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  1. Investor

    You cant buy ingame cash, and if you are talking about to invest 1000 ingame cash into a truck then you should be happy with a set of Wheels. Take a random job as a truckdriver (if thats what you want to do in game), and make enough cash to buy a truck. You can pm me,if, you have any further questions, on danish if you want, I know danish pretty well  
  2. A question about the homeowner pass

    No (im pretty sure on that) But... Most likely you can Activate youre appartment (and other ingame items) on 1 public server, and on 1 private server. But im not sure if this have been confirmed, I just did read about it somewhere here on the forums. If im wrong then someone here will correct me soon enough
  3. Identity MENU SCREEN | Concept

    Something a bit more interesting could be statistics on what time most people are online ver less people on each server. could be made as an ingame app on computer. - based on the last 24h, last week, and during last month. People are living on alot of diffrent timezones, and each server most likely have their peeks with alot of people online same time, and other times where there are less people on the specific server. And that can ofc looks diffrent on the total amount of residents or on other servers. But you made it look nice tho
  4. Identity MENU SCREEN | Concept

    I dont see the point of it, there can be 300+ on one server, and if you and youre friends have a living on same server, then you are going to join on the same server anyway. So the join options are a not needed, the store can be access through the ingame computers, maby even phones. And the options, will most likely be there if you hit ESC. The total amount of residents, and maby residents on the current server would be a fun and nice little thing to see, if its not taking too much recourse away from the game.
  5. And you say to me that the goverment have not been corrupt under Fidels time ? That people was free to say what they was thinking, and had open media ?
  6. It is an interesting statement, that have been tryed in several countrys both to raise the taxes and to lower taxes for high income companys and high income persons. I will come a little longer down in this post. If you take @DLimit idea, with Communism then it basic says, that you have to pay youre full income to goverment (that will say him) and then the goverment vill provide you with (what he think) you need, and all have to be equal no matter what they do. In theory it should work, if all are living in a bouble, all are free and no one will make it better for them self or for next generation. In real life this have shown not to work, because several things, ex. if a person takes an education lets say to be a lawyer, then its a long education, and the working hours can be 60-70h per week. And compared to a person that work on a daycare, with no education and have a work week on lets say 40h to give those 2 people same sallery, same living standards just because goverment think so are not working in real life. This model have been tryed out and no suprise its not working. It opens up for very high risk for corruption, and a black market that can not be controlled by goverment, those that are making most of it are the mafia. If we go back to the tax, with diffrent tax levels, its general a bad idea, because if you in real life put up higher taxes on Companys that are making alot of money, then they move the production to places with lower taxes, that will cost working places, lost income from the taxes from the workers etc. And the same is for those individuals with high sallerys, if you tax them too much, then they either move to other countrys or change jobs because at some point its not worth it. Why work 60-70h per week if you have to pay 50% in taxes then better to work 40h and pay 10% taxes. I have seen some of the other candidates where it scales up, what is the idea to invest money in a company if all (or at least a huge %) have to be payed in taxes for the fact that you have a successfull Company, if most have to be payed in taxes ? If you take companys like Volvo, Scania, Ericsson or Ikea (All swediish btw.) they pay Close to 0% in income taxes in sweden, however they pay taxes for all of their imployes, but they moved the main office to some tax paradise, and pay a minimum income tax there. Some of their factorys have been moved to lower payed countrys- (witch is a loss for Sweden, lost jobs, lost income taxes etc.)  US did the same on the car industry, and they moved away from the US, result a lot of lost jobs, loss of income for a lot of the Citizens, a loss in the stores due to people could not afford to buy as much. it does hit more than just the company you want to put a higher tax on. People could not buy houses etc. If they had same amount of tax rate as any other in Sweden they would have payed the taxes here, but an over taxing did that they moved it outside sweden. A too low tax rate, for buisness compare to private tax rates create an option for tax fraud. - Witch again leads back to same tax rate for all will be the best, and personal I prefer a min tax rate, becase it gives me the freedom to invest in what ever think is best for me, not what the goverment think is best for me. In Identity then charge those that do criminal stuff for their crimes, dont let legit buisness pay an overprize for what other does of criminal gameplay, its fair enough to help pay for those services, and I do think that the 10%  that @LuciousTimes  have set as tax are a fair amount no matter if you are a private or a buisness owner  
  7. That the game are 18+ does not mean that its only people over 18 that are playing it. Every time something "new" starts up, then there goes some time before its accepted by the general population. From the very beginning when the first fighting games came out, then media writed, this will make kids more violent, however no sience could back that up, in fact they showed that it took some of the criminals to go and sit and play computer games instead of beeing out on the street and doing criminal stuff. The GTA series had a major media storm due to their so called nudity, (first it was about violence, then about the nudity) and we are most of the time only talking about topless (except for a few storyline clips) that game are also rated 18+ None or less there are plenty of kids playing it. I dont think that Identity team will go much further than what GTA did regarding the nudity, mostly because then its easy to refer to GTA and say well other can do so can we. But every now and then game companys move those limits. Personal I think if they did some kind of age verification of the player, (not when you buy it, but when you want to play) then it could be an option wheater it should be possible to enable/disable the adult material. It could be a way to solve it. And with marrige in game, that means that both parts have accepted each other right ? Im kinda old enough now (maby just old idk) and I find it strange that I have to watch something pixalated, or be limited in any other way. The new generation of young people have acces to internet anyway and can find the same video material with real people if they really want to, so why not have it in a game. (Specially if its with age verification, not just recommended age as it is now). I know that the devs sayd that it will not be in the game, and I can live with that, I did not expect anything else, but thats not the same as I think its a bit strange that I in my age have to see pixalated graphic, but thats ofc. on my point of view. But maby that will change at some point in some other game.
  8. I dont prefer ANY of them, but if to choose between them or at least direction then its more towards the Anarchy state than communism.

