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Found 67 results

  1. Car Spawning

    Hi! Cars should despawnen after 30 minutes but that would disturb the roleplay massively why an idea for the car Spawning: could not you just set a limit? would be more advantageous than despawning.
  2. I was thinking of starting a car business, but I had a concern. Would there even be customizable cars like there is customizable clothing? This was a great concern to me as I obviously need, at the very least, to be able to print my brand name on a car. Does anyone know if the Identity devs mentioned having customizable cars at any point? Please let me know. Best wishes -Owl
  3. Public Transportation - IDENTITY CONCEPT hope everyone had a great day! been working on some concepts for idENTITY AND THIS ONE, I PERSONALLY THINK WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION. VIEW FOR YOURSELF; tell me what you think, SIGNED, MPOTTERHEAD.
  4. Car Mechanic Specifics

    I know that the 3rd Module is a long time from now but will a mechanic be able to take in some one else's car, customize it, and give it back to make money or will people be able to customize their cars themselves and cut out the mechanic middleman. I would awesome for it to be like Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Also would you be able to have parts shipped to your house to install them yourself? I would be disappointed if the car customization is like mod shops in GTA 5.
  5. Why is there parking in the game if the car is not used anyway? (Sorry for my Bad english)
  6. I have a questions on stealing cars. What will happen to the cars after you steal them. Will you have to find someone to who's interested, or will the car get abducted by aliens (despawn) after a while.
  7. Car Name Parodys

    I think you guys should parody real life car companys and names like "chave malibod 1998" or "forb explosion 2009" "nishan pathway 2014" "techla model W 2016"
  8. Car Odometers

    I think it would be cool if the vehicles had a working odometer on them. The more mileage you put on your car the less it is valued in the market. also the criminals could buy some tools to dial the odometer back on older cars.
  9. VIP Taxi & Limo Service

    ABOUT US Our goal was to simply offer the best luxury limousine service in Identity -- we ended up providing unparalleled customer service. From TOWN CAR, Luxury SUV, SPRINTER VAN to Luxury LIMOUSINES, our best- in-class fleet will make your next special occasion an unforgettable one. Whether you need Airport transportation, executive transportation or limousine service for your wedding day, we offer style and comfort to and from your destination. Regardless of the size of your party, our luxury LIMOUSINES can accommodate any size. When you want to ride first class, we’ll provide you with limousine service that will suit your needs. WHY CHOOSE US VS TAXI? There is a false generalized concept, which is that the taxi service is cheaper than limo service, and this is not necessarily true. Ex, if your taxi gets stuck in traffic or if your driver does not know the shortest route to your destination ,usually you would end up paying much more for your transfer. In most trips to and from your destination, "savings" in a taxi is so insignificant that it is not justified in comparison to the remarkable difference in comfort, reliability and service from our company. let's look at the following comparison table: SERVICE US TAXI Price known in advance ✓ ✖ Clean & Luxurious interior ✓ ✖ Uniformed Chauffeur ✓ ✖ All Fees included in the price ✓ ✖ Luggage assisting at the airport ✓ ✖ Waiting in line to get a car ✖ ✓ Smelly car ✖ ✓ Our commitment is to offer the best transportation services to our customers, at affordable prices, always taking care of their budget. JOBS We are currently hiring! Below is a list of jobs that we need Drivers(Unlimited) Dispatchers(1) Maintenance Crew(5) COO(1) CFO(1) For More Information Please reply to this forum with your question. We appreciate constructive criticism to help us improve our services.
  10. RC Racing

    I think we could have this as a cheap alternative to racing, this way when you are starting out you can still race. it would probably be a mini-game where your camera trails around the RC car in third person once you activate it, from here you can drive around the track until most of the players are ready. what do you guys think?
  11. Car Poll!

