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  1. Weekly Hopes #1

    I tend to play games for years. I will make Identity my home base.
  2. I'm talking about adding features to this game to bring in millions of players like Runescape. The value of getting an at game experience with fellow alumni/fans is well worth the fee. Apples to Oranges compared to sitting on your couch watching alone. My tech friends could develop this in a week, it would be very easy to do. Instead of booting trolls with three votes each person could just have a mute person option.
  3. Sorry you are all wrong. This concept is sound and broadcasters don’t care where people see the content if it brings in more money. I’ve made millions in the technology world. You can stream games on an iPad with the ESPN app. Putting that stream in the theater would not be a challenge.
  4. To draw in millions of players in the USA, cut a deal with the Power 5 NCAA broadcast partners to live stream games at a special town theater screen. Players will pay $10 (real cash via a pay now button) to enter, half goes to Identity, half to the broadcasters. A search for "Ohio State "will tell you when to show up to see the game with other Ohio State fans!!! A search for "Alabama" will do the same etc. It will be like a virtual tail gate party!! All fans must agree that if they enter as a troll it only takes three votes by others in the theater to evict you with no refund. Eventually you can build stadiums and sell out a 300 person section at the 50 yard line or half court line. The game can be time delayed and virtually recreated in 3D!
  5. Who or what will you become?

    It looks almost evenly split between police and crime which is great news.
  6. Hi! Just joined :)

    Welcome to Identity!
  7. I want to know where you all stand. Again

    In for $500.00 for over a year and I'm 110% behind the dev's.
  8. its been a week

    They are half way finished with the listed tasks and no new tasks have been put up. (bugs have gone up one but those must be added) They eliminated one from gameplay though.
  9. Hello from Saudi Arabia

    This will be quite the international game!
  10. Hello Thinking Of Buying

    Prices will go up after the module release so get in now if you like saving money.
  11. Bonjour de France

  12. The New Website

    I agree, the tracker is moving along very nicely. The few weird doom and gloomers are just trolls.
  13. Showing people around your pledged apartments?

    I have the $500.00 apartment just to be clear.
  14. Showing people around your pledged apartments?

    I have no problem showing my apartment to interested Men and Woman of Identity after it's decorated. Just look me up after the release.