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Found 46 results

  1. I have seen previously, in other ARMA mods that you have had the ability to store people in the trunk of your car, for example in Takistan life, where you would cross a border and you could store a person with drugs on them in the trunk of your car to avoid being caught. This could be expanded on taking taking hostages or hiding a person. Obviously the police would be able to open your trunk if they had probable cause. Also if you had a bigger vehicle like a truck, maybe you could have multiple people in the back, maybe growing weed or cooking meth. This could also be expanded into storing physical entities in the back of your trunk such as a weed bag or little bag of meth. Pretty much just a way for drug traffickers to hide they're wares. Let me know if you think this would be a good addition
  2. Hello I was wondering if it will be possible to "Blacklist" a company? Let me explain it be nice to be able to blacklist a company from your stores\ company. If lets say am running a successful company e.g.: aquering and selling fish, or a carpentry\ furniture store. I have stores setup with my company and a new competitor arrives on the market. It be nice to be able to blacklist the company so they can't sell and\ or buy fish from my store fronts? Giving the ability to combat competitors with something else then bullets? Of course i understand and want there to be NPC that will accept anyones goods but nice to be able to do this for your own company.
  3. Curriculum

    You could add a resume to the jobs, so people should do something that is in the company's requirements to get to work.
  4. Biker Gangs?

    First time posting so bare with me. I would love to start and grow a huge biker gang in this game. I was thinking there should be designated biker bars through out the world. Other biker gangs or even normal gangs could compete for these bars. Extortion is a big motivator where the gang itself gets a percentage of all business etc. I also think it would be cool to be able to get leather vests and customize a logo or symbol for it to be distributed throughout the gang. On the vests will be stars showing the rank of the person. On this note I was wondering if a sawed off shotgun or other easily concealed moderately heavy duty weapons would be implemented. Will the Gang Leaders have a way for people to report any violations or corruption throughout the gang rather than just word of mouth? Also is there going to be a way to launder money for when your illegal enterprise gets too large? Love the idea cant wait to be able to support you guys!
  5. So, with my friend we want to run two companies. I will run a transport company and I know that its gonna be possible. But my friend would like to run a manufacturing stool company (He is fan of stools) , so my question is: will there be the possibility to create stools? And if it's not planned can you plan to add this possibility? Bye, Fablay
  6. Hi guys! I think a cool idea would be if there was a last rank in the career for cops, being captain, where those in that position(only one position for one station) had a lot of power to change things and being like the leader for cops with the most authority. Also a job as city major where it would be similar to captain having much control/power and only having one for each city. For the cime bosses/gang leaders it would be cool if the person to create the gang itself to be the boss and to be able let others join the gang also giving people in his/her gang different permissions or ranks and other stuff. There should be a voting system as well if the current leader left his position ad leader or the entire gang. I would love to see these jobs/careers/ranks and also to see them have different options, like having to manage non-personal economy. For example if you are the captain of a police station and you want to buy in weapons for the station that the officers are then gonna use against criminals and maybe the station can't afford high quality weapons like m4's then you might have to buy cheaper and less effective, also being able to fire people(with limitations and restrictions so it wont be easy to abuse) and to be able to tell other police officers where they should patrol. For the gang leaders/crime bosses they should also be able to manage the gangs economy and be able to call hits on people and call gang wars. And lastly for the major he should be able to manage the cities wealth and economy and also being the person with most power being in a higher position than even the captain, shop owners and pretty much everyone except for gang members(also forgot to mention the firefighters, they should also have a captain) it would be nice if the major had a lot of different options in changing things like taxes etc. Also obviously it should be hard to get to these positions. You should have to be in the second highest rank of the career or gang, since the highest would be the captain/leader/major, and also there should be a voting system for these positions. If you read all of this then thank you so much! And please leave a comment down below about what you think of this idea.
  7. Idea: Different Continents All one world - Must take actual ship/plane to the continent This allows for expansion for corporations The continents could be seen as like a 3rd world country Each one is a different nation They even can go to war every now and then opening up a career in each island's military Each country has its own government, own people, own military, own economy Trade between the countries could also make an entire world economy I know this will never happen but hey possibilities are endless *wink wink* maybe a dlc!
  8. Hello! I had an Idea for the game! It would be really good if there were Catacombs ingame which you can enter through the sewers and go exploring. It is not the best idea I know but I think that this would be awesome. You might can also use them for escaping cops or something.
  9. So I was thinking that not everybody wants a motorbike if they have pledged that much and might a car instead or in my case, I have pledged enough money so that I get the one bedroom apartment but I don't want that one I would much prefer the studio apartment. So what you could do is let people who have paid for multiple packages chose what they want so in my case I would be able to pick between a rusted car, an old dirt bike and a used motorcycle for what vehicle I would be given when I get into the game and also be able to choose between a studio apartment or a one bedroom aperment and so on for anything that is unlocked in the higher packages.
  10. Cool idea

