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  1. Revising the Prison and Judicial System

    Yes the developers have said it on stream in the past, that you can choose to either stay or leave the prison at the end of your sentence. They won't have it real time, they are keeping it login time and well also 45 mins is max but is for testing purposes and is subject to change. They also won't have it where you can get a life sentence as it is a game and some people will just never return because it ruins there fun.
  2. How "Stress" could work

    Stress System: The Stress System is the games anti-RDM (random deathmatch = randomly killing people for no reason) system. What happens is everyone has a stress level, and if you stress is low, you take less damage, and high, you take normal damage. When you pull out a gun, you instantly get high stress, and when one is aimed at you or you are near a fight, your stress will slowly rise. This helps you to fight back and try and get the advantage on a gunman by using the stress system to your advantage.
  3. Here is what specifically they are working upon; Also the announcement which was made yesterday on Stream. I hope this helps, even though it is a small bit of information!
  4. Best to state it as your opinion, I know it is but how do new comers know? They won't until they go and tell others. I know you was just answering about what you think but just be on the safe side and state somewhere it is an opinion and not official.
  5. The whole map/ island will be in the Beta after all 3 modules. Don't spread false information, that is your opinion. @Worldraider Concept art but it is something:
  6. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    The visual change don't always happen when it gets updated, because the work/ progress made might be a lot but might not warrant a visual change.
  7. It's come a long way

    You should be good for TS! but we will know when the steam coming soon page gets up, for minimum and recommended specs are for it. (Remember "TS" is a small piece of the game and won't need as much power to the full game!)
  8. In the game no, they are not allowed and will be removed!
  9. Scope of this game is too large

    A big team can deliver more than a small team in a smaller time frame of time but a small team can deliver the same but in a larger time frame. The funding is also a big issue but it will grow for this team and the team will grow too.
  10. When ?! - info on this page
  11. When ?!

    My answer was Beta. Which is the answer to when you will be able to try out careers etc. Then I put the rest as to how far from Beta we are e.g. Number 4 is when you will experience it as I said before putting the list of what we will have access to until the full game. Sorry for my bad explanation and that was not clear.
  12. Guns

    Yes and no, Assault rifle's will be available however they will be super rare/ expensive, they will still be available to citizens.... There won't be any sniper rifles indeed and pistols will be more common than any bigger weapon. There will also be shotguns as well too. There will not be High powered rifles. However, Assault rifle's will be available but rare
  13. I don't believe that will be an option as it is a unique car. It is too early to say and everything is subject to change.
  14. New method of Payment?

    When the new website is out, there will be other payment options, however you won't be able to buy the game on steam until Full game release. Not sure which options will be available but 1 possibly could be a paysafecard.
  15. Questions

    1. Official servers will basically be in English, Private servers can choose/ make the server a particular language. 2. Nothing concrete but as far as I am aware, you cannot be corrupt, because if you don't do tasks then you won't get paid and so the criminal must pay some hefty sum to stop people arresting. 3. No, you can't take loans out from the bank.