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Found 65 results

  1. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Mein Traum: My Dream The Totalitarian Party (TTP) I dream of a society where no law abiding citizen, who contributes to society and continues to strive for improvement, will ever have to feel threatened by the lack of job security, failed economy, or anarchy. I dream of a place where people are given the chance to succeed, regardless of their economic background. I dream of a near-perfect meritocracy. Centralizing all forms of major public transport, electricity and energy sources, military, law enforcement, healthcare and other core, essential aspects to society will ensure that no private organisation is able to profit off these industries by taking more out of the government fund through contracts, but instead will allow the government to reinvest in these facilities and industries for the common folk. Achieving autarky (self-sufficiency) will allow the city and the country to avoid horrific trade deals with other nations, prioritizing our nation's needs first. This will also be ensured by having a strong, patriotic, nationalistic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the loyal citizens of the nation. Any questions ask (BTW I don't speak any german)
  2. Running for office

    Hey so I'm new to this community. I was wondering, when you're running for office, how to the elections work? I read that elections may be once every 2 weeks. So would candidates also hold election rallys like running for office the U.S? How would the time frame work with those if elections are so frequent
  3. I made a nice flag!

    So I made a nice flag for the country where the map is based in Red represents the Identity Community, Blue represents the Leadership and order. Also this flag can be made to fit with other political ideologies, however, I prefer to keep the flag as neutral as possible Inspiration was the flag of Cyprus (im from the Netherlands)
  4. Time For A Debate

    TO ALL CURRENT LEADERS OF A POLITICAL PARTY. I invite all current leaders of a political party in Identity to engage in a debate with me on the Official Identity Discord Server, The IPO Discord Server or The Identity Life Server. Due to recent attacks at me, I call for this debate to very soon (within a few days). If interested please let me know in the replies section. Thank you, -Marie Clare Bouchard.
  5. I have been wondering if there will be the option for the local government to create a welfare system, it would create more job paths such as healthcare professionals, administrators and social workers it would also add more political realism
  6. I have been wondering if there will be the option for the local government to create a welfare system, it would create more job paths such as healthcare professionals, administrators and social workers it would also add more political realism
  7. Rp Politics