    You guys should add more animations. To like opening door etc.
  11. My Ideas & Suggjestions

    So, What I think that should be added is: Marriage: You can host weddings somewhere or have a private one. Kids: You can try for babies, Your wife will be pregnant and your wife can go to the hospital once she is able to give birth! There should be family homes for families also.With at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. When you have a child, There will be a child RP menu for players to choose to play as the child's that are currently not born yet. Your wife will be pregnant until someone wants to RP as the child. Although, they will have to be the child forever on that server. Or if you don't think that is a good idea you guys could just make them NPCs. Adulthood will be the end of the line for growing. Seeing that the game will become boring if you would be old. They Start aging from newborn. The Children will grow up little by little, like in real life. There should be a hight measure interactable decoration, or you could just measure them on the wall. Voice Chat: I think there should be voice chat similar to Gmod. Unless instead of the mouth not moving most of the time, your mouth will have physics however you speak, Like if I said Pizza, It won't just be my mouth opening and closing, it will look like the word actually came out of my characters mouth. Phone Accessories: There should be phone accessories, as in phone cases and different colored phones. Consoles and possibly Handheld Consoles: There should be Consoles that you can buy for your TV. Like your own made up brand, or maybe real life ones. Also there should be Hand Held Consoles like the 3DS xl or something if possible. App Store: There could possibly be an app store for your smart phone? Computer Games: I think online computer games would be a nice touch if possible. Very fun also too. Schools And Colleges: (If you do add kids): There should be schools and colleges that your children can go at, different colleges and schools for different cities. Like an Elementry School, Middle School, And High School, And Daycares. Painting Physics: There should be physics when painting a painting. Like other people see your hand moving at the spot that your painting at. All my other Ideas and suggestions I'll just say: Food Joints Grocery Store Holidays Seasons Weather Weather Channel, weather on newspapers too, and on smart phones and on pcs. Netflix Internet Browser for PC and possibly Phone Dreams when you sleep. depends on what you did that day. earbuds or headphones for music for your phone Card games, Board games, ect Home phones Public pool and Lake for swimming You can draw on paper Paint app for Laptop or Computer Recipies for food, and cooking physics. Emotes for example, waving, crying ect You can change your facial expressions when you talk by pressing curtian keys while your talking, or setting a talk mode with a talk mode/style menu And really customizable characters at least like The Sims 4. Hugging I hope you like my suggestions! I am happy with what we have for your guys game already! These will just make the game even better! If you need any more info of my Ideas/Suggestions please don't hesitate to ask!
  12. Is there going to be voice chat? similar to Gmod?
  13. Prison Breaks

    Hey! Im pretty new to this game and i can't imagine how many times you have got this as a suggestion, but being able to break out of prison would be amazing and a fun thing to do. If 1 person in my gang is in prison, why not break himk out of there with som kind of heist? This would allow for longer sentences in jail. You will also have to be smart and have a high IQ to acctually come up with a great master plan to escape. Thanks for reading. - Tobbetobster
  14. IDEAS for Game

    After reading through the forums I have come up with some ideas for the game. SORRY IF ANY OF THESE HAVE ALREADY BEEN ASKED OR SUGGESTED Will there be a waypoint or GPS system Gun Customisation; What will it be like Taxes, Mayor being able to raise and lower and change laws Will there be motion blur in the game, If so will we be able to turn it off Sharing houses with friends; Like sharing rent like a roommate or something like that, or Marrying somebody like of the Same Gender or different Gun Factory to make guns, and sell them In the future will there be Planes or Helicopter or expanding of the land to add more, like an island Possibly being able to build cars in factories like cars or a job like mechanic What will the radio be like in the cars, like what type of music, maybe people could make there own music with instruments that they can buy and sell it or play it on the radio. Do you think that different maps could be released after the game is fully released and different server will use different ones Maybe there could be a newspaper that a company could make or job that is sold on the streets or delivered to your house with the latest news and tips Maybe like a wifi system where you can only use certain apps where you have wifi maybe in your house or like shops that have free wifi or internet cafes, and when you dont have wifi you have data that you can buy from like something like verizon or a phone company that you buy cell service from Sorry if this is in the wrong place
  15. Grafiti