    Are you planning to take part in the car business?
  12. car stealing

    can you steal npc cars as some of the cars are "exotic" and would sell for a nice price and is it possible to steal other players cars. like in gta5 import export dlc?
  13. Realistic physics

    realistic car physics like in beamng drive would make the game better because people would actually care about their cars and obey traffic rules to avoid damage another thing I would like to see in the game is realistic body damage for example, it takes one shot in the head and body to kill someone and a shot in the leg will slow them down and make them drag their damaged leg, shots in arms will make them drop weapons or make driving a car harder
  14. Will vehicles such as cars be able to deteriorate overtime from lack of care/maintenance to eventually the point where you have a junker in your hands and pretty much have to find a new replacement car? While I believe, if its a feature, it should be a very slow process; it really would be neat to see appear in the game. Economy is suppose to be as accurate as it can be and I can see this greatly effecting the wealth of some players. Another question I wanted to ask is if vehicle repairs will be cheap and easy or more demanding. Say you got into a collision with a street pole and now you have a nasty dent in your vehicle. Will the damage be persistent forever until repaired for a costly amount (especially without insurance) or will it be something cheap like a $100 quick fix. I'm hoping for the more realistic path of the two. Now that I think of it though, could city destruction fines be issued to players for collisions with items like lamp posts or signs?
  15. Will there be State Troopers, State Police, City Police and Sheriff or just one massive department for the whole map? Wouldnt it be cool to have like Park Rangers and Search And Rescue units?
  16. Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders
  17. This poll is for all the motorheads out there. Feel free to comment and suggest any other options!
  18. I've always found it rather annoying in ArmA Life or Gmod Life mods that driving into town can sometimes be quite a hassle as upon exiting your vehicle it is unlocked and random players will just bolt for your car with the intention of going on a joy ride. Will there be measures taken against this occurring?
  19. Let me know your opinion!

    Do you think there will be a sort of Manual transmission option if you wanted? Like in the settings, Because i am really hoping they have a in-depth car system. One thing i hope they have is a sort of "Clutch" Button. Tell me what you think!
  20. Car Building & Tuning

    Will the car building and tuning be completely unguided like in My Summer Car or will it be easier, more guided car mechanics and tuning, with a dyno and what not, like in Car Mechanic Simulator? What do you guys thing it should be?
  21. Wheelhouse Precision Drivers

    Wheelhouse Precision Drivers We are a crew of drivers that have driving expertise in speed and precision. We take what or who you have to where you need it to be no what or who it is. No matter the difficulty of the task we are up for it! We have two pricing models. Based on what we are transporting (and repercussions of what we are transporting) as well as the difficulty of the job itself. So if it is an easy drug transport the price might be low, but if it something to sabotage a rival gang with a lot of heat then the price would be higher. The other model is if it needs to be confidential and you cannot tell us then we would charge one flat rate. If not in full from the start, we will be paid forty percent upfront and the remaining sixty when the job is done. Meet The Family Here is the family of cars: First is "Panther" a classic muscle dedicated to raw speed when you need it done fast. "Panther" getting ready to burnout from the police station. We have "Red Dragon" a Tuned Import ready for agility and slick driving when you need your delivery in or out of sticky situations. Meet "Sally" a Classic Exotic perfect for carving your job up or down the mountain. If you think you have what it takes to be a precision driver then contact us we are taking on just a couple more drivers making a small team. See you in the streets! -The Wheelhouse Crew
  22. Car Meets

    I'm not sure exactly how many of you would be interested in this sort of thing, but once the full game releases, i would love to set up car meets and meet a ton of you all. I am huge into cars and cant wait to see how the devs have in store for us customization wise and i cant wait to see what you all do with your cars in game. I dont really care what kind of car you drive, muscle, import, truck, offroad, beater, bike, i just want a large social gathering of like minded people where we can all just sort of hang out and check out each others cars and get to know each other. I do plan on playing this with a good friend of mine but he isnt into cars like i am. Age doesnt really matter to me either as long as we're all respectful of each others cars and mature about everything. Sure the RP scenarios will be there for rivalries and races, but in all, i want for there to be a group of people who get to know each other and develop a true friendship all because we decided to go hang out with our cars. I guess, i kind of want to know you guy's thoughts on this. Would it be something that many of you would be interested in? Would anyone care to join me in opening a shop? Let me know your thoughts and hopefully we can continue to develop friendships starting here. See ya guys around! Jack Leyhe *EDIT* Devonor makes a good point. If we have enough people, would you guys be interested in me creating a steam group for the meets so everyone is notified of when and where? Seems like a good idea. I would also love to set up an actual car group in game with a name and logo for those interested to put on their cars (If thats something that we can do) Let me know, glad to see some interest in this. *EDIT 2* Discord Link here------>
  23. Show us your ride

