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  1. Hope you become successful and will be sure to see you in game
  2. introduction

    Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay 😊
  3. Indeed it does look amazing enjoy your stay here 😊
  4. Hi welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your stay
  5. I have played DarkRP and Altks life both before now and this looks really fresh and fun I hope to see you in the future
  6. Yes indeed this game look amazing and hope to see you in game
  7. Welcome I hope you enjoy your stay here
  8. Welcome enjoy your stay and see you in game
  9. Welcome good to see your excited to play town square so am I just want to play now.
  10. Cool cool, nice to see people wanting to fulfill the police role excited to see you in game
  11. Hi enjoy your time on the forum see you in game
  12. Welcome to the party my friend
  13. Nice video and enjoy your stay on the forums
  14. For a luxury car i would love something like this Porsche For the police armed response/ SWAT i love the English BMW X5 armed response cars
  15. This is all most probably going to be in the game there is no chance they can make a good roleplay game without alachol and weed ahah