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  1. i see many people have been claiming businesses already on the forums, would i have to also announce my business here on the forums first? also for example can i open a business similar to someone else and we compete?
  2. Truck Logos

    If I had a business, and I were to, for example, have a few stores around the country and I needed to deliver items to the stores, in a truck, would I be able to have my company name on THAT truck? Would I be able to have my company name on the store as well? Thanks for reading :3
  3. Hey there! The game sounds awesome, and I can't wait for it!  But, I read that you can be a judge and such, and decide on people's fate in jail..... That got me thinking of Saul Goodman, from Breaking Bad, the series I am currently addicted to. He doesn't lie, but he does clever work to get people out of jail. Would this work at all for me? Also, who determines the laws in the game? Thanks for reading, and bye!
  4. Multiple Careers (Crime & Business)

    I may have misunderstood things, but will there be a way to have multiple careers at once? For example, if I wanted to have a crime organization, but be able to own other businesses as well such as a mining company, would that be possible? It seems as thought there is a linear path, career-wise. Like I said before, I may have misunderstood things or looked over something but if not, I believe that this would be a great inclusion to the game.  
  5. Touff's Transport Company   Hello and welcome to my presentation post for this awesome company that you could be an essencial part of...   Pre-requisits: -16 year old or older -Can invest at least 1 hour - 2 hours minimum ( This aplies to guards in particular but we will not enforce 6 hours of work to anyone ) -Follow our moral code -Be polite and respectful   We'll most likely be using this forum for taking custumers if the shop is empty. For private requests PM someone who's active as well   NOTE: This company is yet to be stablished since the game isn't out. All of you who want to participate will have to wait until everything is setup because of money shortages.   Touff's transport company My hope with this company is to set up shop somewhere in the main city where we arrange meetings and deals. Then have warehouses through out the map to make quick deliveries to our various customers, which can request to transport ANY type of cargo ( no questions asked ). This company will require someone who can manage the shop ( doesnt have to be there 24/7 but he/she has to check in every once in a while ), drivers (depends on how many trucks we can afford ) and guards watching the werehouses ( again they can do whatever they want but they have to check in on certain periods of time maybe set up shifts ). All employees are allowed to increase their income with "tips" from customers unless it's required to harm the company for said compensation. Main assets as listed above would be a main building, 4 trucks minimum and 2 werehouses minimum. Prior experience is not required Criminal records don't affect our judgement at the time of hiring people   Managing the Oceania server Corporation:             -Johnny M.   Drivers: - MADDXBOSS   - ricat16 -The Purring Lion       - Available Guards: - Available Manager: - Available Higher up positions yet to be discussed   Driver: - The main responsability of this one is to get the cargo safe from point A to point B. -The risk of players trying to hijack the truck will be there and if you want this job you'll have to be able to carry weapons and use them if necesary. - You'll be paid for every shipment that arrives safely to the destination. - The amount of money you get per day depends on how many trips you do as mentioned above. Guards: - If not enough people apply for this job an external company will have to take over this position when no guards of our own are online. - There will be shifts where the players designated to it have to stay within the werehouse building area. - Guards will receive payment at the end of each shift with a minimum of one shift per day if you are online of course. Manager: - This person will have to arrange meetings and deals with all potencial custumers that present a high value of interest which is directly proportional to the cargo and status of said custumer. - Also the manager has to check in to the shop every few hours. Then its free to do as he/she pleases. - Paychecks are delivered at the end of each day. He may also pay other co-workers such as guards and drivers. (Each paycheck will vary depending on how much succesful jobs are taking place) Owner: As the owner I will be making sure everyone gets paid and make sure our company doesn't collapse on it self searching for extra income for all of us if we have a rough day at work. - My priority is to pay you all and keep this company around.   NOTE: All details about the different jobs are open to change -including payments- due to unknown ingame mechanics that may wreck the business model (if there is any)   Priority customers: - Donaldson & Guns - Famtiano family   Listed above are several companies/organizations that will be the number #1 priority and will have dedicated services such as personal trucks and contract flexibility. Please note that not all customers will be in this list but we as a company want the best quality of service given to all customers. In the next couple of days I'll be releasing a default contract that each new customer will have to agree to its terms in order to experience the best quality service.     Thank you for your time! We'll be waiting for you!  
