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  1. Release

    There is no ETA date because people requested for the developers not to date anything anymore since it kept getting pushed back. so SoonTM
  2. Ash Hill Escorts

    wtf lol
  3. Car requests/suggestions

    literally said that, read what i said again.
  4. Car requests/suggestions

    just so you are aware they wont be adding those cars due to branding/copyright, but they will probably add in varients of every day cars with their own model names.
  5. The New Website

    next week
  6. its not more then 11% you don't even know how they work their percentages in terms of progression towards the goal of a push-able product.
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    wasnt talking to you ? i was talking to the guy who is already negative because they havent given out any video content before release of town square ?
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    there is still a few days before its scheduled to be TS square stuff before 23rd.. the 23rd still 3+ days away bro chill out.
  9. wouldn't requirements to join the strict white listed server be high priority so you don't have people applying and being denied because they don't know the requirements?..
  10. Choppa Boyz

    why quote your original post?..

    So you have a modern mafia style gang with a bland arma 3 altis life name for your gang ' rebel army ' with no backstory or anything, and you wonder why people question these kind of 'gangs'. Whats your purpose? why did you form? whats your back story? why did you choose 'rebel army' as your gang name? what would you be doing on a day to day basis?
  12. Again Delayed huh? IDC anymore

    they explained the reason with enough info as to why they are doing it what do you mean by not enough to go off of? whats enough?
  13. My rant video

    theres a video on apartment customization? ... but thats probably not good enough. I said the content is done, not the backend systems like it literally says in the devblog the reason why its delayed is because '' we need time to reinforce our server structure and do more internal playtesting '' and then went on and stated that ''To help ease the pain of waiting for a taste of Identity, we're going to start throwing more media out for you, including a Town Square trailer video overviewing the features you'll find inside''
  14. My rant video

    just wanted to correct you on the fact that all the content is finished for town square, not sure why you pointed out models and stuff and saying why is this created when its not needed, there was things needing to be redone (like the UI for example) which delayed the town square, not models, not only that but its not one developer making priority models over other things, its a team doing separate stuff to create the game.