    Hey i just had the best idea for you guys and i believe you should add a grafiti feature so gangs can spread their name or just do it for fun. I think it will be a cool thing to implement. Thoughts?
  16. Licenses and Citzenship

    I don't know if this was planned already, but I will suggest it anyway. What will it add? Multiple licenses including drivers license, trucking license, weapons license, business etc. This will also add citizenship papers that you choose to be given. There will be green cards and work visas as well. Licenses and permissions to be in the land can be taken from you. These will all be an inventory item and able to be given to other players like officers. Optional: Tests and a quiz for licenses. This will educate every person about the license which is no excuse for using it incorrectly and getting it taken away. Careers in government who accept or deny license applications. Except for driving and citizenship. Why should this be added? Allows police department to keep track of criminals. Allows new types of roleplay like immigration. Adds realism in many ways. None of these should be hard nor be expensive to get but be required. Have anything to add? Comment it down below!
  17. Nightclub/Lounge Idea

    Hi there! A nightclub would be something good for players to create, if it is possible. I know from the previous pictures released by Identity had shown a similar concept. I think creating a lounge or nightclub (even both!) would be good for having fun and providing jobs (bartending, dj and some live singers). Feel free to comment and suggest any ideas!
  18. This poll is for all the motorheads out there. Feel free to comment and suggest any other options!
  19. Technology shop!

    Hi there! I have an idea for building a store solely based on selling retro and new technology, (mainly phones, TVs, radios, computers and music players). I think the idea will be great because there are a lot of technological goods which we interact with in real life. Also, I'm including retro tech such as vinyl players and cassette decks as there might be retro fans out there in Identity, who would like the whole retroesque experience in the game. If possible Polaroid cameras and 30mm camcorders can also be up for sale, if Identity has created some software for the these goods to be used. If you are interested or you have an suggestions or comments, feel free to share!
  20. Stronger Car

    A little Idea which I would really like is when you could add a stronger chassie or bulletproofed windows and tire's So if you had a little crash it do no or just little damage
  21. Wallet

    I think we need to have a wallet, especially in this game , everything is awesome and this going to be amazing . Dev team done and did everything to make this game unique . just imagine.and tell me what do you think .
  22. Contract system

    You should implement a feature to create contracts. This could be useful at a judgement to proof an agreement. My idea was that i can create a contract where i write everything in it and all of the conditions or i just hire a lawyer for creating a contract. Then i can sign it, give it to another player that he can read it and if he signs it too, both of us have a signed copy of it in their inventories. This would be good to prevent scam (for example a worker that isnt paid) and it could make the job as a businessman, lawyer or judge even more interesting. Thanks for reading. Feel free to like to show the devs that you like this idea too. ______________________________ @Paratus @Motown
  23. Create new drugs

    So I'm aware that those who choose a more crime filled life can make drugs like meth, cocaine,and can grow marijuana, but what if we could make our own addictive drugs. It could help distinguish one gang from another because one will be peddling their unique drug while another could be manufacturing their own specific recipe
  24. In-game Coding

    On the in-game computers you can already access the web and other services, why not implement the creation of user-made programs. People could make flash games or just silly programs. The next level would to create interactable objects for coding such as lights or doors I understand how unessasary this is to the game but it would definitely add to the realism. I don't know how difficult this would be for the devs but its a cool idea.
  25. The Muted

    Good afternoon/Morning/Night! I was looking over how everything worked and the idea of having communication through the microphone come from your character and such to be quite cool, But i was personally intrested in how those like myself who cannot speak (I am mute) can communicate, Of course a simple chat box would be expected but the potential for people to possibly create sign language, Such as a menu with a list a search bar and a whole load of sign language options. Such as saying simple phrases and words. And when someone selects one, The character animates the sign language being said and then the meaning of it would appear for those who do not understand it. This idea i think would be more inclusive and intresting for players, Of course those who are mute is rare, It is usable by those without microphones as a alternative method, And those with a other audiable range of disabilities. Thanks for taking the time to read through this whole thing, Stay awesome.