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Found 4 results

  1. How can I become a Insider? How can I access to alpha or beta? I don't wanna paid for early access.
  2. Yesterday afternoon, for another Identity Insider, we've released a video detailing the workings of player housing in Identity and what it has to offer at our present point in development. This gives you a good idea of the level of fidelity we're going for in all of our key systems, and more videos will follow as we continue. Housing was chosen for our first video as our initial focus in development is for features present in the upcoming Town Square module. If you haven't already seen the video, check it out above. Housing as you've seen in the video is an excellent place to hang out with friends, but it has a lot of good practical uses, too! First, housing is the primary storage location for items you've collected. Whether it's a bookshelf full of books, a gun-rack with wall-mounted guns, or a crate full of junk, it's sort of like a bank for tangible stuff. Housing is also valuable for moderate crafting, too. Some advanced recipes might require a factory, but a lot of stuff can be created at your home using special crafting tables. A hydroponics table can even be used to grow small-scale plants, legal or otherwise!
  3. So in regards to the thread created here: I thought it would be appropriate to make a thread for suggestions on new classes so I guess I will start. I am not sure if these classes are the only actual predetermined options someone can make their company, but assuming that is the case, classes should be generalized to fit the owner's creativity. I believe the class system should be restructured like so to represent what an economy would run like in a mixed economy. Again, I understand that this is a first-look at what corporations will look like and yes it is a hard copy which is why its a good idea to discuss Service Business: A general class involving servicing clients with a contract-based feature that will allow owner's to quote an order for essentially anything a customer wants and then both parties would approve of the agreement. An example of these services could be delivering 5 crates of shirts from point A to point B or having a car repaired in a body shop. While on the opposite spectrum, orders can be made for accounting firms and law firms as well. Merchandising Business: This will be the most common type of business in Identity and is the foundation of any economy. The method of buying and selling products higher than their purchases costs to turn a profit is what this type of business is all about. Examples of these include: Convenience stores, resellers, or car dealerships. Manufacturing Business: This type of company will have the intention of making new products to showcase on the market, and will sell to merchandising businesses in bulk to get money faster but also because it is very cheap for them to manufacture the product the more they make. Hybrid Businesses: Of course not every business are classified under one specific branch. Many companies join two channels of distribution into one in order to work more efficiently to produce a final product / service. Examples of these are restaurants where they manufacture food and sell it as a meal to consumers. As one can see these channels of distribution set each other up for a great-looking and proven economy that runs smoothly. I am interested to see if different types of forms of business ownership will be introduced, or if corporations are the only option. If so, how would you all like to see it play out? Do you think adding sole proprietorship, partnership, etc. as options will be beneficial? Thanks for reading!
  4. Today we publish the first Identity Insider update, bringing you detailed information about key systems in Identity. Our website has expanded with a small page detailing corporations and their classes, also available below: Corporations in Identity You've made a lot of cash working odd jobs, or maybe even the odd less-than-legal task; now that you've had a taste of success, it's time to forge an empire. Corporations will allow the successful with a little extra cash to become driving forces in Identity's dynamic economy. Corporations are organizations similar to, but separate from, gangs and other social structures. They have the added ability of owning assets and issuing work orders to their real-player employees. Some assets, such as the largest cargo trucks, are available only to corporations. Once formed, the corporation is assigned a telephone number for public contact and the director (owner) can build a logo using an in-game design tool. It's then time to hire a staff and get to work. Classes of Corporations Delivery Delivery corporations can buy large vehicles for big hauls, vehicles not available to the general public. While any player can deliver goods in vehicles such as vans, to get the big-bucks you'll need to join a corporation. Legal Let's face it, crimes happen and criminals are going to be arrested. They'll need someone on the outside to convince the jury that they did nothing wrong. This is where legal corporations come into play, and their services aren't always cheap. Transportation People need to get from point A to point B and they don't always have the means to do that themselves. Transportation corporations own special vehicle assets including taxis and more, helping those in need get where they need to be. Manufacturing From the shoes on your feet to the sofa under your seat, almost everything in Identity is built and crafted by other players. Manufacturing corporations give their employees access to a wider variety of constructables and resources, for a cut of the profits. Always Expanding As with most things in Identity, we at Asylum will constantly be expanding this system adding new classes of corporations and building on those already available. Identity's release is only the beginning. If you have any ideas for a well-suited corporation class, let us know on the forums.