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  1. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Hello my name is Thomas Hetch and I am running for governor. I am the founder and CEO of a unnamed security company        I think it is important that I should be elected governor because I believe that we need a safe, fair, and prosperous state. Since I know how to run a business I can use the economy to  our advantage. If you want proof of how successful Hetch Tech is then you will see when a new branch come to Ash Hill. I think that all races, sexual orientations, religions, and political statuses should be welcome with loving arms in this great state. If you have any ideas or questions then just tell me in the replies. Thank You and don't be afraid to be heard and vote. Last of all my slogan is if you have the ability to help then you have the responsibility to help. This means that if you have a lot of money the you should donate a fair share of it to a charity. My platform right under this.  Thanks, Hetch
  2. Just Some Ideas

    Soooooooo I'm new to this community and I have some ideas I would love to share! (If one of these things is already in the game or will be just let me know) 1.So we all know you'll be able to open your own store and such and I've seen job postings for restaurants, but what about other things? I would love to be able to open a flower shop because that's what I do in real life and would love to transfer my love of flowers into the game! Or what about other shops like toy shops or a skateboard shop or whatever? I think there are so many ideas we could do! 2. My next thing is modeling, and this sorta falls in with stores.  I mean you need to advertise you shop somehow! So being able to have someone model your clothes and put their picture up all over your store to show your customers what your clothes look like would be super cool! Plus it adds another job into the world. 3.Lastly what about the dating scene? I mean I already know you'll be able to marry someone but what about the whole process that leads up to that? I would love more into about that. (Plus if we had flower shops you could totally deliver flowers to your partners house, just sayin'). I mean will there be dating apps, singles night at the bars, or will you just have to leave it to good looks and charm to get you a mate? 4. Also one word: pets? Just throwing that out there... So that is all I have (for now at least) hopefully I was able to help get other peoples creative juices flowing! 
  3. Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello, So Here is some suggestions and Ideas I think that If its in the game ( If its not already ) it would really make it great! 1- Sport Teams ( Football or basketball ) So we could for example start a team and start playing against others! ( this might already exist but just in case, Here it is ) 2- News Stations/TV Shows ( Owned by real players ). I've Heard in the last trailer that we could watch TV and so on, But it would be really awesome if we could start making our own Shows on TV and get money for every watcher! For example I am really interested in making a news station where it would be both on Radio and on Newspapers and TVs, so we post car chases, Weather news, Political news.. and So on. 3- Cinema Films ( Filmed by real players ). Iknow that Cinemas will be a real thing and we would be able to see movies and films, But how about if we were able to create and film ones ( Based and acted in the game ) And we would show it in these cinemas, And we will get money by everyone who goes to see the movie. 4- More Usable Props. Such as Professional Cameras, Microphones, Headsets... 5- Special Vehicles. This might be Suggested a lot, and it might be in the game, But I think we should have Special vehicles such as Helis, and Maybe a News Van ( If news was a possible thing.) And so on.   Thats it, Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my ideas. I would love for you to tell me if these ideas might be a real thing or if it would be very hard to do, But either ways, Thank you again. -drJames
  4. I'm seeing so many threads made just to suggest the same things over and over again. Truth be told whenever I open the subforum, I always see 70% garbage and 30% well constructed ideas which actually get replied to aswell. Less often do I see an idea having a long discussion. So to avoid the improper use of creating threads, here's a more "twitter" variant. Post away, lads and lasses!  Reminder - Stuff like marriage, families, etc. You already have the tools to roleplay, they don't need to be a feature. EDIT: My own contribution- Free chat, customization, sandbox servers. A server where everything is available for the player to do as they please. Everyone doesn't like spending hours grinding a job to get money and purchase property, sometimes you're just up for tuning a car or dressing your character up a certain way, then just go have a chat with other people. Also it would be great if you could save what you created in sandbox mode, so once you log onto the official server, you can just go and redeem the items for the corresponding amount of cash. 
