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  1. Can´t see Devblog #5

    Motown-Yesterday at 10:28 PM   the dev blog that is semi-visible is the one from last month that we forgot to post on the forums, so it was posted and hidden until the real dev blog is posted as not to confuse and upset people. John just didn't want people to think we were recycling last months dev blog for this month.
  2. A Challenge

    what the hell is this lol
  3. Sex

    Sex no, would be awkward as hell, and thats what pornhub and real life is for, not a game, but nudity yeeeeeeee ;D would be 10/10 driving down the road and watch a random guy streak down the street being chased by cops.
  4. This poll won't accurate but meh put mine in
  5. Newsletter

    and if i dont get it like i didnt the first time?
  6. Newsletter

    cant find it Edit: already ticked so idk. i get emails from identity website if someone PM's me but didnt get the newsletter.
  7. Newsletter

    Thats already ticked, hence why i posted a thread. how did you get that?
  8. Newsletter

  9. With little effort, good luck.
  10. Confirmed New Video Coming

    No i said the results were lol. Only thing about the actual poll was i didnt understand why there was Drug manufacture and Combat as an option, when both are going to be together in the upcoming video, and the map format option wouldn't work as a video if they are slowly working on the map development over time.
  11. Confirmed New Video Coming

    shooting down your ideas? how? lol
  12. Confirmed New Video Coming

    not lashing out just bringing up valid points lol
  13. Confirmed New Video Coming

    oh no, not 2 months.. dayum, what will we ever do? :(( Lol i like how the second most voted is 'vehicles' they haven't even started on vehicle mechanics, that's no way going to happen anytime soon. Drug manufacture, and guns are in the same video, i dont understand why theres two options in the poll. Map format? what does this mean? like how they are going to lay out the map? how would you do a video on it if you havent completed the map? easier to just show a picture and zone it off in different colours to show off how the map is to be.
  14. Midnight Chasers - Under new management

    The police would get involved, not FBI lol. The FBI's focus is on stopping terrorism, corruption, organized crime, cyber crime and civil rights violations, as well as investigating serious crimes such as major thefts or murders.
  15. Midnight Chasers - Under new management

    Didn't know FBI chase street racers, that's new.