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Found 88 results

  1. We hope to become the main delivery service. We are a logistical delivery company. We will get you what you need whenever you need it. We will fight to become one of the biggest delivery company on Identity. Our goal is to get you your packages in the fastest times and at the cheapest prices We are currently looking for employees that are willing to work with us when identity allows us to start our company. Our policies: Customer Security is very important to us so not even the drivers will know what your name is. Customer Privacy the driver is not allowed to look in the package at any time. Customer Satisfaction the package will be delivered on time in pristine condition or it's free. If you are interested in shipping with us please let me know on discord or PM me discord link: Click Here Positions: Trucking Department: Open Truck Drivers: Open Truck Mechanics: Open Customer Service: Open Receptionist: Open Phones: Open Corporate: CEO: Treyler CFO: Open Board of Directors: 1 spot left Executive: Frank Regan Employee Managers: Honestii © 2017 Pace Shippings
  2. Welcome to Love's Guns Owned by Marco Love (NyanRadscorpion) Managers: Dhampirearmy/NyanRadscorpion Supplier: @LeonSchrader Deliveries: @darkstandr We sell guns, clothing, and survival gear our clothing is all for hunting/just camo/stealth fatigues our guns are all LEGAL handguns shotguns and rifles we sell all hunting gear we also offer custom graphic (if in game) and paint dipping (if in game) logo made by @Cuuka We are a very patriotic company GO USA discounts everysometime Status: Closed (Till full game and store is bought) New Locations in: Roseport and Ash hill
  3. The Modern Gentlemen(Tailors)

    The Modern Gentlemen Welcome To The New Identity Organisation called "The Modern Gentlemen". We specialise in making (and wearing) the finest suits in the game. This Group Will Be Difficult To Join And Only For The Most Gentlemen Like People So Prepare To Be Tested If You Wish To Join Our Circle. If You Think You Have What It Takes And Wish To Join Message Me Or Reply Below. You Can Also Contact Us Via This Email: [email protected] Or Join Our Discord: To Express True Meaning Is To Give Away Vital Information.
  4. Global Trust Incorporated Global Trust is a multi-industry corporation focused on the manufacturing and finance sectors. The corporation will begin its focus on a supply and demand basis, balancing out the need for certain items and attempting to produce all merchandise from scratch. We're looking to maximize profit for our shareholders and ensure our employees have a stable career path to take off on. (More information to be included)
  5. Hi, I was thinking this would be an interesting topic in the community. I haven't seen any of this kind of poll yet, so I decided to do one myself. I hope you all answer to this poll edited on May 12.
  6. Business Owning

    Hi there! Please allow me to be able to run a casino. I'd love to have a bar in there and play cards, maybe have people who look around for cheaters. Votes, and added suggestions are welcome!
  7. Company Vehicles

    I believe current vehicles will be awesome with their being motorbikes and cars with some being emergency vehicles. However, I was thinking of something else that could be added to cars. This is when I came up with the idea of allowing companies to own custom vehicle decals for their specific company, a bit like a company vehicle. This is like trucks that are already going to be in the game that works for companies. I believe allowing people that own a company should have this extra ability. This would allow them to advertise their company to people and make companies become more well-known as in real life. For example: I obviously don't expect British Gas to be in the game but as an example of being able to add custom decals to a company car, allowing workers for your company to drive them to their certain tasks or to and fro work thus advertising their company. This is just a little touch that I think would be quite interesting in the game and I think it is quite unique; I haven't seen one person suggest this. Anyway, I don't think it would be the most amazing thing in the game but a fairly interesting touch. Thanks in advance.
  8. New Lawyer in Town