  6. Small Business Owner

    I know we got #corps in the game, but could we have small business ownership in the game too? like a bakery, or maybe someone wants to own a music studio or label. I think it would be ideal, because then people from the "real world" would, i would think, like to put what they do in a digital format. Annnnd with this money thing, I think that the currency we use in the game should be able to be converted into real cash outside the game. Especially if your going to be selling stuff, you would want the user(s) in the game more than usual developing there business. just my thoughts.... i know that there are other types of small businesses available out there to put in the game.
  7. ✖          KYVEX INC           ✖ //  ABOUT US  // Kyvex is a high-quality mechanic industry. We focus on putting the customer's service first. Our president, SummitsEdge, and our vice president, Kryptonix have both been working very hard to make this company is. The company was founded by both SummitsEdge and Kryptonix in 1956. Ever since then, they have worked long and hard to make Kyvex what it is. Some say our mechanic work is like a drug and we take that as a compliment. Unlike any other mechanic company, we try to have connections with our customers. We get to know them. we hope that some time you will come stop by and have a chat with some of our amazing mechanics.   //  APPLICATION & HIRING  // Kyvex is currently hiring employees for its company. If you would like to apply for a position, please message the president or vice president of the company. I'm sure that they would be glad to hear from you. If you'd like any more information on the company or have any questions concerning the applications feel free to message any of the workers, managers, or staff employees. A list of the company ranking is below. Ready to fix some cars?   //  COMPANY RANKING STRUCTURE  // President: @SummitsEdge [MAX1] Vice President: @Kryptonix [MAX1] Chief Executive Officer: N/A [MAX1] Chief Operations Officer: N/A [MAX1] Chief Financial Officer: N/A [MAX1] Board of Directors: N/A [MAX3] Managers: N/A [MAX5] Workers: N/A [MAX∞] Drivers: N/A [MAX∞]   //  RANK DESCRIPTIONS  // President: The president handles all operations in the factory and company. He/she is the final chain in all decisions made by the company. Vice President: The vice president handles all operations while the president is away, and also helps make final decisions on the company. Chief Executive Officer: The CEO handles all business operations. He/she handles all business opportunities, decisions, and choices. Chief Operations Officer: Handles most operations. Supervises choices, decisions, and takes over for CEO when he/she is away. Chief Financial Officer: Handles all financial decisions, he/she also manages financial issues, financial choices, etc. Board of Directors: The BoD handles issues with the company. Managers: Manages the factory and employees. Supervises all things in the factory and store. Workers: Workers can do anything from managing the cars, fixing the cars, selling the car parts, etc. Drivers: These players drive the cars/parts/etc from the store to the destination.   //  REMINDER  // If this business could not exist in the game, the company will be changed to something else (i.e. Jewelry store)    //  TERMS OF SERVICE  // The customer is always right - We will deliver to anywhere - We do not release any customer information - Every employee must follow the chain of command if any decisions are wished to be implemented - If you fail to pay for our service upon arrival the authorities will be contacted   //  INVESTORS  // dInvestors will always get 5% of the profit. All investors are listed below, if you'd like to invest in our company please message the president, vice president, or CFO.   Company Name: ----- Company Name: ----- Company Name: -----    
