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    No. Your forum name is separate from your in-game name.
  2. How long?

    You will have plenty of time to pledge. As of right now there was a delay. Please see the announcement section for more details.
  3. Steam release?

    Yikes I missed that lol. I’ll ask @Paratusand see what he knows. I’m sure has everything set up.
  4. Question about Paying

    @deepofficer71the game release has been delayed. Even after it is released you will have time to purchase to participate. If this does not answer you question feel free to PM me.
  5. Steam release?

    The game is on Steam but is hidden until release, so the game has already been accepted. Do you have a source you can post for the timeline of the “coming soon” page requirement? I’m just curious, never heard that before. According to this it’s not a requirement, they simply say “you can” make a coming soon page. https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/coming_soon
  6. Cars usable in town square?

  7. Access to TS module with the $15 pledge?

    CITIZEN Get your passport for access to Identity when completed and released (pre-order). Become a citizen! ------- You will need the Founder package to access TS Module.
  8. Town Square trailer?

    - You will receive notification in your email that the steam key is available. You will log in to your account and there will be an option to obtain your key. You will then go to steam and activate it. Once activated you can download and begin playing. The Town Square module is slated for April 23rd (Monday). During today's stream Motown stated if there is any issues he will make sure the community is in the loop.
  9. 5 days ..

    Ecop- not sure what you meant by someone was harassed by mods in the last stream. I was the only mod that was there. I know there was some confusion of people asking if another player was a mod. The only “drama” that took place was a player demanding that the developers show the Unreal Engine development to prove the game is real. Identity has provided video and soon a hands on experience of their progress. This was addressed with player by Beach, myself and other members of the community. As you can imagine certain things are not streamed due to Copyright protection. If at any time you feel someone were to be harassed by a moderator please reach out to Beach Ball.
  10. Need help please

    Did you provide Beach this information? Or what needs to be completed to resolve this?
  11. Requested a refund

    @mrfunnnhas this been resolved?
  12. Need help please

    @Decidehas this been resolved?
  13. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the party!