  5. So I was wondering, are there going to be any chance of going to court to fight cases or do you get convicted right away and just got to jail/prison? I think it would be a really good way to make more money plus give users an alternative in the justice field, I thought it would be a good idea to have to users argue cases for the defendant and the prosecution then, have a jury of their peers (other users) and decide a players fate. Just an idea guys, what do you think about it?
  6. So what's the point if this thread? To kinda give the devs of Identity some ideas to what to put in the in-game map and environment. Heres mine.   Red: City border / City limit. White: In city district border.  Yellow: Farmland / County houses Glendale County: Home of three big cities with huge farmland to harvest crops in. Has biomes such as small amount of snow Southwest of Glendale County, swamps down South, a beach Southeast and mountains and large forests to the North. Glendale(city): Main city of the county. Has 9 different districts and each would be unique environment wise. Downtown: Banks ,stores, buildings, and hotels would be located there. Docks: Large shipment of (legal & illegal) products would come to the county from offshore places. South Glendale: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels and parks would be located here. Greenwood: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and hotels would be located here. Lakeville: Clubs, stores, low-end and mid-end houses, race track, hometown baseball/soccer/football field and large buildings would be located here. Los Alamos: Small golf clubs, mid-end and high-end houses and a park would be located here. Canal: A casino, high-end houses and boat parkings would be located here. Swim Hall: High-end houses and a huge amusement park would be located here. Glendale Waters: Private high-end house on an island would be located here. Sunny Valley: Beach city south of the county with 7 different districts with unique environments. Downtown: Banks, stores, motels/hotels and various different tourist attractions would be located here. Downtown Sea: Clear view of the ocean of Downtown. Sunny Beach: Main and largest beach in the whole city and county, high-end houses, boat parkings, small shops and islands with high end houses on them would be located here. Northwood: Clubs, mid-end apartment complexes, stores and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field would be located here. Blueberry: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels, flats and parks would be located here. Grover: Small stores, low-end houses, flats and swamps would be located here. Valley Island: Large zoo with various wild life would be located here. Mohawk: Industrial city west of the county with 8 different unique districts. Downtown: Banks, stores, hotels, various different tourist attractions and tall buildings would be located here. Industrial Hall: Large factories would be located here. Carson: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and flats would be located here. East Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses. West Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses and a large main park. Mohawk Springs: Stores, mid-end and high-end houses, Casinos, boat parkings and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field. Chinatown: Chinese type stores/restaurants, apartment complexes and a small asian casino. Moh Sea: Sea of Mohawk.   So that was my idea of what the map should be laid out as, it's not a suggestion it's just something I did on my free time. How would you guys lay it down? Feel free to make concepts of your own.          
  7. Graffiti

    Just a quick question, will graffiti be a thing in the game, like you can buy spray cans, and go spray paint a bridge or something? Will you be able to make flyers to advertise businesses and place it on walls? Thanks
  8. Hey, I was just thinking about Identity and I had a few thoughts. So, I'm here now posting these ideas as a list to see your thoughts on these. Just give me your honest opinion on things that maybe you would change about it, maybe why you do/don't like it, or even ideas of your own. I just want to have a conversation about ideas of the upcoming possible features for the game   1. Animals, what animals will be in the wild for hunting, preying on you, food chains, pets, etc 2. Boats, yachts, big cargo ships to transport goods across the island faster, jet skis, kayaks, surfing, etc 3. Sea, waves, tides, sinking boats, drowning, sea animals such as sharks and fish, coastguard 4. Houses and real estate, how you think it should work and what should be implemented to keep it fair for all players. 5. Small car features, rolling down windows, wingmirrors, parking sensors, manual and automatic, electric and gasoline, engine damage, refilling oil for the engine... 6. Public transport, trains, buses, etc will they be player driven, how will schedules work and how will all of it work.. 7. Snow, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles(?), snowballs, anything to do with snow because who doesn't love snow. Now these are just random ideas I thought of, maybe they sound stupid, maybe they sound unrealistic, but I'm just saying what comes from my mind to hear your honest opinion on it.   -Theo
  9. My Character's

    This is just a topic for me to post my character ideas to try when I get in the game.
