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Found 48 results

  1. Biker Gangs?

    First time posting so bare with me. I would love to start and grow a huge biker gang in this game. I was thinking there should be designated biker bars through out the world. Other biker gangs or even normal gangs could compete for these bars. Extortion is a big motivator where the gang itself gets a percentage of all business etc. I also think it would be cool to be able to get leather vests and customize a logo or symbol for it to be distributed throughout the gang. On the vests will be stars showing the rank of the person. On this note I was wondering if a sawed off shotgun or other easily concealed moderately heavy duty weapons would be implemented. Will the Gang Leaders have a way for people to report any violations or corruption throughout the gang rather than just word of mouth? Also is there going to be a way to launder money for when your illegal enterprise gets too large? Love the idea cant wait to be able to support you guys!
  2. The Dark Ops On the outside we could be like one of you... but on the inside is where the true evil lies. We could be your best friend, your parent, maybe a fellow employee But whatever we are... we are not normal. What do we do? We are group of many talents. We will do anything from petty robbery- to mass production of illegal substances. If it produces income and profit we are on it. Our operations will be more concealed. E.X. We will Produce drugs in the middle of no-where E.X. Robbing in very concealed areas (We will rarely rob anyone) We are not just criminals... we are d̸̤̒̑̈͗̔e̷̱̙̬̊̎m̵̥̔̏o̸̢͔̰̜̐̒̃n̴̦̎̋s̵̗̻̒̆ Payout For each operation we will run with 3-6 people. Depending on the job of course. For each associate helping with the operation- will receive a %10 cut. Payouts do not change. Rules 1.) MIC Required 2.) If you do not cooperate=instant expulsion 3.) You will not use your RP name... Think of a code name, for sake of yourself and the gang. 4.) If you're planning to do an operation have at-least 3 people if not 2 day operation suspension. 5.) If you harm, snitch, or verbally abuse ally gangs = 1 week operation suspension 6.) We are civilians in the eyes of everyone. Do not tell anyone you are with The Dark Ops, you will be introduced to your other gang members. 7.) Allied gangs will not know if you are with The Dark Ops, but after joining you will be sent the code word to say to your offenders.. if they continue they are enemies. 8.) Do not snitch on the gang, you will just end up in a ditch dead... you cannot escape the darkness. (No reason to snitch, they will not find us...) Want to join? Message me and I will see if you are fit to join. Want to be Allies? Message UNITE to me We will be allies with everyone...
  3. Hey guys I did a breakdown of the new trailer/gameplay video and I'm sure I've caught some things you might've missed! Check it out here:
  4. This will be the thread for Ghost gang. Here you can ask questions, while we set up our discord that should be done by Feb.15. Welcome Ghosts. -Bitah (CFO)
  5. Which gang/Mafia seems more likely to uprise more than the others.
  6. 1. since i "babybutter" want to run a criminal EMPIRE! would i be able to also make my own clothes and sell it at My OWNED store?? or would i have to go the "goody Goody" way??? I wanna be a MOB BOSS, A OG and run other business. i dont want to just sell narcotics. mob bosses also have more then 1 way of income. 2. would this game be out on other console like PS4 or Xbox1. i have a Windos 10 Hp (blue) and im not sure if it would run on here just as fine.
