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  1. Lucious Times...aka Jim Thorp...aka Jason Momoa. Comedy skit about putting forth effort no matter the opposition!
  2. Haha, I messaged you long time ago, but never heard from you.
  3. @n0livi0n , I totally understand everything you said! Look into the Podium and try to get some fire going in the forums to give yourself something...aid my friend Lucious Times!
  4. I think he should have titled along the lines of his withdrawal rather than Vote Lucious Times. The title he chose, in my opinion was more to show he was now supporting Lucious. I think that his topic was more to let us know he wanted the community to support Lucious rather than let us know he was dropping out of the race...and that's why I think he gave it that particular title. If everyone did it, I feel it'd be pointless. However, if his intention was to make people focus more on Lucious rather than on his dropping out of the race than I think he chose the right title...this time!
  5. @Norway174 I agree that it should have been posted in his already established forum, but how is the advertising useless and misleading? I felt what he said was straight forward.
  6. @Norway174 why is that post a problem?
  7. December 2017 Poll

    @FrancePourLaVie I understand being agressive, but why do you attack people so hard?
  8. December 2017 Poll

    Now I believe that very good, but is there nothing deeper than that?
  9. I think it was not only good that they let us know when they did, but I also think that it is a good date in general.
  10. December 2017 Poll

    In that case, please start. What interest you most?