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Found 41 results

  1. Here is my top 50 list of classic guns i would love to see in the game. Comment whats your favorite one and whats the worse one on the is list. By the way what guns do you wanna see? 50. Benelli Black Eagle – 1991 49. Knight MK-85 – 1985 48. Glock 17 – 1982 47. CZ-75 – 1975 46. Ruger Number One – 1967 45. Smith & Wesson Model 60 – 1965 44. Ruger 10/22 – 1964 43. Remington 1100 – 1963 42. M-16 – 1963 41. Remington 700 – 1962 40. Mossberg 500 – 1961 39. Marlin Model 60 – 1960 38. M-14 – 1959 37. Weatherby Mark V – 1957 36. Smith & Wesson Model 29 – 1957 35. Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk – 1955 34. Uzi – 1954 33. Remington 870 – 1951 32. Ruger Standard (Mark I) – 1949 31. AK-47 – 1948 30. MG-42 – 1942 29. Walther P-38 – 1938 28. Winchester Model 70 (pre-64) – 1937 27. M1 Garand – 1936 26. Browning Hi-Power – 1935 25. Browning M2 – 1933 24. Thompson Submachine Gun – 1918 23. Winchester Model 12 – 1912 22. Model 1911 – 1911 21. Teddy Rooselvelt’s H&H double rifle – 1908 20. Browning Auto-5 – 1902 19. Springfield 1903 – 1903 18. Smith & Wesson Model 10 – 1899 17. Mauser 98 – 1898 16. Winchester Model 1897 – 1897 15. Lee-Enfield – 1895 14. Winchester 1895 – 1895 13. Winchester Model 94 – 1894 12. Winchester 1886 – 1886 11. Maxim Gun – 1883 10. Winchester 1873 – 1873 9. Colt 1873 Single Action Army – 1873 8. Philadelphia Deringer – 1865 7. 1862 Gatling Gun – 1862 6. Spencer Repeating Rifle – 1860 5. Henry Repeating Rifle – 1860 4. Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket – 1853 3. Colt 1851 Navy – 1850 2. American Longe Rifle – Early 1700s 1. Brown Bess – 1722
  2. Welcome to Love's Guns Owned by Marco Love (NyanRadscorpion) Managers: Dhampirearmy/NyanRadscorpion Supplier: @LeonSchrader Deliveries: @darkstandr We sell guns, clothing, and survival gear our clothing is all for hunting/just camo/stealth fatigues our guns are all LEGAL handguns shotguns and rifles we sell all hunting gear we also offer custom graphic (if in game) and paint dipping (if in game) logo made by @Cuuka We are a very patriotic company GO USA discounts everysometime Status: Closed (Till full game and store is bought) New Locations in: Roseport and Ash hill
  3. Services We strive to be the most militarized security company out there, we offer much more than just contract services but also military equipment, clothing, military weapons and tools are all for sale. We offer military personel who will professionally peform special operations where the threat levels are very high, such operations for example would be taking out terrorist targets, rescue hostages, protect high value assets under high threat. We are the only company out there ready to the dirty job taking out bad guys for money contracts. No non-sense negotiation, pure firepower and guts is what we have to offer to the table when we the deal with the bad guys. We also offer military training for those intrested to become future employees or for you who simply want to learn how to use militarized weaponry the professional way, our military academy will make sure that you´ll become a well trained mercenary who will have skills that will attract future opportunities after our drill. . Firearms? You bet, we sell the best military firearms out there for the cheapest prices if you make a special order, want an M41A1 or a good ole' AK47? Don't worry we will never run out of stock even if our mission is to arm the whole city near you. We hire the best gunsmiths to our Corporation that get well paid for producing top notch guns, we have a 24/7 delivery policy, just send a text message to one of our gunsmiths and a firearm will be delivered to your location in no time by one of our boys with 2 boxes of ammo for free on your first Blackwood purchase. Looking for something extra special like silenced pistols, bullet proof vests, gas masks or prehaps sniper rifles and things that make your car go boom? You guessed it right! We got those bad boys too, we never try to limit what we can do when it comes to guns and military equipment. If you don't like our product, please leave a review and tell us what we can do better to satisfy you, you'll get full refund if you send back our product within 24 hours after the purchase, we look foward doing business with you. Make sure to visit our gunshops for smaller arms. Academy Want to learn how to shoot like a pro and be more tactical in combat situations? We will fix you up, our Academy drill is a one payment service. We will teach you how to use a knife ,pistol, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers in useful ways to cause as much damage as possible in a combat situation, you'll get a speed and accuracy training by our most professional trainers, you´ll be shooting flies with your eyes closed. The drill is a day long and you can feel free to leave it whenever you want to, if you pass the tests then you'll be offered a Blackwood Diploma that will give you some credit for being an approved badass by the Blackwood Corporation Team, you'll get hired as a professional security either by us or else. Who are we looking for? We're mainly looking for high-skilled gunsmiths and military men who are ready for whatever, we pay very well and hire only a few, we try to hire the best and only the best will keep their jobs. We´ll start recruiting once we get closer to the release of Identity, meanwhile we chat on skype and make up new ideas how we can make this Corporation even greater. Do you think you got the guts to join the Blackwood Corporation? Do you think you got the skill to take on the toughest terrorists and criminals out there, are you ready to be armed to the teeth and be ready for combat at all times. If you answer is yes than hit me a message and I'll give you my skype. I'm also looking for assistances that can help me to produce a nice looking site, and that can be a manager while I'm gone, send me a message if intrested in this opportunity.