  7. el Padrino

    Salvador Lopez was 8 when he got in the drug life he quickly learned he was once going to rule over the system. He was born in a Quadalajara Mexico. He was taken at the age of 6 to sell candy in Mexico City for money. The people that took him were part of a gang called Latino Dangers. They sell candy, drugs, and Slaves. They tries to see if he was a good seller so they made him sell candy and see how many people bought from him. He made the most money out of any kid there. When he was 7 they took him to the boss"El Jefe'. He was very proud of Salvador so he sent him to United States,Chicago.When he got there gang members of the Latino Kings made him there boss because of how good he was at selling and manipulating people. At 17 businesses was great. One night he saw a kid being kidnapped by one of his members. The very next morning the guys who kidnapped the kid died... Salvador had killed them. He remembered how bad it was without his parents so he didn't want to do that to this kid. He dropped the kid off at his house and left Chicago. He went to New York because of the mafia was trying to get back on there feet sense the main fathers had been assassinated. He later found himself in the Mafia with not just original members but with new members and new style of the gang. They want to protect people and do hits for money and a good reason. They had to make a new name to hide the bad stuff they did in the past. He moved up in the top spot very quickly and is now leader of the El padrino. He saw a great opening in the town of Ash Hill so he did his magic....... This in English is "The God Father." This will be a group of people that hang with each other to protect and help any of the family members in trouble. We will own a clothing shop with suits called,"God Fathers:Suits and style." This will be a cover up job or a place to seem like "normal people"... We will help anyone that pays us or gives good deeds to the family. We hopefully will have some crucked cops that will hep us stay unidentified. We except people of all ethnicity and religions but the the Father ,Leader,comes first. I'm posting this to see reactions of people and see if this is a good idea if you like and you want to be a part of it please give me a comment and what you want to be in the gang. If the role can't be used I will tell you. Thanks
  8. I think all of the police officers should start communicating. Maybe weekly meetings to discuss issues that may arise while on duty. This thread should be a place where we all get to know each other and actually build a police force. The more we know each other, the more we'll be able to stomp out corruption and most importantly, keep the citizens safe. If you believe in taking this role seriously and you really want to see an actual police unit then just drop a line here and let's get to know each other.
  9. Gang bases?

    I have seen alot of groups starting up and I think it would be cool if you could have gang bases like the ones in altis life but better, Mabye a warehouse with just as much customisation as the apartment video would be really cool, I would like to see the gang bases like the bunkers in GTA. Where you have areas for say gun-running or car dismantling or whatever the gang makes money on. Just an idea I don't know if it would be too hard to implement or whatever but just if you could rent warehouses in Industrial estates and basically turn them into anything would be a suggestion on its own.
  10. I recently stumbled across this game on youtube and I'm really looking forward to it, I'm planning to start a outlaw biker gang anyone in?
  11. SOVNGARDE The Sovngarde is highly trained and organized Group that Aims for beeing known by EVERYONE We are the First who join the Battle and the Last who leave the Battle. Dead or Alive. Only The Best from the Best will be able to join into the Sovngarde. Its not about how many people like you or know you, its also not about how much theoretical skills you have. What counts for us are your PRACTICAL skills! Hierarchy Hálog { Is The Leader of the Sovngarde } Yoran { The Second of Command } Helvaren { Operational Leaders and Third of Command } The Courageous { Those who are a full part of the Sovngarde } The Restives { The Newcommers } How do you get Chosen: Well you have to convince Hálog ( Me ) that you are worthy for the Sovngarde. What you need: Teamspeak3 or Discord ( Ts3 is preferred) You must be at least 16 (even if the game is only 18+) and have a working Mic that isnt crap. You should bring over 1 year of RolePlay knowlegde with you. You own Arma3 & be able to play. Preferably you speak German and your timezone is UTC+01:00 You should know how to organize a group while it rains bullets At the moment Sovngarde is Open, so you can apply to me in the PM´s Also we may search Companions who will help us behind the Scenes. If you Join us you have some benefits! We protect you to a certain point, also we will support our Members with getting a Home, Car etc. This means noone in the Sovngarde will be left behind. Also we will pay for someone who cant affort his home any longer, so if you get something expensive and got no money left for rent we will step in so you dont lose your home. But of course we wont pay for ever, We will only pay as long as it would take to get to money. And if you want a Legal job we even help you to find one and if you dont get one and dont get money for that reason you can live with someone of the Garde for free. ( I made a quick side)
