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  1. @LuciousTimes thank you! I appreciate the compliment
  2. We must also keep in mind that this is a game people will be playing and they will commit crimes simply because they think that particular part is fun to them. When the game comes out, I'm sure there will undoubtedly and unfortunately be a large amount of crime being committed.
  3. They spelt a word wrong on the website

    I found another one
  4. I noticed that they accidentally spelt pursuit as persuit
  5. I believe that Lucius is correct in several ways in regards to how not everyone ends up equal. One major reason why communism never worked is because we as a species can never have true equality in the sense of money and capitalization. It's just not how the world works or how we as people work. We can try to our best to allow everyone to benefit from one another, but that really depends on your ability to be a leader and allow to establish fair laws and taxes across the board.
  6. Create new drugs

    So I'm aware that those who choose a more crime filled life can make drugs like meth, cocaine,and can grow marijuana, but what if we could make our own addictive drugs. It could help distinguish one gang from another because one will be peddling their unique drug while another could be manufacturing their own specific recipe
  7. I believe that reading this forum was very interesting, and it's pretty clear that @LuciousTimes and @BobbyCruz have done an immense amount of research and clearly know how to appeal to the public eye. I can't say that you have necessarily won my vote, but I will consider you.