    So, since there are a lot of people in this forum that likes cars and/or want to do car-stuff once the game is out, I though in this idea: post pictures and info of your car! I will start with mines. I'm from Spain and I own a performance workshop called Midnight Empire. This is my 1989 Nissan 200SX with CA18DET, my first car and the one I used to learn to drive. Used it for 2 years for daily. Don't mind the ride height, those where stock suspension, now I have adjustable suspension and the car is low af. I named it "Miku", since it's blue and I'm a very big fan of Hatsune Miku, one of the biggest representative icon of Japanese culture. Now Miku is sitting under construction in the workshop. The engine is being modified to Stage 3 with custom map, approx 300 HP. VAG coils conversion, new intercooler with custom fabricated front, and other little stuff that makes it a great car. -Suspension: front JIC Magic, rear Tein -Diff: S14 welded -Arms: Driftworks adjustable arm -Wheels: Kosei K3 Emery Gold -Radiator: Driftworks SuperCool -Intercooler: Race-spec Forge -Turbo: S14 T28 at 1 bar -Boost controller: HKS EVC 5 -Coils: VAG R8 / Gallardo coils with custom fabricated harness -Steering wheel: official OMP -Exhaust: 2.5 inch straight pipe -Rear lights: Type X clear style -Skyline GT-R R32 444cc injectors -Z32 MAF -HKS Super Power Flow air filter -NISMO oil filter -Custom fabricated Power Brace -And lots of stuff and hours spend in this car This is my second car, the daily one. A 1993 Suzuki Swift GTI. Cheap, lightweight and fast. And I mean... really fast. This nugget has a 1.3 Twim Cam engine dropping 101 HP. Can rev up to 9000 and has torque in every single rpm (not like the Civics). I called it the "Madrid's White Comet" since the previous owner slap it a Red Suns sticker. Although this little poor car is just too small for me, I need a more powered car with RWD, so I'm planning on selling it and buying something like a Lexus IS200. Here comes the good stuff, the workshop. It's a little garage but enough to fit some cool cars in. We have just started in this business and we already have big reputation in the sector.
  24. Working wing mirrors?

    I was just wondering if the cars in the game are going to have working wing mirrors and rearview mirrors and maybe possibly on larger vehicles a rear reversing camera or is none of this information available yet? Thanks-Harvey
  25. - 「 SAYONARA RACING 」 - - ABOUT US Welcome to Sayonara Racing. We are a street racing club with our own personal workshop. We formed the gang in the 90's when street racing was popular. Nowadays we just try to survive among the others with the spirit that is extinguishing. We used to be the top club in the 90's, drifting from the mountain touge to high-speed racing at the highway. -OUR ACTIVITIES Our original activity and our favorite one: mountain drifting, also know as "touge" in Japanese. We go to the mountain roads and drift downhill or uphill with our friends in the middle of the night, away from the people and the city. Sadly, those nowadays mountain roads are usually patrolled by police and are filled with speed cameras, so our trips to the mountains are less then ever. Thankfully, the city is big and there are places where we can drift, like the sea ports or abandoned industrial zones. We usually meet every Saturday night at XXXXX at XX:XX PM and drift until the morning sun comes up (if the police don't stop us). Our other big activity is the highway racing: Wangan style. Originated in Japan in the 2000's, people started to build high powered cars and run at incredible high speeds (300 km/h or 180 mp/h). Since our cars are more focused at drifting and are not that fast, we usually just go and drive on the highway, there's always people with similar cars to challenge. - WORKSHOP Our workshop is located at the outside of the city, away from the noisy people. Our workshop used to be members-only, but now you can bring your own car and let us modify it. We are experts in drifting builds. Also sometimes we have some cars for sale, come check it out. - VIDEOS Old video of our touge nights at the mountain, drifting all night. Video of these days, where we drift Saturday nights at the sea port. Onboard video of one of our drivers at the highway. Want to be one of us? Show us your ride, your skills and your true passion. Beware, the simple action of having one of our team stickers on your car means the police will ask you question!