  12. Re opened and stronger than ever. 87 members strong Ghost Gang We are Ghost Gang We are like Ghosts.. If you think you got one of us, we will just disappear like ghosts. We will have operations All over the Identity game But you will never know who we work with or are allies with. We are Ghost gang. ------------------------------------------------------- Owner The owner goes as Ghost, Blank Face, Bitah, and gone. But no one really knows who he his, only the ones that are loyal to him know who he is and work with him. If you backstab him or disobey him when your in the ghost gang, he'll turn every gang that works with Ghost Gang against you. ---------------------------------------- Payout you get paid like ghosts The Lost ones (Recruits) Get a 5% of each operation payout The Gone Ones (Members) Get a 8% of each operation payout The Ghosts (Kingpins) Get a 12% of each operation payout The Demons (Loyal) Get a 15% of each operation payout The Shot Callers (Royal) get a 17% of each operation payout No ones payout changes, we are all a gang, if one loses profit, we all lose profit this way will find out what was wrong in the operation and advance next time. ----------------------------------------- Ranks The lost ones (these are the new ghosts) The Gone ones (these people have done 5 operations) The Ghosts ( have had 10 successful operations, free supply of 5 weapons ) The Demons ( have been in the gang for 1 month, Have 15 Successful operations, had 9 people join threw them, get to meet the Owner, 10 free weapons ) The Shot Callers ( have been in the gang for 2 months, have had 25 successful operations, had 15 people join threw them, are the owners guards ) (when I say successful operations/operations,meaning they cooperated in those operations ) ------------------------------------------ Rules Must Corroperate, if you don't you go on a 2 day operation suspension Mic Recommended Not allowed to go on your own operations, this leading to a week operation suspension Don't snitch to other non ally gang, this would lead to termination and kos on gang premises/territory's ------------------------------------------ How to join Pm "GTG" to the owner the owner ----------------------------------- How to become a gang ally with Ghost Gang Post in the comments "GTA" and the owner will get back to you
  13. Dank Mafia well you either came down the wrong alley or the right one. so what'll it be, guns drugs or someone dead? oh information, your not a cop are you? ah hell i get paid anyway. what do you want to know? EVERYTHING! *sigh* fine but it'll cost you 4 bucks. Our Leader Goes by many names, Pain, Not Here, Nick, Mr. Heist, but, nobody knows his real name or who he is not even us. some say he's Mexican, others think, New York. what he does is set up heists, and raids that involve money, gold, drugs, or guns. Backstory our little "Mafia" started when a man named Luka got a call from a guy with a voice changer telling him that a delivery was made to a mall in his town. Luka made his way to the mall and was instantly approached by a man taking donations. Luka told the man that he didn't want to donate and the man said he's donating to Luka. the man hugged Luka and told him to look in his back pocket. Sure enough there was a small bag filled with cocaine, and that's how it started. Hierarchy first its Not Here then a man named Street then a select group called "the Golden Ones" who do the most important jobs then nominees for The Golden Ones then standard muscle Money How much you make is dependent on how good you are and how much you do for Not Here. you start with only a 3% cut but as you progress that goes up until you get to "even cut" (ex. team of four even cut = 25% always get more if you play with players) the more dangerous the job the more your paid 20% ALWAYS GOES TO NOT HERE ALWAYS 20% Rules Ahh my favorite part, actually that's money 1. Mic required 2. must be capable of learning (no age limit but constant failure = BAN) 3. it is okay to suggest jobs to Not Here but he has the final say 4. don't take jobs on your own, that will result in your termination 5. do not do any drugs we steal that will result in termination 6. if you want to join pm me
  14. Gangs

    Could I become a mob boss and do illegal stuff such and stealing and reselling cars, and selling other illegal contraband?
  15. hows it goin fellow identity supporters, mostly im just wondering if anyone knows if ill be able to open up a business, and then use it as a front for illegal activities whatever those activities might involve do yall think we will have the freedom to do things like that. Further more if any gangs would be interested if it is possible please hit me up id like my rule in the organization to be somewhat of a pacifistic or enforcer if you will not really get in the front lines but help run behind the scenes such as store fronts or supervising various sites we have going at the time im a numbers man, and always have been so just from the numbers side i believe i have something to bring to the table plus a good idea. hopefully we can look forward to a very profitable healthy relationship. Look forward to hear from you guys, thanks.
