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  1. In-Game Currency to Real World Currency

    Why do you even fucking need this, it makes no sense to implement
  2. Why do people always ask this.. "hOw dO yOu KnOw ThAt?"
  3. Secret trap doors

    It would still be cool to have like fake walls in stores or warehouses. Maybe hidden compartments or something
  4. Arma 3 Altis Life, Arma 3 naksquad military fighter server. GMod SeriousRP and SantosRP (the good ones not the 'darkrp' type ones), Men Of War: Assault Squad 2, Cities Skylines and some other things that I forgot. As you can see i'm a pretty diverse gamer.
  5. 2018 is actually there --> 2018
  6. Vehicles you would want to have in identity

    There definetly will NOT be jets, planes, or helicopters. There will be "good ambulances and fire trucks." Also why are you just listing random vehicles, when almost all of these are confirmed. You're stating basic game mechanics that the devs have already stated will be there. Im not trying to be rude or anything but can you please, PLEASE, check the forums and the about section before posting things
  7. off duty

    No, in real life police officers are not required to have permits beforehand as the PD has a completely separate training than the regular civilian training. And the police officers that bring home firearms are the ones THEY own with THEIR permits.
  8. Weapon Inventory

    By "What considers you wanted" I meant "What considers it a crime," thanks for the responses.
  9. Weapon Inventory

    But like what considers you wanted? Like what if you pull out a licensed gun fire into the sky and then try to enter your home
  10. Weapon Inventory

    Wait what about just shooting up people and then entering your apartment immediately after, will there be like a wanted level on you and you cant enter your apartment or what?
  11. Its a joke related to politics, do you not get it? ):