    Hello citizens, I was wondering what kind of politics the more serious roleplaying community is interested in. More specificly what laws, party types, and how any other aspects of a government you guys are looking for. Myself personally im not to sure what to expect or even want in game as far as government goes. If you could leave some comments about and ideas for laws or preferences you may have. Thank you for the view and have a great time in the forums.
  8. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party is a liberal left wing party we are always looking for new members. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party is not a communist party, as we believe in a regulated form of capitalism and we do not believe or support the idea of nationalising everything and paying people the same wage because this will lead to a decrees in job quality. our policy's/beliefs: drug policy: we will put drugs into different category's to determinant the risk and the correct actions to take in regard to law enforcement (the drug policy will be revised and edited once the developers release a list of what drugs will be included, if anyone dose know all the drugs that will be included please comment or contact me) class A's: illegal class B's: decriminalised for users and low level actors (dealers and transporters) in the distribution of the substances class C's: legalised, but only obtainable from a licensed vendor and illegal to sell if you do not have a license to sell class D's legalised and no restrictions regarding selling and purchasing weapons and firearms policy: class A firearms: only accessible for law enforcement officials class B firearms: obtainable for people with a license any other weapons are obtainable for anyone under the pretence that they will only be used for self defence our taxation policy: our tax policy will be base on income tax where people pay tax depending on what tax bracket/group they are in, people who earn less will pay less tax and people who earn more will pay more tax, this will also be use to asses who needs government help and who dose not. if you are aware of any other features that you feel we will be interested in crating policy's on pleases contact me or comment and the same goes if you wish to join the The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party, and pleases give your opinion on our current policy's viva la revolution (if needed), power to the people
  9. Overview The Constitutionalist Republican Party or CRP heavily supports state's rights, and believes in large state government. Now with that said, we do as well support a large federal government. We believe that governments power over states should be limited, but in certain circumstances the government should have power over states. We believe that the power between the two should be equally balanced. The CRP also believes in separation of Church and government, to an extent. We believe that Religious beliefs should not determine the entirety of a political decision, but that it should still be taken into consideration. Our current candidate is our founder Coolpanther. Policies Gay Marriage We do support gay marriage. We believe that there is no reason a man or woman should not be able to marry someone else of the same sex. With that said, we will not force others to agree. If A marriage service refuses to serve a gay marriage event based on their religious believes, then they will not have to. This is America after all, so as homosexuals will have the freedom to be wed, another citizen will have the same right to refuse service. Gun laws The CRP strongly supports the second amendment; the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is an American's god given right. Conceded or Open-carry, the right to bear arms is applied. NO man is allowed to arrest you when you are in possession with a firearm. The laws concerning murder, should be properly addressed. Murder, the act of killing man, is indeed illegal. The right to bear arms means, carry them. Shooting someone will result in jail time, if proving guilty. When the act of murder has been illustrated, it is not the gun that killed the man, it is the person how had pulled the triggers fault. Religious freedom We believe that every American has the right to express their religious views. If a man wants to hang up a cross in a public area, he may. If a man wants to where a Star of David Necklace, he may. Abortion The CRP stands strongly against abortion. Through Science, we have discovered that life begins at conception. We don't believe that abortion would be considered "murder", but we do consider the child to be killed in the process of abortion. Terrorism We understand and accept the threat of terrorism. We believe that terrorism is the effect of both personal, and religious beliefs. Weather it be Islamic, Catholic, or even Jewish terrorism, it is still TERRORISM. We believe that We must understand this fact, in order to properly fight this threat Tax We believe that the tax level should vary depending on the average income of the citizen. Tax levels would most likely vary depending on various other areas of the political climate, at the time. OFFICAL SONG OF THE CRP
  10. Upon the gracious endorsement of my party leader, I am happy to announce to the city of Roseport that I will be running for Mayor. I would like to ask for your support in my undertaking. In the coming weeks, the city of Roseport will once again step up to the task of choosing a leader to guide it through the next month. As a citizen of Roseport, I want what is best for this great city and to see us grow and prosper. Most importantly, we need someone who will exhibit leadership and fortitude to rise above petty partisan bickering and position Roseport to take the mantle as the rising star city it is. I have spent a lot of time in this town, walking its streets and talking to its people. I know that many of you feel as I do--that beneath our feet lies a well of untapped potential. It's a potential that can be harnessed only with the reins of dedicated leadership and visionary talent. I say this because I have that leadership and talent. Many times I have found myself disappointed by our absentee leadership. I have waited for those who say they know what is best for Roseport to stand up and take the initiative. We haven't received a city update since April and our current mayor seems to have not been active in almost a week. If you should entrust me with the great responsibility of strengthening our community I pledge to set up a newspaper that will give weekly updates on the political, economic and social updates of Roseport. I will work closely with newly elected party leaders such as Immunogenic who will support my visions and ensure that we always have the resources we need to better this city. We can reduce the ridiculously high unemployment levels we have. We can bring in a hospital to make sure our brave soldiers and citizens have the care and treatment they deserve. It is my sincere hope that you will consider me for your Mayor. I will break my back to do everything I can for Roseport and for you. Thank you.
  11. Identity Political Organization

    Calling all Political Parties and Politicians! The Identity Political Organization is a new merge of some private individuals and The Identity Party Data Service. This new Organization hopes to cover All Things Political in the world of Identity. What we do: Political Interviews Debates Polls And this is just to start! We invite all Individual Politicians and Political Parties to join our Discord server, which can be found at The requirements for becoming a registered Politician with us is that you have aForum post, and give a basic outline of what you stand for, nothing more. Members of the Public, non-politicians, are invited to join and ask questions of the Politicians and Parties present on our Discord. We hope to see you all there and to see some interesting political debates and discussions occurring!
  12. Roman Catholic Party