  16. Attention Identity players, especially those who I have played with on the asylum gaming servers! We are a gang founded purely by old Arma 3 players who have been excited about this games release for a long time now. We are full of experienced individuals and now well how the asylum gaming economy works, and is run. We will only take experienced players, who understand the criminal economy of such games. To submit an application and get access to our discord publish an application here. Our Back Story A group of misfits in the old fishing Island of Altis, a small group of men struggled to survive. They refused to merge with the rest of society, training in rebel arts and driving box trucks in the dead of night to harvest coca leaves.They earned a lot of respect, and a large amount of cash, but were forced to leave when too many people were coming to the island and ruining the good society these men helped build. In a desperate attempt to find a place to settle down and gain that dominance again, these men have thrown away their previous identities, and changed their gang name in an effort to a fresh start in the world of Identity. Finally, after years of drifting through different societies and islands in the world of Arma they knew they found a final resting place here. And they plan on making it their world now... What We Major In! Associates in Applied Sciences in Drug Trafficking Bachelor in the Arts of Thievery / Robbing Double Majoring in Killers/ Hitmen Masterate Program of Hijacking And a Doctorate of DRUG MANUFACTURING Our Ranking System Boss Under Boss Captain Lietuenant Sergeant Corporal Block Thug Street Thug Thug Thinking About Joining? I knew you would! Application Guideline: In-Game Name: Age: Mic (Y/N): Previous Experience (Include hours played on Arma) : Why you would like to join: Thank you all! and we will keep you posted as events develop.
  17. Luprano mafia requirement 

    [About us] The Luprano family is a pan-Italian Cosa nostra family with its members originally from other North American cities with mafia families, as well as homegrown monsters, and new blood imported from Italy. All made men in the Luprano family have southern Italian heritage with blood lines from places such as Sicily, Napoli, Bari, and Calabria. The family has a strict code of honor, and all members must take the oath of omerta. The family is involved in a vast array of criminal activities that include extortion, loansharking, bookmaking, fraud, kidnapping, drugs, illegal weapons, contract killing, robberies and much more. Almost anything that makes a hefty profit is of interest to the family, as well as legitimate and semi-legitimate business endeavors. Click here To see our family page If interested fill in this application and Pm the don Frank [Application Format] In-Game Name: Age: EU, or NA: Why do you want to join our Family: What can you bring to our mafia:
  18. The "Left-Hand Mafia" shall be recruiting individuals that are willing to fulfill the interests of a specific UNDISCLOSED political party in exchange for WEALTH, LUXURIES, AND FAVOURS. The RANKING system usually determines the amount of profits that a member shall receive. The percentage of profits shall be determined in the future... the ranks consists of the following: 1. The Left-Hand: The "Left-Hand" functions as the absolute leader of the organization. In the process, the "Left-Hand" is INCAPABLE of disclosing or revealing his or her government name to the public in order to ensure that the "Left-Hand" is not a target by government authorities or private organizations. Thus, the "Left-Hand" remains unrevealed and unknown to each and every member of the mafia-organization, EXCLUDING The Five Fingers of The Left. "The Left-Hand" is capable of engaging with each and every member of the organization. However, "The Left-Hand" CANNOT reveal his or her role as the leader of the organization in order to ensure that the organization remains secure and stable against any opposing third-party state or non-state organizations. 2. The Five-Fingers [of the Left]: The "Five-Fingers [of the Left] are "The Left-Hand's" elite-minded advisers with the second-highest status within the organization. Usually, each finger represents the support for "The Left Hand". Otherwise, "The Left-Hand" would cease to function effectively. Each member is classified with their own nickname in order to ensure their confidentiality within and outside of the organization while possessing unique RANKS and ROLES that contribute to The Left-Hand Mafia: A) The Thumb: The Thumb is the dominant so-called "finger" within the organization that generally functions as the "Second in-command" of the organization. Hypothetically, if "The Left-Hand" is assassinated, disposed, resigned, or deceased due to natural causes, The Thumb shall function as the NEW "Left-Hand" of the organization. The thumb shall be DECAPITATED if it fails to abide by the guidelines of "The Red-Hand" or discloses the IDENTITY of EITHER THE FIVE FINGERS or "THE LEFT HAND" to ANY other individual within the entire world, resulting in replacing the thumb by another member that is appointed by "The Left-Hand". One must note that mentioning either individuals' identities is NOT an issue as long as their names are NOT connected to their RANK within the organization. B) The Index [Finger]: The "Index" [Finger] is third in command within the organization. The identical penalties applies to the "Index" [Finger] regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. C) The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]: The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" is the fourth in command within the organization. The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" may secede "The Index [Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. D) The Ring-Man/Ring-Finger/Ringer: The fifth in command within the organization. "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" may secede "The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. E: Pinky/Smalls [Finger]: The sixth in command within the organization. Pinky/Smalls [Finger] may secede "The Ring-Man" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Pinky/Smalls" or regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. 