    Real Life are targeting kids, and parrents that want to buy a game with no violence for their kids. Its not in any way competetion to Identity. But I think that "Everywhere" can be that, and since they did not post anything, then it can be a sign on that they want to see how the devellopment of Identity will go, over time they can spot a market for players that dident feel that they got what they was looking for.  Identity can target alot of players in diffrent groups and interest, but ofc. not all. 
  10. yes, the founder package gives you acces to both the game, and beta and alpha access, in the order it will release.
  11. I did not presumed that you did or not did attmepted to form a campain. I writed: "If you really are interested to run for a govenor then say what it is you want" And 2. time you did post it. And its basic that (you want to control of economy) you want goverment to control all and people to be in control of nothing. IF I was to choose any extreme goverment (as I think communism are) Then I would prefer anarchism where goverment are not in any control, and the people have all the control, but it have issuses as well so im not going that far.

    The things that you find pointless, are maby not what other players find pointless. And that police can pull you over, yes that is true, but they need to have some reason for that (explained that in a mail to you as well) But that can happen in real life as well, regardless what it is you are driving with. If youre in a gang, MC Club or a legal Company, what will forbid you and youre gangmembers/club members or staff to talk together through a teamspeak program ? Or with an ingame friend through the ingame phone. I really dont understand youre point there.. Do you find it strange that the police use a police radio, like they do in real life ? If  shooting from a car is so important for you, then get access to a private server, (or play Gta, or Arma 3) it will most likely be an option to choose enabled/disabled and most likely with a timer so it can not just be ticked on/off when ever you just need it. On public servers they allready made their point very clear.
  13. Video

    I dont see it as any creapy religious way, but since the game are not out, and no alpha/beta then the only thing to do are either belive in it, and support it with a pledge, or dont belive in it and dont dont pledge then. Its really not that hard. If you have any doubts about it, then dont pledge, if you cant afford it atm. dont pledge. But if you can and will support it and belive in it why not pledge then ?  Whats so creapy religious about that ? Do I belive in the devs on this game, yes Do I know when they will release anything, no (but I trust they will, soon as they will think its ready for public views, im not in a rush, its better that they get it right then release something that are awfull). And im sure the devs invested far more in to this game than any of us players have done.

    It will not happen, they dont want a second gta enviroment, this game are as much a career based game as a game between police and criminals. And its not confirmed that it will be possible with a prison break, but as an idea to the devellopers.
  15. I try again (last time); If you really are interested to run for a govenor then say what it is you want, so people can see what it is youre really are standing for, and plan to to !!!