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  1. Yo at @paratus

    end of 2020 maybe
  2. Was a good run but I'm not waiting anymore.

    finaly the game will always bee delayed, i also stay behind the developer, but now i feel trolled
  3. Make a seperate purchase for only a house

    There are many servers, so there will be enough houses
  4. Hello from Denmark!

    Jeg er ogesa dansker men bor i Tyskland
  5. Download the game

    everyone can play this game, you only need a internet connection or what did you mean with this?
  6. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

  7. when the exit

    I hope they will make the game good, i think they shouldn't release it untill its finished
  8. when the exit

    You mean the Release of the "Town Square Module" and yea it will be released on April 23, the reason from the delay was that there are some bugs who need to be fixed
  9. if you buy it you can play it
  10. Can you marry. (or homosexual)

    I hope they wouldn't put in all "61 genders"
  11. Can you marry. (or homosexual)

    Crazy world that we are living in
  12. Hello from Germany!

    Willkommen im Forum grüße von Hamburg
  13. immagrint

  14. Polizei Bewerbung

    bitte wende englisch an
  15. How is this make sense???

    yea its from kickstarter