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  1. The Traffickers (Accepting applicants today)

    Job you would like (first choice):Hitwoman Job you would like (second choice):Thievery/robbery Job you would like (third choice): Drug Trafficking Age: Turning 16 in Feb. How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to The Traffickers? All weekends and week days for about 5-6 Are you an avid "life" server player? I love RP Games. Especially ones that mimic "real life" Will you take this group seriously? Yes. Do you agree to take ANY orders from a General ranking or the Leader? Yes, I agree to be loyal to my leaders. (In game of course) What do you bring to The Traffickers? I can offer my charisma and looks. Sometimes instead of having your men go in guns blazing, all you need is someone with a silver tongue and a Beretta. I can offer one of a kind service to our clients.
  2. meh seems rather generic at the moment but has great potential
  3. lol thanks (idk if you were being sarcastic lol)
  4. This is just another possible character I might play in Identity. If I get enough people wanting my services then this will be the character I will play. Name: Desiree Almanzar Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Afro Latina (Father is Dominican, Mother is Haitian) born in the Dominican Republic. Appearance: Extremely Beautiful, 5'11, Dark Skin, Big Plump Lips, Dark Brown Eyes, hair styled in a big fro, slim thick Talents: Seduction, Charisma Favored Weapon of Choice: Can be very flexible depending on the situation but for the most part she will use a pistol to dispatch her targets. Employment: Will work for any person or organization if sufficient pay is given. Pm me or comment down below if you would hire me or are looking for a Mercenary for the future
  5. Anarchist

    That would be really cool.
  6. While I do not consider myself a member of the Luprano Family, they have my gun if needed in a fight.
  7. will we be able to make edibles in identity or lace foods with the drugs we make?
  8. can i get uuuuh Separation of Church and State, please? Hold the Niggatry
  9. I will gladly join you in arms against @SCUM
  10. The Astral Plane.

    Marie smiles but looks confused What exactly do you mean by bizarre and peculiar? What made the patrons so?
  11. The Astral Plane.

    Very well then Marie shifts uncomfortably in her seat I am afraid of spiders. Is that good enough?
  12. Dark City

    nvm I decided not to join
  13. The Astral Plane.

    Marie laughs, assuming the man is joking. My favorite color is blue. There's my secret Marie laughs once more