    The Roman Catholic Party Enough with the immoral politicians attempting to be Governor. Announcing the campaign for the Roman Catholic Party in identity. The Roman Catholic Party has yet to choose it's candidate but it will soon be decided. I will be updating this post with our promises and believes as a party. We will generally be following the Catholic doctrine so most of the parties believes are already public. Keep an eye on this post as we post main issues our are believes and announce our candidate. Major Political Issues Gun Control The Roman Catholic Party holds a firm Pro-Gun position. We will have very limited regulations on firearms. We believe in the policy of more guns less crime. Gay Marriage The Roman Catholic Party currently stands against gay marriage. However, any relationship below marriage will be acceptable. As the times change are policy very well might also. Religion Being a Catholic party we will obviously promote Catholicism. All other religions will be accepted and allowed to worship freely within their Churches, Temples, Etc. I am debating on whether fund Catholic churches but at the moment no religion will receive government funding. We will strongly encourage citizens to attend weekly services through radio, TV, and online ads. Terrorism The Roman Catholic Party acknowledges the threat of Islamic Terrorism. We will not be limiting Muslims right to worship but police will be giving extra funding and equipment to deal with the threat. Muslims may be subject to searches if suspected of suspicious activity but will not have there homes searched unless a warrant is present. Taxes We believe very much in lower taxes. It's much more efficient when money is spent by the workers who earn it. An exact amount is yet to be decided. Healthcare The Roman Catholic Party believes healthcare should be proved privately through the free market. Government funded healthcare will only decrease the quality of care people will receive. Economy Limited government regulations on businesses. We believe citizens should be able to start and grow there own business and buy and sell among themselves without the burden of the government regulating them. We will fully support a free market system as it will help economic growth. Abortion We will always be Pro-life. The Roman Catholic Party believes in life at fertilization. There will be no government funded abortions and privately done abortions will be illegal. Immigration The Roman Catholic Part fully supports and encourages immigration. However, all immigrants who arrive illegal will be immediately deported. There will be no exceptions and none will be allowed to stay. Police The Roman Catholic will fully support all law enforcement and provide them with the funding they need to operate. But, any police officer convicted of killing an innocent man/women who caused no immediate danger to them will be immediately fired and face the court to be prosecuted. Death Penalty Similar to abortion we hold a pro-life policy on the Death Penalty. However, anyone who commits a major attack on such as a shooting or bombing will rightfully be met by the electric chair. Please leave comments suggesting any other topics we should post stances for Papacy (Governor) The Roman Catholic Party has yet to decide on a candidate to fully represent us in the first election. They will soon be announced so stay tuned. Please message me on the Discord for an invite to our parties private discord.
  13. Political summary.

    Hello! I'm in no way intending to become a politician in this game, but I thought that this kind of subject should be "vulgarized" in order for a wider audience to be able to take part in the debates and to vote accordingly... This is why I created this topic, where every person running for governorship can post a brief summary of their political program and ideals, for the less politically interested people (such as me) to be able to have a quick overview of every party's ideas and projects. This could be a stupid idea, but I think it'd be quite convenient to have a place where you can get in touch with those subjects without having to go through those pages-long topics about each party. Also, I don't want this to be a discussion place, but just something such as a wall where you can hang your political projects and ideas. That being said, I can't wait to read @LuciousTimes' and @GeneSmith's posts here!
  14. Hamilton Party Careers