  8. What will your company be?

    Title explains it all really --If you have any other questions/ categories just suggest it and I may add it - the list is looking quite bare currently--  --Also i'm not sure if this belongs in here or in general so feel free to move it there-- Company Name: What will It do/make/sell?: Ideal Employee Count: Main Assets:  --Vehicles, equipment, buildings etc-- Example of logo: --Either insert an image or its link here--
  9. Jobs & How they function

    So I was thinking about different jobs there could be and as I thought more about it, I came to this conclusion: Sure we could have a list of jobs like any other game might have, but how do you make it more specific? more unique? Herein lies my idea: Make different jobs have different content available for players to use. For example, say there is a barbershop or hairsalon job. The only way players could change their hairstyles and change their hair types is to purchase services by a player who's job or business is a barbershop or hairsalon. The player who runs a barbershop or hairsalon as job would gain a job tree that makes it so they can provide haircuts and hair styles to the rest of the population. Just my first thought on it. The barbershop was just a simple example... but this idea could be applied to many different jobs and make them more relevant and useful to players that don't want to just stand and chop wood or something... nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice What does everyone else think?
  10. LPU - Lawyers and Loans

    Welcome to the LPU, What you are about to read will be happening whether we are in or out of office. Lawyers A lot of the city will be going to jail at some point in their lives. This can leave a very bad impact on their records. To help save you from these troubles we have created a Lawyer Firm. We have a team of highly trained Lawyers (All have been taught and taken through tough training). Whether it be for pity crimes or mass murders we are here to help. Follow the link to our website for prices and more! Loans The loan system works differently. We allow any loans to be taken for a specified amount of time. When the loan is paid back we will add a 10% starting interest and then 9% for every day starting then.  e.g A 10K  loan is taken for 10 days the expected return price is 26K However a loan can be paid back before the date specified and you will only be charged the amount needed for the amount of days you borrowed for.
  11.                                                                              Donaldson & Guns -We supply the protection-                                                                             [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Check out our new website! [--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]     Our Goals   At Donaldson & Guns, we strive to supply the best source of protection one could ask for. Our firm provides protection to any and all, seeking the protection of a firearm. Donaldson & Guns is a completely legal firm, with no holdings in crime or any other form of illegal activity. Every firearm and weaponary produced is of the highest standard and factory new.   About Us   For 15 years Donaldson & Guns has produced the highest condition of firearms and weaponry for Government run organisations to simple shop owners. Our weapons and ammo are manufactured in a top tier factory, where they are precisely designed for maximum efficiency. Once built, they are stored and shipped to any destination the buyer requires. Accordingly, Donaldson & Guns guarantees perfect condition of all weaponry and firearms to be delivered swiftly and safely, or your money back.         Our Services   Pick the firearm of your choice: Every firearm can be bought at Donaldson & Guns. If the customer needs advice on firearms or weaponary, the experts at our firm can assist you in the selection.  Select modifications, if any: When purchasing from Donaldson & Guns, anything about the firearm can be changed, from the colour down to the type of grip on the weapon.  Pay for the firearm: Once the firearm has been crafted, if with modifications, then the customer will pay on the day. No credit purchases can be made unless specified otherwise from a manager or owner.  Delivered to any location: Once all transactions have been processed, the firearm can be delivered if the customer would like it delivered. The firearm may also be picked-up from the Donaldson & Guns' store.        List of Confirmed Weapons in Identity     AK-47: The AK-47 is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union. Even after almost seven decades, the model and its variants remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles in the world because of their substantial reliability under harsh conditions, lower production costs compared to contemporary Western weapons, available in virtually every geographic region and ease of use.     