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Found 77 results

  1. Black Market Discord

    I am taking it upon myself to start a discord for underground jobs, drugs, guns, protection, etc. This discord requires maturity and respect at all times. We have a system for getting rid of insiders and cops. There will be some snakes, narcs, and cops slipping through here and there but with mistakes come corrections. To be able to see deals and all info on sales you will need to be interviewed by me or one my staff. This is the discord for the Farmers Market.
  2. The 17th Coven

    I am starting a league of extraordinary criminals to start in this marvelous world. Together we will rob, steal and flourish. We are anti government but for the people. We rob corporations and police, not civilians.
  3. In Game Trolling and Griefing

    What do the different political parties intend to do about trolling and griefing? Things that aren't necessarily illegal but will be plain attempts to grief other players. Trolls can be very persistent and will find a way to try and ruin this game! Is it even the in-game government's job to fix problems like that?
  4. Hey guys I did a breakdown of the new trailer/gameplay video and I'm sure I've caught some things you might've missed! Check it out here:
  5. Train surfing

    I think train surfing would be a great thing to be able to do. If you train surf you don't have to pay for tickets, but it comes with a risk, if you get spotted or fall of the train that you can get arrested, major injuries or even death.
  6. Alleviation Micro-systems

    Summary AMS is an international corporation focused on the needs and wants of all criminals. This is a relatively new corporation, but we plan on growing bigger in the near future; to do so we need trusted employees who are willing to get their hands dirty. However, not all jobs at AMS are illegal. Alleviation Micro-Systems are in need of some trust-worthy workers who only want to put in an honest days work. All employees will be paid fairly, but the ones who are willing to get dirty will be paid more. The higher your rank; the higher your cut. Jobs We specialize in the following: Weapon Dealing Drug Smuggling Money Laundering Counterfeit Production Contract Killings Robberies Large Scale Heists Protection How to Apply To apply to AMC reply to this forum and we will reach out to you. All applicants that get accepted will start as the lowest rank, but you can work your way up by bringing in money for the company. *if you choose to leave the company you will be marked for death, but you can be re-admitted by paying a fee. Your rank will be stripped and your cut of the profits will be reduced until you can prove your worth Recommendations Comment any recommendations for the company and they will be reviewed, and possibly converted into a public vote
  7. The Dark Brotherhood

    What, is the music of life? The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. The Dark Brotherhood is called upon by those who wish to utilize their deadly services through a ritual called "The Black Sacrament" They were once the most feared organization in all of Tamriel, but have lost their reputation over time due to the destruction of multiple sanctuaries across Tamriel. At one point, they were governed by The Five Tenets, which set the ground rules for the Brotherhood, but those tenets have long since been abandoned. The Dark Brotherhood has been operating in Tamriel for many Eras, at one time having many clandestine sanctuaries across the Empire. They revere Sithis, the avatar of entropy and chaos, as well as the Night Mother, who is their spiritual leader. Any man or woman may join the Dark Brotherhood. Initiates must display the ability to kill mercilessly, without regret or sorrow. If you do wish to join us someday in the game Identity, please like this topic and/or follow the link below that will direct you to our discord server Welcome Home, Brethren. Discord:
  8. I have a questions on stealing cars. What will happen to the cars after you steal them. Will you have to find someone to who's interested, or will the car get abducted by aliens (despawn) after a while.
  9. DEA

    So if I become a DEA agent in the game, what keeps a gang I'm infiltrating from looking into my background and seeing I'm with Law Enforcement? With an online game I feel as though that's something easy to detect with just a few searches...
  10. Hello everyone, I am here to ask the simple question: is infobroking a legitimate line of work in Identity? I say yes. Infobroking is the art of being that sneaky snake no-one likes, but no-one messes with. They have “dirt” on everybody, from political figures to petty criminals. “Dirt” meaning information that could tarnish their reputation, street cred, or mental well-being. A politician is crooked? Sell that sh*t to his competitor! A crime boss killed your partner? Tell the police everything and hide in a hole for the rest of your life! To me, it all seems like a plausible line of work in identity, especially because the police can’t do anything to you! Unless you get caught stalking, but that isn’t my fault. However, I want to know what the Identity Community has to say about this! Do you agree with me, or do you hate my guts for considering the possibility of infobroking? Please do leave a comment with your honest opinion. Sincerely, Tristan “Murderface” Locke
  11. Seeking Users

