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  1. When my tapeworm moves out
  2. Def using trash cans for my drug deals
  3. Did you type all this!?damn.. Thanks for the info tho
  4. Tbh I think it's really shitty how close they say there are and make us wait next dev blog for s release date of s release date for something that should be out. And we have to wait 4 more months..and it's not guaranteed. They better be showing a shit ton of gameplay in these four months.
  5. Still though, we have to wait 4 more months for the module that should have been out already by now its ridiculous. Especially since this is only a social module, no jobs or crime..
  6. March 2018 egg, am I the only one pissed it isn't coming this year next month or something?? And tho is an estimate
  7. watch the release date be in December or next year
  8. ah ok thanks, hopefully I can buy a couch bed cause im cheap asf
  9. Jk not about release date but Anyone know if you can buy a house with someone else (both pay for it) and both people being able to enter while the other is offline with full access?
  10. Welcome to the community bb
  11. change "full game release option to "Next gameplay footage or Town Module
  12. Was just playing some altos life on asylum trying to make some money, u buy a boat and do a few oil runs. I accidentally put my boat away at process so I was stranded there for 10 minutes until this really nice guy offered me a ride to a atm and garage.After 30min of farming oil and some rubber, as we are nearing the bosr shop the guy fucking turns into the wall to far and the boat blows up and I lose all my stuff. Idk why I'm posting this just thought something similar to this happened to someone else
  13. I5 4590 Gigabyte GTX 1070 16GB DDR3 Z97X- Gaming 7