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  1. Health Bar?

    Will there be a health bar feature in the game? I think that if it's realistic, wounds will be categorized as fatal and non-fatal. Fatal obviously being headshots and non-fatal being injuries to legs or other limbs (speaking in terms of gunshot wounds). And also, is there going to be other ways to die besides guns, like car accidents or falling from a certain amount of stories? Will there be animations of doctors desperately trying to save a player, but it's too late? 
  2. Learning System

    Hello.  I dont know if this has already been implemented plan on being but is there an Learning System in the game? Like Primary School or Gymnasium.   s
  3. Innovative Npcs

    Introduction-Now I Know This Game Is All About The Players But Think Of This. When Some Player Is Playing Offline Or Some Sort Of Private Game Just To Get A Feel Of It. Without Npcs The Game Will Feel Empty. A Major Problem In Tons Of Games. Like Ark When Your Playing By Yourself The Game Quckly Gets Boring And A Weird Empty Cold Feeling Erupts. This Is Why I Belive Some Npcs Should Be Added To The Game. I Think That When Players Are Not Present Npcs Should Take Roles. Like Doing A Crime Like Shooting Up A Bank And Robbing It. Lets Say No One Wanted To Be A Police Officer In The Server. Well Then Nobody Comes?? It Will Take Away From The Immersion Of The Game. Thats Why I Am Beging For Npcs.    Ideas O - Npc And Player Relationships: I Think It Would Be Really Unique And Really Creative If Players Could Develop Relation Ships With Other Npcs Rather Intimate, Business, Enemy's, Or Just Simply Friends. If Your Wondering How This Would Work I Would Think Maybe There Could Be Some Sort Of App On The Computer In The Game. (Similar On How You Would Apply For A Job) Were You Could Meet People Or Maybe Go To The Club Or Movies In The Same And Find And Meet People (Similar to How Sims 4 Or YouTube Life Works) And Just Develop A Relationship With Them. Like Maybe You Dont Want To Be Alone In An Empty House All Day Chilling. You Could Invite Your Friend Over And Maybe Just Chill Kinda How You Would Do With Actual People. Or For Our Forever Alone People They Could Go on The App That I Said On The Computer To Meet Lady Friends (Or Boyfriends For The Other Genders) And Invite Them To Your Home And Potentially Start A Family With The Character. I Have More Thoughts And Ideas On The Matter But Imma Just Leave It Here For Now If Your Interested In Hearing More Contact Me.   O- Npc Jobs : How Cool Would It Be If Your Just Driving Around With Your Npc Partner In The Police Cruiser And You Hear On The Radio That A Bank Robbery Is Taking Place Right Down The Street And You Both Hop Out The Car And Start Firing And Stop The Robbery Together! Amazing Right! This Type Of Details Like This Would Be Amazing To Have In The Game So I Belive That If The Npcs Could Work With Up It Would Be Amazing. And Imagine If Your A Bank Robber And You've Been Working With That Same Buddy For A Long Time Then Out Of Nowhere Another Player Or Npc Cop Shoots And Kills Them..... Now There Dead Of Course I Would Hope Theres A Way To Bring Them Back But Imagine The Emotional Harm That Would Come From That. Lol A Player Developing Feelings With The Npc. Role Playing With Them And Next Thing You Know... There Dead. Now IDK About You But That Seems Creative, Innovative, Realistic, Immersive And Just Plain Amazing.   IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WOULD LIKE TO HEAR MORE OF THE MANY IDEAS THAT I HAVE PLEASE CONTACT ME.
  4. 2 Game changing Ideas

