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  1. No, A tad too much detail at this stage. You can steal cars, And as far as I know You'll be able to customize Your plates at a Mod Shop, For e.g Change text/font, Colour Most likely not forever, You'll most likely be wanted until You die, Get unwarranted or Arrested. Possibly It might disappear after time. A Few NPC's will take over the "Boring Jobs" like sitting behind a Register. Car Dealership's will be fully NPC controlled, Aswell as Gun Stores /BMD's. You'll be able to lockpick parked cars out in the world. No information regarding that (As far as I know) possibly in the future though.
  2. Replace the GTX 480 with a GTX 1070 OC, And replace your CPU with a I.C I5-7600, (If possible) I'd suggest investing in watercooling aswell since the 7000 series run quite hot.
  3. So why commenting at all big boy?
  4. You like to pick sides @BrianHamilton don't you?
  5. Or you start realizing your arguments make no sense. So You are saying that You can "Roleplay" as a bodyguard in a Social Identity Module, Where nothing can hurt You... Before trying to show the size of your testicles do some research.
  6. I tried to be informative and tell him that his RP He wants to do in the TS module wouldn't be possible. Also If You feel like continuing this Argument then take It to PM.
  7. Not really, Just saying what is possible and what is not. But sure, If you want to Roleplay a "Bodyguard" without anything provided to make the Roleplay possible. Then feel free to do It.
  8. Well goodluck Roleplaying with "Nothing".
  9. Well the problem with the cars is that there will be no cars in the TS module, Which means no vehicle can be a threat to the Person, Aswell I am pretty sure You won't even be able to hit anyone in the Module.
  10. Just saying, There won't really be much that could "Harm" You in the TS Module as of yet. And You won't really get the option to buy a weapon either so You wouldn't have much to protect them with.
  11. Well, I have my XLR mice plugged into my Focusrite 2i2 interface but doesn't work with Counter-Strike; Global Offensive.
  12. I was just wondering if Identity will have full support for 3rd Party microphones that uses an Interface to plug in the Microphone "XLR Microphones" particuarly. Since some games that i've played havn't been compatable with my Interface (Focusrite Studio Kit 2i2 2nd Gen).