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  1. SO i got linked to Identity last night i went searching for some videos. and holy hell was i stroked. signed up and donated STRAIGHT away. this. this will be amazing. questions have been probably asked 1000 times but...... i did some digging on some forum posts (few were dated all the way back to early last year.) because i was looking for a solid date for the t-square beta data. the further i went back. to earlier people said it would be. one post even saying that it would happen late 16/early 17. basically the time frame we are in right now. and on the site. the module is sitting at 80 something %. typically how fast is this bar rising? few %'s per week? per month? thanks in advance!  
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to quickly introduce myself and say how excited I am to jump into Identity! I am a small time streamer but am looking forward very much to role-playing for the community live on stream. I purchased the beta, so I will see you all there!  TieDyeDude P.S. If you wanna see some fun role playing when the beta comes out look for us on peace dudes & dudettes!
  3. Hi, I'm Anna aka Plastic.  I heard about identity through a friend and identity definitely caught my interest.  I think the kick starter is an awesome idea and love that we can all help get this going.  I am presently trying to get my Criminal Justice degree and am looking at Brown University for law degree.  I'd like to call myself a serious gamer, but sadly, I'm not.  I play to play, but I really just enjoy watching   Feel free to contact me and we can play some games together or just hangout ♥
  4. 2 Game changing Ideas

    Hello my name is Scott :), I have to say I am so excited for the game that I actually can't wait. I have a few ideas for the game which I think could add to the game a lot so please do read them. I believe that A. Hiding things in the air vent of your house/apartment, This could be a good addition because a house/apartment owner could hide valuables in them, or criminals could hide amounts of drugs in there so if the police break in or someone else comes in they might not check in the vent and the items could be saved (Just a though but it wouldn't be too difficult, hell I could probably do it). B. A personal name system. This is extensive so may be long to explain. I propose a nickname system in which a player (x) could see a player (y) and then a player (z). If player Z looks at player Y he sees the name Scott, but if player X looks at player Y he will see the name Paul. This would have to be a locale file or a database that has a players unique ID and then what the player named them. This way a player Y could tell player X his name is Paul but player Z his name is Scott or if no name was set then nothing would show. I feel like this could add to the realism, and cancel out hardcore metagaming, but you would have to add a system where a player is trying to set a nickname for another if prompts both players with an acceptance box. The box couldn't prohibit gameplay so rather than use the mouse to check yes or no it would have to be a key. This is so that in a gunfight someone can't run up and stop another player from shooting. These are just a few ideas.