Colt M4A1: Throughout the world today, the Colt M4’s reliability, performance, and accuracy provide joint coalition forces with the confidence required to accomplish any mission. Designed specifically for lightweight mobility, speed of target acquisition, and potent firepower capability - the M4 delivers. The M4 can be comfortably carried, yet be instantly available to provide the level of firepower, dependability and accuracy of a 5.56mm rifle.     Beretta M9A1: The Beretta M9A1 evolved from the base design of the battle-tested and proven M9 pistol, with input from military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Developed to meet the demanding requirements of the U. S. Marine Corps, the M9A1 incorporates the established reliability and performance of the M9, with added features needed for the ever-changing missions of peacekeeping forces.     Glock 21: Remarkable for its accuracy and light recoil, the Glock 21 delivers the legendary stopping power of the .45 Auto round with a 10/13 round magazine capacity. Countless law enforcement units swear by the G21 pistol, and that's why this powerful, lightweight, all climate workhorse is standard issue from the North to South Poles.     Benelli M4 Super 90: The Benelli M4 was the first gas-operated shotgun that Benelli manufactured. Weighing in at 7.8 pounds, the latest Benelli M4 tactical shotgun fires a 12-gauge round. With a barrel length of 18.5 inches, the Benelli M4 has an overall length of 40.0 inches. Its high degree of maneuverability and its durability are what make the Benelli M4 a popular choice of military and law enforcement members around the world.   Taser: A Taser or conducted electrical weapon is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International. It fires two small dart-like electrodes, which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver an electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing "neuromuscular incapacitation". Colt Python: The Colt Python is a double action handgun chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge, built on Colt's large I-frame. Pythons have a reputation for accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and a tight cylinder lock-up. Desert Eagle: The Desert Eagle is fed with a detachable magazine. Magazine capacity is 9 rounds in .357 Magnum, 8 rounds in .44 Magnum, and 7 rounds in .50 Action Express. The Desert Eagle's barrel features polygonal rifling. The pistol is primarily used for hunting, target shooting, and silhouette shooting. MP5: Probably the most popular series of submachine guns in the world, it functions according to the proven roller-delayed blowback principle. Tremendously reliable, with maximum safety for the user, easy to handle, modular, extremely accurate and extraordinarily easy to control when firing – HK features that are particularly appreciated by security forces and military users worldwide. AR-15: AR-15 rifles are lightweight, gas-operated, magazine-fed and air-cooled. They fire an intermediate cartridge and are manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. The design splits the rifle into two major components: the lower half, containing the trigger and buttstock and the upper half, which contains the bolt and barrel. This approach allows modular replacement of components. Mosin Nagant: The Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882–91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations.       Career Opportunities   CEO:   Andrew Donaldson   Head of Delivery Services: Undecided   Head of Manufacturing: Undecided   Head of Security: Undecided     Legal Aid: Clout PLLC Law Firm   Individual Manufacturers: Undecided     Please PM if you are interested in a position at Donaldson & Guns         Leave in the comments which design you prefer. Thank you.   Design 1:                                   Design 2: Design 3: Design 4:   This article is not complete and will continue to be updated. Thanks for reading.   Andrew Donaldson CEO of Donaldson & Guns            
  12. CLOSED

    WE ARE OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO NO-ONE BEING INTERESTED AND I DON'T SEE ANY PROFIT COMING OUT OF IT.   Our mission is to provide the citizens of Identity a reliable postal service.   WE ARE NOW HIRING!  LOOKING FOR ONE CHIEF OF DELIVERY AND 5 DRIVERS! PM ME IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THE JOB!   What we'd like to do - Here at MPS we'd like to partner with companies such as Keys High End Apparel, Winston's Tailor, etc. We would also like to provide players with a way to send their friends items, mail, or anything of the sort across the map without having to walk all the way if they cannot afford a car or simply do not feel like driving.   