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  1. **I am in NO way trying to attack the devs nor Identity itself.** I was watching this video earlier and what this Youtuber (Yong Yea) was ranting about reminded me a lot of Identity and it's devs. The game Yong Yea is talking about is called "Unsung Story". It started out as kickstarter game (like Identity) game back in 2013. Watch the video and let me know what you guys think. Do you see similarities between Identity and Unsung Story? Will Identity become another Unsung Story? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHo0ggtIthQ Again, I'm not trying to attack the devs nor Identity itself. Please, diehard Identity fans, relax for a bit.
  2. It was funny actually. It's just that most people are so uptight. We all know Identity should come out before SpaceX. Lighten up... Anyway, let's not argue and end it here.
  3. I think everyone is misunderstanding this post. This post isn't attacking the devs. It's just a joke. Jeez, lighten up people...
  4. That'd be pretty cool. It'd be cool if players could create hairstyles or custom content like the Sims games.
  5. I know you can watch Twitch.tv on your tv (correct me if I'm wrong) but can you choose who you want to watch or will it be on a set streamers?