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  1. Warmest of welcomes to the identity community, can already tell you're going to put in effort for us (: Hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. No i don't have a website. Sounds good Chrono99!
  3. yeh i was considering making this type of content for my yt channel not sure yet tho, hopefully!
  4. should tho..
  5. backer apartments are rent are always going to be rent free.
  6. sorry why are you here again? if you are still here after sooking for so long, you still believe in the project otherwise you wouldnt be wasting your time.
  7. he literally posted in account support, why does it seem as if you're just posting on every topic to get your post count up even if what you say on the post means nothing
  8. No current ETA for town square module they said it was suppose to be out Q1 but its now Q3 i think, and they are still unaware when its ready but 'soon', beta will be 2018 probably
  9. didnt say you did, i was answering lucky duck because she asked why i said it. Community moderation via reports isnt the best way to go about it.
  10. Even tho its 18+ im sure for immersion sake (what asylum are really pushing for), alot of people would rather not walk around the streets and see people running around with pictures from google of dicks or people having sex on their shirts, and i know that would happen. If your excuse to allow it is because its 18+ then why not allow nudity, sex and other features? They have stated the reason why they arent allowing nudity is for streaming/video advertisement when people play it wont be allowed on twitch or something (even tho conan exiles and rust you can blur out the nudity and still stream it) having pictures of pornographic and racist/offensive material is definatley gonna get you banned from streaming (also what i meant by offensive material as in racist and homophobic content)
  11. If you do end up expanding on the feature to allow players to upload images to the game server to display on custom crafted clothing, alot of people would be so flippin happy, hopefully its possible though Now because i messaged you regarding this awhile ago and you said its not possible because of (and i quote you here); 1) Many .jpg or .png images at once take up a great deal of space in our storage system which has the potential to become very costly in server rental fees. 2) I can almost be certain that if we were to store images in any other format, we'd be forced to compress the image quality so much, the quality of the image would degrade to the point that small text may not be readable, and fine details may be unrecognizable. I am assuming you may know some work arounds to fix these issues? Are you also able to maybe somehow monitor the pictures being uploaded making sure theres no offensive/pornographic content for kids to witness?
  12. - Thats the pledge bike, theres going to be more vehicles and bikes then that, i havent seen anywhere them saying that is the only bike - You have known from ages ago when i wrote to motown in private chat on the forums and brought all the leaders of the mc's in to ask, regarding implementing photoshop designs into the game so we can put it on our jacket, and we all read motown say its probably not going to happen and gave his reasoning? Never once did he say you can create clothes from a program (the same program they use) and implement them into the game, that would be a complete mess.
  13. yeh lets promote people to RDM so you have to pay money to get back in and play, good idea, let all the trolls in on the fun and ruin our experiences. You're definatley like 9 years old and have no idea why thats a bad idea.
  14. if you needed to roleplay it that badly (not sure why you would roleplay something to do with an air conditioner or air fresheners) then you can pretend they are on lol
  15. why does there need to be a feature for; A/C and air fresheners.. you're not going to be in the world yourself, its a game.