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Found 28 results

  1. hello, I'm going to buy the version a 500 and I really believe in this game but I can be scared to be disappointed or not to croket so I wanted to know if for example I buy the pack has 100 and I love as I thought I can pay 400 to upgrade to the 500 version?
  2. So I seen someone else post this and thought I'd get it more spread and known for more answers, relating to release of first module, the module is continuously stuck on 89% and it is not moving, some clarification please? Not assuming any reason myself unless an admin says something about it not moving.
  3. I have recently donated and continuously check the site for the first module, it consistently says 89%, i was wondering how long (at an estimate) would the first module release, im super hyped for the game and i am really curious about it. P.S I love the games looks and ideas, the perfect realist mmorpg type game i've looked for all these years
  4. This thread was created to cast a poll of the general idea of what members believe will be the release era. I understand there have been few threads released like this, but I would just like to take another poll after the recent release of "Dev Blog #007" (not officially listed under Dev Blogs, to view see HERE). In the blog, it states that they have very few things to finish before Town Square release, leading me to change my beliefs upon the release. I personally believe that sometime within the next month we will see the debut of this game (hopefully). What's you're opinion? Fill out the poll above! ~ SummitsEdge // Mob-Mechanix Founder && President
  5. I am really curious, are the creators of this future game going to be at E3?
  6. Identity is super late with the Town Square Module when do you think it will be out i know it's 89 percent done but i always see it on 89 percent don't wan't to be pushy.
  7. i bought the game how will i know when i get the first module??
  8. I have just purchased the $15 package and im aware this DOES NOT give me beta access, however I noticed that the shop will close as soon as Town Square Module is released. I get paid Monday 15th May, is it safe to say I have enough time to get the Beta upgrade?
  9. I'm wondering what the town square module beta is going to be like Like am I going to be able to buy estate or clothes and cars or can I make art or what?
  10. Does anyone know when the module is going to get released? I just bought it and I have barely kept up so I am trying to figure it out. Is it gonna be around this month?
  11. I Was wondering how big it was going to be in km squared and i didn't find an answer,so can someone please help?
  12. I have recently pledged $30 towards this game and I plan on pledging more. But one question for me remains to be answered, how long will the Town Hall Module be active for. Will it end when the beta comes out?
  13. So @TheDynasty has just posted a video and he showed a demo of clothing stores in Identity. I think it looks pretty cool you guys can check out his video here: Not sure if it's real or not but if it's real it looks pretty good and if it's fake, well it looks pretty good. Either way I think you guys should give it a look.
  14. Simple question. Will you still be able to buy founder's pack after the first module is released? I want to buy Founder's pack but i don't have the money until the 20th of march.
  15. What date do you expect to have the first module ready?
  16. So say the town square module was released, say i then played the module for a bit and then decided to increase my pledge to the one with the apartment. Would it then show up in game for me right away during the module? @HairyGrenade if you could enlighten me on this that would be great. Thanks!
  17. So someone asked me what the SWAT would be doing in the game then if there were no police raids on houses. I couldn't really find a good answer so does anyone know more about this? If you can give me a list of some things the SWAT could do in game then that would be great! Thanks!
  18. Will you be able to write books, and submit them to the library, and can you make art and sell it to a museum? Will apartments be available?
  19. Hi, I have noticed that the progress in the town square module is stuck since over a month at 67%. Is there any reason for it, or are the devs just not updating it?
  20. I am assuming there will be even between the cops to be more realistic but is there a chance it will be GTA where people on the same "team" won't be able to shoot each other? Also will the modules be supported on Mac?
  21. Ok so when the modules come out will we only have a limited time to play them? For example: two weeks? Or will we be able to play them until like the beta? Also during the module will we be able to join up in servers with our friends?
  22. Hi Devs, when the town square module is released, will we be able to play only in the city or the whole map? I'm a little comfused bc the module is only called town square and not "map". And there is only one module where the map is being developed.
  23. Hello, The Module that is soon out, will it be like a beta period, and after that period you close it again, or will it be open untill the game is fully out? Br. Asoinyth