    Hello my name is Scott :), I have to say I am so excited for the game that I actually can't wait. I have a few ideas for the game which I think could add to the game a lot so please do read them. I believe that A. Hiding things in the air vent of your house/apartment, This could be a good addition because a house/apartment owner could hide valuables in them, or criminals could hide amounts of drugs in there so if the police break in or someone else comes in they might not check in the vent and the items could be saved (Just a though but it wouldn't be too difficult, hell I could probably do it). B. A personal name system. This is extensive so may be long to explain. I propose a nickname system in which a player (x) could see a player (y) and then a player (z). If player Z looks at player Y he sees the name Scott, but if player X looks at player Y he will see the name Paul. This would have to be a locale file or a database that has a players unique ID and then what the player named them. This way a player Y could tell player X his name is Paul but player Z his name is Scott or if no name was set then nothing would show. I feel like this could add to the realism, and cancel out hardcore metagaming, but you would have to add a system where a player is trying to set a nickname for another if prompts both players with an acceptance box. The box couldn't prohibit gameplay so rather than use the mouse to check yes or no it would have to be a key. This is so that in a gunfight someone can't run up and stop another player from shooting. These are just a few ideas.
  5. HI, I am totally into the idea of this game and am really looking forward to getting into it on release.  I have posted a few concept images for your consideration and would like to create more, it would be really great for me to actually get some imagery content into the game or whether it's the exact Art work or even just as research concepts that inspire the final content. but I don't know what has been built and what hasn't, or small details about the cultural identity of the game that would aid me in focusing on language and ideas relevant to the world you are creating. If you could drop me a message with a few things you'd like to see imagery for I would be more than happy to work on them for you with no pressure to actually use the imagery I create and no request of fiscal incentive. so anything you want to see imagery for just message me and I would be happy to put some original content together for you. Hey it'll give me something enjoyable to do.  Kind regards Leigh Beard MA
  6. Some ideas