3. The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]: Thirteen members that are appointed within the council in order to function as the advisers of "The Five Fingers [Of the Left-Hand]. Usually, The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] tends to function as the elitist members of the organization with the ability to interact with the "The Five Fingers [of Left-Hand]". Thus, The Left Hand and Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] usually discusses the affairs of the organization in order to present "The Five Finger's" orders to the "Officers" (via the MESSENGER) The council cannot disclose the identity of "The Five Fingers" OR The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] to any member or non-member within the map. However, disclosing their identities is not an issue as long as subjects are not revealed to be connected to the organization. The council is capable of ELECTING one member of the council if "The Five Fingers [of the Left]" requires another "Pinky/Smalls" through a democratic vote. 4. The Messenger: The messenger transports the information from "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" to the officers... Nothing more, nothing less. The Messenger is usually classified as a former dedicated "Officer" that deserves to attain a large amount of wealth after dedicating their entire life to the organization. In other terms, it is the "easy job" after functioning as a veteran member of the organization. The entire organization merely consists of ONE MESSENGER in order to ensure that the CONFIDENTIALITY of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] remains secure. The Messenger shall be executed if it discloses the name of an individual and their connection to the organization. For example, the Messenger cannot state "Christopher Wilson is a member of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]!" to any member or non-member of the organization. However, the Messenger merely delivers the message... 5. The Treasurer: Responsible for presenting the organization's profits, losses, funds, distribution of funds etc... to The Messenger. Usually, The Treasurer attains the profits from the officers prior to presenting the profits to the messenger. The Messenger is expected to disclose the profits to "The Left-hand Council [of Thirteen]" while "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" discloses the profits to "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]". Finally, "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand] discloses the profits, losses etc... to "The Left-Hand". The Treasurer does NOT regulate the WEALTH of the organization. However, it is the individual that REPORTS the information to higher members of the organization. Any MEMBER that conducts theft on the organization's currency shall be assassinated as soon as possible. 6. Officers: Thirty-three officers are appointed by a combination of "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]" and "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" in order to abide by the orders of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]. In the process, officers possess the ability to control their own "family" that exists under their last name. For example, James Taylor would form "The Taylor Family". Thus, the Officers are capable of forming their own unique orders as long as it does not interfere with the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]". Otherwise, the Officer shall be executed by the organization. 7. Family Member: A regular member of the organization. Usually, the Family Member is expected to respond and abide by the orders of their Officer. Failure to abide by the orders of an officer may result in disciplinary actions that are devised by the Officer of the family. The family member is expected to classify themselves as a member of their respective family. For example, Tony Smith is a member of "The Taylor Family" (governed by Officer James Taylor) in order to be classified as "Tony 'Taylor' Smith". The identical scenario would apply to Mario Machiavelli as a member of "The Washington Family" in order to be classified as "Mario Washington Machiavelli". Each "Family Member" possesses numerous roles that could be fulfilled throughout the organization. The roles may include: robber, arsonist, extortionist, assassin, thief, kidnapper, espionage agent etc... any role that one could imagine as long as it contributes to the organization. 