from players and earn money from those.  
  8. The Radio Shows! / Djing

    So I believe I may have mentioned this in the past as a question to if it would be possible, but I love that you guys have decided to make it possible to allow the functionality of radio shows to this! this is brilliant, and precisely what I had mentioned previously and  for sure will make social interaction great. But I have a few questions and a possible Idea... THE IDEA/QUESTION : Using the "Second Life" platform as an example of how this is possible, people in there are able to buy a stream via people selling Shoutcast/Icecast, or other streams and use that as their means to hook up to programs such as Mixxx, VDJ, SAMBroadcaster etc... and is fundamentally used throughout anyone doing talk shows or Live Mixing sets to the community... Will this be a similar way in which we will function it to the community in Identity? If so that would be fantastic, since this would allow businesses also within the Shoutcast area, to come to Identity and supply these as a store (if that was possible) In simple terms.... Someone sets up a store in world somewhere Shoutcast/Icecast based > Someone buys a stream from them > The person uses that stream for their show, and can renew that stream over and over with the same seller (weekly/monthly) > that person then uses the bought stream as the link/IP in world to entertain the community.  Obviously the only drawback to this is that in Second Life people can use the generated income as real life cash (once transferred) My sole question really is what are the mechanics going to be for users wishing to do Live Talk Shows, and/or Live Djing. Sorry for the random mixmatch of talking, but there's my idea
  9. The Wave 106.9 WCCC

    The Wave 106.9 WCCC   The Wave is a radio station dedicated to bring you the Flip side of the album that radio stations in real life don't play.    Our station will bring you classic rock songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Also, some alternative from the 90's.   some bands from the 80's are; ELO Motley crue Ratt Led zepplin Dio Black sabbath AC/DC   Some bands from the 70's are; George Baker Aerosmith The rolling stones Queen Eagles Deep Purple The Clash Ramones   Some bands from the 60's are; The Beatles The doors The Who Creedance clearwater Cream Gratefull dead Jimi Hendrix   Some band from 50's are; Elvis Presley Bill Haley and his comets The Everly brothers The teenagers Dion and the Belmonts The crew cuts   And many, many more.   The Wave 106.9 is extremely dedicated to bring you the Flip side of the album playing songs that are never on the radio (in real life) The bands above are literally 1/5 of what we air.   Saturday Sightings   Every other Saturday in EST will be my very own personal segment about UFO's I talk about UFO sightings, Space, Other planets and basic banter about the little green men I also play interviews with sky watchers and interesting UFO experts I will also delve into the very weird topic on the real life Men in Black   I hope you like my idea of radio stations and radio show hosts. PLEASE ask questions and comment below!!!!     James Tirone The Wave 106.9 WCCC
  10. Radio Civilians...

