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  1. stop asking so stupid questions, the game comes out if its finished, in march the first module will come out so please stop opening posts that already have been there 400 times
  2. just wait and come back when the game is finished
  3. About download

    yea, it will be released on Steam.
  4. First, people are screaming they want to see the Gameplay now, fast, hurry! Finaly the dev show us the gameplay and everyone is angry that they show it to us because the community want more....... Crazy! I am verry happy with this small video, it was not to much but its nice to see the first real gameplay Hey Devs, keep up the good work! Hope you will make Identity Great!
  5. Video

    i hope it will come out untill march 21
  6. yea i am full with you! But i can understand why people are salty
  7. Video

    just chill and wait
  8. 2045 Cancer was cured by a rotten tomato with a IV line
  9. When will the "January" gameplay come to us? And keep up the good work! I am verry happy to see the Module in march