RATES FOR CITIZENS: Depending on the distance you need us to travel to get your package delivered, Short distance: $50 Medium Distance: $85 Long Distance: $150 **NOTE** These rates include the distance to come to your location to pick up the item, and to bring it to your recipient. **NOTE** PARTNERSHIPS: Monthly Rate: $2,000-$2,500 (Depends on how many items we ship for you, PM for more information) Yearly Rate: $23,000 (Again, Depending on how many items we ship)  **NOTE** If you are a newly starting business with low funds, we will cut you special deals. **NOTE** If you are interested in partnering with us, PM me and we'll talk business!   ANY AND ALL OF THESE PRICES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, AS THIS IS ROUGHLY BASED OFF OF WHAT I'VE HEARD THE ECONOMY WILL BE LIKE.     ~Terms Of Service~ As of 12/12/16, if you are a well known criminal, your cargo may be checked to make sure we are not distributing illegal objects.  Any deliveries that are not paid for will be reported to the authorities. If nothing is done about it within the 2-3 days, we will be taking personal action on the matter. If you still do not pay for your delivery, we will seize something of yours, and depending the price, this may be your freedom.  **NOTE** Any citizen who simply cannot afford the delivery they ordered will receive a fine of $120-$300. Any CORPORATION that cannot afford their partnership rates will either be cut off and/or fined. **NOTE**
  13.   Identity Trade Organization Our Mission     Identity Trade Organization is a welcoming organization of businesses in Identity with the goals of developing trade with each legal business of Identity, to ensure smooth and predictable trade. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, conduct their business with like minded individuals. As a result, members of the organization will experience increased business growth and economic improvements. We will hold monthly meetings and decide on business matters to ensure the economy continues to flow.         Initiatives     ITO is currently working aside with ASC in order to provide aid for new entrepreneurs interested in starting up their own company. After applying with a private message to DrivenMuffin with title, "ITO Application" describing why you would like to be a candidate in our initiative as well as some ideas for a business you would like to achieve, and I would be glad to get back to you.     Apply Now     The only requirement to be eligible to apply is that you post a thread regarding a business good or service in the business thread on the forums here. If you would like to be a part of the sole international representative for business in Identity, please private message me with title, "ITO Application" describing why you would like to join and briefly your company description and motives and I will be glad to get back to you.            
  14. I was going through Pinterest and I stumbled across this beaut of a site. If you plan to be involved in the clothing design scene in the game or are already in it in real life, I'd recommend checking this site out. You won't regret it.   Also, while I'm at it, why don't I just plug the Identity business Discord server.
  15. So, I was scrolling through the forums and I saw that someone said they would be starting a Connivence store.   My question is how much money would it cost to start something like that? Does anyone know?   Also is it possible to start things like fast food restaurants, clothing stores, malls, etc.?   Thanks in advance,         Capped 
  16. Trucking company

    I would love to have my own trucking company and be able to by a shop garage to park all of my trucks and trailers. I want to be able to buy a property like that and buy a few trucks and trailers to store at my shop and my shop would have its own garage to repair the trucks and fuel up. I would also love to have Peterbuilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner trucks to buy. I would like to be able to buy a refer trailer-for food and produce, a dump  trailer-for the rock,stone,sand etc. a grain hopper trailer- for grain at the farms, a livestock trailer- for animals at the farms, a tanker trailer- for diesel,gas,oil, and water and a flatbed trailer- for hauling cars,trucks,lumber,crates etc. It would be like American Truck Simulator. But I would want it in this game because its like real life and I could own a one room log cabin in the woods as my house and live there and own my trucking company and everything would be wonderful. link to American Truck Simulator (   )
