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  1. How do you feel about this?

    Just wanted to post this funny picture regarding the new website: April 24th and now it's May 23rd. These falls promises should just be avoided. (Note - I have nothing against Beach_Ball, he is a super nice guy)
  2. Refund

    I am out of the 189 Day period
  3. Refund

    I would like a refund. One of the payments were recent, so I am following the refund guide. The other one was from 2016 so I need it to be done manually if possible.
  4. DevBlog #16

    I am so incredibly exited for the game! Watching the game change and extend everyday makes it even better. Can't wait to try out all the great features and meet all of you guys in game.
  5. Hello from Germany!

    Welcome to identityRPG! Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Download the game

    I am sorry but this must be the dumbest question I have ever heard.
  7. Again Delayed huh? IDC anymore

    Lmao! How high is your salty level?
  8. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    Hmmm, good point.
  9. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    What an unnecessary post.
  10. Identity Airâ„¢

    Nice to see a company like this!
  11. Undercover(Police)

    They have not put in an undercover feature so I think it depends on how serious the roleplay is and how the private server will work.
  12. Controller use????

    Yes, there will be controller support.
  13. When posting a suggestion, please give some background information on why and explain what you mean.