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  1. Sewer System?

    That's awesome, I loved the sewer system in GTA and avoiding the cops by going into the vast underground tunnels
  2. A large part of this game will be the combat. The "Cops and robbers" aspect of the game will be one of the main parts and in my opinion the most exciting, especially with all the cool, detailed weapons they're adding.
  3. Here are the stream notes for Identity's twitch stream on November the 15th. Remember - Certain elements are subject to change, especially specific numbers, etc... Drugs in Town Square? This is not planned for Town Square, even for tasting them. They should be added later and the effect you get off heroin will be different to coke, and weed etc, and all will be very different to make. Signatures Any item that is crafted in Identity, you can see who crafted it in your inventory. Weapon Racks You can have weapon racks in your house to store and showcase your guns. Same applies to books on a bookshelf. All items can be brought into your house and placed around it and left there. This can be a big brick of cocaine on the shelf, or empty beer cans on the desk. Furniture Inventory Houses have furniture inventories. When you buy furniture, it is delivered to a house and put in the furniture inventory. Drivers who are players deliver furniture. If no one can do it or it takes over an hour, it will be auto-delivered. Sketchbooks There will be a sketchbook that you can draw in. SWAT & Bank Robberies Bad guys form a party, which is a temporary group. This party is used to initiate this event and different events require different size parties (Most things can be done solo). The event will be instanced and the amount of people in the party relates to the amount of police in the police response (more criminals means more cops are called in). SWAT will be normal cops and in an event they will have their own area to deck out themselves in SWAT gear then go into an event to catch the bad guys. When the event is over, your SWAT gear disappears and you go back to being a standard cop. SWAT will have its own progression, so SWAT will have different bulletproof vests, MP5's, MP4's, fibre optic cameras for looking under doors, flashbangs, smoke grenades and more! Police Chases There will be roadblocks, spike strips and generally cops will try to ram criminals off the road. Bounty Hunters Bounty Hunters will be civilians but with the power to arrest criminals. They will be tasked with finding criminals and will have a method which shows you the general area the criminal is in and you have to go there, look around and try finding him, subduing him, handcuff him and take him in. Then you will be rewarded. Servers You can rent your own server, but you can not host private servers. Tax will be on items, you will not be taxed every month/year. Only the governor can change tax. Shooting Whilst Driving The driver will not be able to shoot at all. Passengers will be able to shoot forward but not directly back in order to make chases more interactive and so you can't easily win against a single cop in a car when you have 4 armed people in a car. Real Estate Real Estate is player controlled as you can list houses for prices you want, and an automatic system will show the house and price on a real estate app you can look at. Apartments will be bought from AI. Report System There will be a reporting system on official servers for things such as harassment, or trolling. This will likely result in a temporary ban. On community servers, owners can make their own rules and punish accordingly. Motorcycle Customisation You can swap out parts, and change it cosmetically quite a lot. Cooking The Devs are looking to add cooking later on. You will add different ingredients like cooking in real life and combine them in different ways and orders to make different foods. Films In Town Square There will be public domain movies (older movies) in the cinema. Server owners can set a playlist of movies to show, select times for them to start and put commercials in between films. Apps The devs want to add an app later on after full release to check out in-game stats, such as bank balance, etc... Official Servers On official servers some characteristics will transfer from official server to official server such as character appearance. Money/cars/vehicles will not. Shooting Range The Police HQ will have a shooting range to practice your aim. Prison currently has a max time of 45 mins. There will be lots of things to do in prison, including gang fights. You can get gang tattoos in prison that can only be achieved through gang violence. If you enjoy prison, once your sentence is over you can stay, and leave whenever you want. Escaping Prison There will be both Prison breaks (outside friends coming to break friends out) and prison escapes (leaving from inside). [The following is not decided on yet and is VERY open to change] Community Servers If a community server's population buy microtransactions (which will only be cosmetic)/the server is very popular, the owner could get discounts on the cost of the server to give back to community makers. Special thanks to the Developer Jade for hosting this stream, and to the whole team who did a giveaway of the Motorist package on identity and 1 other package. The Link to the VOD of the twitch stream is here:
