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  1. Q: Recommended/Minimum System Requirements? A: There is still a lot to optimize and stress-test, so we don't yet have the data to support a proper conclusion. While a lot of the game's textures and models will be highly detailed, we still plan to offer lower graphical settings for those running older hardware.
  2. In game cash

    There will be no typical wages for careers. You have to do jobs to actually get paid and so if you afk/ do nothing then you earn nothing.
  3. The Owner can give you the permissions to use his apartment if he has enough bedrooms then you can live there too. Cash no, Someone would have to physically go and withdraw the money and give you cash or at least transfer it over to your bank (if possible with transfers). The owner of the car can give you spare keys/ basically adding you on as a friend to allow you to drive his car but I believe he has to get it out of the car garage likely in order for you to use it when you have the keys/ permissions too use it.
  4. A third delay?

    Yes, that is the video of yesterdays stream that I linked.
  5. Apartments town square

    You can pay with in game money in the beta (Not modules) and at full game release.
  6. Aller voir la vidéo ces une sur identity !

    English: The Modules are not Beta, Beta is after all 3 modules, The modules are small standalone pieces of the game and are more an Alpha. Beta will be the closest thing to the full game. French (Google Translator): Les modules ne sont pas bêta, Beta est après tout 3 modules, Les modules sont de petites pièces autonomes du jeu et sont plus un Alpha. La bêta sera la chose la plus proche du jeu complet.
  7. Hey there, if you go and listen to this twitch video of last nights stream starting from 19.25 You should hear that there has been some changes being/ made to some pledges.
  8. Compensation?

    Hey there, if you go and listen to this twitch video of last nights stream starting from 19.25 You should hear that there has been some changes being/ made to some pledges.
  9. Refund Request

    That is unfortunate to hear, however @Beach_Ballwill be able to help you out.
  10. You will get a steam key via email when it is ready, You will download the module from steam but also you will have a Launcher for the game itself which you will log in with your store account. The first Module will be compressed and it will be roughly 10 GB. The Modules and Beta will be Only English. At Full game release you will find that Private servers will include other specific languages but the Official servers will be English Only. 1 week after the new website releases the pledge packages will be risen in price or removed from the store and no longer will be available.
  11. Disappointed, but hopeful. Please Reply

    The dev blog's are roughly a month from each other. I don't know what day in May though.
  12. Apartments town square

    Hey, for module 1 if you have not got a pledge apartment, you will be provided a temporary one for the module so you can play around with the customisation. If you have a pledge apartment then you will be able to use that to play around with customisation. Once the new website releases, you will have 1 week before the pledge packackages will be changed, either completed removed or price risen.

    There is a tracker at the bottom of this page:
  14. Apartments town square

    Yes but most if not all packages will be gone, single package items will be purchasable instead after that week.
  15. REFUND

    Hey, please PM @Beach_Ballwith the following details. 1. Username for store account. 2. Email used 3. Transaction ID 4. Receipt of Pledge 5. Proof that you are the account holder. Beach may ask for more details. Beach won't be in the office for another 3 hours (From Now).