    Bank Card's - wouldn't it be good to have the option to apply/buy a bank card where you can carry money round without the fear of being robbed for cash. you can make purchases from it with a !0% charge? of course your card can be took from you but any transactions made will show up and the game tag of the player will show and can then be reported to the police. owning a country house - you can plant illegal drugs on your land business partners - you can invest in a business with a friend, half the costs half the profits Buying and selling vehicles - you can buy second hand or impounded cars (used in heists or drug carrying seized by the police and sold to a wheeler dealer in turn he can make a small profit when selling. or damaged cars brought to a scrap yard in turn for money where the car can be scrapped for resources or fixed up and sold off any other ideas?    
  7. Hi this is one main Idea with two parts that i'd like to put out there for the way the dieing in the game could work. One of the things that is a problem with a life building game like this being dieing and what should happen and the rdms, accidental deaths and careless players affecting careful players etc this raises the question of should you only live once as a character you build. One life seems so unbelievably harsh that it gets completely discredited. But what if... we go arcade and you can only have three lives, this would give players the chance to really build characters that could last and a serious consequence to live die repeat gaming styles. The idea would work best I believe if it took say up to a week to grow back a lost life. This will stop players grinding and respawning and get them actually avoiding the half-hearted playing style of the no or low consequence dieing a lot play style. I think this would seriously reduce the endless stream of respawning suicide gamers and make players really want to seriously protect their life in the game and have a chance of doing so.  What do you think?
  8. Hi, I just put this career tree for the legal profession together, not sure how in-depth the game will be in this way but it's an idea, if you like it you are free to use it in the game all the imagery is my own and I offer it to you freely, I still have the original .psd so can make changes on request. Let me now what you think of it.  
  9. The Educating of Identity  Identity is an island of newcomers. Thanks to a MASSIVE expected immigration and tourism boost once the island becomes open to those outside of the First Landers like ourselves, we can expect a lot of confusion. The island will be full of wonderful questions such as “Where do I go to become a valuable member of society?” and “How do I establish myself as a respected Citizen?” These questions will of course fall side by side with “Hey guise how do i buy a rcket lancher and blow up da bank$$$?” All of these questions and more will be handled with my proposed Identity Education system. We have the opportunity within this community to do something entirely new and unique! We don’t have to push forward with the same old drudge of basic political drama and mudslinging, we can actually think together a system that strives for the betterment of the island as a whole, and not just a select group of individuals. Here I will present my plan in three overlapping arcs.   Identity will be FILLED to the brim once the island opens, so here is my three part plan on refining our most valuable resource. New Players. That’s right. The question slinging, bad mic wielding, 13 year olds who claim they have 15 years of RP experience and served in the military. Now, you may ask, “Gabe why on earth would I want this walking, talking ball of bad decision making to come bounding into my storefront asking for a job?” Well, I’m going to explain to you just why that is. While these players are characteristically immature and poor roleplayers it is important to remember that they still live on the island forever. A community of bumbling Neanderthals who don’t know their roleplaying bone from the hot lead that pours fourth from their shiny new pistol is not a community I want to live in. With that in mind, I introduce ARC 1 of my plan, Initiation.   Initiation will pay experienced players to act as a guide to the island! The new citizens may be taken in groups or as individuals on a personal tour of the basic activities and quality of life we enjoy here on the island, and explain to them the proper way to interact with others. This tour will be short but sweet, as engaged participants in the tour will receive a “grade” upon how well they handle the island and how ready they appear to be to enter Islander Life. This grade will follow a standard graded scale listing A-F with E being excluded. Willing participants in the tour will be compensated slightly upon completion, but the real reward will be in receiving their grade. Someone who is well spoken, with a clear and understandable voice, shows maturity, and can quickly grasp and understand the “feel” of our island will receive an “A” grading. Those who act immaturely, show little interest in learning or even understanding basic island laws, and those likely to quickly be on the wrong side of a server moderator Karma will receive lower grading such as an “F”. At this point you may be asking, “Possible Governor-Elect Gabe, why do we bother grading them? Is this going to be as pointless of a grade as that time my middle school Home Ec teacher gave me a B for not remembering to change my flour sack baby’s diaper for a week?” No. That grade was well deserved, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up too bad over it. But this grade has a very valuable point. New players can take their grade ‘To the bank!’ as they say and cash it in for a cushy job! This brings me to ARC 2 in my plan, Occupation.   Occupation will give players an official signet of their grade and allow them to show this to possible employers who will see that a player is either ready to enter into their particular line of work, or not. This plan will of course account for those who intend on following a less legal approach to earning a living, as possible employers of these bravado bandits can of course get some use out of knowing that the man delivering his “Chopped Oregano” to the back of Mick’s Warehouse is a quality individual and capable of handling basic instruction! Players can wear their rating as a badge of honor and a symbol of pride! Those who earn a less than reputable grade on their first arrival at the island can of course take the course again to improve their score, there is no fee for retrying the course. While it will be entirely up to the population of Identity to determine the validity of this score, the grading system offers newcomers a possible head start at proving their worth to their community. This leads us headlong into ARC 3, Inhabitation.   Inhabitation will deal with the process of ensuring our lovely new immigrant friends stay on the island! With an incentivized program that supports showing positive advancement in the community we can ensure that our newfound friends are here to stay! I would suggest a point reward system, so as not to flood the market with unnecessary cash funding. Players within their first month of stay on the island will be given “points” for making positive advancements in their life! A player who earns his first $1,000 can expect to earn a point on his “Identity Value” which is a score that will be tallied and hold weight within the new government. Did you get pulled over? Well, you can pay the fine (and do the time) for those three hulking kilos of pure Colombian Sugar in your trunk, OR you can expend a point! You get off scot free, but your drugs will still have to go with the boys in blue, sorry. Or maybe you are a startup business owner who isn’t quite sure if he’ll be able to pay rent on your shop this month…two points paid out to your local government may just get you out of the rent bill! The possibilities are endless with this model as to what earns points and what they can be used for. Now, you may say “Oh great and powerful Oz who is Gabe Garrison, our hero in a time of need, just how will these points improve immigrant retention? Won’t this system get tossed to the side as players do what they want? I don’t want to follow a guideline for how to live my life and you can’t make me!” That’s the fun! The point system will work much like an “achievement” that we see in modern video game culture today. With naturally occurring milestones (buying first vehicle, first paycheck, first nice suit, first court case avoided) will all be happy occurrences that earn points along the way. The new citizen will never feel pressured to earn these points to stay ahead of other members of the island, they will just be pleased to see that their production and continual path to becoming a person of good faith and advancement pays out in the island of Identity. With a continued joy and reward in doing the things they would normally do, we can expect player new citizen retention to be sensationally high, with a better quality of life for all those involved or around the program and the Island.   Now, all this is just one of my many ideas for improving Identity! I will not announce a formal running for a government position unless I see support from my fellow islanders, as I hope my idea gets put into place no matter who becomes the leader of Identity. If enough support is shown, I will announce my formal running and establish a proper campaign platform and political stance. I will likely run under a new party name. I have some great ideas for the Island of Identity, and I only hope that you will allow my ideas to affect your lives, wheather that be as your governor or as your fellow citizen. Thank you for your time and remember, Gabe Garrison: For an Identity with a Future. (also looking for someone to do an illustration of my Three Arc’s as a flag; also looking for a running mate who shares my possible values, shoot me a message if you have anything to say about either!)
  10. Ideas Hope Dreams

