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  1. go away lol..
  2. My last post regarding this same issue
  3. Havent lol, didnt get the past newsletters either
  4. So i pledged on kickstarter, and all that jazz, and have my email newsletter option ticked, and have never recieved a newsletter for Identity, yet other people are receiving theirs.
  5. yah whatevs i know what you mean, but you still don't understand what i am saying, to me it seems like you think if someones hot headed and cocky because they are rich, they should automatically think that they are going to be killed for it, which is ridiculous.
  6. How its carried out, if you know you have a motive and the person you go and kill doesnt know your motive, to them it looks like you just randomly killed them, which is obviously going to cause issues. IMO and probs quite a few private server managers opinions im sure ' being a dick ' isnt justified to kill them. What you're hearing is that i want to get alot of money then be a dick and are worried that someone might appose me? ha. maybe i should go away? lmao don't quote what i said months ago then trying to start shit then.
  7. Who are you to speak for everyone lmao go away and i said 90% of private servers, not 90% of people will be on private servers, think before you speak
  8. on 90% of private servers it will be against the rules, on officials there's features to prevent it, so it pretty much is hey, its not a death match game, they want people to have a reason to kill, and roleplay it out. You have to accept the fact that if you break a rule which will most likely be implemented, then you're going to get punished for it like a naughty boy you are.
  9. you see like a very small part of the map, and see like 4 or 5 features, you're waiting to see how beautiful you walk ingame? what haha
  10. Motown-Yesterday at 10:28 PM the dev blog that is semi-visible is the one from last month that we forgot to post on the forums, so it was posted and hidden until the real dev blog is posted as not to confuse and upset people. John just didn't want people to think we were recycling last months dev blog for this month.
  11. identity

    what the hell is this lol
  12. Sex

    Sex no, would be awkward as hell, and thats what pornhub and real life is for, not a game, but nudity yeeeeeeee ;D would be 10/10 driving down the road and watch a random guy streak down the street being chased by cops.
  13. This poll won't accurate but meh put mine in
  14. and if i dont get it like i didnt the first time?
  15. cant find it Edit: already ticked so idk. i get emails from identity website if someone PM's me but didnt get the newsletter.