  17. Welcome to Up'n'Down and all around downtown cab ( U'n'D aaa DC )  This taxi business will be focus on getting citizens all around Roseport but not to other cities through highways as that is the job of a coach and not a taxi however, we will probably move the business to Turtle beach so I would own 2 headquarter locations one for each city. We will employ people who are good drivers and are very committed to their job and we'll employ people who actually enjoy driving around. We will give employees shifts so there will be a night shift and day shift jobs up for grabs. The day shift will have a payment of around 200 an hour and the night shift will have double. Employees can choose to have this as a part time job or a full time one. If you choose to work part time you won't have to work every day but you will only get paid for the days you do work and I lf you work full time well you'll make a lot of money. Its your choice.  We will want approx 30 driver 20 on day shifts and 10 on night shifts you can choose. I will be the owner of the company and I will probably be the first driver. I will add more info when the game comes out because then we'll know what you can do in the game and what you can't do when owning a taxi business  If you want to be employed put your character names down and put what shift you would wanna do. Oh and if you can tell me why you wanna work as a taxi driver and why should I employ you Thank you. NecroIgy
  18. NOTE: THIS IS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO THE GAME NOT BEING OUT YET   NOTE: This company is yet to be stablished since the game isn't out. All of you who want to participate will have to wait until everything is setup because of money shortages.     Hello everyone I'm willbk4 the founder, owner, and CEO of Arachne Clothing. Our Focus is to bring quality clothing to the people of identity. We will be working with free-lance designers to create clothes for our store(s).   THE PLAN Our current plan is to start small with only one store and expand from there. Our current model is that we will work with designers to design the clothes and receive a percentage (Exact % TBD)  of what their item(s) sell. We are going to work with farmers to get the raw materials for a fair price and supply the manufacturer with the raw materials. All of the above will not be possible without some major logistics and the details on what company we will choose for our logistics needs is TBD.  We MAY eventually have our own design branch which will include Arachne brand clothing and possibly jewelry.  If we can succeed in this venture we may look into development of  body armor for police and other consumers.  We will not intentionally deal with criminals on the potential body armor department.  In addition to our designed clothing We will sell more generic clothing at a cheaper price.   OUR TENANTS:   1. Transparency: We will be as transparent as possible in regards to Where we get our raw materials from, Who our Business partners are, where we are manufacturing our goods, and who designes the clothing. 2. Quality: At Arachne clothing we are going to provide quality products to our customers and ensure that they are happy with their products. 3. Reliability: We will be as reliable as possible for your clothing needs.   OUR PRODUCTS Shirts   Pants   Skirts   Dresses   Jewelry    We are looking for designers who are willing to put their clothing designs in out store(s)   Legal aid: TBD   Raw material suppliers: TBD   Manufacturer:  TBD   Security: TBD   Logistics: TBA Logo: Link to forum post:   Currrent Designers in store: TBA Logo:  Link to Forum Post:     Bank(s) We use: TBD   Thank you for taking the time to check us out. All graphic designs you see here were made by @Broken_Exodus. Props to him for the ~8 hour process of going through multiple designs before landing on the final design. He's a personal friend of mine so please don't spam him for requests.     DESIGN PROCESS (in order from oldest to newest) All names are nicknames I gave them initial design "tribal" feel somewhat realistic spider fancy v1 fancy v2 gothinc v1 gothic v2 gothic v3 pre-final final     
  19. So About Corporations...

    What exactly will be available in terms of becoming a CEO. Is it just a few preset business options or is it entirely customizable. I want to be the CEO of a very high-class designer business producing designer attire and furniture etc. Can I make a designer watch, sunglasses, pens, suits, drinking glasses and chairs or am I forced to own either a delivery company or a manufacturing company.  I also wanted to own a law firm, now I know this is possible and I plan on using it as my goal if the above is not possible but if it is possible, can I own both a law firm and a designer empire? Can I be an investor and achieve large shareholds in multiple businesses? Can I own multiple businesses alone? Another question is can I co-own a company? Can me and a friend have a 50/50 ownership deal on a corporation or is it just one owner? With this comes the idea of their being a chain of command. Can I as a founder appoint a CEO, a head of department(s) etc? Can I even have multiple departments such as design, manufacturing, HR, marketting etc? My final question is to do with leaving a company. Should I as a leader decide to resign, can I appoint a new owner and take on different opportunities while my company is still running in the hands of someone else? If I own 60% of a company, can I sell 50% of my equity and leave the company while keeping an equity steak of 10% to keep an income? Thanks in advance.  
