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  1. if you are actually serious about it and aren't just trying to make a mockery of Islam then go right on ahead. I think that would be cool
  2. get your irrelevant ass out of here. Let them do what they want. If they want to include Islam in their role play why do you feel the need to shut them down? Trifling ass bitch gtfo of here
  3. where did you get that information?
  4. I understand you can't delete them but how do i hide ones that i made. I don't want to do one organization that i made anymore and i dont want to deal with it anymore so how would i hide it.
  5. Also i hope you realize that the same thing can and should apply to straight couples if that is actually implemented
  6. ok fair enough but im pretty sure the game wouldn't have the church involved with marriage officially. So like maybe there would be an rp wedding and they could technically refuse that but the marriage would still happen anyways.
  7. you should be if you want to stay governor (even if you get elected which i doubt due to your outrageous policies) that's why the governor will have bodyguards. to not die so that they can still be governor. so while you will respawn you can kiss the governor spot goodbye
  8. You do realize that you won't be governor anymore if you die right?
  9. the problem is he won't know whos going to kill him. yeah, it could be a gunman that attacks during his speech. It could also be one of his bodyguards that joined this cause. The driver could "accidentally" swerve off a cliff. He won't know is with him or against him. Hell someone could join his bodyguard team just to get close to him. He isn't safe and will never be unless he doesn't run
  10. I will organize a militia against you if you get elected. Police are important but making the island a police state isn't a good idea. The 2nd amendment (the game is based on America) states that we have the rights to bear arms.
  11. I'm gonna assassinate you if you manage to get elected. Your policies are insane
  12. no prostitution but you can roleplay something different perhaps. Like dress up in revealing clothing (if they have any) and sell drugs (you could perhaps even go with them in the car if you like. idk thats just an idea ive always had
  13. Kindly get your irrelevant ass out of here.
  14. in a good or a bad way?