    Hello! Are you looking for a long-term career in politics? If so, here is your chance to get started with full training provided and no experience needed opportunities. The Roles Public Relations Team As a member of staff for our Public Relations (PR) Team, you'll be in front of the cameras, speaking to the public and answering questions regarding the Party. You should only share what you have been authorised to share as not to risk violating our Privacy Agreement. Advertisement Team As a member of our Advertisement Team, you'll be on the streets, walking around and talking to the public about the party, trying to gain us some new followers and support. You may also be tasked with driving around one of the campaign vans which is always fun. Security Team As a member of the Security Team, you'll be tasked with working alongside our private security partners and protecting all important members of staff at all times during your shift. You may be tasked as an escort driver whose job will be to follow the convoy at a safe but close distance and make sure that the convoy stays in formation and does not get attacked. Excellent communication will be required between yourself and your fellow team members to ensure that everything goes to plan. General Requirements Personal Age: 16+ (not your Character's age!) Good Quality Microphone Discord Positive Attitude Mature & Professional Behaviour Willingness to Learn. Bonuses Personal Age: 20+ (not your Character's age!) Excellent Quality Microphone. Perks High-Earning, Negotiable & Competitive Wage (dependent on role) Personal Security (dependent on role and/or status) Campaign / Security Vehicle (dependent on role) Do you meet our requirements and are interested in a long-term career with The Hamilton Party? If so, click here to visit our website and here to apply.
  15. A place to get to know other Officers

    I think all of the police officers should start communicating. Maybe weekly meetings to discuss issues that may arise while on duty. This thread should be a place where we all get to know each other and actually build a police force. The more we know each other, the more we'll be able to stomp out corruption and most importantly, keep the citizens safe. If you believe in taking this role seriously and you really want to see an actual police unit then just drop a line here and let's get to know each other.
  16. The Hamilton Party