    Hi, I've put together a potential career Tree for the criminal underworld in the game, something like this could be cool. Again if you like this I still have the original .psd and can make changes on request if you want to use it in the game, all the content in the Image is my own and I offer it you freely. (Disclaimer I am not a criminal, none of the content in this image is genuine or aimed at any specific group or individual). 
  11. More ideas again

    HI here are a few more ideas: 1. Facial reconstruction / plastic surgery to evade capture. 2. Police LIne ups if a witness 3. form filling in the game should be simple like a case file, listing crime, evidence, photos, forensic evidence and photos, suspect rap sheet. These should all be faked for undercover cops possibly giving them unsolved crimes to gain respect in the criminal world, buying a persons rap sheet should be easy in the game if you know the right people so you can look into your associates.  4. cctv tapes should be stored in managers offices or security offices so they can be stolen and destroyed or retrieved as evidence. 5. keys! lock home and car doors. Be able to lend someone your keys. 6. be able to smash windows to gain entrance. 7. brown paper bags and news papers for concealing in hand weapons in public. 8. poison and bombs in various sizes with cell phone triggers and timers. 9. stashing things in public places like trash cans or hedges so you can return to them later. 10. keep additional guns and ammo in the trunk of your car. to return to when you run out. not good if your a crook caught with this. 11. Fake ID's papers and passports, to change identity in different situations. for instance if the police are looking for you and you get pulled over. 12. briefcases and duffel bags you can fill with guns, drugs, and money, to make exchanges. 14. Cat burglar with silent glass cutting rope climbing and abseiling. 15. A dark net within the game for criminal transactions. Police should be able to monitor this. 16. Cutting the power to a building. 17. radio controlled guns operatable from a mobile phone screen view finder for evasion or making it seem like there are more of you. 18. post, send and receive things through the post to your house. 19. I love to play games as total realism but five minutes later I'm flying through the air in a car off a cilff, can you have like a crazy time alarm? like you set an alarm for one hours time and what ever you do in that time neither benefits or destroys your regular realistic gaming experience or stats, no keeping loot but also no penalties if killed. it'll save having a separate mad man profile. 20. Elevators you can open the roof hatch on and hide on top of to evade capture. That is all for now. Thank you for any response.      
  12. Musician,

    Creating a musicians career would be something most people would want. Actually making it so you can upgrade certain levels of skill on an instrument by doing specific stuff, like...going to music lessons (who would've thought). So you hit a certain point where you can master an instrument.  As in real life, people are more skilled than others in music, so making it balanced enough so anyone who puts time into an instrument can master it would be awesome so anyone could make a living out of it.  Don't really know if this has been discussed already, but im curious to what others think about this.
  13. More Ideas