  4. Dank Mafia well you either came down the wrong alley or the right one. so what'll it be, guns drugs or someone dead? oh information, your not a cop are you? ah hell i get paid anyway. what do you want to know? EVERYTHING! *sigh* fine but it'll cost you 4 bucks. Our Leader Goes by many names, Pain, Not Here, Nick, Mr. Heist, but, nobody knows his real name or who he is not even us. some say he's Mexican, others think, New York. what he does is set up heists, and raids that involve money, gold, drugs, or guns. Backstory our little "Mafia" started when a man named Luka got a call from a guy with a voice changer telling him that a delivery was made to a mall in his town. Luka made his way to the mall and was instantly approached by a man taking donations. Luka told the man that he didn't want to donate and the man said he's donating to Luka. the man hugged Luka and told him to look in his back pocket. Sure enough there was a small bag filled with cocaine, and that's how it started. Hierarchy first its Not Here then a man named Street then a select group called "the Golden Ones" who do the most important jobs then nominees for The Golden Ones then standard muscle Money How much you make is dependent on how good you are and how much you do for Not Here. you start with only a 3% cut but as you progress that goes up until you get to "even cut" (ex. team of four even cut = 25% always get more if you play with players) the more dangerous the job the more your paid 20% ALWAYS GOES TO NOT HERE ALWAYS 20% Rules Ahh my favorite part, actually that's money 1. Mic required 2. must be capable of learning (no age limit but constant failure = BAN) 3. it is okay to suggest jobs to Not Here but he has the final say 4. don't take jobs on your own, that will result in your termination 5. do not do any drugs we steal that will result in termination 6. if you want to join pm me
  5. NRA The National Rifle Association This is not a political party, rather it is a group of gun owners who want the freedoms they deserve. What we are: We are the National Rifle Association. An organization built around the safety, practice, and rights of all those who fall under its category. We are people who believe in the right to protect ourselves, our families, our freedoms, and our land. We are business men. farmers, low class laborers, and regular everyday people who believe in these rights. How can it be, that some of these political parties want to take away or limit this right. The right to bear arms. Our Ideals: It is a right that should be guaranteed for all individuals in our country. To own a gun.. Why should we let these politicians limit our ability to save ourselves. Or the ability to defend ourselves. Cops are unable to come at a moments notice and it will take time. That is when you must make a choice for yourself. Will you be the victim. Or will you be the savior. It is all your choice. Why should some corrupt political figure get a bunch of armed guards to secure their safety while we could potentially walk around at the mercy of what ever thug is waiting around a corner. Our Purpose: We are not a political party. But we are based around politics. The politics of defense of a person or family. We support what ever political figure supports us. We are here to fight for our right to protect ourselves and that's that. Cops are ineffective and get there when they get there. However when you're standing on a road and there are gun shots and no cops, shouldn't you be the person to uphold the law? We fight for the right to bear arms and believe every should be able to own one if they are able to. But we do believe some should and some shouldn't Our beliefs in law: We understand that some people should not own firearms. But shouldn't the law abiding citizen be able to own one? If you've done nothing wrong, why should you not be able to fight for your life. It's your life. Not the Governors, not the Cops, not the man standing next to you. But in the end you should always help others. But your life should come first. That is why you should be able to own guns. But in the idea of criminals. What if a criminal has become good. Shouldn't they get something within reason. They should own the bare minimum. Maybe a pistol with a certain amount of ammunition but not a rifle. They should be limited. But an ex-convict is and ex-convict. They should have the right to bare the bare minimum of arms in order for their safety and protection. They should be limited but protected. End Statement: All in all, we know that this is our land that we should be able to defend. We know that we have families and friends that need help. And in the end. Death is Permanent. Extra statement: This is a political situation and this is why it is on the politics forums section. Any and all political figures are more than welcomed to join in. What are you beliefs and what do you think? Feel free to respond. Death is permanent in the idea that people die and its never the same. It's more on the idea of loosing rather than permanently dying.
  6. So, on Steam there is this game, Miscreated, i think if im right its in alpha but i dont remember. Yes its again a Zombie Survival game like DayZ and H1Z1 but i do like it after a few hours of gameplay. You can Build bases, gear up and fight Zombies and Players. At the moment there are rarely zombies and i think this could change in the future. The map is pretty Big, takes you some time from A to B. You can craft weapons and traps and etc also there are small customizing options like right or left eyepatch and white or brown Cowboyhat. My fav thing in the Game are the Gnomes you can find
  7. Heathens MC is an Outlaw motorcycle club (1%) motorcycle club who are classified as an Organized Crime Syndicate by the Local Precincts, FBI and DEA. Heathens MC was formed in January 2016 when identity was announced making it one of the oldest and one of the 1st of several Motorcycle clubs in the identity world. Wanna find out more info on how to join and or support? Ask a Heathen.
  8. Will there be State Troopers, State Police, City Police and Sheriff or just one massive department for the whole map? Wouldnt it be cool to have like Park Rangers and Search And Rescue units?
  9. Hi, My questions about the SWAT in-game: 01. Will they be given Riot Shields and Bulletproof Vest? 02. Will there be a indoor gun range in the SWAT/Police headquarters? 03. Will there be an armory for hey SWAT/Police, so they can choose what weapon they want Like between a Desert Eagle or a Beretta M9? 04. Will there be different Headquarters for SWAT/Police, if not will there be different armories or clearance levels in the armory for different weapons. @Motown, @LuckyDuck, @JamesLuck01, @HairyGrenade any answers?
  10. Hi, I haven't posted in a while (almost about a year) I see that the progress is now at 89%, they are so close! I still have not invested in the game and will hold out until the final released or the paid beta. Anyway, my question: How will the weapons in the game be categorized? Like Real Life? Machine Gun, Pistol, and Rifle (going with what the US ATF considers each therefore an Uzi would be considered a automatic pistol). Or with your own categories. Also would the guns in the game be based off real guns, the real guns, or totally made up. To me I would prefer if the guns were real name, fire rate, recoil, etc. Also will there be world modification say if I wanted to blow up a bridge in the game to stop a convoy of illegal contraband from crossing it, could I and would the bridge be gone until a highway crew fixed it? Also will there be Chainsaws to cut down trees? Pepper spray to stun a player with bad intentions? This has been about more than weapons, but this stuff matters.
  11. Love's Guns - Cashier Available