    HELLO FELLOW IDENTITY CITIZENS! While reading up on the job postings and such, I have stumbled upon an interesting job, and decided I will set up shop with this as one of my primary operations. What is it? Well, the title says it all. I will be a private lawyer for hire! "Oh boy, another guy looking to get rich of the misfortunes of others." That is incorrect! I will be doing this as a deed to the community, and my services will always be *SLIGHTLY* cheaper than any other lawyer in town. Competition. WHAT MAKES ME "BETTER" THAN THE OTHERS? Well, that's an easy task to overcome. We can all boast that we are the, "best lawyer in the business," however professionalism and natural skill is all that makes a lawyer. You might have the highest paid lawyer cover your case, however the one who knows his loopholes can easily make a fool of him. I'm not asking for you to support my business, however I am indeed asking for you to give me a ring if you fall into any situation that may require a lawyer. GREAT, YOU HAVE A FIRM, WHAT'S IT EVEN CALLED? My firm will be named, "Identity Crisis." Why? Because if you're calling a lawyer, you are clearly in a crisis. Also, the name is pretty catchy. WELL DIDN'T YOU APPLY TO BE A PART OF AEGIS SECURITY? Of course! However, who says I cannot protect your life, literally, while also turning around to protect your very investments and holdings?! WELL UH, WHAT TYPE OF CRIMES AND OR DISPUTES WILL YOU SETTLE? I am willing, and able, to defend (or prosecute) any and all disputes. Did your grandmother break into your house to bake you some cookies, but stumbled upon your stash of meth? I will defend that she had no right WHAT SO EVER to be in your house! What about your brother? Did he rob a bank, and conveniently use your car as the getaway vehicle? Well we can turn around and sue him all of his, "earnings" for grand theft auto! All in all, just give me a call if you're in a pickle. I'll be waiting at the phone... Patiently... Please do call, I need the business... Please? Regards, Sam
  9. Places to Sell Items

    PAWN SHOP: At the pawn shop you can sell player-made/rare items and get money for them, or have an event similar to Antiques Roadshow. There will be money arguments, like out of Pawn Stars. THRIFT STORE: At the Thrift Store you can donate clothes and other knickknacks, and they could go to charity or to players in need, or simply be available for purchase. The player in charge of the Thrift Store can decide what goes to charity or what stays at the store. I would very much like to see this, and not only would it add to the realism, but it would also give some poor/independent players a chance to make custom items and sell them as one-time items rather than paying a lot of money to have them mass-produced, and still make some cash. ONLINE: Players can sell custom-made items online, like shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other things to promote their business or cause, or just for a shirt with a custom design. This would work to add realism to the game, instead of just bringing up a menu or walking to a closet and making a custom shirt for free. Something like Etsy, to sell promotional content, or like Custom Ink to make your own shirt, or sell your design. Also, there would be an in-game website like Ebay for you to sell other items, too. There would be a wait-time for it to be delivered, and you can track it, too. This feature would be connecting to some other server that is storing ALL of the player-made content that is set to be public, or to be sold globally, so it would take time for some packages to be sent from one server to another. This would be a really cool feature, in my opinion, for it allows more content, more community, and profit for those who are selling their items. An analogy would be the Stock Market for GTA Online, where players from ALL servers are interconnected to the Stock Market, and their actions can affect what stocks go up and what stocks go down. This "global selling" feature could possibly be available for official servers only. BOOTHS AND FLEA MARKETS: This is a simple way of selling items, similar to my other suggestions, but it is only in a certain location, or at an event. You can bring your items to a Flea Market, set up a table, put it on display, set prices, and sell. Whether produce or shirts, or game consoles or phones, this would be a great way to get rid of stuff you don't need and make some money, too. If you made it to the end, congratulations! Here is an emoticon -
  10. STOCK MARKET FOR IDENTITY < > Creating a Stock Market in-game is something which I personally and I think many others, would appreciate as it is a large part of the economy which we live in today. Making it related to the actions that happen in game would make it even better, this may though be hard due to the fact that, there will most likely be a lot of different things happening at the same time. However it would make the game feel even more like real life, in my opinion. It could give people the possibility to learn more about one of the leading economic segments in the world. And if stock marketing in-game was made possible a further improvement of this could be, an application made for iphone/android, where you could invest and sell stocks on your phone IRL, I believe this would be something that many would find interesting. And for my 2nd idea if stock market was in-game, jobs as stock brokers could become a possibility, telling other people what to buy, and earring commission of what they sell.
  11. Gaming Hangout