8. Recruit: The lowest member of the organization that is often expected to fulfill numerous tasks for family members and officers until the officer deems the recruit to be a suitable member of a specific family. Each and every member of the organization shall be capable of fulfilling any role that their character desires. However, each and every member must abide by the hierarchical structure of the organization. In other terms, the recruit must abide by the guidelines of the family and officer, the family members must abide by their officer, the officers must abide by the orders of the messenger, the messenger must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]", "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand", and "The Left-Hand" must abide by it's.... you guessed it... the undisclosed political party that had FORMED the entire organization since DAY ONE. Each and every member shall attain profits according to their ranks and roles within the organization considering that the organization intends to assert it's dominance throughout the map. The political party shall not claim ownership of any of the mafia's possessions etc... However, the party shall be expected to attain 50% of the ENTIRE organization's profits. In the process, the organization shall attain an extensive amount of favours from political leaders, Lawyers, doctors etc... within the city. It shall be worth one's efforts... PROFIT AND FAVOURS. UNIFORM: During important meetings, members are expected to equip a black or grey suit on to their character with a red shirt. However, members are not expected to equip a suit on to their character during the majority of their daily activities considering that it would preserve the CONFIDENTIALITY of the organization. Codes: Each and every member, depending on their rank, shall be presented with a set of CODES in order to ENSURE that the individuals are a member of the organization. The codes of a member of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" shall possess different codes compared to an Officer etc... Any disclosure of such codes to another ranking member or non-member shall be executed considering that it would result in undercover officers or a third-party organization infiltrating the organization. "False-claiming" is NOT acceptable. (P.S. The mafia shall clearly BEGIN as a small organization until the organization consists of a lot of members)
  19. Looking for a Family? Click the picture below and apply!
  20. Looking for a Family / Gang? Click on the picture, and apply!
  21. The Nameless We are a family called "The Nameless" Our family is splitted up in a Hierarchy: The Boss I Under Boss 1 --- Under Boss 2 --- Underboss 3 I I I Caporegime Caporegime Caporegime I I I Employees Employees Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is 3 Underbosses: 1. Who makes drugs 2. Sells the Drugs 3. Who does different types of work depending on "The Boss" So the way it works is that "The boss" say what the "Underbosses" do and so on. The Underboss manage the money and hire new people. The Caporegime distribute tasks and keeps an eye on the employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The way the money is distributed. 35% To the boss 25% To Underboss 15% To the Caporegime 25% Distibuted to the Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Boss = Me Under Boss 1 = Under Boss 2 = Under Boss 3 = NyanRadscorpion Caporegime 1 = Caporegime 2 = Caporegime 3 = ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rivals: Black Mamba ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to apply, send me a message on here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. The Nameless We are a family called "The Nameless" Our family is splitted up in a Hierarchy: The Boss I Under Boss 1 --- Under Boss 2 --- Underboss 3 I I I Caporegime Caporegime Caporegime I I I Employees Employees Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is 3 Underbosses: 1. Who makes drugs 2. Sells the Drugs 3. Who does different types of work depending on "The Boss" So the way it works is that "The boss" say what the "Underbosses" do and so on. The Underboss manage the money and hire new people. The Caporegime distribute tasks and keeps an eye on the employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The way the money is distributed. 35% To the boss 25% To Underboss 15% To the Caporegime 25% Distibuted to the Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Boss = Me Under Boss 1 = Under Boss 2 = Under Boss 3 = NyanRadscorpion Caporegime 1 = Caporegime 2 = Caporegime 3 = ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rivals: Black Mamba ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to apply, send me a message on here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page
  24. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.
  25. Dear fans! I'm a huge fan of anime and you probley aswell. There will be more information in a mounth. Let me know if you intressted! What is the Kirito Family Group? The Kirito family Group is a group made up of the citizens of Identity who show their support to each other. What does this group entitle me to? Although it may not seem much for you, it means a lot to the members of the club that you show your support to us. In return, we want to give you all that we can to make you feel that you are as wanted by us as you are as wanted by us. By joining this group you will be able to buy items of clothing branded by Anime fans. with our support patch seen above. You will also be able to join our members at local events where you can get to know them and ask any questions you might have. We will make a own teamspeak server as soon the clan is big enough. Do I have to pay to join this group? No. This group is entirely free, there will be not any application fees or any application whatsoever. How do I join the support group? Simply forward your name to KiritoKun (My profile) and he will ensure that your name gets put down on our register. Group Members: Member Total: 0