    a gun store cashier job is available contact for info

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page
  13. gun store owner

    i want to run a gun store plain and simple.
  14. I personally believe that every citizen of Identity should have access to firearms (with some exceptions). I think that it is crucial for people to have this right because if the government and cops have all the guns then they can do what ever they want to the civilian population of this island. This would also heavily fuel the illegal weapons trade which would result in more deaths and crime. Another point that I would like to make is that it's not the law-abiding citizens who you have to worry about, it's the criminals who are going to get guns anyway and commit their crime. I want people to be able to defend themselves from these criminals. After all it is every man's inalienable right to bear arms! Now to the exceptions that I was talking about. These would be people who have been convicted of violent crimes or have been hospitalized for mental health issues in the past. They will not be allowed to purchase a firearm. Violent crimes include robbery, murder, illegal affiliated gang involvement, and many more. Legal firearms will include pistols,rifles, and shotguns that are not automatic. You will need to get a special permit to carry an automatic rifle from the governmental office. You will also have to submit to a background check. If you want to purchase a civilian grade weapon (semi-auto) you will need a licence (the licence you can get from the gun store) and have to submit to a background check as well. My last point on this issue is that banning all guns will hurt a crucial legal business and that is gun trading/selling or manufacturing. This would cut jobs and make people poorer in the end. This would also shift the money supposed to be going into law abiding citizen's pockets to gangs and underground dealers thus promoting more crime. Questions? Please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. Note: Since the game hasn't come out yet there is no telling what I can and cannot do for laws. This is where I stand as of right now,
  15. The Peaky Blinders Recruitment

    Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders
  16. Gun Store Workers

    Owner: Nyan Radscorpion Day Cashier: Open Night Cashier: Open More jobs added as i grow my store Store
  17. Basically, it is what it says. A private militia group that does your more private or disclosed jobs for you while being payed by you. They will go to extra lengths to do the task assigned and are all specially trained to get the job done. All contractors are trained to handle weapons without stress and act in situations without mistake. They can use up to a wide range of vehicles, weapons, and electronics. The RMC can complete any job tasked, whether it be an assassination of a high value target like the town mayor, or maybe something more personal like that guy who stalks or harasses your wife and kids. This militia is only available to the people who need it, and can afford it.....
  18. Holstering/lowering firearms

