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  1. just one thing

    It's the exact same thing. In here we say "tie wrap".
  2. just one thing

    You can punch someone until he gets knocked out, and tie him with tie wraps to move him. I'm not sure if you can push him in the sea. What would be the point of doing that anyways? You may try to steal their boat (if they are unlocked I believe) but you can't have it permanently because it's not yours. It'll eventually disappear after some time if the owner logs out. But now that you asked that, I think I'll avoid going in the sea. I prefer being on the road actually so.
  3. I can't tell if you're mocking Asylum about their latest video. But the one million is their budget, that's not what they spent. Also the animations were "quickly" made, and ironically they had troubles with those before they could make it work. According to one of the streams, the animations aren't all that hard to make, but it's to make them blend together so it looks smooth.
  4. The governor won't be able to do anything about trolls. If it's not a crime, you can't really do anything about it. Any examples you thought about @AKirish907 ? The only thing I could think about is someone "stealing" resources before you get them. Other than that, there's only childish/immature behavior perhaps.
  5. The big mistake was that the charge for making the video was mostly on John's shoulders. Big source of disappointment from what I can see, but I don't make a big deal about it because I know they have something much better coming soon in less than four weeks. It's called the Town Square video which was long awaited. Just wait until they surprise us with it.
  6. New Community Manager!

    Are you talking about the Town Square video? It'll come out before the first module, just be patient. They can't release videos after videos.
  7. Do I care about Asylum's mistakes? Nope, I'm still hyped for what's coming in less than four weeks: video + module. Also At the time I'm writing this, I'm watching Jade77's stream.
  8. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    So for the map, this is the post I've seen: Also for the real estate agency, you'll need a lot of money to buy a decent amount of houses. It would be unfair to buy them all though.
  9. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    It is, but I've heard it's outdated and we should get an updated one in a soon future.
  10. knock people out and drag

    You can kidnap people, but you'll have to down them before trying to put tie wraps. But one thing for sure, I won't let you try to do it on me.
  11. They don't "just" do props and brainstorm. Even though there's only a very few videos showcasing the game, it still shows that they've done some back end stuff too. If you wait four weeks, you'll be able to see more videos (mostly community), if what we have isn't enough of a proof that the game does exists.
  12. It's been already proposed and answered multiple times. Will they add airplanes and helicopters? No. Will they add trains and buses? Yes.
  13. Suggestion for the forum

    This is a suggestion for the forum rather than the game itself. I've noticed the absence of a button to quickly reach the top of the page. Small workaround for that would be to add "#top" at the end of the URL of the page. But it would be more convenient to have a visible button on the bottom right corner for example that will do the same thing.
  14. Just question

    I'm pretty sure you'll be able to sit and relax, fish for food, and some yachts will have TVs, storage, possibly a few other things you can interact with. There will be various models or course.
  15. Mining

    Hey, I sent a message to Brandon and hopefully he should be able to ask that question during the next stream. I basically asked about what type of raw material can be mined, then if the mine shafts are a high risk/stress zone.