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  1. Loved it. just the place I would like to live in. cant wait to get into the game. Great team work guys. keep it going. :-)
  2. Hi all. I think I will miss the Twitch clip on Tuesday, I will be in hospital. Gutted because I will miss the game play. :-(
  3. Cant wait. will be cool to see all the things the guys have been making on the twitch stream.
  4. wow amazing detail. keep it up, looking very nice.
  5. Getting so excited now. Cant wait to get into the town square.
  6. I love the bikes in the new dev blog. I want the GT750 very nice. Q. can we refurbish/customize the bikes.
  7. they need to keep up with the blog, keeps people interested.
  8. Founder but want to upgrade to biker soon.
  9. Dev Blog #008

    Saving for pc upgrade. exciting.
  10. Getting close, September / October COME ON
  11. was good. shows how much work is going it to the game. nice to see in real life.
  12. I can play DAYZ standalone with no problem, will I need to upgrade?. I have AMD A10 7850K. Radeon R7. memory 8GB Graphics AMD R7.
  13. Just have some patience. You even said games take a long time to make. what I have see so far, the game will be worth waiting for.
  14. Need "Social Media" buttons

    i joined on the 19 april, i havent seen anyone else join since. 12697. the game needs more media.