  20. I. How difficult will running a business be? In depth, paying bills, running specific operations, required missions, basically what all can we expect from running a business. II. How many business's can we run? Can we run however many we can handle, like in real life you can't functionally handle a dozen business's without business partners running each business for you, and you taking commission just for backing the company. III. Will there be stock trading? Some form of realistic trading, investing in a friends company that you feel like will grow in the near future, will you get in trouble for insider trading? Which is basically what I just said in the example above. Investing in a friends business because he tells you it will be coming out with a new revolutionary product in the upcoming future. IV. Will you have to pay taxes on a business? This one is pretty self explanatory but will they be income based or will we pay taxes per item sold. Something like sales tax payed by both parties. Buyer and seller.    If anyone has any further questions comment down and any I think are amazing ideas I will edit it into this post along with credit to your username
  21. Touff's Transport Company   Hello and welcome to my presentation post for this awesome company that you could be an essencial part of...   Pre-requisits: -16 year old or older -Can invest at least 1 hour - 2 hours minimum ( This aplies to guards in particular but we will not enforce 6 hours of work to anyone ) -Follow our moral code -Be polite and respectful   We'll most likely be using this forum for taking custumers if the shop is empty. For private requests PM someone who's active as well   NOTE: This company is yet to be stablished since the game isn't out. All of you who want to participate will have to wait until everything is setup because of money shortages.   Touff's transport company My hope with this company is to set up shop somewhere in the main city where we arrange meetings and deals. Then have warehouses through out the map to make quick deliveries to our various customers, which can request to transport ANY type of cargo ( no questions asked ). This company will require someone who can manage the shop ( doesnt have to be there 24/7 but he/she has to check in every once in a while ), drivers (depends on how many trucks we can afford ) and guards watching the werehouses ( again they can do whatever they want but they have to check in on certain periods of time maybe set up shifts ). All employees are allowed to increase their income with "tips" from customers unless it's required to harm the company for said compensation. Main assets as listed above would be a main building, 4 trucks minimum and 2 werehouses minimum. Prior experience is not required Criminal records don't affect our judgement at the time of hiring people   Managing the Oceania server Corporation:             -Johnny M.   Drivers: - MADDXBOSS                - ricat16               - The Purring Lion               - Available Guards: - Third party corp. (most likely) Manager: - Available   Priority custumers: - Donaldson & Guns - Famtiano family     Thank you for your time! We'll be waiting for you!
  22. Today we publish the first Identity Insider update, bringing you detailed information about key systems in Identity. Our website has expanded with a small page detailing corporations and their classes, also available below:   Corporations in Identity You've made a lot of cash working odd jobs, or maybe even the odd less-than-legal task; now that you've had a taste of success, it's time to forge an empire. Corporations will allow the successful with a little extra cash to become driving forces in Identity's dynamic economy. Corporations are organizations similar to, but separate from, gangs and other social structures. They have the added ability of owning assets and issuing work orders to their real-player employees. Some assets, such as the largest cargo trucks, are available only to corporations. Once formed, the corporation is assigned a telephone number for public contact and the director (owner) can build a logo using an in-game design tool. It's then time to hire a staff and get to work. Classes of Corporations Delivery Delivery corporations can buy large vehicles for big hauls, vehicles not available to the general public. While any player can deliver goods in vehicles such as vans, to get the big-bucks you'll need to join a corporation. Legal Let's face it, crimes happen and criminals are going to be arrested. They'll need someone on the outside to convince the jury that they did nothing wrong. This is where legal corporations come into play, and their services aren't always cheap. Transportation People need to get from point A to point B and they don't always have the means to do that themselves. Transportation corporations own special vehicle assets including taxis and more, helping those in need get where they need to be. Manufacturing From the shoes on your feet to the sofa under your seat, almost everything in Identity is built and crafted by other players. Manufacturing corporations give their employees access to a wider variety of constructables and resources, for a cut of the profits. Always Expanding As with most things in Identity, we at Asylum will constantly be expanding this system adding new classes of corporations and building on those already available. Identity's release is only the beginning. If you have any ideas for a well-suited corporation class, let us know on the forums.