  4. Here are the stream notes for Identity's twitch stream on November the 14th. Remember - Certain elements are subject to change, especially specific numbers, etc... A gameplay video is confirmed to arrive before 2018 They have previously stated once they have finished the UI, nothing will stop them from pumping out gameplay videos constantly to show off Town Square. Town Square is always 89% as on the next update it will be updated to 100% and they don't want to bother doing small % updates since everyone knows the release date. Musical Instruments and radio stations will be available in Town Square, later on in the Town Square module, but not at initial release. The Stress System does drastically reduce damage - even a shotgun shot to the back of the head will not instantly kill a person when he is on 0 stress. This is to really push anti-RDM (randomly killing people) as that was one of the biggest problems in Altis Life and in Official servers, there will not be policing or staff to really prevent this problem. On top of this, there will only be official servers until full release (quite a bit down the track) so it is important to get RDM under control. The stress system will also apply when hit by cars - with low stress you will just ragdoll. Map Size will be 225km squared. Grenades and other explosive weapons will not be in the game. SWAT will have access to stun grenades. Shops can sell really anything. Anything you can have in your inventory can be sold in shops that players run. Ingame Lottery will be a thing, as a way to (with low chances) make quite a lot of money. There will always be the same fixed chance of winning. Pets: Pets are being looked at as a house companion after launch. They also said that maybe further down the road, pets will be able to leave and be a part of the real game. Nudity won't be added as it adds nothing to gameplay. Car Insurance: Pledge cars have a lifetime insurance, but with normal cars, you can get a variety of insurance plans when buying it and these can change how fast you get your replacement car and more things. Cars will look like real brands, but will not have real brands due to copyright issues. Gang HQ has collective storage to store weapons and share items amongst gang members. A gang HQ can be a members house/apartment or a shop/bar one of the members own. Resolution settings and other will help make sure it isn't too hard to run. Console: UI and control schemes are developed to be console friendly. Console will not come soon, but it is a plan for later on, after PC launch. There will be a huge variety of police cars and you will have to buy different ones yourself with own money as a cop. Detectives will have other abilities that other cops won't have, such as the ability to better wind out identities to see who committed the crime. For those with Founders package and below: Base money you start with is 1000$ at the moment. Pledge money gives you extra. You can use hotels at the start as a free house, whereas those with Apartment packages will have one, to begin with. The devs are adamant there will be no helicopter as they have too large of an impact on the game. They remove lots of interaction and the Devs don't want dozens of people flying over the cities. Grind: A small, licenced and legal handgun will not require too much of a grind to get. A rust bucket car will also only take a bit of a grind, but to get high tier guns and sports cars you will need a fair grind. The game will be controller friendly for those with controllers. Trash Bins will be functional items in Town Square and on the map. One player can put an item in them (usually trash) and other players can take it out. Yachts can function as a house in the sea as it has storage. There will be dingy, boats and yachts which you can store in the dockyard and treat them as a mobile home. They are not instanced like normal houses and so have very little customisation. Certain things in the world will be breakable, but most will not be. Bikes will be the cheap, early on method of transportation for most. At first Town Square won't be localised into regional servers, but later on, servers will be. In community servers, owners will be able to customise servers in most ways. They can disable or change the stress system and do far more. The Devs do not want customisation of base game mechanics that will change the game from basically becoming another game. Next Dev blog could be sometime towards the end of the week- but could take a bit longer as the team is very busy (one member even has a baby on the way!).
  5. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here and I hope to see you in March for Town Square Remember to check out all the Dev Blogs and that FAQ for info on the game, and to join the discord
  6. Here are the stream notes for Identity's twitch stream on November the 9th. Remember - Certain elements are subject to change, especially specific numbers, etc... - Game play videos is in the works. Previously the Dev team was running an old version of Unreal Engine, but this week they are merging the game and upgrading to the latest version. UI is a top priority right now. There is also a vehicle physics video planned soon, but it cant be done until engine merge is finished which should take around a week. - There will be lots of weapon attachments including a range of optics, flashlights, compensators, etc... There will be no very long range optics or silencers as this would make murder too easy of a task and promote RDM. By making murder an automatic wanted level and police report, it makes murder a lot more important and discourages RDM, whilst also promoting jobs such as assassins who will take the risk of the murder. - Your civilian life is very separate from your cop life. You will join the server as a civilian and can go to the police station to clock in as a police officer where you will be allowed to join depending on the servers max number of cops allowed at one time. You can own a corporation and be a cop at the same time through this system. - There will be character creation, but it will be limited in certain parts to avoid unrealistic characters being made that ruin Role play. - Town Square Features: An Art Gallery (you can Paint pictures in your house and take them to the gallery to submit them. If it is accepted everyone who goes to the gallery around the world will see your masterpiece. - Karaoke bar, Chess and other board games