    I want to know if i would be able to make a hangout business. A friend and i wanted to do this in real life. So i wondered if i could do this in the game, and how that could work sense i would have to be able to buy and place game item's around in a room like a shop but for people to play instead of buy. they could like buy snacks and such, but they pay for time on games. I was curious if that was something that could be done? However first i would need an estimate of games like board games, electronic games, and any other kind of games that will be in the game. If there wont bwe a lot of games in the game then i would say it wouldn't be worth it.
  12. Supply and Demand Hey everyone, I hope you are all as excited for this game as I am. This community is thriving and very friendly and supportive, so I have decided to write a quick overview of a market force called Supply and Demand, to help people who don't know much about economics learn. What is Supply and Demand? Supply and Demand is possibly the most influential market force in economics and business. On the surface, It's quite intuitive, honestly; and it has to do with businesses that focus on production and marketing. (For any business where you are selling something, this is important). Basically, Supply is the amount of product that your business has (and is willing to sell). Demand comes from the consumers, and is reflective of how "popular" your item is. (Or, more specifically: "An economic principle that describes a consumer's desire and willingness to pay a price for a specified good or service") How do they interact? On the surface, it might seem like Supply and Demand have a very simple relationship. However, it's not as simple as 'if one goes down, the other one goes up'. There are other variables that influence this trend. The two main ones are Price and Service (Quality). However, before we look at Price and Service, let's look at how Supply and Demand interact if Price and Service stay constant: High Demand + High Supply This is a very good outcome for your product, and will allow your business to grow and prosper. This means that you have a surplus of your product, but people want to buy them. This keeps the price stable, and allows your business to prosper, and your product to become more popular. This is great for any growing business, and what you should shoot for to start off, (Technically you can't really control Demand too much, without lowering the price, so if you want to make a profit, make sure you are selling something quality, that people will want to spend their money on). [IRL Example: Gasoline] (<-- People need it, and there is a good supply of it) High Demand + Low Supply This is most likely the ideal outcome for your product, but is a gamble, and also takes a long time to get established (Unless you are unbelievably lucky). High Demand and Low Supply allows the price of your product to skyrocket, guaranteeing you massive profits. It is true that you will be selling less of your product, but since the price is so high, you will make up for selling less of your profit. However, it is hard for something like this to get situated. I'll provide a specific real world example: Yeezys. This is a shoe brand that makes a small amount of their product when they are release, but sell them at ridiculous prices. However, the demand is so high, that the shoes sell out in seconds. The shoes most likely don't cost very much to make (although they are quite well made); however, due to skillful branding and marketing, they make incredible profits. Wait a second... You might be asking yourself; "If these shoes are cheap to make and everyone wants them, and they sell out so quickly, why doesn't the shoe company just keep the price the same, and make more of them to sell?" Well, if this worked, then the company that makes Yeezys would start mass producing them at extreme rates. The reason this doesn't work is because increasing supply will lower demand, especially if that product relies on being rare to have value. In this specific case, people buy Yeezys because it gives them a sense of class; their worth comes from the shoes themselves, but is amplified by the fact that not very many people have Yeezys. If suddenly more and more Yeezys are available for people to buy, more and more people will have access to them. The people who once thought they were a higher class because of the shoe they wore (which I think is asinine, but that's my personal opinion, and my friends say this is the main reason they buy expensive shoes), now see more people wearing Yeezys, and the worth decreases for them. This means that Demand will fall, and the company that creates Yeezys will be forced to decrease the price of their shoes for more people to buy them. Low Demand + Low Supply This is bad, like, really bad. This is how most small businesses fail in their infancy. The business doesn't have enough resources to create much of their product, so they are forced to raise the prices so that they can break even, and pay their Overhead (Overhead = What they paid to start their business in the first place). However, since they are forced to have high prices for their product (Which hasn't gained much popularity since it's new), the Demand drops, and the company is doomed to fail. The only way this can be fixed is to: (A): Drop that product and make a new one, that people will want to buy, and is realistically profitable; or (B): Drop the price of the product. This will make your