  23. Prestige Motorsports™ is a company dedicated to full-filling all your vehicular desires. We have been providing the hard working citizens and especially the high class of Identity for the last 12 years. Ranging from small compact economy cars for the everyday worker to luxurious and fast cars for the high class executive and government officials, our inventory at Prestige Motorsport™ is anything but boring. And don't worry if you can't afford to pay cash for that new ride, WE OFFER IN HOUSE FINANCING!!! Just make a quick down payment and pay the rest off over time. We have plenty of positions available for those who have a burning passion for cars so apply TODAY!!! Hierarchy: CEO: DeFalt CFO: Wizard2894 Head RR: SilberDrachen893 Detailers: Nydz   Current Open Positions: Head Sales Manager (will need multiple): This position will require you to supervise a small team of sales representatives. You will also be the one to deal with executive high-end clients or clients who wish to do a private transaction/purchase.  Sales Representative (will need multiple): This position requires someone who is quick on their toes and ready to be as convincing as possible in order to make that sale. Remember, your paid off of sales commission so make sure you observe the client but DON'T make the client uncomfortable by being to eager and over engaging. Offer the clients some coffee from our complimentary food bar and then see what they may be interest in. Detailer (will need multiple): For someone who loves to be around cars and needs quick money, this position is perfect for you. All your required to do is keep the cars in the show room looking clean and ready sale and prepare the cars for pick up by its new owner. Receptionist (will need multiple): As the receptionist all you simply required to do is greet incoming customers as they enter the building and take incoming calls from clients. Repossession Representative (will need multiple): You will be the one who goes out and locates cars that have payments past the overdue limit. You will be granted a tow truck from the dealer and will have to  1. Locate the vehicle  2. Retrieve/Tow the vehicle 3. Return vehicle back to dealer. Will be paid a bonus for every successful repossession.   To Apply: Please contact DeFalt at anytime or reply below with your name, desired position, and any prior experience.   © Prestige Motorsports™. 1964-2016 all rights reserved
  24. Music Industry

    Hello, I would like to start off by saying I'm new to this forum. I'm looking forward to this game ALOT! The thing that I am probably most interested in doing in this game is becoming a musician. I have a few questions and ideas to improve this career type.  Questions: What instruments will there be? Will there be a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) in-game? How will music be distributed? Will there be a top songs chart or something along the line? Ideas: I think it would be really cool if people where able to record/produce songs of different genres, rap, pop, EDM, rock, and be able to send it into a record label. This would give people more opportunities to start up businesses, since the labels will be player owned. It would also be cool if the record labels could distribute these records to the people in-game. If a player sells enough records it would be cool if they got an item to put on there wall like a platinum record or something along those lines. Allowing this means you could set up charts to see how sold the most records and so forth.  (This would create a whole new industry that the government could tax so the city funds will go up.) Festivals could also become a cool player driven business. Where a player would buy a plot of land and set up a stage and every month or so (When ever they want to do it) pay artist to come up and perform sets. There could be an admission price and this could end up making a lot of money for many players. TL;DR I would love for there be an extensive music industry in this game.  
  25. Hello everyone! ( I searched for some topics relating to these questions but I couldn't find anything that completely answered my questions. Sorry if there is something - I must have just missed it ). I have some questions regarding owning a clothing store in Identity. Would we be able to have player employees work for us? As my friends really want to work at my clothing store lol! ( Seriously they keep bugging me about it ). How would we make the clothes? I'm assuming we make them or at least order them but I'm really not sure how it would work. Would we be able to 'hire' players to be models for photos in the shop? Like above, for example, a summer dress you would see a photograph of a player modelling that dress. Same with advertising. Do we purchase buildings, that are obviously available to purchase, and then decorate them to our liking? Could we also have music playing in the store because oh my gosh that would be amazing   This is more of a store question in general but anyway : how would purchasing stuff from a player owned store work? Would you actually go to the till? If yes I'm curious as to how the purchasing would work  . I mean like would a menu come up? Or would it be like, for example, GTA where you just purchase it from a pile of clothes?. I personally hope it's not the last idea   I think that's all my questions.. again sorry if these have already been asked! Just so excited for when the game comes out  ( For those wondering my store would be called Pandora's Box - and apologies if the ' isn't meant to be there I'm half asleep atm so yeah  grammar and me don't work ).