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  1. Confirmed New Video Coming

    That was an accident lol how do u know about that
  2. Confirmed New Video Coming

    I agree eyebrow screenshots aren't good enough
  3. Confirmed New Video Coming

  4. Confirmed New Video Coming

    Where? Just a reminder than. I got a direct response from Motown so yeah
  5. Confirmed New Video Coming

    Motown-Today at 4:19 PM   Sorry man, the next video you'll see is of a police encounter with drug manufacturers. A little bit of action Confirmed new Video from Motown himself! Can't wait for possible action pvp video! (This was confirmed on the discord chat) 4/23/17 4:19pm
  6. No Moderators! New ones ASAP.

    Did you delete my follow for follow topic?
  7. Hello Identity!

    The housing didn't show much difference.. Worried about the kitchen flooring
  8. One profession Lacking that really irks me...

    Yeah, its just a thing that dev's should be aware. Thats why I disagree with this
  9. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Likes are amazing tho
  10. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Cool! Seriously? To how much??
  11. One profession Lacking that really irks me...

    I don't know some of this stuff gets a little freaky! Plus the majority according to a poll in the age graphics shows that 50% are 18 or younger
  12. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    I would like this if I could, but have already used my 10 likes.. sorry!
  13. VR Support

    Wait 5 years lol
  14. What Drugs Will There Be

    A lot of good stuff 
  15. Special Agent Zoey Anderson