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  1. The Identity Skyscraper

    (Taken off of the Nationstates forums) You must create a floor to add to the Identity skyscraper Rules: One floor per post No consecutive posts Do not destroy the elevator! The building is invincible You may not change the previous or future floors Do not skip floors Be as weird as you like but stay within forum rules I'll start: Floor G This is the building's reception and lobby, a sign above the elevator warns you 'Caution, Identity weirdness ahead' (Now you start from floor 1, then 2, etc)
  2. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    (Yes another forum game) The game is simple, type the above sentence with your eyes closed and after write a new sentence for the next person to type Rules: 1. Try to keep the sentences a decent length (4-10 words) 2. Don't use overly complex wording 3. You can write any sentence you wish, It doesn't have to be related to the previous one Your first sentence is: I'm hungry but there's no food
  3. Hey there, I searched forums and didn't see this specific question, however I apologise if I missed it.  How many vehicles are planned in full game? Just to clarify I don't mean types, I mean estimated number of. Thanks, deadasdisco  
  4. In Game Shop Querie

    Hi, I have started thinking about what I want to do once the game is released and I have decided that I would like to start up a shop in-game. However, I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits were of the game. As I pride myself on my 3D drawing ability and would love to be able to make my drawings come to life in-game. So, I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits would be to shop's in game.  Thanks
  5. Would You Rather

    We played this on a server I used to work on. Essentially all it is is you post a Would You Rather question while answering the previous one. Here is an example:   You get the picture. Have fun   Would You Rather: Love or Money
  6. Rate the above song

    Post a link to a youtube song and let the people below rate it out of 10 Each person should first rate the above song and then post one music video First song;
  7. Hey guys so I was searching for YouTube videos on Identity (Which is what I usually do when I'm bored) and I was able to find power gaming obviously but I also saw this guy i haven't seen before named The Dynasty on there as well. He seems to know a lot about the game as well has anyone else heard of him? Here's his channel if you wanna see what im talking about:
  8. Hey guys some of you may know me some of you may not. I run a YouTube channel with 5800 Subscribers at the time I am writing this. I am planning on doing a YouTube series as a police officer following along my journey and perhaps some funny encounters (I will also do other types of videos on the game of course).I am really looking forward to this game as there currently aren't any games where there is a real and good dedicated police force! I hope some of you will be able to join me along in this journey and maybe I'll see some of you on the field! My YouTube channel is TheDynasty in case you were wondering  .
  9. Does anyone know when is the estimated game release date? Thank you !! xx
  10. Geography Game

    A simple game where you post a place name with the first letter of the previous. You can post any city, town, country, continent, river, mountain, forest, lake and basically any geographical feature Rules; 1. If someone posts something like 'Red River' the first letter of the next word should be D not R as river doesn't count. The same goes for other geographical features and land forms (mountains, forests, etc) 2. If someone posts something like 'Mexico City' the first letter of the next word should be Y as it is part of it's name Example Person 1: Europe Person 2: England Person 3: Dover Person 4: Russia I'll start; Dublin
  11. Continue The Story Mk.II

    So seeing as the last story died off and has been inactive for over a month I thought i would start a new story thread with a brand new story Rules; 1. Quote the above post to avoid Ninja'd 2. Be as creative as you want 3. Try to keep your post between 1-3 sentences long 4. Keep the story flowing. (don't say all characters died, the world ends, etc I'll start; Once upon a time, in a far away land lived Arron the Dragon. One day Arron the Dragon decided to visit his old college roommate, Rainbow Dash, for coffee at Starbucks..........
  12. Super Power Game

    Basically you pick a super power for yourself and other people put a limit on it you also put a limit on the above persons power Eg: person 1: Above persons limit: No one above me My power: Flying Person 2: Above persons limit: Only at night My power: ability to make dank memes Person 3:  Above persons limit: No one will ever see them My power: ability to teleport Person 4: Above persons limit: You can only teleport into sewers My power: ability to permanently turn into a tree etc.. Be as creative as you wish (which can also include rudeness - if in good fun) Use this as a format (copy paste this) - - Above persons limit: My power: - - here we go:- Above persons limit: No one above me My power: Invisibility
  13. I was wondering, if there was any plans on putting this game on Steam Store in the future (probably after release)? Not that I'm a huge fan of Steam, but it does make it easier to download PC, MAC, LINUX games etc. A bit off topic, but how likely that this game will be finished and not abandoned/incomplete. It's a pretty huge risk to support a product that has been in development for so long. Althouh 2y for this project is a short time and a pretty good progress has been done for a small team (I assume). I'm not really familiar with this game project, I just came across this recently, but it seems freaking awesome.
  14. Game file size

