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  1. PETS

    Yes you will be able to have pets, no exotic animals though, at the start pets will only be able to be in your home and later on hopefully they will be able to implement them into the outside world where you can use them as a k9 unit for police, hunting dogs for hunters, etc.
  2. there will be a video coming this year regarding some of the features for town square, and another video sometime soon which will consist of the mechanics for combat
  3. Welcome bud, if you're looking for a gang, head over to the Hideout section on the forums where gangs post their threads for applications
  4. Welcome to the identity community forums!
  5. - Being a SWAT trainer wont be a thing for official, you could RP it on a custom server. On official you basically do training as a tutorial. - Yes Police headquarters will have a shooting range. Not 100% about the kill-house, but i assume so, part of the training. - As for gear, cameras for under doors, standard swat issued firearms like shotguns, mp5, m4's, glocks.. tasers, flashbangs, etc. - Unknown, usually i believe with swat situations like the bank heist, it puts you and the robbers into some sort of a separate instance for balance purposes and - Unknown - Unknown - Notes: Swat officers will be normal officers until called upon a situation that requires SWAT. So for instance a bank heist happens, if you're a SWAT officer, you will get a notification that tells you that there's a bank heist going on, so you drive your cruiser over to the bank, and load up at the swat van that appears in front of the bank, and somehow get brought into another instance with the robbers and the swat, resolve the situation however that happens, then you go back to regular duty. The reasoning behind this is so you don't have police walking around with M4's whilst on their normal police duty, a balance thing. There might be an option to turn this stuff off in a community server. Hope this helped!
  6. Will have to rent a server off them due to spatial OS i believe. I heard the game was going to be $50 on full release, whether that changes or not. There will be microtransactions, but only cosmetic items, like cars, furniture, clothes. Only one time payment to play the game. Rental server costs haven't been determined yet, since its a while away.
  7. So what is your plan then? end up becoming distro or something? Sorry if i see a rival leader I'm going to put two bullets in the head wherever, and whenever.
  8. Hey, id like you to join us on the community Identity MC discord. Where you can speak with other MC's and exchange conversation, the last MC discord was pretty much abandoned, when the owner of the discord left the game because of something he wanted to do, he thought was going to happen, up until the october this year, but found out it was not even possible and was never promised. If you join, just write in the channel 'group status' which club you're from, or if you're a hangaround and interested into getting in with a MC later on. Hope to see you there. - Narc President of the Men Of Mayhem
  9. They said that when the apartment video came out, and now back to saying they want more evidence. It wont end till its out. Developers have specifically said, don't pledge until your comfortable doing so. They are well aware the more content they release the more people will see it, but if its not ready, its not ready, they have their reasons for not having the video out yet, one being they want a good first impression because most people who havent heard of the game will judge their opinion on the game when they release the next video, so it has to be perfect.
  10. PRetty sure you can cuff them, you just cant process them without a crime
  11. Correct. Question, why would you turn off the system if you said that you are making it whitelisted to not allow it to happen?
  12. You wont be able to arrest someone who hasnt committed a crime.