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  1. When you go to bed ingame, the time will not pass quicker. It will be 3 hours day and 1 hour night. The Day/Night-Cycle can be adjusted on private servers.
  2. That was the question. Why don't you do it? GVMP already has a good community base and you could profit from it. Also the Project then could have a unique name instead of just "identityrpg". Me personaly think it is very brazen to register the same domain as identityrpg just with nearly all available big top level domains like .net and so on.
  3. @Jefferson As i can see in the imprint of your website your site belongs to the GVMP Community. Why don't you run the website under the GVMP Flag? To call this project "Identityrpg" and register 5 domains for it like the original domains is not the way to do it. I whould highly recommand to change the name to something unique.
  4. Sure thing
  5. As far as i know Paysafecard cannot be used with paypal. It's very complicated to load your paypal balance with a paysafecard. (It's possible but you loose money and have to register on betting sites to "convert" the paysafecard money into paypal balance)
  6. Yes, there will be a tow truck for players occupied by the mechanic job to provide roadside assistance. Unfortunately, players will not own or operate vehicle repair shops themselves, but they can take a job working for one to earn money, and be notified of nearby vehicle accidents, as well as recieve calls from players requesting roadside assistance. Those who wish to tune their vehicles will be required to visit a tuning garage to upgrade parts of their vehicle.
  7. With PSC he means Paysafecard. It's some kind of prepaid card you can buy nearly everywhere and pay anonymously. Long story short: He cannot use it to buy Identity
  8. Long story short: No. Only PayPal is available right now.
  9. Short answer: No ETA for the release of the first Module yet.
  10. No, this is not needed this time
  11. racing

    There will be a Race Track on the Map. Not a specific Drag Racing Track.
  12. Hey @aikabwee, as soon as there is a release date for the town square module you know when the prives will rise. Yes, you can buy the 15$ package and upgrade for another 15$ to the second package. Just visit the shop site again while logged in and the shop will show you the upgrade possibilities.
  13. Haha you're right. fixed it
  14. hey @FiftyNine, there is no release date for the new website yet.
  15. temporarly technic problems? Your website was offline for month now. Also like @monokoi said the legal information are missing. It's also obvious that many members registered at the 24th of november 2015. Are these bot created users? cause many have no profile pictures and bot like names. Or it seems that you imported the database of what the forum was before it was identityrpg.net Regarding the name i whould highly recommand to change the name to something unique and don't use "identityrpg" as domain like the official game does.