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  1. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    I can't wait to start patrolling the streets. I will be looking for bad guys who need to be taken off the streets. Run red lights and i'll have ya!
  2. Help

    This issue has been solved. Very supportive team.
  3. Help

    Hi there, Today is day 3 where i have requested a refund and i have emailed John and still have not heard back nor have i gotten my refund! I am not very happy and i want my refund now please. Will someone please issue me my refund! My account information is below. Please solve this! Please note this does not have anything to do with the game. I've had a death in my family and i really need the money back to support my family at this hard time. I will be purchasing in the feature it's just right now i really need every penny back. Account ID: 66162 Username: WGeorge
  4. Refund

    Thank you
  5. Refund

    Hi there, I need to know who to contact for a refund? At this time i have got other commitments and i need my money back in order to make them, at the time of purchase i didn't have any commitments but now i do. Help would be greatly appreciated.