    More ideas: 1. Job title cctv monitor, monitor cctv feeds around the game from your home TV and report crimes taking place from driving offences to robberies and murders. Gain bonus pay for being the first to report the crime. zoom cameras in and gather evidence, if your recording results in a conviction more bonus pay. 2. destroyable cctv for criminals wishing to hide crimes about to take place.  3. job cctv repair man. or possibly just general repair man. anything broken smashed destroyed should have to be rebuilt by some one with this job earning more money the more things repaired. A simple click open truck doors click pick up part stand in front of object to repair click repair should work, this will keep the world looking realistic. 4. it is an offence to brandish a firearm in public.  5. money in hard currency and digital both transferable to other players in the game, bribe cops and judges at higher levels. 6. court cases. massively simplified but all part of being a cop. possibly even jury duty as mandatory. pleading guilty or innocent gambling for reduced sentences. evidence shown in court. 7. cash trucks collecting money for the bank will be high targets and should be heavily protected, possibly Swat training levels, even if nothing happens all part of the job. 8. Witness protection. 9. job of cash truck collection man and drivers could include analysing routes including mapped locations of previous heists to the truck, even organizing dummy runs with no cash to draw out criminals. 10. wire tapping and surveillance to try and record players discussing carrying out crimes and then laying in wait to catch them with the police and swat. raiding weapon stashes, drug stashes. 11. hostage taking. kidnapping to gain information. hostage rescue.  12. job of performer, extending from the carry-oakey, to star on stage and screen. This could even go to planning story elements of the game having the players in the game performing the voices of the character in composed story sections. 13. fighting controls similar to boxing games or sword fighting games like Tekken minus the magical moves. 14. improvements in agility allowing the characters free running ability to improve the jumps they can make, include longer higher more fluid jumps cartwheels summersaults, cat dashes, walking on hands. Broken bones that take time to heal or possibly sci-fi quick healing at a hospital.  15. If you are an innocent bystander and you get killed then re-spawn near by, or blame the gun targeting being off for avoiding kill shots and have injuries, multiple options on how you would like to proceed as a killed player, respawn near by, respawn somewhere else, miraculously recover in hospital or stay dead. 16. San Andreas style gym work-out to get muscle or over-eating to get fat. hair growth, artificial limbs. time in weel-chair to recover. 17. job: internal affairs, catching corrupt cops and judges, paper trails of electronically exchanged funds, laundering money at large cost through off-shore accounts again this is a gamble half the cash or don't hide the paper trail. 18. seasoned detectives should be more efficient at joining the dots of names on these with increased perception making things glow to stand out, or not it should be a choice to allow anything even remotely unreal.  19. maps of crime hot spots accessible to police and detectives. 20: Bar owner job: self defense on stick up for killing people. Other people involved in crimes should get updates on what happened weather the criminal was caught or let off or put in prison, possible retaliation crimes by making it possible to access polices data base  through cop cars or at the station or by talking to the cop in charge to track down someone who attacked you. Internal affairs possibly staging situations like this to take down cops that give out sensitive information. As many people will want to be cops it should be hard to get the job and important to follow strict procedure, cop advancement to either detective Internal affairs, Swat. Also bodyguard job for richer characters, with stats used as CV. 21. cops and detectives to get extra points for ending longer evaded criminal activities. That is all for the moment, again any assistance required for scripting let me know.            
  14. Ideas content wish list