should be ready for Town Square and more board games are planned for later on. Later on you will also be able to have your own chess sets you can take to your apartment. - Town square has been a total redo artistically since early kickstarter concept art. - To vote for your governor you will have to go to a voting booth which will be in city, usually in high population areas such as Town Hall. Whichever Governor pays more gets higher priority in the voting list (basically if your campaign fund is more you will be high up in the list of candidates to vote for and so will get more votes out of the hundreds of applicants that will be in the list). The same applies for billboards, where more money means higher billboard priority. - Marijuana business will be easy to run, where you simply have to find it, pick it, process it and sell it. The same can not be said for other drugs. Meth will be much more complicated to make and can be dangerous to make (for example you need to wear appropriate clothing. With Coke you will need to stomp the leaves, process the product with gas, etc... All the drugs were very researched - John spent days "researching" these drugs. - Kidnapping: You can restrain people with zip ties, and you can then force people into the back of your vehicle. There are special animations for throwing people into back of cars. - There will not be helicopters or planes in Identity as they remove interaction. - There will be Debit cards (which can't be stolen). They are for convenience purposes so you don't go to a shop to realise you are 23$ short and have to go back to an ATM. They will not accepted everywhere, such as in illegal areas. Someone asked: will detectives have access to debit transactions? Not planned yet but they will take it into consideration as it would make carrying cash (though risky) more useful for criminals. - You can get containers and fill them with drugs, weapons and other items and transport them by vehicle. - Pledge cars will have a lifetime insurance. Stealing cars is a touchy subject at the moment as vehicles with insurance could be duped if you stole a car and could take it for yourself. - Mechanics have the ability to repair vehicles. You can get called out to repair someones car and then you can tow it back to work on it, or replace a wheel there and then. - Trains will be AI run going cross map at high speeds. You can walk around the interior of the train while they are in motion. Busses will be player run and can be run by corporations. - You will need to refuel your cars quite regularly as they want this mechanic to be realistic. - You can go to the gym to improve physical attack stats (i.e. punches) but it won't change character appearance (how muscly you are) as they would have to make different sizes of all clothes for all physiques and there are a huge amount of clothes planned for the game especially seeing that players can make their own clothes. - Pledge rewards won't come with a drivers licence, but they will be easy to get (more like a tutorial video and game play scenarios such as getting tickets to teach role play and the realistic driving mechanics which should be a 5-10 mins task) Police can revoke your drivers licence for reckless driving. - Corporation logos can be branded on clothing to show something is authentic. - When you create a shirt you can have a decal on it (such as a logo or a graphic) and then you can choose clothing material, patterns (stripes, circles, checkered, etc...), colour each part of pattern, rotate patterns - variety is endless. - There will be a 2 seat Harley styled motorcycle. - You can wear 2 layers of clothing (shirt and jacket for example). - There will be tons of Easter eggs and little things that the map has to offer that can be found. The Devs really enjoy adding pop culture elements, and items such as (examples they named could be implemented) big foot in the woods, UFO's in the sky, etc... - You can make/drink coffee. - If you kill a corporation leader nothing really happens. The corporation isn't lost but it can be a show of rivalry. - You can't take clothes off bodies but can ask for their clothes in robberies. - Rain will effect road conditions. This mechanic is really based on the tyres your car has. Your car can get multiple types of tyres for different conditions. -RV's can switch between meth labs and drive-able vehicles, but you can't cook meth whilst driving. - Vehicles will despawn after around 45 mins. Link to Twitch VOD:
  7. Murder being auto reported brings a good amount of risk to prevent RDM, and it creates really useful and fun job opportunities such as assassins
  8. Well, it is a system where you won't just die if too far away from civilisation to get food, but it serves a purpose.
  9. International Waters

    Hasn't been stated, but they said If they add DLC it will add new islands, and you will use airports/ports to travel from one to the other, so potentially You can go to the beach for a swim though if you want
  10. Yeah I am hoping to do more summaries of the Dev streams in the future. Unfortunately on phones the bullet points don't appear aswell But I'll make sure to space it all out next time! Edit: Spaced out big wall of text
  11. No problem, thought it would be handy to those who didn't see the stream / don't want to watch a 1 hour vid for all the info
  12. Redund

    Try contacting @Beach_Ball and maybe he can find the payment, but I'm afraid there may not too a lot you can do without the receipt. Are you sure your account was charged any money? Try searching in your email for emails from PayPal around when you bought the game
  13. Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys learned something off of this. Remember; if you have a question and no one can answer it, the Devs stream every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-5pm EST. So don't be afraid to ask them! Full Stream Video Link: