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  1. I wasn't intentionally bashing on you man im just saying no one in general would take you seriously if you have the name ' the animal kingdom ' as a gang name and you call eachother a type of animal for your rank lol thats all, you do you though, i was just pointing out my opinion to help you get some members
  2. in rp no one is going to take you seriously if you call your gang ' the animal kingdom ' lmao and what do you mean ' there will be a few of these per server ' acting like all the servers are combined so what you do on one server you can take that progress to another server, wont work like that, you would just end up having different things on different servers.
  3. nothing is ever good enough, said it at the start and ill say it to the very end, until you create something picture perfect and have it in someones hands, no matter how many times they ask for clips, videos, etc, however many times you supply them a sample, nothing is ever good enough until its picture perfect and its in their hands to play. Easy to criticise content that's not even finished.
  4. Good luck discord is open to any MC or person interested in one
  5. Note: Any recruitment will be handled ingame, but at this time we do accept hang-arounds, you won't be prospected in until at least town square, and won't be patched in until beta. If you're interested and want to get in chats with us asap visit our MC community discord and ask for one of the representatives for the MC you want to join.
  6. Yeah i was going to wait till we had a date for beta, before starting it
  7. why is everyone so fascinated with being an assassin/hitman,? its just stale rp.
  8. if the main servers are bomb why would you be willing to haha
  9. If i was to launch a serious roleplay community for identity, how many of you would be interested? I am talkin about whitelisting, proper rules, proper monitoring of servers by admins, etc, if i see a decent interest then ill start working on a website and stuff
  10. Hitman rp has never worked on semi serious- serious roleplay servers with rules. Lol
  11. Well looks like you're gonna have to play on an unofficial server with no rules, rdm mechanics to prevent people from being randomly killed on official servers, 99% of private servers will have rules stating no rdm. Good luck
  12. There will be 'gang locations' and apparently a warehouse will be one of them, not too much details on them regarding what you asked, i tried asking it myself and got an answer i wasn't asking unfortunately but expect to see gang warehouses where you can kinda RP that kinda thing in, different styles of properties so a warehouse might be one of them.