    Hello all, I am currently seeking users to join my Discord server in order to form a proper organization that I'm looking to find. The organization I am referring to is called "The Dark Brotherhood" The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. join if you are willing to give your life to Sithis.
  12. Greetings, my name is [REDACTED]. A lot can be said for me. I have recently been kicked out of a crime family for being too rough on a "reconditioning" job was hired for. Not sayin' any details, but the guy put up one hell of a fight. I am now looking for a new crime family, organized gang, and/or mafia that wants to use me as their embodiment of death and punishment. I'm no street punk, so don't expect me to partner up with some wannabe hoodlums looking to make pennies. You want the best psychopath on the market? I'm your guy. Talents: Striking terror into the hearts of people when they hear my tag, "[REDACTED]" Gloating [EXPUNGED] Political statement [EXPUNGED] Lies to conceal true identity [EXPUNGED] Mannerisms and preferences [REDACTED] In all seriousness, I am a pretty cHill guy. I rEalLy am uP for anything criMe rElated. I'm tired of b3ing th4 goo.d guy 5in RPG5, so I th3ught 1 could embrace my wild side wheN it came to th1s kind 8f stuff. been f0llowing Id4ntity since th8 initial Kickstarter, but b0ught it about a yEar ago. I had recently left the Identity player group I waS in because they were going dOwn a road that I didn't like. If any crime Syndicate wantS to hAVe mE as an enforcer, punisher, etc. Me and my character herE fit the bill perfectly. May your days be long upon this Earth, [REDACTED] This information presented by the user "Gwion524" has been reclaimed by I.N.E.C. Do not press into this subject further or face retribution by I.N.E.C.
  13. The Prison System

    I remember hearing a while back from the developers that prison would be more than just a place that you go to when you break a law. It'll be a thriving society. if that's the case, what features will be added to prisons? Will there be commissary for prisoners, will prisoners be able to get visits from friends or whomever, will you be able to sell contraband within prisons....... will you be able to break out? These are only a few of the many questions I have about the prison system.
  14. car stealing

    can you steal npc cars as some of the cars are "exotic" and would sell for a nice price and is it possible to steal other players cars. like in gta5 import export dlc?
  15. gunrunning

    would it be possible to make guns and sell them on?
  16. Career parths

    Will there be different career paths you can choose from? for example you start as a criminal but as you level up you can choose a more specific job like robber, hacker or killer
  17. Bank robberies are one of many illegal activities that criminals may participate in. The take all depends on the amount of cops present at the scene. Basically: Higher Difficulty=Bigger Payout. However, I think it would be cool if you could put some more creativity in the planning and perhaps even complete a majority of the heist in a cop-free phase. Police chasing the crew after the scene is inevitable, but atleast there wouldn't be cops swarming when you crack the vault (with a lot of added effort of course to pull off). Perhaps even being able to tip off inside workers to arrange something that'll help the crew such as disarming the radio transceivers that detonate she packs in cash or looping camera feed.
  18. I just wanted something to be cleared up really quick. Will hallucinogens be in the game like LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT? If they will be it would be quite fun to experence in game (I am not promoting drug use in real life). It would be an extremly unique game feature if atleast one of these drugs could be made, used, and sold in game as pretty much any other video games do not include drugs that make you halluncinate. If drugs like those listed will be in the game it would be cool, I just hope the effects would be very complex and authentic instead of just a filter thrown over your screen. Sometimes when you use these substances your enitre field of vision is obscured by shapes and colors, or your in a completley different place it seems like where it seems as though you are the universe itself according to users of these chemicals. Overall if any of those drugs or one like it will be in the game it would add a very unique aspect to the crime lifestyle. Thanks for reading, (***I do not want to try these substances in real life***).
  19. Prison Breaks