company go into even more debt, but will give your product the chance to gain in popularity, subsequently allowing your to raise the price later. (This is very risky though, and can potentially ruin you even more). [Real life example: Rare, but useless metals, or materials] ((Sorry I couldn't think of something better, can someone comment below something with Low Supply and Low Demand that is prominent in today's society?)) Low Demand + High Supply If you thought Low + Low was bad, well, it gets worse. Imagine you start a business, and you pour a ton of money into it, to make a large amount of a product that you think will catch hold and have a demand. You are able to make a ton of your product, (which cost you a lot of money), but nobody wants to buy it. Now you are stuck with a large surplus of an item that you can't sell, (at a profitable price), and you are forced to sell it for a cheaper price. (Sometimes people don't even want it when it's cheap, and that is just a total failure). Price and Service and how they factor in: Price and Service factor in intuitively; If you increase the price of a product, Demand decreases, which increases the supply of the product, and decreases an overall profit of the product. (As in, the individual profit will increase, but the product as an entire whole will decrease, as less people will spend money on it). (Technically, only part of Demand decreases. The customer's desire to buy the product stays the same, but their willingness to buy the product decreases, and if you want to get really into it, the customer's desire actually increases as price increases, since people want to have something worth a lot of money, (Only if it is something of material value), However, this is getting too complicated for an overview, and I only know the basics myself anyways.) If the price of a product decreases, the Demand increases, however this lowers the supply of the product, and also decreases individual profits. Now for service (or quality); If the quality of the product is high, then people will want to buy it, and the price can be increased. However, if you are selling a low quality product, the demand will decrease (Unless it's fast food, which is an anomaly, and relies on other factors, that I will get into now). Other forces that are a variable in supply and demand Of course, Economics cannot be simple, and there have to be a ton of hidden variables in determining a product's success. These include, (but are definitely not limited to:) Marketing / Branding Convenience Necessity (These are the main ones, I can't think of any more right now, but please comment below and I will add them) Marketing Put simply, you could have the best product in the entire world, with a low price, and a desire from people to buy that product. However, if nobody knows about that product, nobody is going to buy it. This is where Marketing comes in. People need to know what you are selling, and you need to convince them that your product is great. This can be done in a variety of ways, and in the real world, marketing officers are paid millions of dollars to come up with advertisements, or even unnoticeable jingles or phrases, that secretly manipulate consumers into spending their money. (Example: McDonalds jingle; "da da da da da I'm lovin it", whenever you hear that, you think of McDonalds; whenever you think of McDonalds, you think of food. Now that you are thinking of food, you realize: "Hey, I'm pretty hungry, I'm gonna go take a stop at Micky D's!) Branding Branding is similar, but not really. Branding means attaching a name to a product that has significance. This makes a giant impact in the clothing industry. A shirt is just a shirt, but if it has "Calvin Klein" on the logo, it suddenly is worth more...(But is it? That's the power of branding, a name adds more "worth" to a product). Some companies also do this with celebrities. They will hire a famous person to rave about their product, and to be a star of their commercial (Subway is especially notorious for this). People watching the cartoon think "Wow, that person is my idol, and he likes Subway? I'm going to go buy 23 Subway footlongs to show that I'm just like Michael Phelps! (Michael Phelps has been in so many Subway commercials I have lost count) Convenience Convenience is exactly what you think it would be. Fast food is terrible quality, but it is cheap and convenient, so it has a high demand. Fast food joints added drive-thru's because they make Fast food even faster, which adds more consumers, and subsequently more revenue. Necessity Necessity is also exactly what you think it would be. People don't buy gasoline for their cars because they want to, they buy it because they need gasoline for their cars to run. This makes the demand skyrocket, and allows the demand to stay very high. (Gasoline isn't an ideal example, since you don't need gas to survive, so it's not a complete necessity. A better example is Food.) Basic food items, water, housing, etc. will always have an extremely high demand, since they are needed to survive. So that's it! Thank you guys SO MUCH for reading this, and even if you didn't, thank you for viewing this anyways Please comment below anything I can do to improve this guide, and if I was wrong about something, please correct me in the comments (I would appreciate if it was constructive), and I will do my best to amend this guide so that everyone can have a better understanding of Economics!
  13. Rigor Security and Investigation ™

