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  1. Confirmed New Video Coming

    oh no, not 2 months.. dayum, what will we ever do? :(( Lol i like how the second most voted is 'vehicles' they haven't even started on vehicle mechanics, that's no way going to happen anytime soon. Drug manufacture, and guns are in the same video, i dont understand why theres two options in the poll. Map format? what does this mean? like how they are going to lay out the map? how would you do a video on it if you havent completed the map? easier to just show a picture and zone it off in different colours to show off how the map is to be.
  2. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing & Meetups

    The police would get involved, not FBI lol. The FBI's focus is on stopping terrorism, corruption, organized crime, cyber crime and civil rights violations, as well as investigating serious crimes such as major thefts or murders.
  3. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing & Meetups

    Didn't know FBI chase street racers, that's new.
  4. Newsletter

  5. ACTING?

    Abit to technical for a game with many other career paths, as a game mechanic, but you could roleplay acting for a movie if you used your imagination.
  6. The Kirito Family (Anime Clan)

    no crime, which is the point in my question, all they do is if you join you can buy their clothes, and hang out with them at events.
  7. K9 Handler

    If they don't have k9 here, police 10-13 does (when it comes out), but im like 80% sure ive seen it mentioned here before 
  8. The Nameless - Mafia Gang

    If you're a gang, the topic your picture is linked to, that information should be on here, its currently in other careers.
  9. Bounty Hunters

  10. The Kirito Family (Anime Clan)

    You're a crime group how?
  11. Where are the street gangs??

    Men of Mayhem don't need to prove to you how 'Outlawish' we are. Step on our toes and we will break your face. You can't judge already how gang's are via the forums, you don't know who and who isn't what, because the game isnt even out. Some gang's or MC's don't post on the forums what they are like or how they are, because the game isnt on the forums, its on identity.
  12. A Biker Gang

      shameless plug, but this is apart of identity, there are sub hubs for people, and for bikers there will be sub hub biker bars, sub hubs are places where people can go and meet other players in a safe environment and socialise btw.
  13. NCA?

    With the OP's story, he was implying is it going to be like that, where theres undercover cops, which is a no, because he stated they pretty much got baited into robbing a bank by cops that didnt look like cops.
  14. Identity City - Game

    Structure 31: Nuke