    Hey! Im pretty new to this game and i can't imagine how many times you have got this as a suggestion, but being able to break out of prison would be amazing and a fun thing to do. If 1 person in my gang is in prison, why not break himk out of there with som kind of heist? This would allow for longer sentences in jail. You will also have to be smart and have a high IQ to acctually come up with a great master plan to escape. Thanks for reading. - Tobbetobster
  20. Store Fronts

    hows it goin fellow identity supporters, mostly im just wondering if anyone knows if ill be able to open up a business, and then use it as a front for illegal activities whatever those activities might involve do yall think we will have the freedom to do things like that. Further more if any gangs would be interested if it is possible please hit me up id like my rule in the organization to be somewhat of a pacifistic or enforcer if you will not really get in the front lines but help run behind the scenes such as store fronts or supervising various sites we have going at the time im a numbers man, and always have been so just from the numbers side i believe i have something to bring to the table plus a good idea. hopefully we can look forward to a very profitable healthy relationship. Look forward to hear from you guys, thanks.
  21. I have a few questions: 1. Can the cops be dirty? In what ways // to what extent? 2. Can only players with "Criminal" career track be in a gang or cartel? 2a. Can we employ lawyers, doctors, etc? 2b. What about co-working with business owners? Or can criminals own ~legal~ businesses? 3. Do we have to be criminals or unaffiliated with a career to do crimes? To what extent?
  22. So i was wondering if you are able to join a career to get its training and then quit it...such as i became a cop joined the swat and got really good with guns,Etc. could i then quit and become a criminal? Because i would want all types of training from all the jobs to better help me with my criminal career.
  23. The "Left-Hand Mafia" shall be recruiting individuals that are willing to fulfill the interests of a specific UNDISCLOSED political party in exchange for WEALTH, LUXURIES, AND FAVOURS. The RANKING system usually determines the amount of profits that a member shall receive. The percentage of profits shall be determined in the future... the ranks consists of the following: 1. The Left-Hand: The "Left-Hand" functions as the absolute leader of the organization. In the process, the "Left-Hand" is INCAPABLE of disclosing or revealing his or her government name to the public in order to ensure that the "Left-Hand" is not a target by government authorities or private organizations. Thus, the "Left-Hand" remains unrevealed and unknown to each and every member of the mafia-organization, EXCLUDING The Five Fingers of The Left. "The Left-Hand" is capable of engaging with each and every member of the organization. However, "The Left-Hand" CANNOT reveal his or her role as the leader of the organization in order to ensure that the organization remains secure and stable against any opposing third-party state or non-state organizations. 2. The Five-Fingers [of the Left]: The "Five-Fingers [of the Left] are "The Left-Hand's" elite-minded advisers with the second-highest status within the organization. Usually, each finger represents the support for "The Left Hand". Otherwise, "The Left-Hand" would cease to function effectively. Each member is classified with their own nickname in order to ensure their confidentiality within and outside of the organization while possessing unique RANKS and ROLES that contribute to The Left-Hand Mafia: A) The Thumb: The Thumb is the dominant so-called "finger" within the organization that generally functions as the "Second in-command" of the organization. Hypothetically, if "The Left-Hand" is assassinated, disposed, resigned, or deceased due to natural causes, The Thumb shall function as the NEW "Left-Hand" of the organization. The thumb shall be DECAPITATED if it fails to abide by the guidelines of "The Red-Hand" or discloses the IDENTITY of EITHER THE FIVE FINGERS or "THE LEFT HAND" to ANY other individual within the entire world, resulting in replacing the thumb by another member that is appointed by "The Left-Hand". One must note that mentioning either individuals' identities is NOT an issue as long as their names are NOT connected to their RANK within the organization. B) The Index [Finger]: The "Index" [Finger] is third in command within the organization. The identical penalties applies to the "Index" [Finger] regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. C) The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]: The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" is the fourth in command within the organization. The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" may secede "The Index [Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. D) The Ring-Man/Ring-Finger/Ringer: The fifth in command within the organization. "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" may secede "The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. E: Pinky/Smalls [Finger]: The sixth in command within the organization. Pinky/Smalls [Finger] may secede "The Ring-Man" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Pinky/Smalls" or regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. 