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  1. seasons

    That's unfortunate, I really like the full immersion idea. 
  2. Henry Garner

    Is this who you will be? An old man who is in debt to the bank for his land?
  3. Identitylifefr rp

    I translated this page, and see that you want to create your own server. I would not plan this until the full game comes out. We do not know the quality of the game currently and I would advise you against it.
  4. I'm new! (sorry if you've answered this 100 times)

    @RampageAU you are in for a ride. The % bar doesn't rise often. However when it does it goes up a large margin, anywhere from 5-10%. I believe 100% that the first Module will come out sometime this June or July. I would prefer it to come out late and good, rather than early and poor.
  5. Analysis about the age of users

    Most people (kids) don't pay attention to the 18+
  6. Anonymous - Vigilante Freedom Group - We Are Legion

    We also said, that we want players to support the devs. Whether that means buying ranks. We just want to target people who deserve it.
  7. Which Motorbikes Would You Like To See?

    I would prefer, a classy type.
  8. Lowries Links (Jewellers)

    This should be in Ideas and Suggestions
  9. Hello From UK

    Hey Chap! Top of the Mornin
  10. Then taxes will be very high?
  11. Will you be able to supply each 300-1000 citizens with housing tho?
  12. -Purely Platinum- Transportation _1st Class_

    This looks great, I'm not sure you can customize the inside of cars, of if limos is included but lets hope for the best
  13. One profession Lacking that really irks me...

    Sex is not in Identity, period.
  14. Ranks - Identity Forum

    Of course, I know there are several people who would love to dislike my content
  15. @DLimit Can you even provide shelter for every single citizen? Also communism and democracy is not the same thing. You can't be both? I really do think this has potential but I'm not sure you could keep some of your promises