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Found 12 results

  1. Why?

    Why are people being so mean to supporters of this game. It is our decision on how we feel about the game. I see all of these randoms commenting on other peoples posts says they are idiots for supporting the game. We can not listen to this my friends. We must all stand together as a community. We gotta fight for this game guys we have to keep supporting it. What do y'all think?
  2. Weekly Hopes #3

    Do you guys think people should be allowed to break into your homes and steal your stuff? Tell us why!!
  3. Warehouse District

    There should be an area filled with warehouses. Also have it be an industrial area!
  4. Weekly Hopes #2

    Do you think the tracker was a good Idea?. Vote then tell us why or why not!
  5. First off, congratulations to @Motown for finally being able to work in the great mystical land of Canada! I think I speak for everyone when I say I wish you luck there and happy to see you finally with the project physically. VIDEO: Sad to see that the video is delayed by a couple days, but I'm still happy to see it coming out soon and can't wait to see what it contains! Here's the photo that was the sneak peak if you haven't seen it yet: U.I: The new U.I looks really clean and really can't wait to see what the other parts of it look like! Here it is if you haven't seen it already: STEAM: Interesting to see the full on integration with Steam that is happening and really happy about it. Will make playing the game and playing with other people much easier. Tell me what you guys think off all this information, let's start a discussion!
  6. Hello all, Virtual Worlds like SecondLife (and now Sansar), IMVU, Warcraft and others... work, grow, evolve and make "economy" thanks to a Big Market of Creations by the Players-Accounts-Avatars-Users. That can expand faster the possibilities and increase the speed of development. So, my suggestion is to open the possibility to the users to make stuff... with the supervision-selection of an Art Director, part of the official Team. That can be a secondary market with limits decided by the Identity Team. Development will be fast and more creative thanks to the contribution of User-Creators Economy and Item Shop will grow incredibly Identity can be more attractive for new user because of the amount of items and possibilities. Users-Creators will have the possibility to have a micro-economy selling stuff and making money (with a fee to give) and having a great Job-Career Motivation for User-Creator will be very high and Brand New products will come continuously That works great with other platforms... so, why not here? Example: Sansar by LindenLab (the new platform) Team can focus on the development of the platform and the features. thanks for the attention, Valya
  7. Brand new and Curious

    Hello all I am brand new here and I am a bit lost. It already exist a beta version to test? It exist the possibility to make items (3D meshes and/or textures)? I am interested to develop content. Thanks to all and have a great day, Valya

    I would like to thank @Paratus for his hard work to get the game to our hands as quick as possible! I would also like to thank @LuckyDuck for all the support provided to the community and professionalism shown. Everyone else in the development and moderation team has done a great job, I felt these two should be thanked individually.
  9. No Dev blog yet for me

    Hello, so I still haven't gotten the dev blog yet even though I pledged about a year ago at this point, while people who've pledged yesterday for example were one of the first to get it. I really need help to figure out if im even on the list anymore since I updated my email on the account last week. I already made sure to check if the check mark next to newsletter is ticked, and checked my spam and my previous email account. Thank you if you are able to help me, this is starting to get real irritating
  10. Dev Update

    I'm probably not the only one wandering this, but when is the next dev update or post? I believe there is one like once a month or that's what I thought. I'm always excited to see a new dev post, or update and see the progress the team has made. I can't wait for the release of this game, and I understand that nothing comes fast. But keeping the backers in the loop is always greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey boys and girls, here is a Q&A that I did with Motown! I hope you have learned something new!
  12. ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Development team a very important thing that I always hate in game developers is that they hardly ever release games on Mac, I would love you so much and back you 100% if you can confirm that you WILL release this game on Mac, and Windows. Macs have pretty good specs and its a shame to put them to waist. Identity has so much potential to be one of the greatest games ever please, don't ruin it by being windows only. #IDENTITYHASSOMUCHPOTENTIAL PLEASE CONFIRM IF IT WILL BE RELEASED ON MAC BY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT