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  1. I like reaching out to people who aren't involved in politics in order to get a common sense perpective. Would you support me and The Royal Family for Governorship of Identity.


  2. Anonymous

    We are in the "Gang Sector" after all
  3. Good day Njay I was wondering if you could show me the ropes when it comes to  MMO. This is my first time playing and you are very active and knowledgeable when it comes to Identity. I was hoping if we could be friends or just get advice on what to do when identity comes out. Thank you for your time hope you have a great day.

  4. Hopefully there is a mall, so a bunch of store owners can see each other.
  5. Become rich. Or pledge
  6. Kids in game

    Age doesn't matter for games, since there's a mute button.
  7. @LuckyDuck What do you believe will be the lowest graphics card specs you can have and still play Identity? 800-900?
  8. @Mr_Fisk I agree I want more game play videos before a permanent decision.
  9. That's ok, come by for a latte or relax any time.
  10. This seems that much not effort was put into this post. If you want workers you will need to put more work.
  11. Hey! If you're intertested to work at a coffee franchise look at the topic Motown's Roasted Coffee. PM and I'll gladly accept you!
  12. You could work part time, it isn't too much of concern and can work different shifts, we're looking for any takers at this point.
  13. He actually liked the post
  14. Longboards

    In turtle beach it would be amazing to see people do surfing contests!