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  1. Kids in game

    @Pixie you are not excluded from any public server, and im sure there will be private servers with RP (as speciality), but I have been talking about a private server, that I (some day) will set up for my private money, then I will also get the option to choose who to invite, and/or who to kick. Based on the rules and the setup I do (as anyone that set up a private server does). I did made a website, where I did write about it, that I will run a private server with a mature playerbase, and yes that does, that not all are welcome on my private server, but guess what... if you want a private server for an age Group ex. 14-17 years then you are free to pay for a private server, and make that count as a rule (a server for people youre age). And then I will not join, and if anyone my age join that server, then you can kick them out. Should I feel excluded for that ? No not in any way at all.
  2. Kids in game

    Try read the full sentence... but there will be private servers where you (if you are a kid) are not welcome. You say that you have 10 years of expeience for RP. I will prefer to call it gaming experience (of what you talk about), RP are for me something else (Role Playing, and there are many diffrent types of that). I had my first computer when I turned 10, and had computer in diffrent types since that... that gives me 30+ years of gaming experience. I Think I have a completly diffrent view on gaming than most on youre age (not talking about you in person, but in general since I dont know you that well). But dont try to tell me that you know better about RP, then me or people at my age, with simular gaming experience that I have. For me personal, im not into hardcore RP, (not anymore, I was from before you even was born) but I do like to talk and play with mature people., Some kids (again not you personal, just to be sure you dont missunderstand me), really do make me to take distance from them. I can see it in alot of other games, I find those people (kids or kids behavier), and then kick out those that behave like kids and its not 100% an age thing, and that why I sayd that I will kick people that behave like a kid. If they want to RP with a kiddo behavier, and even that, they are older, thats fine, on public servers, but I will not allow it on my private server. I hope that made some sense for you (and others)
  3. Kids in game

    And I dident call you a kid either...
  4. Kids in game

    If I choose to pay for a private server, then there are nothing that the devs can do to stop me from kicking kids from my private server. - And I know that it is really not an age thing.. but its far more common between kids (as I call it), to behave as a small kid, than it is for a real mature player. So if you choose to behave like a kid, then you will be warned, and if you dont understand it, you will be kicked. I have my fully right, as the person that buy/rent a server to choose to have a mature playerbase, if you dont like it, then dont join. I know plenty of mature players that will love to join a server for mature players. And trust me, I will kick you if you behave as a kid, if I do choose to get a private server (at some point when it will be possible). If you want hardcore RP gameplay then find servers that will offer hardcore RP, but thats not what I sayd I will offer on my private server. Kids can play on public servers, and you (as a kid) will not be kicked from a public server just because of age, but there will be private servers where you (if you are a kid) are not welcome.
  5. its not Immigration (Introductions)
  6. Think you posted this in the wrong place @LuckyDuck please move this to the right place...
  7. List of Confirmed Businesses

    @LuckyDuck I was writing about that on Ideas, and then this thread came and talked about this (back in april month i think). I know it will not be a part of the 3 first modules, but was put out as an idea for a career mode in the future for the devs. - I did not say that it will be possible before the final release, how it can be possible are not my problem. - But it should ofc be possible to solve (as it is solved in other games, with a drone filming the ingame caracter, its made in Star Citizen). Problem with the youtuber are that you have a RL commercial aspect to think of, and I was talking about to film the ingame events, with the ingame caracters, use the ingame TV for a local news station for the specific server. - Youtube will again not be the right channel for that. But as I sayd I dont expect this to happen in the 3 modules, so no rush, just as an Idea for later.
  8. Department Of Justice

    @Soppingchipmunk If you are talking about the police on public servers, then there will not be a person that hire police officers, it will be done automatic through the game mechanics. On private servers, it can be set up manually. This have been confirmed before..
  9. vote me and live better

    It was Motown that sayd so, and the 4 Days are what it is set for right now, it can be changed (even on public servers before the game will be released), and it will be possible to change for the "owner" of a private server.
  10. Idea to identify other players

    You will not see their names, before you greeted them, and there are some options on private server to mess around with that option. I can not say how it will be to 100% yet, still under devellopment
  11. Terror

    The devs have confirmed that there will not be any military in the game, and no military weapons either. Rocket launcher or explosives will be seen as military weapons and therefore not be in the game. If the devs at some point decide to add it, then it will be after the final release, but as it is for now it will not be in the game.
  12. suggestion

    There will most likely be some kind of ingame radio in the car, but it will not play youre music, from youre computer due to copyright issues, but the music you choose to listen to through the radio in the car.
  13. Question: Can you rent a car (or cars, van or trucks etc., like for a rental company) to people, like with a contract. simular to rent an appartment out to another player. If yes, then how will the game mechanics works when the rent time are over ? Its pretty simple on a house or appartment, but on a car that can be moved around there might need other types of game mechancs for that).
  14. suggestion

    @Dboy800 I think there would be some copyright issues with that.
  15. Car/Truck Mechanic

    To work as mechanic are an option in the game, how close it will be to a real mechanicĀ“s work are on the other hand, not confirmed. But most likely it will be possible for anyone to try out, and learn in game on using diffrent types of tools and use them on diffrent jobs. I do not think it will be as requiring as a real mechanic have it, but its ccnfirmed that it will be an option in the game.