  10. Okay so basically the program I pitched was called Pedestrian. Before I heard of Identity, it was a walking environment exploration simulator, with a lot of room to grow. I feel like these ideas could be helpful in creating the in game world and full-immersion possibilities (and have basic sketches of how these ideas would be implemented   It sounds really boring on paper, but I think it has potential to be a really deep experience with opportunities for a deeply interactive user experience where users could actually contribute to the catalogue of different environments.   It would basically start with flying a drone with two omnidirectional cameras around the environment you’d want to capture. The footage could then be plugged into a program that maps the location into a 3 dimensional virtual space which can then be accessed and modified to fit the needs of the simulation (eg. Scrubbing pedestrians and unnecessary objects from the map, changing signs and architecture to avoid copyright infringement, adding relevant interactive interiors or objects). I see this as a simple way to create a game map, and while I think the ultimate goal would be to emulate a city walking experience, it could also be used to experience natural environments or landmarks along with locations around the world users may not have the means to experience. The infrastructure of this technology could ideally be used to make maps for videogames and other V.R. experiences.   The initial beta would probably be a barebones exploration experience for funding purposes, but I envision a final product with hidden collectables, mission-based storylines, unlockables, and eventually an all-out MMO life simulator.   Another idea I had for the experience is a phone application that can utilize facial mapping and possibly body mapping so users can see themselves in storefront windows, water reflections, and obviously mirrors- to be able to look at their arms in-game and see every scar and blemish, to really dial in the perceived realism of the whole product. A gesture system could be instituted to: -reach up and put earbuds in their to listen to custom playlists, or take them out to hear the sounds of the city or wilderness they’re in. -open doors, and explore interiors -drive vehicles, steer bikes, interact with various objects around the map  -perform various seemingly mundane actions that would become challenging and deep in-simulation (mowing a lawn, washing a car, playing a piano) I think a great idea for the project would be to allow users to capture their own environments and modify them in a map editor the Pedestrian staff would provide and make their own custom objects and upload them to some kind of an environment hub, and ideally be able to take a cut of either real dollars or in-game currency from others purchasing and downloading their maps. With the abundance of simulation games and their popularity, the big picture I see at the end of the road is all the simulator games that are hindered by variety not competing anymore, but contributing and building each other up until we eventually reach an ultimate life simulation, as I mentioned earlier.   It is a massive undertaking to get to the final realization of a massive life rpg, but the reward of creating a truly realistic economy in a virtual setting would revolutionize the entire world of interactive art in a way that’s never been attempted.
  11. A way for players to "illegally" change their identity to escape the police, harder to find those same players again.  To be a surgeon that does surgery illegally they would have to be in crime and their client would also have to be a criminal. The surgeon would have past files of all the illegal surgeries they've done, so if they are caught their past clients are also caught. Give character customization more strict boundaries for this concept to work, such as having to pay for plastic surgery if you want to change your physical body (not haircuts or changing character body weight) just like the real world but your character has a medical record of what you looked like previously so the police can track you. While doing it "illegally" you do not have that medical record. This would also make "plastic surgeon" a career. Implement it by having players to actually pay for some kind of schooling. Not as long as a 8 year course but a way to limit the amount of players wanting this career; for example it should take at least 1 year and you'd have to pay a lot of in game money. Have a "surgeon" NPC already in game that players can go to so they can change their bodies if needed. When there are "surgeons" in the game just disable the NPC from being able to change a players appearance and have players look for other players that are surgeons. Such as going to a shop that does surgery. This would be interesting because it means Police could access medical files to see if a criminal has changed their appearance if done legally.
  12. I was wondering if you have one company that gave another company something to sustain itself. for example a clothing company gave a store owner their clothing. Just wondering on how the corporation system works.
