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  1. and you should to try to be a little bit friendly
  2. I know that i am not answer you question, but if you use the searchbar in the forum and type "Release" there are much answers, this question is nearly every day here, its crazy that people cant use the searchbar, its easy
  3. use the searchbar
  4. its great, now they can just create the game without people asking all 5 minutes "When will the game be released"
  5. Okay, in real i am agains left/right, i am one of the Middle but ingame i will vote you
  6. "Radical Left" and "democratic" cannot be the same its like The "Nationalsocialist" "Autocratic" "Democratic" Party
  7. From where do you know it? Do you have any source?
  8. They say that the releasedate will be announced in october. So just wait! The game comes when its ready
  9. Well, this is a real bad german i know it because i am german
  10. Hello, here is my Party Presentation with Homepage, its a german site for a german Community https://phillipchrist0.wixsite.com/demokratischepartei
  11. This question was there many times, please use the search bar! Answer: There will be an ingame Application like a tutorial on Public servers. I hope private servers can change it
  12. Business Owning

    Its a great Idea, but first the developer need to make the basic game, hopefully this feature will come in too