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  1. Hello!

    Welcome! I love the profile pic! *cuddles*
  2. One profession Lacking that really irks me...

    This game will be rated 18+, right? Minors shouldn't be playing it in the first place and in that sense it isn't any different from games, that offer more "open sexual content". I am certain that some (if not all) of these examples will be in game, even though there isn't a direct profession for it. It is going to be a life sim and when real people are playing...there will be variety. It always makes me wonder why violence, extortion, shooting, killing ...list goes so much accepted than sexual content...or even a high-end escort...which necessarily doesn't have to have anything to do with sex.
  3. Masculine Attire for Female Characters

    One chrome blue ogre with pink lipstick coming right up!
  4. Cosmetologist / Hairdresser

    Even though it wouldn't be your point of interest, it is always admirable when people try to be, or are creative! yay. It would to great extent, wouldn't it?
  5. Happy easter to Asylum devs and all of community!!

    Happy Easter everyone!
  6. Cosmetologist / Hairdresser

    It is the obvious way. I just thought that taking into consideration the depth and social aspects of the game, it would have been nice :).
  7. Module Release

    Scary guess...leap from 76% to 89% was rather fast...I hope your guess is slightly inaccurate 😉 But it takes what it takes!
  8. Illegally parked cars

    Interesting ideas and suggestions, closely related to the thread below. I guess one possibility would be, that when you go active as a police officer, the layout while driving the police car would show cars or bikes that are parked wrong (or if parking is unpaid for) as a red color for example! Interesting ideas guys:)
  9. Haunted House on Halloween!

    Nice idea. Maybe you could also do it escape room-style with friends
  10. Modding ! :D

    Very much agreed.
  11. Will I be able to get a refund if I can't run it?

    Was just thinking that games and mmo's on alpha/beta/release stages sometimes suffer from optimization issues that affect fps and tearing. Which is quite common. Does it have to happe. With Identity, no. But sometimes it is not the players computer that is to blame, that was my point
  12. Will I be able to get a refund if I can't run it?

    It is possible that the alpha soon to be released can have optimization issues, so I wouldn't give up too soon, as if this occurs it affects all pc's
  13. Drive-Bys

    Hear, hear! I agree with you fully. I guess there are many who haven't played real mmo rpg's before, and the experience derives from multiplayer gta?
  14. Will the "Town Square" module be late ?

    Although they have stated that the game will be out late 2017 or 2018 I believe the game itself will most likely be out 2018. The first module will be out when it is ready and the rest will follow afterwards. After all that can begin to talk about release.
  15. roleplaying games thats free?