3. The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]: Thirteen members that are appointed within the council in order to function as the advisers of "The Five Fingers [Of the Left-Hand]. Usually, The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] tends to function as the elitist members of the organization with the ability to interact with the "The Five Fingers [of Left-Hand]". Thus, The Left Hand and Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] usually discusses the affairs of the organization in order to present "The Five Finger's" orders to the "Officers" (via the MESSENGER) The council cannot disclose the identity of "The Five Fingers" OR The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] to any member or non-member within the map. However, disclosing their identities is not an issue as long as subjects are not revealed to be connected to the organization. The council is capable of ELECTING one member of the council if "The Five Fingers [of the Left]" requires another "Pinky/Smalls" through a democratic vote. 4. The Messenger: The messenger transports the information from "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" to the officers... Nothing more, nothing less. The Messenger is usually classified as a former dedicated "Officer" that deserves to attain a large amount of wealth after dedicating their entire life to the organization. In other terms, it is the "easy job" after functioning as a veteran member of the organization. The entire organization merely consists of ONE MESSENGER in order to ensure that the CONFIDENTIALITY of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] remains secure. The Messenger shall be executed if it discloses the name of an individual and their connection to the organization. For example, the Messenger cannot state "Christopher Wilson is a member of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]!" to any member or non-member of the organization. However, the Messenger merely delivers the message... 5. The Treasurer: Responsible for presenting the organization's profits, losses, funds, distribution of funds etc... to The Messenger. Usually, The Treasurer attains the profits from the officers prior to presenting the profits to the messenger. The Messenger is expected to disclose the profits to "The Left-hand Council [of Thirteen]" while "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" discloses the profits to "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]". Finally, "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand] discloses the profits, losses etc... to "The Left-Hand". The Treasurer does NOT regulate the WEALTH of the organization. However, it is the individual that REPORTS the information to higher members of the organization. Any MEMBER that conducts theft on the organization's currency shall be assassinated as soon as possible. 6. Officers: Thirty-three officers are appointed by a combination of "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]" and "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" in order to abide by the orders of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]. In the process, officers possess the ability to control their own "family" that exists under their last name. For example, James Taylor would form "The Taylor Family". Thus, the Officers are capable of forming their own unique orders as long as it does not interfere with the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]". Otherwise, the Officer shall be executed by the organization. 7. Family Member: A regular member of the organization. Usually, the Family Member is expected to respond and abide by the orders of their Officer. Failure to abide by the orders of an officer may result in disciplinary actions that are devised by the Officer of the family. The family member is expected to classify themselves as a member of their respective family. For example, Tony Smith is a member of "The Taylor Family" (governed by Officer James Taylor) in order to be classified as "Tony 'Taylor' Smith". The identical scenario would apply to Mario Machiavelli as a member of "The Washington Family" in order to be classified as "Mario Washington Machiavelli". Each "Family Member" possesses numerous roles that could be fulfilled throughout the organization. The roles may include: robber, arsonist, extortionist, assassin, thief, kidnapper, espionage agent etc... any role that one could imagine as long as it contributes to the organization. 8. Recruit: The lowest member of the organization that is often expected to fulfill numerous tasks for family members and officers until the officer deems the recruit to be a suitable member of a specific family. Each and every member of the organization shall be capable of fulfilling any role that their character desires. However, each and every member must abide by the hierarchical structure of the organization. In other terms, the recruit must abide by the guidelines of the family and officer, the family members must abide by their officer, the officers must abide by the orders of the messenger, the messenger must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]", "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand", and "The Left-Hand" must abide by it's.... you guessed it... the undisclosed political party that had FORMED the entire organization since DAY ONE. Each and every member shall attain profits according to their ranks and roles within the organization considering that the organization intends to assert it's dominance throughout the map. The political party shall not claim ownership of any of the mafia's possessions etc... However, the party shall be expected to attain 50% of the ENTIRE organization's profits. In the process, the organization shall attain an extensive amount of favours from political leaders, Lawyers, doctors etc... within the city. It shall be worth one's efforts... PROFIT AND FAVOURS. UNIFORM: During important meetings, members are expected to equip a black or grey suit on to their character with a red shirt. However, members are not expected to equip a suit on to their character during the majority of their daily activities considering that it would preserve the CONFIDENTIALITY of the organization. Codes: Each and every member, depending on their rank, shall be presented with a set of CODES in order to ENSURE that the individuals are a member of the organization. The codes of a member of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" shall possess different codes compared to an Officer etc... Any disclosure of such codes to another ranking member or non-member shall be executed considering that it would result in undercover officers or a third-party organization infiltrating the organization. "False-claiming" is NOT acceptable. (P.S. The mafia shall clearly BEGIN as a small organization until the organization consists of a lot of members)
  24. Bounty Hunters

    When people need someone dead call us if you want to join us reply JOIN we work with anybody including police and civilians

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page