  13. Car Dealership?

    Does anybody think that it will be possible to be a car salesman? As I recall they mentioned there will be car dealerships, and I'd really like to try my hand at scamming you out of your money on an expensive car.
  14. Since you already can watch in-game people playing identity. What if identity paid players an amount of in-game cash for their # of views. This would be cool since it is similar. This would be also beneficial to the devs because it would be an incentive for people to advertise the game. Of course, there should be caps on the amount of money paid so people like PewDiePie can't stream a session of identity and make a million. This doesn't seem like a difficult feature to implement and it would be very very cool.
  15. Health Bar?

    Will there be a health bar feature in the game? I think that if it's realistic, wounds will be categorized as fatal and non-fatal. Fatal obviously being headshots and non-fatal being injuries to legs or other limbs (speaking in terms of gunshot wounds). And also, is there going to be other ways to die besides guns, like car accidents or falling from a certain amount of stories? Will there be animations of doctors desperately trying to save a player, but it's too late? 
  16. Learning System

    Hello.  I dont know if this has already been implemented plan on being but is there an Learning System in the game? Like Primary School or Gymnasium.   s
  17. Innovative Npcs

    Introduction-Now I Know This Game Is All About The Players But Think Of This. When Some Player Is Playing Offline Or Some Sort Of Private Game Just To Get A Feel Of It. Without Npcs The Game Will Feel Empty. A Major Problem In Tons Of Games. Like Ark When Your Playing By Yourself The Game Quckly Gets Boring And A Weird Empty Cold Feeling Erupts. This Is Why I Belive Some Npcs Should Be Added To The Game. I Think That When Players Are Not Present Npcs Should Take Roles. Like Doing A Crime Like Shooting Up A Bank And Robbing It. Lets Say No One Wanted To Be A Police Officer In The Server. Well Then Nobody Comes?? It Will Take Away From The Immersion Of The Game. Thats Why I Am Beging For Npcs.    Ideas O - Npc And Player Relationships: I Think It Would Be Really Unique And Really Creative If Players Could Develop Relation Ships With Other Npcs Rather Intimate, Business, Enemy's, Or Just Simply Friends. If Your Wondering How This Would Work I Would Think Maybe There Could Be Some Sort Of App On The Computer In The Game. (Similar On How You Would Apply For A Job) Were You Could Meet People Or Maybe Go To The Club Or Movies In The Same And Find And Meet People (Similar to How Sims 4 Or YouTube Life Works) And Just Develop A Relationship With Them. Like Maybe You Dont Want To Be Alone In An Empty House All Day Chilling. You Could Invite Your Friend Over And Maybe Just Chill Kinda How You Would Do With Actual People. Or For Our Forever Alone People They Could Go on The App That I Said On The Computer To Meet Lady Friends (Or Boyfriends For The Other Genders) And Invite Them To Your Home And Potentially Start A Family With The Character. I Have More Thoughts And Ideas On The Matter But Imma Just Leave It Here For Now If Your Interested In Hearing More Contact Me.   O- Npc Jobs : How Cool Would It Be If Your Just Driving Around With Your Npc Partner In The Police Cruiser And You Hear On The Radio That A Bank Robbery Is Taking Place Right Down The Street And You Both Hop Out The Car And Start Firing And Stop The Robbery Together! Amazing Right! This Type Of Details Like This Would Be Amazing To Have In The Game So I Belive That If The Npcs Could Work With Up It Would Be Amazing. And Imagine If Your A Bank Robber And You've Been Working With That Same Buddy For A Long Time Then Out Of Nowhere Another Player Or Npc Cop Shoots And Kills Them..... Now There Dead Of Course I Would Hope Theres A Way To Bring Them Back But Imagine The Emotional Harm That Would Come From That. Lol A Player Developing Feelings With The Npc. Role Playing With Them And Next Thing You Know... There Dead. Now IDK About You But That Seems Creative, Innovative, Realistic, Immersive And Just Plain Amazing.   IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WOULD LIKE TO HEAR MORE OF THE MANY IDEAS THAT I HAVE PLEASE CONTACT ME.
