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Found 1 result

  1. DISCLAIMER: Everything is this post is a concept and will not reflect the finished business plans and features. Welcome to the Velocity Logistics business plan. We are a logistics company that will strive towards building a solid and stable logistics core in a domestic and commercial way. Our aim will be to tackle our clients needs by offering them logistical solutions. The services that we will provide will range from, but are not limited to: • Supply Chain Management • Document Courier Service • Logistical Solutions & Advice • Home & Office Removal Service • Commercial Delivery • Domestic Delivery • Specialty Delivery • Heavy Haulage It would be silly for us or for anyone to start setting prices for any services at this time as we do not have a feel for the games economy or market. So the financial department has decided not to release pricing until the games release or until more information is released about how the games economical systems may work. This vehicle will be used for everyday delivery for both domestic and commercial operations: This vehicle will be used for high-priority & express delivery, again, for both domestic and commercial sectors: For heavy haulage, long distance and larger cargo, the vehicle shown below will be used: For commercial and domestic removal service, including homes and offices, the vehicle below will be used: To ensure that there is no delay in our operations, we have decided to implement our own maintenance division which will include these vehicles shown below: Our warehouse will be modern, in a vast and easily accessible area to meet all of our storage and operational needs. Exterior: Interior: The office building will be the back-bone of our company, so we want to make sure it's comfortable and stylish for our employees. Exterior: Interior: Here at Velocity Logistics, security is of the up-most importance. So it is vital to us that we keep our customers belongings and logistics safe. To ensure this all employees will have a ID card for access to our warehouses and offices. Our uniform will be sleek, modern and comfortable. In addition it will be practical for all our staff. If you wish to become part of the Velocity Logistics team, please fill out a short application form below and we will get back to you. Please note that applicants must have have a microphone and may be asked to join our discord server. Available Positions CEO - @VelocityLogistics & @MichaelPayne Logistics Director - @SPBackfire Logistics Management - @Rhys1101 & @Siono91 Financial Director - @FrankLucas Marketing Director - @Georgie Legal Representation - @Saavedro (Grimson Law Firm LLC.) Security Director - @VelocityLogistics Head of Maintenance - AVAILABLE Warehouse Manager - AVAILABLE Warehouse Operator - AVAILABLE Driver - AVAILABLE (Unlimited) Vehicle Mechanic/Technician - AVAILABLE Secretary - AVAILABLE Customer Service Assistant - AVAILABLE Velocity Logistics Application Form Thank you for reading. - Velocity Logistics