    Update: Information may not be up-to-date! Please visit our website here for the latest updates! Our Beliefs & Policies General Economy We believe that if you work hard then you should be paid accordingly. However, we strongly believe that more important, life-saving jobs such as those within Law Enforcement and elsewhere within the Emergency Services should be paid higher salaries. Emergency Services We understand the importance of the Emergency Services so we want to ensure that they are paid accordingly. We will also be increasing our budget to ensure that there are more jobs available within the Emergency Services. Free Healthcare Included as part of part of our tax policy, tax will help to cover the costs of medical bills and fees to ensure that all citizens of the island receive Free Healthcare. Firearms & Weaponry Updated: 01/11/2017 We understand how important owning a firearm is to you, which is why we have recently updated our policy regarding this. All firearms may only be sold to legal license holders. All law-abiding citizens who will meet the future joining requirements will have the right to apply for a gun licence and bear arms. Competitive Payrolls We believe that your payroll should be dependent on the quality of your work and how much time and effort you put into it, not what your sexual/gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, etc. is. The harder you work, the more you should earn regardless of the job you do, although there will, of course, be jobs with higher salaries than others. Religion & Faith We believe that everybody should have the right to practice their religions and faiths publicly so long as they do not practice any form of hate and do not cause any trouble within the community. We will fight to have more designated areas where people can practice and discuss their faiths openly and more importantly, safely. We also fully support the wearing of religious clothing in public (e.g., Burkahs, Kippahs, Hijabs, etc.) Jobs & Business Owners We know how difficult it can be for small business owners to have their companies kick off and be successful, so we want to change that to make it easier. Whilst doing this, we wish to "hit two birds with one stone" and provide more jobs for the unemployed which will also make recruitment easier for any recruiting organisations who are hiring. Tax Tax will be issued at 12% and will help to fund the Emergency Services and other important government jobs, along with our Employment Opportunities program. This will also help to cover the costs of healthcare and medical bills and fees to ensure your right to free healthcare. LGBTQ+ Rights We do and always will support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and for all law-abiding citizens to be treated equally. This includes the rights regarding marriage, adoption, job recruitment, etc. We also respect the right of the public to update their gender identity on public records at any given time with a 6-month delay between each change as we understand that one's gender identity may not always be the same as their biological sex. We also support the right for trans* citizens to transition via surgery. Protesting & Parading We respect your right to protest against things that you don't agree with and to have your opinion heard, so long as this is done peacefully, does not make too much noise or obstruct traffic in any way. We also allow parading and public marching, however, this should be requested with the city council with due notice and must be accepted by the appropriate authority. Medicinal Marijuana We know how large and controversial the topic of marijuana usage is on the island and we know about both the dangers and benefits that usage of the drug can have which is why we have set forth the following policy: Marijuana will be permitted to be used with an authorised medical staff's prescription and will only be given out for very limited cases whilst the policy is experimented. Any usage of the drug whilst unprescribed will result in legal action such as confiscation, jail time and additional charges such as fines where applicable. Laws & Enforcement Repeated offences will result in doubling of the previous punishment. Items may be confiscated and not returned. General Charges Public Disturbance (Harassment, Stalking, etc.) - 4 Hours & $50 Resisting Arrest - 12 Hours Refusing to Report Crime - $50 Illegal Firearm Ownership - 48 Hours (2 Days) & $1000 Driving Unlicensed - 24 Hour (1 Day) & $500 Violence Charges Assault - 24 Hours (1 Day) & $550 Armed Assault - 72 Hours (3 Days) & $1500 Murder - 72 Hours (3 Days) & $2500 Manslaughter - 48 Hours (2 Days) & $1000 Vehicular Manslaughter - 72 Hours (3 Days) & $1500 Robbery & Theft Charges Robbery under $1,000 - 4 Hours & Items Returned Robbery $1,000-$10,000 - 8 Hours & Items Returned Robbery over $10,000 - 1 Day & Items Returned Drugs & Illegal Substances Charges Possession of Class A Drugs/Substances (Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstacy, etc.) - 6 Hours & $400 Purchasing/Selling of Class A Drugs/Substances - 10 Hours & $800 Possession of Class B Drugs/Substances (Amphetamines, Codeine, Cannibis, etc.) - 5 Hours & $300 Purchasing/Selling of Class B Drugs/Substances - 9 Hours & $700 Possession of Class C Drugs/Substances (Benzodiazephines, Ketamine, Anabloic Steroids etc.) - 4 Hours & $200 Purchasing/Selling of Class C Drugs/Substances - 8 Hours & $600 If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Party, please inform us below. Policies and Laws are subject to change at any given time.
  17. First Gentlemen/ Vice Governor Required

    I am looking for a First Gentlemen. Requirements: Must Support Me Through Out My Campaign. Must Campaign With Me. Must Be Respectable. Must Be Intelligent. The First Gentlemen will be my spouse and will also become a public figure. I am also looking for a Vice Governor. Requirements: Experience In Politics. Knows What They Are Doing. Member Of A Right Wing Party Or Is An Independent Right Wing. Help Me Throughout My Campaign. Campaign For Me. The Vice Governor will receive the role of Vice Governor if I am elected and will have a big voice in the political community.
  18. Who Would Politicians Pick?

    I would like to know who the politicians in Identity believe which real world politician they are the most similar to, e.g, some people may be like Donald Trump, others like Justin Trudeau. My second question to Identities politicians is, apart from yourself, which politician would be the best Governor?
  19. First Lady/ First Gentlemen

