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  1. You can kiss if both parties do it or something to make sure both agree. I would also guess hugs would be a thing. I have to doubl check that kissing is planned and that, I will try get an answer for you.
  2. submarine

    Submarines likely not, but you can go diving in the Sea to explore/ treasure hunt in ruins and caves etc.
  3. Guns will be hard to come by / will be very expensive to manufacture and then it will be down to the people to deal them/ sell them how they want, e.g. with a shop or through the streets.
  4. I don't understand how the rules are changing? The rule of refunding has always actually been this: Yeah, they will stop refunds likely once after the 1st module releases but it is a donation you have made and so they are actually being nice by giving refunds in the first place, in which they don't have to. Please email: [email protected] for a refund!
  5. It could be possible free form but I am not totally sure. You can just maybe expect it to be both but it might just be one or the other. I will try find the answer out for you guys.
  6. Firstly, Beta is not the modules. Secondly, the first module is due out now and the devs are not trying it for quarter 1 2018. Beta also is not going to be in the first quarter of 2018, because the 3 modules need to be complete and they also will need to add more things after all 3 modules have been released. The first module was pushed back already, causing all the modules and the Beta + full game to be pushed a bit back while there is no new ETA on the Beta because we need to wait for all 3 modules to be done before getting that new ETA. I just thought to add that I know the devs are working on more than just the modules as I am one of the first people in the community to get information.
  7. Having 3 hours day and night is un-realistic. In real life the night time is less than the day time generally and so it should be like that in the game. (While also private server owners will have likely that chance to choose how long day is and night also but I am not entirely sure on that and so take it as my opinion which is no confirmed.) In the game it is called the intranet and yes it is confirmed with Laptops etc, but not confirmed for phones.
  8. No ageing, gyms won't be functional until after full release but it is planned to happen but not before/ early on.
  9. Graffiti will be in only designated areas of the game world.
  10. suggestion

    Hey there, I can tell you space things are a long way off and is a big no as, there will be no aircraft like planes, and while the devs want to focus on the ground game-play.
  11. The game world time currently = 4 hours = 3 hours day, 1 hour night time. The phone will have a camera (Pictures Only, no recording), Contacts, messages but I am not sure about the web browser and neither is that the most important for some people. It is great to have but, for some is not important. Well, I don't believe that the devs can add everything/ every detail and some things needs to be sacrificed for performance as well for other reasons. The devs do not want too much DUI and also, you do not need to sleep as it is an extra. Hunger yes, but having a hunger bar is not necessary because you won't die quick/ easy from not eating. It will affect you but the devs don't want the game too much like a survival game e.g. dying because of thirst or hunger etc....
  12. The website will look roughly the same, but it will be different anyhow with the store and pledges. Some pledges gone and some different things added also. The forum will be a bit different as in it will likely have more sections added to it. (The forum part is what I think and not confirmed). The new website should be out before the first module or just after and that is very close to being done, if not days, it will be a few weeks perhaps at most by the end of the year likely and not after. (My estimation and is in no way or form actual facts and is all my opinion.)
  13. It has already been suggested and well, the new website is on the way and so we will hold out until then.
  14. I am certain the release will come, but our job is to wait with patience otherwise you will just frustrate yourself for no reason and it also makes it feel like it is longer.