  18. 2 Game changing Ideas

    Hello my name is Scott :), I have to say I am so excited for the game that I actually can't wait. I have a few ideas for the game which I think could add to the game a lot so please do read them. I believe that A. Hiding things in the air vent of your house/apartment, This could be a good addition because a house/apartment owner could hide valuables in them, or criminals could hide amounts of drugs in there so if the police break in or someone else comes in they might not check in the vent and the items could be saved (Just a though but it wouldn't be too difficult, hell I could probably do it). B. A personal name system. This is extensive so may be long to explain. I propose a nickname system in which a player (x) could see a player (y) and then a player (z). If player Z looks at player Y he sees the name Scott, but if player X looks at player Y he will see the name Paul. This would have to be a locale file or a database that has a players unique ID and then what the player named them. This way a player Y could tell player X his name is Paul but player Z his name is Scott or if no name was set then nothing would show. I feel like this could add to the realism, and cancel out hardcore metagaming, but you would have to add a system where a player is trying to set a nickname for another if prompts both players with an acceptance box. The box couldn't prohibit gameplay so rather than use the mouse to check yes or no it would have to be a key. This is so that in a gunfight someone can't run up and stop another player from shooting. These are just a few ideas.
  19. HI, I am totally into the idea of this game and am really looking forward to getting into it on release.  I have posted a few concept images for your consideration and would like to create more, it would be really great for me to actually get some imagery content into the game or whether it's the exact Art work or even just as research concepts that inspire the final content. but I don't know what has been built and what hasn't, or small details about the cultural identity of the game that would aid me in focusing on language and ideas relevant to the world you are creating. If you could drop me a message with a few things you'd like to see imagery for I would be more than happy to work on them for you with no pressure to actually use the imagery I create and no request of fiscal incentive. so anything you want to see imagery for just message me and I would be happy to put some original content together for you. Hey it'll give me something enjoyable to do.  Kind regards Leigh Beard MA
  20. Some ideas

    Bank Card's - wouldn't it be good to have the option to apply/buy a bank card where you can carry money round without the fear of being robbed for cash. you can make purchases from it with a !0% charge? of course your card can be took from you but any transactions made will show up and the game tag of the player will show and can then be reported to the police. owning a country house - you can plant illegal drugs on your land business partners - you can invest in a business with a friend, half the costs half the profits Buying and selling vehicles - you can buy second hand or impounded cars (used in heists or drug carrying seized by the police and sold to a wheeler dealer in turn he can make a small profit when selling. or damaged cars brought to a scrap yard in turn for money where the car can be scrapped for resources or fixed up and sold off any other ideas?    
  21. Hi this is one main Idea with two parts that i'd like to put out there for the way the dieing in the game could work. One of the things that is a problem with a life building game like this being dieing and what should happen and the rdms, accidental deaths and careless players affecting careful players etc this raises the question of should you only live once as a character you build. One life seems so unbelievably harsh that it gets completely discredited. But what if... we go arcade and you can only have three lives, this would give players the chance to really build characters that could last and a serious consequence to live die repeat gaming styles. The idea would work best I believe if it took say up to a week to grow back a lost life. This will stop players grinding and respawning and get them actually avoiding the half-hearted playing style of the no or low consequence dieing a lot play style. I think this would seriously reduce the endless stream of respawning suicide gamers and make players really want to seriously protect their life in the game and have a chance of doing so.  What do you think?
  22. Hi, I just put this career tree for the legal profession together, not sure how in-depth the game will be in this way but it's an idea, if you like it you are free to use it in the game all the imagery is my own and I offer it to you freely, I still have the original .psd so can make changes on request. Let me now what you think of it.  