    My question is what the file size would be when the game comes out.
  15. Questions about Driving

    Will there be a proper system for using the gas pedal for both forward and reverse, with a gear switch to choose which one? Because I personally hate when games throw brakes and reverse on the same button.
  16. Hi i have a question about price

    I made a post a little bit back and got some responses saying the price would not rise upon beta release but i see on the shop screen it says the price will rise i would just like to know if it will rise or not and did it change or something 
  17. Wikipedia Game

    Feel free to move this topic to the Hangout if it fits better there This idea is shamelessly taken off of the Nationstates forums. Basically this game takes you exploring the ever almighty internet depository of practically all of Human knowledge, otherwise known as Wikipedia. Basically you start at article 1, then you click on another Wikipedia article within article 1. Post the new article link here and then the next person will go onto your article and select and post a new link, and so on Rules; 1. Do not post a link to the main page. 2. You can use all Wikipedia languages. 3. Your article should be on the above persons article Link to story telling forum game Ask me any questions if you wish I'll start with this thread (basically click a link on that article and post the url of the new article)
  18. Money

    What kind of in-game purchases are there going to be? I really hate in-game purchases, it can ruin RP and the economy.  I can see using real cash for uploading content or for a monthly subscription, but that's about it.  Here's an example, What's the point of becoming a millionaire if someone can buy in-game currency?  Or why hold a fashion show if the best looking outfits are paid with real cash? Second-Life is a great example of a game destroyed by users making a profit.
  19. How will gangs work?

    More or less how will gangs work? Will they be considered careers, or will you just commit crimes and associate yourselves with others who are unofficially part of a gang? In the event that gangs are a more official system, will there be official ranks? Also what will be decidable by the boss, etc. Thanks!
  20. Pickpocketing.

    Will this be a system that is utilized at some point in time? Seems like a fun crime to take part in that is not very dangerous. A minimal fine or slap on the wrist and you are right back at it!
  21. I was just wondering when or if the prices of the game and the beta access and stuff will see a price increase in the shop and if so when? I heard someone tell me that they were going to be going up soon.
  22. 2 Game changing Ideas

    Hello my name is Scott :), I have to say I am so excited for the game that I actually can't wait. I have a few ideas for the game which I think could add to the game a lot so please do read them. I believe that A. Hiding things in the air vent of your house/apartment, This could be a good addition because a house/apartment owner could hide valuables in them, or criminals could hide amounts of drugs in there so if the police break in or someone else comes in they might not check in the vent and the items could be saved (Just a though but it wouldn't be too difficult, hell I could probably do it). B. A personal name system. This is extensive so may be long to explain. I propose a nickname system in which a player (x) could see a player (y) and then a player (z). If player Z looks at player Y he sees the name Scott, but if player X looks at player Y he will see the name Paul. This would have to be a locale file or a database that has a players unique ID and then what the player named them. This way a player Y could tell player X his name is Paul but player Z his name is Scott or if no name was set then nothing would show. I feel like this could add to the realism, and cancel out hardcore metagaming, but you would have to add a system where a player is trying to set a nickname for another if prompts both players with an acceptance box. The box couldn't prohibit gameplay so rather than use the mouse to check yes or no it would have to be a key. This is so that in a gunfight someone can't run up and stop another player from shooting. These are just a few ideas.
  23. Usernames

    Will our Usernames we chose be our in-game Names?
  24. What kind of Pc Rig do you need?

    i have a Geforce GTX 950 and i dont know if i can run the game...  Do you need a very good Pc rig to run it or not... if you do i would deffinitly freffer to beable to change the Grapphics seetings In Game so that others with a worse pc can still play it in a nice smooth fps so that me and my friends can still play eventho my friends have worse rigs. i know this should and normally will be added to the game but i dont want the game to have minor diffrences if youy do for example Low it just lowers the texure quality... if you think the game should be well optimized and have a modarate amount of graphics settings to choose from Like this and answer or via comment or via poll. Thanks for lissening and have a good day!
  25. Console Game!

    i would love it if Identity would be on a console(s) If it would many more players could get the idea of playing the game without needing a gaming pc that is over 1000 dollars. many rpg fans that like playing them on  consoles can then also start playing this game on the console plus there may be more players in the game if it would be -  on the console.   if you like the idea and want this to happen please let the developers know and motivate them to do it! Thanks for lisening! have a good day