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  1. Haha @Rinyuaru-Kun
  2. IKR Lol @Rinyuaru-Kun
  3. I was in class whilst reading that and I laughed out loud. Everyone, including my professor, was staring at me for a solid 10 seconds.
  4. It will be, there is a snow mountain for skiing and snowboarding and such. There will be different regions and biomes
  5. Will there even be burqas lol
  6. kidnap

    lol I know that feeling *cough* Rust *cough*
  7. no
  8. You are right, but there are some crowds, which are really-REALLY-hard to find, but when you find them its heaven to play.
  9. I wonder how the inventory system will work..
  10. Are you a new dev or one of the vets? Also holy shit new dev released to the public :3
  11. Hi there
  12. I don't think many people do that.. People play games for fun as you said, just there are assholes out there that think its more fun to exploit and hack and shit
  13. (Cough) gmod darkrp (cough) PS. Terrible idea
  14. Im probably going to be a cop / delivery type person, something involving action or driving
  15. There will be dirt roads and highways. There is only one PD but there are numerous station around the map. And there will probably be bike lanes / bus lanes when it seems relevant and fitting to the scenery as they want to make it as realistic as possible. There will also be different like paths you can take in the PD like detectives and such