  23. The Educating of Identity  Identity is an island of newcomers. Thanks to a MASSIVE expected immigration and tourism boost once the island becomes open to those outside of the First Landers like ourselves, we can expect a lot of confusion. The island will be full of wonderful questions such as “Where do I go to become a valuable member of society?” and “How do I establish myself as a respected Citizen?” These questions will of course fall side by side with “Hey guise how do i buy a rcket lancher and blow up da bank$$$?” All of these questions and more will be handled with my proposed Identity Education system. We have the opportunity within this community to do something entirely new and unique! We don’t have to push forward with the same old drudge of basic political drama and mudslinging, we can actually think together a system that strives for the betterment of the island as a whole, and not just a select group of individuals. Here I will present my plan in three overlapping arcs.   Identity will be FILLED to the brim once the island opens, so here is my three part plan on refining our most valuable resource. New Players. That’s right. The question slinging, bad mic wielding, 13 year olds who claim they have 15 years of RP experience and served in the military. Now, you may ask, “Gabe why on earth would I want this walking, talking ball of bad decision making to come bounding into my storefront asking for a job?” Well, I’m going to explain to you just why that is. While these players are characteristically immature and poor roleplayers it is important to remember that they still live on the island forever. A community of bumbling Neanderthals who don’t know their roleplaying bone from the hot lead that pours fourth from their shiny new pistol is not a community I want to live in. With that in mind, I introduce ARC 1 of my plan, Initiation.   Initiation will pay experienced players to act as a guide to the island! The new citizens may be taken in groups or as individuals on a personal tour of the basic activities and quality of life we enjoy here on the island, and explain to them the proper way to interact with others. This tour will be short but sweet, as engaged participants in the tour will receive a “grade” upon how well they handle the island and how ready they appear to be to enter Islander Life. This grade will follow a standard graded scale listing A-F with E being excluded. Willing participants in the tour will be compensated slightly upon completion, but the real reward will be in receiving their grade. Someone who is well spoken, with a clear and understandable voice, shows maturity, and can quickly grasp and understand the “feel” of our island will receive an “A” grading. Those who act immaturely, show little interest in learning or even understanding basic island laws, and those likely to quickly be on the wrong side of a server moderator Karma will receive lower grading such as an “F”. At this point you may be asking, “Possible Governor-Elect Gabe, why do we bother grading them? Is this going to be as pointless of a grade as that time my middle school Home Ec teacher gave me a B for not remembering to change my flour sack baby’s diaper for a week?” No. That grade was well deserved, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up too bad over it. But this grade has a very valuable point. New players can take their grade ‘To the bank!’ as they say and cash it in for a cushy job! This brings me to ARC 2 in my plan, Occupation.   Occupation will give players an official signet of their grade and allow them to show this to possible employers who will see that a player is either ready to enter into their particular line of work, or not. This plan will of course account for those who intend on following a less legal approach to earning a living, as possible employers of these bravado bandits can of course get some use out of knowing that the man delivering his “Chopped Oregano” to the back of Mick’s Warehouse is a quality individual and capable of handling basic instruction! Players can wear their rating as a badge of honor and a symbol of pride! Those who earn a less than reputable grade on their first arrival at the island can of course take the course again to improve their score, there is no fee for retrying the course. While it will be entirely up to the population of Identity to determine the validity of this score, the grading system offers newcomers a possible head start at proving their worth to their community. This leads us headlong into ARC 3, Inhabitation.   