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  1. Campfires are already at campsites and not Player place'able or start'able. @Andrew811 No player started fires guys = no arson. I think everyone is aware of fires being an important part of campsites and I personally love camping.
  2. Can you run GTA V, ArmA 3 or Ark? Yes, with those specs you definitely can and so you should be absolutely fine. There is not any official specs as it is too early.
  3. Sex

    The game is still 18+. While also guys, they won't add sex because they don't want their game banned off of streaming sites like twitch and YT.
  4. There will be campsites already set up. You cannot place tents down. Camp fires will likely be already there as not play started fires in the game.
  5. Possibly it could come out Monday, but I know it is due today.
  6. No hope, when they don't plan on it even for the future.
  7. clanwar

    Clan wars? not in the Town square and well it is not a "Fighting game either". You will get "Gang wars" but no clan wars.
  8. question

    Probably, but I have no clue. You might not be able to.
  9. question

    Being a civilian is the same as a criminal just the civilian don't do illegal activities and then a criminal is a civilian that does criminal activities. It will be hard to acquire assault rifles as they will be rare and expensive.
  10. You will get likely the same car but a different colour etc.
  11. You are not bound to do specific things when doing illegal activities. Also there is no "Illegal Job" there are only "Legal Jobs".
  12. 1. No, as you have missed the process which was back in April. The process only opens up when us such moderators are not active on the forums and so until then it will likely won't re-open. 2. We moderate the forums, delete posts which break the rules, delete spam, keep the peace within the forum while answering questions to the best of our ability and also helping others in resolving issues/ requests that they need support in.
  13. @Cuuka He don't want people to RP here, he is asking about things/ suggesting stats etc. @Littlebilly_169 There is a criminal history, but it is called a criminal record. The criminal record will make it harder for you to become a cop or such in the future and I am sure there will be something so players could be known/ hopefully employers will be able to decide that but the guy should have to tell the employer first about any criminal records. There is not such as mandatory education, but the schools are for extras so people can RP etc. There is not a real mechanic behind that. Tutorials for becoming a cop etc is within the school and that tutorial counts towards a qualification. With out it you cannot become a cop.
  14. You can rent private servers but the structure of the servers will not be supported on dedicated boxes.