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  1. Account Support FAQs

    No. The tracker below needs to be completed first before the first module comes out. http://www.identityrpg.com/info/modules/townsquare/#tracker
  2. Account Support FAQs

    The game is not released yet. Stay tuned into the Dev Tracker.
  3. Possible Refund

    @HahaImGayplease shoot Beach_Ball a message and he can look into it for you.
  4. Refund

    @ArDvIcK I hid the transaction ID. Beach can see it, I just did not want someone else having access to it.
  5. Steam release?

    All I can say is what I’m told, and that’s what I said. But like the others have said the game is broken into bits and it won’t likely be for sale through steam until everything is out. From my understanding is that the steam platform is being used to access the modules not as a source of purchase. We will have to see though. From what I’m told the steam side will be ok for when they are ready.
  6. Discord

    You were not banned you were kicked. You were given MULTIPLE opportunities to pick a profile that does not trace back from to hate speech. Nazi symbols, “white power”, commenting how great Hitler was. After I explained to you that community members came forward about it you attempted to justify your reasoning. You changed temporarily then changed it back to an image that relates to the Nazi movement. Again I gave you the opportunity to change it to something more appropriate, which you again disagreed it wasn’t inappropriate. Then after all that you wanted to be allowed to switch it to an image of Hitler. This is the reasoning for your kick. Asylum prides itself with providing ALL users a place that they can feel welcome, unharassed and not be subjected to hatred from 1933. You are welcome back to the discord but your images and behavior are not.
  7. Steam release?

    What I’m saying is that everything steam related will align with when it’s time for it to release. This is what I’ve been told.
  8. Steam release?

    @HAWKgame is there, just hidden from public view until it’s ready for the two week lead time.
  9. Steam release?

    @Citybuild122 Sorry for the delay! I talked with Paratus and the “coming soon” page will be live when the tracker is at a point where they believe the remaining tasks will be completed along side with those two weeks so once everything is wrapped up it will be good to go.
  10. What age bracket do you fall into?


    No. Your forum name is separate from your in-game name.
  12. How long?

    You will have plenty of time to pledge. As of right now there was a delay. Please see the announcement section for more details.
  13. Steam release?

    Yikes I missed that lol. I’ll ask @Paratusand see what he knows. I’m sure has everything set up.
  14. Question about Paying

    @deepofficer71the game release has been delayed. Even after it is released you will have time to purchase to participate. If this does not answer you question feel free to PM me.
  15. Steam release?

    The game is on Steam but is hidden until release, so the game has already been accepted. Do you have a source you can post for the timeline of the “coming soon” page requirement? I’m just curious, never heard that before. According to this it’s not a requirement, they simply say “you can” make a coming soon page. https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/coming_soon