    For the time being, the name "Rigor Security and Investigation" has only been created as a page to avoid being taken by other community members. I apologize in advance to any who may have wanted to work with / and or hire the given company. Thank you.
  14. Create a business

    Hello, I am French and I have 2 companies in the real world and I wanted to know if it will be possible to create his company? A service station that can be very handy for gameplay on your server Selling fuel for citizens
  15. Mode Française is a new luxury french fashion department company set up by myself. Here is our website with all the information of the company: Our Companies Basically the idea of our company is a luxury department store with lots of luxury clothes brands. Here is a list of a few of the real life companies produce that will be available in our store: Louis Vuitton Chanel Loreal Paris Bourjois Paris Dior Lacoste Mode Française (My Collection) La Fayette French Connection Givenchy Balmain Paris And Many More Brands! ---------------------------------- Our Types Of Products: Shirts T-Shirts Dresses Skirts Suits Wedding Attire Luxury Swim-Wear Robes Shoes High Heels Ties Jewelry Handbags Make Up Sunglasses And Many More Luxury Clothes. --------------------------------- We are currently looking for staff, here is a list of the available jobs, please reply or private message me if you are interested: Cashier (Estimated requirement of 10 cashiers) Make up artist (Estimated requirement of 5 make up artists) Security (A private company can also contact me about this) Store manager (Only 1 required at the moment) Executive Board (Won't be needed until the company expands) --------------------------------- Companies Assistance Wanted ----------------------------------- We are currently looking to pay companies for assistance with the creation of our company: A company to make our products (hand make all of our products), here are some examples: A security company (To manage our stores security). A transport company (to transport our products from the factories to our stores and to also deliver our products to peoples homes) ---------------------------------------- Thank you ---------------------------
  16. NOTE: THIS IS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO THE GAME NOT BEING OUT YET NOTE: This company is yet to be established since the game isn't out. All of you who want to participate will have to wait until everything is setup because of money shortages. Hello, everyone, I'm FunAsh16 the founder, owner, and CEO of Arachne Clothing. Our Focus is to bring quality clothing to the people of identity. We will be working with free-lance designers to create clothes for our store(s). THE PLAN Our current plan is to start small with only one store and expand from there. Our current model is that we will work with designers to design the clothes and receive a percentage (Exact % TBD) of what their item(s) sell. We are going to work with farmers to get the raw materials for a fair price and supply the manufacturer with the raw materials. All of the above will not be possible without some major logistics and the details on what company we will choose for our logistics needs is TBD. We MAY eventually have our own design branch which will include Arachne brand clothing and possibly jewelry. If we can succeed in this venture we may look into the development of body armor for police and other consumers. We will not intentionally deal with criminals on the potential body armor department. In addition to our designed clothing, we will sell more generic clothing at a cheaper price. OUR TENANTS: 1. Transparency: We will be as transparent as possible in regards to Where we get our raw materials from, Who our Business partners are, where we are manufacturing our goods, and who designs the clothing. 2. Quality: At Arachne clothing, we are going to provide quality products to our customers and ensure that they are happy with their products. 3. Reliability: We will be as reliable as possible for your clothing needs. OUR PRODUCTS Shirts Pants Skirts Dresses Jewelry We are looking for designers who are willing to put their clothing designs in our store(s) Legal aid: TBD Raw material suppliers: TBD Manufacturer: TBD Security: TBD Logistics: TBA Logo: Link to forum post: Current Designers in store: @Breezy121 Logo: Link to Forum Post(s): Breezy Brands in Store: Keys Bank(s) We use: TBD Thank you for taking the time to check us out. All graphic designs you see here were made by @Broken_Exodus. Props to him for the ~8 hour process of going through multiple designs before landing on the final design. He's a personal friend of mine so please don't spam him for requests. DESIGN PROCESS (in order from oldest to newest) All names are nicknames I gave them initial design "tribal" feel somewhat realistic spider fancy v1 fancy v2 gothinc v1 gothic v2 gothic v3 pre-final final
  17. Hi all, my name is Francepourlavie and I am currently looking for a business that can help support and supply my campaign. I will pay the business to create merchandise, paint vehicles with the logo of my party (Front National), set up the stages on my campaign tour, organize my schedule and many more jobs. If you are interested feel free to reply to this thread.
  18. Heya, my question might seem strange... just haven't seen ans Topic on my matter yet. Ok so: Will it be possible to own a "Stripclub", yet without nudity I guess since Sex in Game is not possible if I informed myself correctly
  19. hows it goin fellow identity supporters, mostly im just wondering if anyone knows if ill be able to open up a business, and then use it as a front for illegal activities whatever those activities might involve do yall think we will have the freedom to do things like that. Further more if any gangs would be interested if it is possible please hit me up id like my rule in the organization to be somewhat of a pacifistic or enforcer if you will not really get in the front lines but help run behind the scenes such as store fronts or supervising various sites we have going at the time im a numbers man, and always have been so just from the numbers side i believe i have something to bring to the table plus a good idea. hopefully we can look forward to a very profitable healthy relationship. Look forward to hear from you guys, thanks.
  20. Business and Art Careers

    Hey guys! I would like to know more about how careers work, mainly business and art careers. Is there any development for business careers such as stockbroker, trader, CEO and store owners. I also want to know more about the art careers. I know painting through a canvas was unveiled in the Identity player housing videos. But can you can build an art store and have your own art studio like Andy Warhol. Also, can you purchase a studio or your own small office. Thanks!
  21. Lawyers?

    So, Ive been thinking of different things and how to go about running them AND ways to do business that... may or may not draw less heat from the authorities. I was curious on the idea of Judges and Lawyers? Ways of going about making LEGAL in-game contracts. Things of that nature. Is this going to be a thing? Now I am also not sure if anyone brought up these kinds of ideas so sorry if I just repeated something already put down.
  22. Business

    Can i create a corporation of computers? Like Apple, Nokia, Samsung and many others, or in other areas like bank, tourism, Airlines?
  23. Old Glory Shoes™ At Old Glory Shoes™ we make the finest and most authentic shoes in Identity Career Choices designer: 4 slots customer relations supervisor: 1 slot retail associate: 5 slots advertising department: 5 slots quality inspector: 1 slot Contact me if you are interested!
  24. Hello everyone, I'm opening up a Peter Luger's SteakHouse. I will need waiters and chefs. If you want to try out for the position please PM me. You will get paid $10 per in-game hour as a waiter and $20 per in-game hour as a chef. Help needed!
  25. Old Glory Shoes™

    Old Glory Shoes™ At Old Glory Shoes™ we make the finest and most authentic shoes in Identity Career Choices designer: 4 slots customer relations supervisor: 1 slot retail associate: 5 slots advertising department: 5 slots quality inspector: 1 slot