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Found 2 results

  1. Advertisements on Vehicle's

    I just want to see what the community thinks about my idea. I got this idea because in England we have bus' and well they have advertisements on the side of them e.g. showing new/ latest films, and more products. I just think that this would allow for business' paying bus companies for advertisement space for a set duration. This gives a lot more chance for people to see the adverts as the bus' are moving around areas. Guys what do you think and give your own ideas.
  2. I will be starting a bus company!

    I will be buying a bus as soon as I can to start my company and I will buy a lot to store it. I will have it as my day job and will connect the cities with reliable public transport. I will start with a city and and then will hire and buy more buses for different routes, I will make sure I get hopefully all the cities connected with transport making my bus company known all around. I am not sure at the minute what the company will be named, I only have one idea so far which is: Lucky Buses Anyone got any ideas for what a cool name would be? I might just TFI - Transport For Identity Please comment on what you think and with your ideas and thank you for reading/ and giving ideas in advance ps. if you get picked with the best idea, I will give you free transport for x amount of time in the game. Some buses i hope i can buy: also coaches: Happy Gaming and see you in Identity.