    Different holsters/holstering actions for firearms. For example, if we have a shotgun or rifle.. you obviously can't hide those inside your shirt or pants, so perhaps we should be able to have them slung on our backs or lowered in our hands whereas they aren't just pointing where you are looking making it seem as if you're going to shoot someone. Also, with handguns, there should be an open/concealed carry option for having them on your person. Another idea might be.. weapon attachments? Basically, if a player has a firearm, you'll know it unless it's a handgun being carried from a concealed spot and rifles don't just magically go back into your pocket or 'backpack'
  19. Hi! I was curious if we would be able to run Deep Web websites for criminals or drug dealers to access and be able to communicate or sell commodities on. Thanks! any input is appreciated
  20. Gun Smuggling

    So for this idea I can think of 3 or 5 different ways of gun smuggling. 1) By bike- I've been watching a lot of sons of anarchy recently. So how this would work is you could only smuggle pistols (because its a bike.) You store pistols in either a satchel or a roll of cloth with pockets for the pistols. 2) Truck (hay bales)- Also a reference from sons of anarchy so its a wooden crate inside a hay bale (rectangular of course) and that could store probably every type of weapon from AK's to AR-15's. And to make it not suspicious the "hay bales" can be placed on the back of a truck, you'll look like a farmer just transporting hay. 3) Van/Truck- The classic crates in the back, once again can store probably every type of weapon, pretty simple and straight forward. 4) Van/Truck(Duffle bags)- Same as van and truck probably can store every type of weapon. Tell me what you think of this, especially you @JamesLuck01 your opinion is always good.
  21. Hello, To prep myself for this game I've been playing some GTA V. In GTA there is pent houses for companies (I'm sure you've seen these). I propose having the option to clutter your house/apartment/office just like the GTA V penthouses are cluttered. Drugs and money everywhere! Also I propose cluttering gun shelves or racks with the guns that are in them. For the objects in your house I could see them being separate objects. Like units of cocaine (however you do them Kilograms, grams, pounds, doesn't matter) are in a brick or baggie that you can place on a counter. This could possibly add some lag, so baggies probably shouldn't be made, but a brick or stack of bricks could probably be done (Same with a stack of money). As for the Items. I suggest a scale (for measuring), a tray that you can put drugs on (could be used rather than bricks Just give them an inventory and have them display a little model of what is currently on it), next is a money counter. The money counter is obviously not as useful, but it would be a cool animation and fun little addition to the game if there is a business meeting in a penthouse to see the money counter going. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.
  22. I was wondering. since the games first notice, we all knew it was gonna have guns. What I want to know is, which guns do we know will be implemented. I know the m9 beretta is going to be in the game as we can see it in the room customisation video beside the radio. The m9 also has berettas logo so it's expected that they will Be trademark bought. the rest of the guns i saw were only in the artwork the ak47 the m4 a bolt action sniper of some sort let me know if you know any other guns that might/confirmed to be added!
  23. Jewish Mafia (מאפיה יהודית) History: Our Parents were Aushwitz survivors, we were born a few years after. Our goal is to protect the jews. We also want money and to be retarded. Walter White: Head of Meth Isaac Goldberg: Bagel Shop Owner The Daddy: no information given (Private Military is temporarily run Isaac and Walter, people will run for Supreme Leader.) JOBS WE NEED: |Meth/Drugs Division| - Meth Cook (High Pay) <Cooks Meth obviously| - Security (medium pay) <Protects Meth Dealers> - Meth Dealers (medium pay) <Deals meth> |Private Military Division| - Supreme Leader (very high paying) <Controls all of Private Military Division> - Commander (high paying) <Controls specific branch of Private Military> - Spec ops (Extremely high Paying) - <Special Things> - Soldiers (medium paying) <Do what you told to do> - Recruit (medium-low pay) - <Training/Recruitment> |Bagel Shop Division| - Bagel Cook (low pay) <Makes bagels> - Cashier (very low pay) <sells bagels> - Guard (low pay) <Protect the Shop> Rules: Don't be annoying Don't steal from Jews How to Join: For now just comment below. Once the game starts you will need to find Goldberg's Friendly Bagels. Once there you will need to find the owner of the shop he will direct you to the division you want to join.
  24. Now , as we all know, MOST gunshot victims do not die instantly, they bleed out 90% of the time. Question about this. Will people die instantly based on where they get shot? Will they bleed out faster depending on where/how they get shot and with what bullet? Just curious to how in-depth the bullet impact system will work. How will natural cover that can be penetrated effect how much health/blood someone loses? Even if the system is not finished, would like to know what the devs have planned to make gunfights immersive in this game.
  25. Hello! what weapons will come in this game? what sort of weapons for the police force, criminals, civs. What sort of weapons will come out ? Melee weapons, long range, short range? What do you guys think or want in the game? Shout it out i want to know..