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  1. What guns do you want to see?

    Small ones!
  2. Better to be arrested then killed?

    I’d love to be an officer, though I’d hate to be shot at due to someone not caring if they die!
  3. Give Me One Reason

    Lucious said it before, just like they said in the stream. The Governor won’t have enough power to ruin the game for others.
  4. January 2018 Poll!

    I've always loved the voting period, it keeps the Podium busy.
  5. Not active enough to be on counsel, but you always have my support!
  6. December 2017 Poll Results

    I feel as though I'm understanding.
  7. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    @FrancePourLaVie I'd rather not disrespect @DLimit . I'm simply asking him questions to understand his ideology. Sly statements can be seen as targeting...
  8. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    @DLimit It has nothing to do with roleplay...it's a matter of morality and principality. You must not respect your own stance in politics if you plan to counter it.
  9. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    That doesn't matter to me, I'm saying you as a person represent this criminal organization. It doesn't seem right at all, even if it is a different character. You still are associated.
  10. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    Still though, why would the people want their Governor associated with criminology.
  11. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    That's not allowed...
  12. December 2017 Poll Results

    Is DLimit a criminal?
  13. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    I'm so confused, I thought you were a simple politician. I worrying about your plans as governor of the island!
  14. Gangs Logos [Commissions Closed]

    @DLimit are you withdrawing to become a criminal?
  15. December 2017 Poll Results

    Yeah, their calculated votes are half of what their poll votes are.