Inhabitation will deal with the process of ensuring our lovely new immigrant friends stay on the island! With an incentivized program that supports showing positive advancement in the community we can ensure that our newfound friends are here to stay! I would suggest a point reward system, so as not to flood the market with unnecessary cash funding. Players within their first month of stay on the island will be given “points” for making positive advancements in their life! A player who earns his first $1,000 can expect to earn a point on his “Identity Value” which is a score that will be tallied and hold weight within the new government. Did you get pulled over? Well, you can pay the fine (and do the time) for those three hulking kilos of pure Colombian Sugar in your trunk, OR you can expend a point! You get off scot free, but your drugs will still have to go with the boys in blue, sorry. Or maybe you are a startup business owner who isn’t quite sure if he’ll be able to pay rent on your shop this month…two points paid out to your local government may just get you out of the rent bill! The possibilities are endless with this model as to what earns points and what they can be used for. Now, you may say “Oh great and powerful Oz who is Gabe Garrison, our hero in a time of need, just how will these points improve immigrant retention? Won’t this system get tossed to the side as players do what they want? I don’t want to follow a guideline for how to live my life and you can’t make me!” That’s the fun! The point system will work much like an “achievement” that we see in modern video game culture today. With naturally occurring milestones (buying first vehicle, first paycheck, first nice suit, first court case avoided) will all be happy occurrences that earn points along the way. The new citizen will never feel pressured to earn these points to stay ahead of other members of the island, they will just be pleased to see that their production and continual path to becoming a person of good faith and advancement pays out in the island of Identity. With a continued joy and reward in doing the things they would normally do, we can expect player new citizen retention to be sensationally high, with a better quality of life for all those involved or around the program and the Island.   Now, all this is just one of my many ideas for improving Identity! I will not announce a formal running for a government position unless I see support from my fellow islanders, as I hope my idea gets put into place no matter who becomes the leader of Identity. If enough support is shown, I will announce my formal running and establish a proper campaign platform and political stance. I will likely run under a new party name. I have some great ideas for the Island of Identity, and I only hope that you will allow my ideas to affect your lives, wheather that be as your governor or as your fellow citizen. Thank you for your time and remember, Gabe Garrison: For an Identity with a Future. (also looking for someone to do an illustration of my Three Arc’s as a flag; also looking for a running mate who shares my possible values, shoot me a message if you have anything to say about either!)
  24. Ideas Hope Dreams

    Hi, I've put together a potential career Tree for the criminal underworld in the game, something like this could be cool. Again if you like this I still have the original .psd and can make changes on request if you want to use it in the game, all the content in the Image is my own and I offer it you freely. (Disclaimer I am not a criminal, none of the content in this image is genuine or aimed at any specific group or individual). 
  25. More ideas again

    HI here are a few more ideas: 1. Facial reconstruction / plastic surgery to evade capture. 2. Police LIne ups if a witness 3. form filling in the game should be simple like a case file, listing crime, evidence, photos, forensic evidence and photos, suspect rap sheet. These should all be faked for undercover cops possibly giving them unsolved crimes to gain respect in the criminal world, buying a persons rap sheet should be easy in the game if you know the right people so you can look into your associates.  4. cctv tapes should be stored in managers offices or security offices so they can be stolen and destroyed or retrieved as evidence. 5. keys! lock home and car doors. Be able to lend someone your keys. 6. be able to smash windows to gain entrance. 7. brown paper bags and news papers for concealing in hand weapons in public. 8. poison and bombs in various sizes with cell phone triggers and timers. 9. stashing things in public places like trash cans or hedges so you can return to them later. 10. keep additional guns and ammo in the trunk of your car. to return to when you run out. not good if your a crook caught with this. 11. Fake ID's papers and passports, to change identity in different situations. for instance if the police are looking for you and you get pulled over. 12. briefcases and duffel bags you can fill with guns, drugs, and money, to make exchanges. 14. Cat burglar with silent glass cutting rope climbing and abseiling. 15. A dark net within the game for criminal transactions. Police should be able to monitor this. 16. Cutting the power to a building. 17. radio controlled guns operatable from a mobile phone screen view finder for evasion or making it seem like there are more of you. 18. post, send and receive things through the post to your house. 19. I love to play games as total realism but five minutes later I'm flying through the air in a car off a cilff, can you have like a crazy time alarm? like you set an alarm for one hours time and what ever you do in that time neither benefits or destroys your regular realistic gaming experience or stats, no keeping loot but also no penalties if killed. it'll save having a separate mad man profile. 20. Elevators you can open the roof hatch on and hide on top of to evade capture. That is all for now. Thank you for any response.