    I don't know if there will be police and/or civilian helicopters. However as I was playing Arma earlier, I was thinking about how a cop might tell a helicopter to leave an area without shooting at them. My Idea: Every helicopter/car has a radio to start with. The cop may use their own personal radio to contact the person in the vehicle like cops do IRL via radio (well for helicopters anyways). That way, there is no need for confusion and such. This not only adds to immersion but could be good functionality in order to preserve order and reduce the chaos with cops shooting at everyone/everything. No need to shoot down helicopters if you can't even communicate with them.
  11. I'm delighted to see first post on Dev [email protected] As i see myself becoming a dignified governor, getting my word to all citizens is essential. I'm talking about important info such as change of major law, warn other citizens from certain serial killers, request help from citizens, give a speech etc. My idea is to give government powerful influence over radio in which government message is broadcasted on every playing radio and mutes any other radio station. In order to avoid spamming a time limit of 1 hour between broadcasts should be tolerable.
  12. DEV BLOG #001 Greetings Citizens, It has been just over a year since you helped successfully kick start Identity into existence! We want to thank you all for your continued support by providing you all with regular updates following the development process for Identity. Engaging with our community is one of the best ways we can show our thanks, and a development blog is a perfect opportunity for us to bring you along for the ride. As you’ve seen throughout the past year, there is no game out there that is quite like Identity, and through your support, you have proven to us that Identity is a vision worth turning into a reality! Feedback has shown us that you all really appreciate our attempts to respond to virtually every question we receive on social media. Twitter and Facebook have been a huge boost in exposure for Identity, and so it is time we begin to explore other avenues of exposure to help our community understand a bit more about the game. In the coming months, our fans will see their first glimpse of gameplay for Identity! We are all extremely excited to show off our first gameplay video, which will fully explore the mechanics of apartment and housing customization. With this video, you will see that we have stayed true to our original art direction from the original Kickstarter trailer, while maintaining high standards in realistic lighting and graphics. We can safely say that we have improved many of the areas of our design that needed attention since February last year. Apartment & Housing Customization Apartments and houses within Identity will have a fully customizable interior. You will be able to change the wall paper on every wall in every room, place furniture anywhere there is space on the ground, swap out doors, windows, baseboards, crown moulding, and even wainscoting! We have made no compromise to the level of detail in which you can customize your apartments or homes, in order to truly express your sense of home decor. With this level of control, there is virtually no chance that the interior of two homes will ever look alike. There will be hundreds of furniture items available to purchase in-game in every style and design, from traditional to contemporary. Furniture in Identity can even be crafted, sold, or traded to other players, and those who wish to try their hand at crafting hand-made furniture from a variety of materials can place a crafting table anywhere they wish inside their homes! And if you wish to share your space with a partner, friend, or even a group of friends, homes and apartments will be available for sale throughout the world that support multiple roommates depending the size of the space and how many bedrooms are available. The home-owner may even grant build permissions to any number of roommates, even visitors, to help them decorate their living space. When you are finished, invite your friends over to compliment you on your interior decorating skills! If you’re anything like us, we know you will spend more time cleaning up this virtual home than you do your real one! Radio This week, our team has also placed a lot of our development efforts into building a functioning radio system that will allow you to listen to your favorite real-world radio stations through placed radio objects inside your virtual home, or car! Yes, you can flip through the channels in your car radio, which will also broadcast to the immediate area outside your car. Imagine driving down the street and having everyone you pass know you listen to NSYNC! One other major part of this feature that we are excited to tell you about is player operated talk-shows which you can personally host, or tune-in and listen to, from your car radio or home. The way we currently have this planned out for hosts, is to have actual physical broadcast stations on the map that you can enter as a player and begin hosting your own radio talk-show. Player’s listening from their car or home can browse a list of channels currently being hosted at that very moment, and listen to you live, talking about government conspiracies and UFO’s! We are really hoping that this feature will have a major social impact for Identity. Like you, we see a lot of potential in something like this for budding stars within the community. We would absolutely love to see many of you sprout a career that started in a game we developed, and ended with us listening to your lovely voice on our actual car radio!  The Town Square (Social Module) Many of you already know of, and are eagerly anticipating the release of the planned “Town Square” module that is currently still in production. While we can’t give you an exact date on when that will be ready, progress is steady, and we are as excited as you are to meet you all for the first time in a virtual environment. You may already be aware that Identity is largely influenced by a landmass in the south-eastern portion of the United States. The Town Square itself is only a small portion of a larger city built into the final version of Identity called Ash Hill, a reference to Asheville, North Carolina where we had originally planned to move Asylum’s office. We picked this area of the world particularly because it offered a wide range of geographical variance. The transition between Identity’s mix of biomes needed to feel natural, and this area offered most of what we had been looking for. As for the other cities in Identity, their influences may become more clear to you now. Myrtle Beach is obviously Turtle Beach in Identity, and Roseport is less subtle, but a mix between Atlanta and New York City. When we first started, we kept everything, including the structures and world props level to the ground, a mistake we have since corrected. We quickly realized that cities are rarely ever flat, and knew that setting that precedent now would benefit Identity in the future. The next time you see The Town Square module, we are confident that you will notice the difference compared to earlier screenshots, what such a small transformation makes for immersion in a game environment. Moving Forward We want to thank our community for being so patient with us. Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen many work-in-progress screenshots of assets destined for Identity, and while we believe they serve as a sample of the work we have already put into the game, we know that many of you are still anxious to see video. Our current priority is to get things ready to show off, or more specifically, the housing/apartment customization first. We are convinced that many of you will appreciate the time and effort we have put into this feature, so that you will be able to fully express yourself through your character and virtual home. We know we’ve been pretty quiet this past year, and the criticism we’ve heard from our fans on that through social media and the forums have not fallen on deaf ears! We will start to release regular updates through development blogs and continue to find new ways to interact with our community, to show you our gratitude for your support. You yourself can become more involved by contributing to the discussion with your ideas at We’ll see you there, and thank you again!  Always remember that we are gamers too and we are as excited as you are to play Identity at launch!