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  1. Ikr, I was hoping this blog would have estimated dates on the release of the module or atleast the video but nope.
  2. Yay can't wait
  3. Today's stream they said they are finishing up the interiors on one building and re doing the customization system and then town square will be basically good to go. And a new combat vid coming up, all it needs is a couple more animations finished.
  4. @Genesai wierd just checked and this livestream is not on the twitch channel.
  5. ikr @Orbiit
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/19d04202c4ee6e9c0e53c969f8835958.mp4 From today's stream the dev Papa beans showed us
  7. Some will also get you hooked
  8. SHIT I didnt know it was an hour ago i was waiting till gaming hour
  9. Welcome to the community!
  10. Glock 19, Custom AR-15s, Double barrel shotguns.
  11. Should I be worried roleplay is one of the lowest..
  12. Yeah we need a new video, or the module
  13. Yeah I agree but we could at least get some short videos regularly showing features of the module, or stuff like tons of screenshots and them actually changing the progress bar.
  14. An average citizen/ sort of thug type guy who smokes weed everyday