    I was just wondering if any of the political candidates have an in-game relationship. If they win, would their spouse have any power. Do any of the political candidates have a spouse, just wondering?
  20. Hi all, my name is Francepourlavie and I am currently looking for a business that can help support and supply my campaign. I will pay the business to create merchandise, paint vehicles with the logo of my party (Front National), set up the stages on my campaign tour, organize my schedule and many more jobs. If you are interested feel free to reply to this thread.
  21. To the people who are keeping this great game safe, I thank and address you. My name is Francepourlavie, I am the founder and current president of the Front National Party in Identity RPG I have a strong belief that police should be the only citizens that should have the rights to firearms. I will hold a public vote on this topic. I want to introduce the role of Police Commissioner, The Commissioner will be the leader of the police force and will deal with all police related issues. A few well respected members of the police force and I will choose The Commissioner if I am elected. I will also fight to make sure that ALL terrorism is removed from the game. I will introduce a special anti-terror force within the police department. Armed police officers will patrol the streets to make sure that citizens are safe at all times. I will increase funding for the police department. I will allow police to remove all players masks. This is simply for identification of players. I thank the police, who fight EVERY SINGLE DAY, to keep our great citizens safe! Vote for FrancePourLaVie to make Identity safe!
  22. I just wanted something to be cleared up really quick. Will hallucinogens be in the game like LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT? If they will be it would be quite fun to experence in game (I am not promoting drug use in real life). It would be an extremly unique game feature if atleast one of these drugs could be made, used, and sold in game as pretty much any other video games do not include drugs that make you halluncinate. If drugs like those listed will be in the game it would be cool, I just hope the effects would be very complex and authentic instead of just a filter thrown over your screen. Sometimes when you use these substances your enitre field of vision is obscured by shapes and colors, or your in a completley different place it seems like where it seems as though you are the universe itself according to users of these chemicals. Overall if any of those drugs or one like it will be in the game it would add a very unique aspect to the crime lifestyle. Thanks for reading, (***I do not want to try these substances in real life***).
  23. My political views

    I agree that there should be a tax to cover things like law enforcement, but can someone tell me what will be your system to have actually efficient health care system, because when it comes down to it, this is just a game so I feel like it would take way too much work to handle this. But what bugs me the most is road work that all the candidates are talking bout when it's a computerized map that will not be damaged according to the developers from today's stream. I do agree with those of you who said that the island in identity should have a death penalty for those who did serious crimes like murder (#treat people the way you want to be treated) and such. According to the Front National Party, they want for any person that has done any crime to not be able to obtain any sort of fire arm even if legally. I do not agree with this, because what if their crime was a non-violent crime? Also another reason I don't agree with FNP (Front National Party) is even if person did create a crime, I still want them to be safe in any given circumstance, unless they get the death penalty. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING AND I AM NOT RUNNING I JUST WANTED TO STATE WHAT I WANTED TO SEE FROM THESE CANDIDATES
  24. Français National {FN} (Brand Update)

    Front National Logo As A Candidate:Being a candidate for The Français National would give you massive support and votes from all other members of the party, and in turn you will be asked to support and represent The Front National if you become Governor. As A Citizen:Being a citizen and supporter of The Français National would help make your decision for the election a lot easier. If there is a Français National Governor then you can be assured that the ideologies you believe in will be 100% supported by our governor. All party members are encouraged to run in elections and are also asked to support your fellow Front National party members in the elections. Before the actual elections begin, a small campaign will begin in search of The Français National nominee for the elections, this system will keep our party organised, it will help rally up the members of the party to support their nominee in the election. It will also help the parties chance of success in the election, as all members of the party will vote for 1 candidate instead of having multiple candidates. Parties Ideologies:The Français National is strongly pro-police. We would say we are strongly right-wing. We would like to introduce the new police role of Commissioner. The Commissioner will earn more money than any other member of the law enforcement occupation. The Commissioners job is to handle all police related issues, this will allow our governor to spend their time on other situations. The party supports LGBT+ rights and supports gay marriage and adoption. We believe that pensions should be mainly private and will not support government pensions, this is to the benefit of the people, as a pension company is expensive to run and if we cancel it, it will give us more money to spend on other new government programmes. We believe in a flat 12% tax on income however we believe in tax cuts for certain citizens, e.g, single parent tax cut. Expect an announcement from our party leader later on about joining the campaign for governor. I am the official founder and current party leader. If you have any inquiries or would like to join the party, feel free to leave a reply. Regards-FrancePourLaVie.