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  1. Cars won't be super expensive like GTAO. They will be realistic. Houses and Apartments will be realistically priced also. Clothing and furniture will be realistically priced. Also there will only be 1 type of tax and that is sales tax. Meaning you won't get taxed when paid. You also can do a lot of other things to get more money. You won't pay rent for your apartment. You have to pay rent like every real month to to keep the house only because it means those players who own a house won't keep it if they quit or go to another server. I know what you are feeling but I at the same time don't want it to be easy to get money and get everything but i would rather work for the things and so everything I get and do is valuable to me.
  2. 1. They have stated they never want Aircraft for use to go from A to B on the 1 Island and therefor is only 1 airport. Plus The planes will be AI/ automated between a DLC island if there comes to have a DLC. They won't add aircraft if no DLC Island comes out. 2. Well The bus routes will be done by the player (owner) of the business but using probably a thing to show where bus stops are. I will ask them to find out how they want to do it. 3. Yes indeed and I don't believe the Airport will be directly next to the city but just outside of it. 4. There will be more than just 3 stops I do believe fore the trains and so not just the cities will have a stop but possible outlying towns on the routes.
  3. PC Requirements

    Indeed Town Square won't require as much as the full beta or the full game.
  4. PM @Beach_Ball and he can get you that sorted out tomorrow (Monday).
  5. drugs

    I do not understand what you are asking about sorry.
  6. Welcome to the Identity community! I hope you enjoy it here and see you in the game! Best regards, LuckyDuck.
  7. Welcome Jack! Please ensure you have a look at the FAQ's linked in my signature and also the twitch clip directory has some awesome info you would not like to miss out upon! Enjoy your stay here. Best regards, LuckyDuck.
  8. PC Requirements

    The 10 series is more efficient with power and is probably going to be better for the long run IMO. Not saying you need it but better in the long run.
  9. drugs

    There are buffs and de-buffs for taking/using drugs.
  10. In the last stream or so Jade was modelling the apartments. It is not a screenshot exactly but is a sort of layout.
  11. In Game Money, there are however cosmetic items of clothing for Real money in the in game store. It is going to be realistic and you don't get a (hourly) income, you get paid by doing tasks. However, 1 in-game day will be 3 hours day 1 hour night and so basically 4 hours real time is 1 in-game day. This game is supposed to be realistic as unlike GTA where you get money super easy or like other games. If it was too easy to get an apartment then it would be too easy to get rich and the devs want it to be realistic to get money and not so easy to get everything. You need to work for the achievement of getting a house or apartment.
  12. Server question

    Yes, the devs don't want to restrict you to only using them to the Official servers and so you will be able to go on Private servers.
  13. 1. There is only 1 airport on the map and it is for future possible uses. No planes to travel from 1 side of the map to the next. 2. Bus' are apart of player owned business' which they can be purchased as an asset for the business. The player who owns that business will choose the routes for his buses. 3. Airports are next to cities IRL and so why would it make a difference. Trains are AI controlled and will go to the 3 cities around the map. The devs will only have control over the train network not the bus' and well the airport will only be used for going between future Islands.
  14. Can i run it?

    Q: Recommended/Minimum System Requirements? A: There is still a lot to optimize and stress-test, so we don't yet have the data to support a proper conclusion. While a lot of the game's textures and models will be highly detailed, we still plan to offer lower graphical settings for those running older hardware.
  15. No Modding. Q: Modding Support? A: We're exploring this as a possibility, but a decision regarding mods likely won't be reached until several years after the full game is out.