    Dear Identity here are a few obvious things I really hope you can put in the game: 1. Petrol and Diesel to power cars, if you put the wrong one in the car it breaks down, marked on pumps. At least a dozen varieties of the little things that shouldn't be the same, like a chain and pad lock please don't use the exact same image for every lock and chain.  2. Car Insurance: the more you use it the more your premium, Health insurance dito on premium increase, Life insurance, possibly the longer you live the higher your pay out with other player on the game as beneficiary. 3. Crime scenes, if a big crime is committed an actual crime scene should be cordoned off with tape Ai Tecs prepping scene, possibly the job of crime scene photographer, forensic analyst - clues will be in short supply but fibres of recognisable clothes, print dusting - finger-print data-base of previously printed criminals, access to cctv feeds in the area with facial recognition, access to cell phone activity in the area of the crime so you can catch the criminal by placing their mobile phone in the location at the time of the crime to ease catching criminals. On the flip side of these ideas criminals should be able to stash their phone somewhere before a crime or buy disposables they can bin, also burning clothes cars, petrol cans to burn locations to destroy evidence including bodies being put in the trunks of cars and digging graves for body dumps.  4. you should be able to sit in the back of a van and smash window so you can fire out from consealed location. Same for any house or apartment windows in the game to get snipers spots. 5. get married, if you fall in love with another player you should be able to marry them. actural dating sight for in game players. 6. gun licence, and gun data base for tracking crime scene weapons. having to inform police if a fire arm is stolen same for car so it can be tracked and criminal caught.  7. toilet door stop for call of nature. 8. actual eating and sleeping or growing ill and weak and tired. a regular capacity for carrying no pocketable rocket launchers. 9. realistic 24 hr to 24 hour game time, with things like office or factory jobs you can programme a character to do while you go to your real world job. Same for sleep set how long you want to sleep for and return to the game after that, if your late back to the game they over-sleep. pharmaceuticals to counter tiredness.  10. programmable routines, if you live a perfect repetitive day in the life of your character you should be able to store it in a diary and set that to repeat when you aren't playing the game, still generating an income. Ai repeats this keeping the world full of people. If you get killed while you're an Ai when the player returns to the game they could be waking up in a hospital bed. 11. different realities - if a  player breaks into a house and your character is asleep Ai, person not currently playing, and the intruder kills them. when the person returns to the game it could takes them to the moment of the break in and if there was noise that would have woken them they can run or fight the Ai of the previously played attacker and possibly win. additional time differences could be taken up with and evened out back to the normal 24 hours by having police reports or a period of amnesia. 12. you should be able to design your own tattoos, or buy other players designs for them, and put them anywhere on the body in any size, like moding a car in need for speed pro street. 13. There should be realistic big penalties for crimes to make people afraid of committing them. 14. the different servers for different styles is great, it could work like a heaven and hell scenario. if you play violently you are in a violent world if you play peacefully you live in a peaceful world, the second some one chooses to pull a weapon out in a peaceful world they get shifted to an Ai replication of the same world with the same events happening in around them so neither player is aware that it just shifted, just that they each became Ai to the one another. 15. I have a lot more ideas like these, I've been gaming since the beginning of gaming and would love to share my ideas with you if you want to hear them. Also I have studied Theatre scenario and dialogue script writing, short film making editing directing and photography, I have a large wealth of creative ideas I would love to help progress this game with to be something truly special and progressional I agree with Ai it could be phenomenal, please contact me through my email if you would like to suggest some topics or situations you would like me to develop specifically image or script wise, I could write you any scenario you like.  I hope the game becomes what it is beginning to look like it could be. yours gratefully Leigh Beard aka MRBEARDMA
  15. OH Undercover cops!

    Oh you got to have the option to be an undercover cop, infiltrating at all levels, from the streets to the corporations, including budgets on request to fit in and buy product or pay for undercover life style, when some one is suspected but there's insufficient evidence. This job possibly stemming from internal affairs job success. Also tattoo removal.
  16. Job Ideas

    So far i'm new to this Game and i'm just checking it out but I've taken a look at the Jobs and i was wondering about Ideas.   So far i haven't really seen many Jobs that interest me, so i was wondering would we be able to be a Freelance Photographer considering the World and also maybe an Entertainer/Musician?
  17. Driving License

    Could there possibly be a driving license that people will need in order for them to drive? so people don't end up driving recklessly. Well in order to have this driving license they will need to do a simple test before they can purchase a vehicle.
  18. N/A

  19. Therapy

    Im thinking a job in therapy. You can use a single room or open a office. People can come to you and talk out their issues which is what people online like to do anyways. With professional training in this field I'm really thinking of making this a part of the game. Anyone else think this could work?!