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  1. Hyped

    im so hyped for them to keep pushing it back!
  2. One delay to much

    I hope everyone refunds after this delay, not worth anyone's time waiting on a module that will keep getting delayed until the studio goes silent about the game
  3. Called it

    I actually thought the devs would release the module months ago but now i have lost all faith in this game, not worth anyone's time. I hope everyone gets refunded and the devs realize what they've done
  4. refund while you can, the devs keep pushing the game back and have had people waiting years for this game and the 1st module isnt even out
  5. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    Lol they delayed to April, this is why people think this shit is a scam. Stop pushing the fucking release back, holy shit. We keep having to wait and wait for the new release dates and right before it hits "oh unfortunately we have to delay but we will post more media" bullshit. They should already be posting as much as possible. I don't know how anyone could not lose faith in this game and refund this is just sad.ill be in a retirement home before TS is out
  6. Sad to Admit I Am Dissapointed

    ikr so dissapointed I have been hyped for a video like this, looks like they thought "Oh shit we were supposed to post the video today, lets just hop on and make a 2 minute video"
  7. I feel the same way, they also keep delaying the video that was supposed to be out 5 dev blogs ago when they said "its pretty much done just finishing up a few animations" I wouldnt be as dissapointed if they showed us gameplay but they havent even done that..
  8. They keep saying this is only an estimated release date they think it might be ready by, and if it isn't I hope everyone refunds. They still haven't given us n ee gameplay, sure they have design streams and some concept art but for a release date 4 months from now it's not good enough
  9. when is it coming out

    When my tapeworm moves out
  10. Identity Stream Notes 11/14/2017

    Def using trash cans for my drug deals
  11. Identity Stream Notes November 7th 2017

    Did you type all this!?damn.. Thanks for the info tho
  12. Thoughts on the release date?

    Tbh I think it's really shitty how close they say there are and make us wait next dev blog for s release date of s release date for something that should be out. And we have to wait 4 more months..and it's not guaranteed. They better be showing a shit ton of gameplay in these four months.
  13. Town square estimated release date!

    Still though, we have to wait 4 more months for the module that should have been out already by now its ridiculous. Especially since this is only a social module, no jobs or crime..
  14. Town square estimated release date!

    March 2018 egg, am I the only one pissed it isn't coming this year next month or something?? And tho is an estimate
  15. Dev Blog Tomorrow Confirmed

    yo the hype making me HARD asf